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I believe that 100-1 Roulette is a game that is only available through Draft Kings. It functions similarly to regular roulette but uses a wheel with 105 possible landing spots for the ball.


  1. The game is played on a wheel containing each number from 1 to 100 as well as symbols for circle, diamond, triangle, star, and square.
  2. The following bets are available and what they pay. Wins are on a “to one” basis.
    Individual number of symbol — 100-1.Neighbors (two numbers) — 49-1Hat (three numbers) — 32-1Corner (four numbers) — 24-1First column (all five shapes) — 19-1Row or column (ten numbers) — 9 to 1First two columns (five shapes and ten numbers) — 11-2Two rows/columns (20 numbers) — 4-1Odd/Even/Red/Black (50 numbers) — 1-1
  3. Individual number of symbol — 100-1.
  4. Neighbors (two numbers) — 49-1
  5. Hat (three numbers) — 32-1
  6. Corner (four numbers) — 24-1
  7. First column (all five shapes) — 19-1
  8. Row or column (ten numbers) — 9 to 1
  9. First two columns (five shapes and ten numbers) — 11-2
  10. Two rows/columns (20 numbers) — 4-1
  11. Odd/Even/Red/Black (50 numbers) — 1-1


The probability and expected value for each type of wager are displayed in the table below. The expected value column reveals that the best wager is any single number, with a house edge of 3.81%, while the worst wager is on the first two columns, which include all five shapes and numbers from 1 to 10, with a house edge of 7.14%.

Expected Value Table

Bet Pays Winning Numbers Probability Return
Single number 100 1 0.009524 -0.038095
Two numbers 49 2 0.019048 -0.047619
Three numbers 32 3 0.028571 -0.057143
Four numbers 24 4 0.038095 -0.047619
Five numbers 19 5 0.047619 -0.047619
Ten numbers 9 10 0.095238 -0.047619
Fifteen numbers 5.5 15 0.142857 -0.071429
Twenty numbers 4 20 0.190476 -0.047619
Red/black/odd/even 1 50 0.476190 -0.047619


Bet only on single numbers and shapes because they have the smallest house advantage. Always remember that you can split a wager into separate wagers on each possible winning outcome.

As an illustration, let’s say you want to wager $50 on red. You will receive $50 if you succeed and win. On the other hand, if you stake $1 on each red number, you will have a net profit of $51.

100 to 1 Roulette by Nyx Gaming

Nyx Gaming came to the conclusion that having 36+1 pockets can get a little monotonous, if not downright boring. Because of this, the studio decided to create its signature style of 100:1 roulette, in which a straight-up wager can result in a 100:1 payout. You might wonder, “Where’s the catch?” In this game, there are more than 100 pockets to discover, but don’t worry.


Before trying their luck at the real thing, the player can always try 100/1 roulette free play. Naturally, the game becomes much more difficult if you are seeking a quick victory, but on the plus side, you will experience longer-lasting excitement while playing.

You are more than welcome to try your luck at this variation of roulette and find a great casino in the UK that will be delighted to have you play on its 100-number roulette wheel!

100 to 1 Roulette Features

You might wonder what’s so unique about 100 to 1 roulette. We contend that the uniqueness and unconventionality of the entire game is a good thing.

  • With 100+ pockets to bet on, you stand to enjoy quite the sizable wheel.
  • You stand to win 100 times your bet size, and three numbers will give you a 32/1 win.
  • If you get one of four numbers right, you will be paid a reward equal to 24 times your original bet.
  • A single spin can let you win GBP 100,000, which is a massive payday for anyone looking for a truly unique experience.

Now, with over 100 pockets, this roulette obviously cannot have such a high payout, or can it? The theoretical return in this case is 96.19%, which is still superior to a much more straightforward variant like American Roulette. If you’re still unsure, you can practice the game for free in Great Britain by playing 100/1 roulette online.

100/1 Roulette

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Our thoughts

The 100/1 variant of roulette is a fan favorite among FOBT players. The wheel has 105 numbers, with one paying out at a 100/1 odds. Although you have a chance to win a significant sum, the sheer volume of players means that wins are less frequent. Try 100/1 roulette if you want a change from standard roulette.

