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It’s a safe bet that roulette would be mentioned as one of the first classic casino games if you asked someone to name it. Roulette has a long history that dates all the way back to the 18th century in France, and more people now than ever before enjoy playing it.

The three most popular roulette variants available online are American, European, and French roulette. Additional modernized variations include games with more than one ball or even more than one wheel.

The game of American (double zero) roulette is the main topic of this page. Before talking about the house edge, it is first important to understand how American roulette differs from the other versions.

The online version of the game, which is also offered at real money casinos in NJ, PA, and other states, is then discussed. The final section of this page examines roulette strategy and some common misconceptions.

If you want to play American roulette for free online, check out the game above. If you run out of credits, simply refresh your browser.

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How does American roulette work?

The 38 divisions on an American roulette wheel are all the same size. The first set of numbers are 1 through 36. These are connected by two zeros, the numbers “0” and “00.” There is only one zero on the roulette wheel in other variations of the game, such as European and French roulette wheels.

There are more than twenty different bets you can make when playing roulette. Here are some of the most well-liked bets you can make and the odds you’ll get if you win:

  • Red or Black: Choose which color the ball will land in and you’ll win at odds of 1:1
  • Odd or Even: Land the same winning odds of 1:1 when choosing correct.
  • High or Low: Predict whether the ball will land in 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high) at odds of 1:1
  • Columns: Place a bet on one of the three columns on the betting layout, at odds of 2:1
  • Dozens: Place a bet on the ball landing on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 at odds of 2:1
  • Straight Up: Bet on any number. Pick correctly and you win at odds of 35:1
  • Split: Place your chips between two numbers. Land either and you’ll win at odds of 17:1
  • Corner: Similar to the split bet, except you’ll place the chip between 4 numbers. Win at odds of 8:1

Get more info on roulette odds and payouts in our guide.

How do the house odds compare to other versions of roulette?

In roulette, the size of the house advantage is crucial. The house advantage in American roulette is 5.26%. In other roulette variants, the house edge is 2.7% in European roulette and can be as low as 1.35% (bet dependent) in the French version. This is high in comparison.

A wheel with three zeros can be found in some locations and raise the house edge to 7.89%. Of course, playing the American version can evoke feelings of patriotism, which may increase your desire to play this game.

Playing American roulette online

One of the most popular versions of American roulette is from NetEnt and can be played at online casinos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This is an eye-catching game where you’ll find an impressive-looking dark roulette wheel spinning slowly in the upper portion of the screen.

The wheel is large enough to make all of the numbers perfectly clear, while leaving a sizable amount of room for the large betting lay out below.

The betting denominations are listed at the bottom of the screen. Drag one of the bet amounts to the betting layout, drop it where you want to, and you’re ready to place a wager.

It’s convenient that all of the selected numbers will be highlighted when placing a bet like 1-18 or Even. This is especially advantageous for players who are new to playing online roulette.

There is nothing stopping you from placing odd/even bets, straight bets, corner bets, and splits on the same spin of the wheel as long as your bankroll allows it.

After placing all of your bets, you have a few choices. You can press the “x2” button to instantly double all of your bets if you’re feeling lucky. If you made a mistake with your previous bet, you can choose to “undo last bet,” and the “clear all bets” option does exactly what it says.

If you like to place the same bet repeatedly, the “Rebet” option is helpful. The game’s most thrilling option is the “Spin” button, which launches the white ball into motion.

Hot/Cold numbers and roulette systems

” Hot” and “cold” numbers can be seen to the right of the wheel. Some bettors prefer to wager on the numbers that are deemed to be “hot,” considering them to be the session’s lucky numbers.


Others prefer to wager on “cold” numbers, believing they are about to hit. No number is more likely to be hit than any other because each spin is independent, but if it works for you, go ahead.

There are those who will claim to have foolproof roulette strategies. You’ll come across those online, frequently promising to help you win the game.

The truth is that roulette has a house edge, which guarantees that the casino (online or live) will always have the advantage. This is not to say that you can’t make money in the short term, and if you’re extremely fortunate, you can also make money in the long term.

However, it is impossible to win at roulette. If there was, no land-based or online casino would have the game available because they would all have gone bankrupt.

Live dealer American roulette

Some casinos in regulated states offer live dealer roulette casinos. You can play American roulette online based on the spin of a real wheel.

Real-time streaming of the games takes place in live dealer rooms, and you are provided with a betting overlay that adheres to the traditional roulette betting grid. These games are popular because of the social interaction, though, just like in a physical casino, you must place your bets before the dealer says “no more bets.”

