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The stakes are extremely high in Arabic Roulette, the newest live game from Evolution Gaming. Engage in conversation with the croupier as you compete for the enormous prizes hidden within this game. While you wait for the winnings to arrive, you’ll be on the edge of your seat thanks to its many cool features and payouts. Prepare to choose the winning numbers and place your bet in order to win big.

Live Roulette

Ahmad won $ 24,536.00
Ahmed won $ 3,600.00
Abdullah won $ 2,800.00
Rashed won $ 2,700.00
TALAL won $ 2,560.00
Abdulaziz won $ 2,089.00
Salem won $ 2,000.00
Masoud won $ 1,400.00
Ahmed won $ 1,331.00
mohamed won $ 1,260.00
Ahmed won $ 1,205.00
Abdalla won $ 1,000.00
Mohammed won $ 1,000.00
Ahmad won $ 936.00
Abdelrahman won $ 900.00
ahmed won $ 750.00
Ibrahim won $ 738.00
Ahmad won $ 721.72
MOHAMMAD won $ 640.80
Faisal won $ 560.00

Game features/ Tutorial

You must wait until the “put your bets” option is available before playing Arabic Roulette. You can select the number of chip sizes you want by moving the table forward before you. Prior to making a wager, you can select from six different chip sizes by clicking on a region or number on the board. Chip sizes range from 0.50 to 1000 euros. During a specific time in the game, players must place their bets. You must move quickly before the ‘Bets Closed’ sign appears, returning the board layout to its original position.

When playing Arabic Roulette, you have a variety of ways to watch the game as it unfolds. You can switch on full-screen mode by pressing the buttons in the upper left corner of the screen. You can turn off the game’s sound effects and slow-motion options by visiting the help section of the game. This game has a button specifically created for users who want to view their betting history. You can select from a range of video quality options for a flawless gaming experience because the game is in high demand. As the game progresses, players can repeat special bets they have made in the past, such as their favorite number.

Nature and Environment

When you launch Arabic Roulette in your browser, a friendly dealer will welcome you and help you out while you play. The dealer will let you know when you have to place a wager and will also remind you when the betting period is up. The dealer and gameboard are placed in a prime location in the Evolution Gaming industry with multiple camera angles, creating an unmatched gaming experience. The dealer is positioned right next to the roulette table, and the studio has no elaborate decorations.

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When bets are placed, the dealers will roll the ball, and the camera angle will change to reflect the motion of the spinning wheel so you can see where the ball will land. Replays of the final few seconds of the game and the spot where the ball stopped are displayed when the ball comes to rest. Players place new bets as the entire process is repeated.

Description of the video

By allowing players to converse and interact with the dealer, Arabic Roulette gives them an exciting gaming experience. Players receive excellent video quality, and they have the option to alter it through the game’s help section. When the game begins, the dealer moves closer to the hand and ball on the wheel, changing the camera angle. As the game goes on, various angle changes will give you access to a variety of viewpoints.

Interface for mobile and desktop

Arabic roulette can be played on many devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. The desktop interface offers an excellent view because it enables you to play games on a much larger screen. When the game starts, the camera will use optical character recognition to identify any movements made by the ball or the dealer. The game is set up in front of the dealer. The dealer’s display is below the table, and bets are made using the chips in the slot at the bottom.

You can choose your preferred number or color before the game starts by clicking on it. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, players can also control the game using the space bar and the number keys. Aside from that, every gaming component has been properly positioned on the game display to facilitate game manipulation.

The Final Word on Arabic Roulette

The game for you if you want a user-friendly and fashionable gaming experience is Arabic Roulette. In a primary competition with straightforward rules, slick and astute hosts know how to interact with participants. The streaming quality is excellent, as it is for all live table games offered by Evolution Gaming. With crisp, clear graphics and clean visuals, the game aims to captivate you as you play. Both low-stakes and high-stakes players can place bets using the available 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00, 500.00, and 1000 chips.


Additional betting options include Complete Bets, Finales A Cheval, and Finale En Plein. You can adjust the table to suit your playing preferences so that you can emphasize the wheel, the table of bets, or the action history more. Players can add tables to their accounts, allowing them to wager on multiple tables simultaneously, but doing so will increase the cost of their bets. It is simple to place bets because the betting table is on the lower screen. By navigating to the appropriate spot on the display and clicking to examine it, you can access the game’s rules, your personal history, and the sound settings. Arabic Roulette is a live roulette game worth trying because of the skilled native dealers who always make you feel at ease.

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Arabic Roulette by Evolution Gaming

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