On FOBTs, or Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, the machines you find in your neighborhood bookies, pubs, and clubs, roulette is a consistently well-liked option. The developers of this traditional casino game try their hardest to maintain a high standard of game design, graphics, and gameplay elements, and players enjoy taking a chance on it. One of the most well-liked roulette variations that has made the transition to the online world is undoubtedly 100/1 roulette.


As the name suggests, playing 100/1 Roulette gives players the chance to win at a much higher rate than is feasible in a standard game version. This type of roulette offers many opportunities due to the possibility of winning up to £500 on each spin and the potential for a high spin speed for those using a predetermined playing strategy. However, how does 100/1 Roulette stack up against other traditional iterations of the game?

What Is 100/1 Roulette?

In many ways, 100/1 roulette is comparable to standard European roulette. However, it differs fundamentally in other cases. The first thing you’ll notice is that the game takes place on a wheel with 105 positions instead of a standard roulette wheel, with positions for the numbers 1 through 100 as well as symbols like circles, squares, stars, diamonds, and triangles. While the basic gameplay remains the same—players pick their numbers, place their bets, and wait for the ball to land in the hopes of winning—this updated wheel presents a completely new set of challenges.

The maximum win, which is paid for a straight up number, is 100/1, as the game’s name suggests. The same variety of wagers is available as you would expect from standard roulette, but the payouts have been revised to account for the possibility of a different number set. In this instance, the avenue bet, for instance, covers 15 numbers plus 5 symbols rather than the usual range of bets of this kind in traditional roulette play.

Because players can begin wagering as little as 10p per spin, 100/1 Roulette is accessible to a large number of roulette enthusiasts. Depending on the game settings you select, bets can be as high as £50 or even £100 per spin. With a 100/1 return on the table, it’s easy to see how this can add up to a potentially very large payout.

There are several bets specific to the 100/1 Roulette layout in addition to the standard wagers; these bets are fully described in the paytable and on the game layout itself. To make the best decision possible, read over this information. From the perspective of RTP optimization, a single, straightforward number is still your best bet.

Why Is 100/1 Roulette a Popular Choice?

While 100/1 Roulette is undoubtedly distinct from other versions of the game, it still has all the same great features that you’ve come to love and expect from roulette. Due to this, it is becoming a more and more common option for casino players seeking a little variety.

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The higher returns on offer are perhaps the most obvious benefit here. With your 100/1 return if you hit a straight up number, you can laugh all the way to the bank. The reason why so many players favor this setup over standard roulette, which pays 35/1 for the same result, is obvious. Other players enjoy the challenge of navigating a novel roulette layout, which may include novel betting options that are not available to them in other roulette variations. 100/1 Roulette does a good job of mixing up the action and giving you something a little different to play, and it justly earns its place as the roulette variant that continues to draw in players from all over the world.

Downsides to 100/1 Roulette

While the payouts at the table are obviously much higher than in a standard game of roulette, you should be careful to account for the fact that there are actually more numbers on the wheel. This implies that while the returns are higher, there is a correspondingly lower chance of hitting a straight up winner in a single spin.

The RTP in this game goes above 96% when played with the best strategy, so it doesn’t mean you have a lower chance of winning. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, even though the payouts are higher, the payout event is, at least in the case of a straight up single number, comparatively less likely.

Otherwise, the gameplay is virtually identical to that of a standard European roulette game, so most players won’t have any trouble switching between the two.

Play 100/1 Roulette

Few would disagree that 100/1 Roulette is a unique twist on a classic casino game, and that the possibility of such large payouts is a welcome change from playing roulette as usual. Whether you already enjoy playing a variety of roulette games or you’ve heard about the enormous payouts offered in this game and want to get in on the action for yourself, 100/1 Roulette is a variation that shouldn’t be missed.

Try it for yourself now and play 100/1 Roulette today.

100/1 Roulette FAQ

The 100/1 roulette wheel has 105 areas in total, with numbers ranging from 1 to 100 and 5 symbols, including a circle, square, triangle, star, and diamond.

You can place a straight up bet on a single number paying 100/1, a row bet that pays 9/1 and black-red or high-low paying at 1/1.

Yes, all casinos offer a demo version of the roulette game, allowing you to test the game out before you decide to play for real money.