Final thoughts

The most played casino table game is American roulette. This is available both online and in physical casinos. This game offers a lot of variety due to the variety of betting options. Even though there are games with lower house edges, many people will undoubtedly enjoy playing the “American” game.

American roulette is currently available at online casinos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Regardless of the state you are from, you can play as long as you are within the state boundaries. Play a game of American roulette right now.

Free online roulette (american variation)

The goal of the website Roulette77 is to inform visitors about American Roulette, its variations, and how it differs from other well-known versions. To practice the game, learn about the setup, identify any significant differences from other versions, and test out games from various casino vendors, the website offers a dedicated demo version that you can play for free and without registering. A demo version of the website created by Roulette77 is available.

There are no differences between the games you can play on a desktop or a mobile device here or at one of the casinos we suggest. Please refer to the list of online casino websites that host top-notch American Roulette variations if you would rather skip the demo versions you will find here and instead jump straight into playing for real money. All of the games don’t require downloading, so you can play on your mobile device.

What’s American Roulette and How Is It Different?

Although many roulette games have similar names, when you try to play them, they are completely different. The wheel in American Roulette makes it unique. American roulette has a double zero, or 00, as opposed to the single zero found in European and French versions. This has no bearing on how you play, but it does bring about a few new circumstances that you should be aware of.

The game has a slightly higher house edge than the European and French equivalents because the table and wheel now have an additional zero. But it also means that you can take advantage of a completely new kind of wager on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This wager is exclusive to this version of the game and is not available in any other versions.

American Roulette is always a fantastic option for you if you want to play roulette online. Here at Roulette77, you can play a free roulette game and decide for yourself what you think of the paid version. The standard house advantage in an American Roulette game is 5.26%.

How to Play American Roulette at Roulette77

1. Choose the game and supplier you prefer

You’ll see that the game has a number of tabs to choose from above it. You can switch between the various game types, including Roulette77’s own version, by navigating between these tabs.

2. Pick from Play for Real and Play for Free

Additionally, the mode of gameplay will be an option for players. You can try out the games for free, or if you’d rather, we’ll direct you to the website that offers real money roulette and is best suited to your gaming requirements.

3. Place your bets based on your preference

If you are not sure about any specific type of bet, payout, or what the probabilities are, we recommend consulting with the table above, which will provide you with detailed information about this.

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4. Wait for the dealer to spin the ball and announce the winning numbers

5. The game will automatically process all stakes based on the outcome

Helpful Tips When Playing American Roulette

As long as you comprehend the dynamics of the game and how specific strategies function, you can master the game of American Roulette by adhering to a number of tried-and-true methods that might help you win more.

  1. Pick a strategy. The most successful American Roulette players always play based on progressive systems, including but not limited to Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, Labouchere, or D’Alembert. Often, players modify these strategies themselves to try and explore a new angle.
  2. Stick to a budget. Most recreational players do not have a plan when they start playing roulette. However, by setting a budget and sticking to it, you may limit potential losses while maximizing gains in the short and mid-terms.
  3. Try free roulette. The free game allows you to test everything there is to know about roulette, to begin with. You can see if one progressive strategy is better than others and if the game lives up to your expectations without risking money.
  4. Play safe. While inside bets have a higher potential payout, you want to make sure that your bets turn out a success. Therefore, playing safe and sticking to outside bets is a key to success when playing with a smaller budget.
  5. Take more risks if you win more. Once you start winning a little more, you can afford to spend more money on inside bets. You can potentially make the five-number bet that is specific to American Roulette exclusively.
  6. Look for roulette bonuses. Some of casinos will feature great welcome bonuses or loyalty programs. Participating in such promos can improve your experience as well.
  7. Know when to stop. It never hurts setting a small time limit for yourself. The key to winning at American Roulette is to make sure you have more successful sessions and stop when luck doesn’t seem to be on your side.

The house edge is not the reason why American roulette is as well-liked as European roulette. In American roulette, the second zero enables a special five-number wager that is popular with players. Even some players claim they simply like the extra challenge of playing American roulette.

Yes, all of the games on our website have been optimized for play on mobile devices. You’ll be pleased to learn that your preferred game will function flawlessly on any Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices. As long as you have a strong Internet connection, you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Theoretically, European roulette always provides a player with a higher return. In European roulette, the RTP is 97.30%. However, American roulette has a RTP of 94.74%, which some players may deem to be excessive. Based on this stipulation, you are free to choose any version.

You will have many options to try the game’s demo versions, but to play the real money versions, visit the list of our suggested casinos. We will give you a list of the best online casinos where you can play legitimate versions of the well-known game.

Nothing to worry about if your preferred roulette game isn’t loading right now. Simply contact the team through the website, and we will take care of this issue for you right away. You’ll be able to play right away!

American Roulette

With the best online casinos at your disposal, playing American Roulette is now more convenient than ever. This is due to the fact that all you need these days to support your pursuit of jackpots is a digital device with a reliable internet connection. The European version of the game is where the game first appeared. It is, however, still gaining ground in Asia and the United Kingdom, respectively.

Up to €400 + 200 Free Spins

Exclusive: 150% up to €200

T&C’s apply 1. The minimum deposit to claim the 100% Welcome Bonus up to 400€ and the 25 Spins is €20. The free spins will be available on Aloha! Cluster Pays video slot.
2. Only one bonus is allowed per person, account holder, IP address, household, address, phone number, bank account (including credit card, e-wallet etc.).
3. This deposit bonus must be wagered 45 times the deposit + bonus amount, before a withdrawal can be made, within 7 days.
4. The free spins come with a wagering requirement of times fifty (x50) on the potential free spin winnings. The max winning with the free spins is 100€
5. To see the games which are excluded from the wagering contribution please check the term 17.2 and 17.3 of our general terms and conditions.
6. The Freespins will remain claimable for 24 hours from the time they are credited and must be played within 24 hours from the time they were claimed. All unused Freespins will be lost.
7. All deposit bonuses must be wagered in the casino within 7 days of bonus activation before a withdrawal can be made. Failure to wager the bonus within this time frame will result in the cancelation of the bonus, and the bonus along with any relevant winnings will be lost.
8. The Maximum allowed bet before meeting the bonus wagering requirements is €5 per game/spin or the equivalent in other currencies. Larger bets will lead to the confiscation of the bonus assets, freespins and any potential winnings generated with bonus money. These rules also apply to other campaigns that by mistake was promoted without a valid wagering requirement.
9. Real money is always used before bonus money when playing with an active bonus on the account.
10. Sons of Slots reserves the right to change this offer, including its rules at any time.
11. Sons of Slots general Terms and Conditions apply.
12. In the event of a dispute, the English version of these terms and conditions will prevail.

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Exclusive: 150% up to €150

150% up to €200 + 50 Free Spins

200 bonus spins and 100% up to €500

Play American Roulette in a casino that has a license:

200 bonus spins and 100% up to €500

Up to €400 + 200 Free Spins

25 Spins and 100% up to 100

Welcome Bonus package up to €120 + 120 Free Spins

100 Mega Spins at 100% up to

10% no risk free bet up to €200

50 Free Spins on First Deposit

100% up to 100 + 50 Free spins on Book of dead

Up to €1000 + 300 free spins

200 Bonus Spins and 100% up to €500

200 bonus spins and 100% up to €500

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How To Play American Roulette

Before beginning the game, you must first place your wager. For anyone who may be more familiar with the European rules, there are then a few minor distinctions between this version and the European.

The fact that American Roulette uses double zero while European Roulette does not is one of the key distinctions. The minimum bet for one bet position is three, and the maximum is 500. To the right of the screen, choose a chip from one to 500. Place your bet or position yourself next. The amount of potential credits won is defined as a ratio to the bet, so it entirely depends on where the bet is placed.

You’ll also see two buttons, such as “Clear” and “Spin,” in the middle of the screen. While the “Spin” button starts the balls moving, the “Clear” buttons allow you to remove any bets from the table that you may no longer wish to have. The “Spin” button then changes into the “Repeat” button, which can be utilized to reposition the chips.

To aid you, it is a good idea to review some terminology and key terms. “Straight” refers to a wager made on a single numbered square that the player has specifically selected. You can place a straight bet on as many numbers as you’d like, and it pays out at a 35:1 ratio. Split refers to a single wager on two adjacent numbers, and three-line refers to a wager on three numbers. Chips must be positioned on the bottom edge of the vertical column for the three-line bet, which pays 11:1.

The Rise Of American Roulette

With its contemporary graphic design and a soothing soundtrack that matches the game’s stylistic approach, the NetEnt version of American Roulette, which is quickly gaining popularity, does the classic version justice. Since its release, it has become available at the best online casinos, where players of all skill levels and financial backgrounds can play it from any location. It is now beginning to enter international markets. There are many other traditional casino games and online slot machines available in addition to the roulette wheel. In the UK, you can find both the newest casino bonuses and brand-new releases. Prior to deciding to play for real money, be sure to regularly check NetEnt for updates and releases to see if you can try games for free.

Leading international gaming business NetEnt is dedicated to building the gaming industry’s future. To ensure you have the best possible experience using our slots, our team will exert every effort. We hope you feel the same way about them as we do! Please get in touch if you have any comments.