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Since the 18th century, organized gambling has been a part of Austrian culture. Since the founding of the European Union, the modern era has been marked by change, uncertainty, and eventually national progress.

The land-based casino industry consists of 12 casinos, each operating under a separate license tender that was awarded to Casinos Austria, the country’s “former” de facto monopoly-holder.

Three additional licenses were granted separately a few years later, but after their provenance was disputed in court, they were revoked.

All of the properties were already owned by Casinos Austria; the 2012 tender was for “city” casinos, and the 2013 tender was for “rural” businesses. These places are where you can find them:

  1. Baden
  2. Bad Gastein
  3. Bergenz
  4. Graz
  5. Innsbruck
  6. Kitzbühel
  7. Kleinwalsertal
  8. Linz
  9. Salzburg
  10. Seefeld
  11. Velden
  12. Vienna

Although there is currently only one licensed online casino in Austria, the nation’s gambling laws are gradually aligning with EU fair competition rules. A joint venture between Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries is called Win2Day. There is also a sportsbetting site, Admiral Sportwetten.

While the government and particularly the Bundesministerium für Finanzen (BMF), prefer to keep a virtual stranglehold on the market, operators licensed elsewhere in the EU continue to offer their services in the “gray market”.

Here, we’ll look at Austrian laws governing online gambling and other forms of wagering. We’ll also look at some of the international companies that offer casino games online, payment options, and any potential drawbacks for Austrians who choose to gamble elsewhere than on a site that has been approved by the government.

Austria Online Casino Guide

One of the most common past times in Australia is gambling. Additionally, the nation’s gambling laws have drawn considerable attention from the public for a while now.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) criticized the Austrian regulations governing the processes for granting licenses to regional operators and charged that they constituted a gambling monopoly. The Australian legislature has concentrated its efforts on making a significant revision to the nation’s current Gambling Act because of this.


At the moment, all forms of gambling and gaming are permitted in Austrian casinos. However, the government in the nation strictly regulates the gambling sector. The legislation is set up in a manner that is reminiscent of that of many European nations.

The most recent national gambling legislation in Austria was approved in June 2010—ten years ago. The bill aimed to impose stricter licensing requirements across the nation. However, it also had a positive effect because it made it possible for slot machines to be found all over the nation.

Austria is currently in a peculiar situation with regard to gambling laws. This is because the law makes a distinction between “proper” gambling, which involves spending a lot of money, and “Kleines Glücksspiel,” or fictitiously “small gambling,” which refers to wagers of 50 cents or less. Low-stakes card games, slot machines, and card tables are all examples of small gambling.

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The only places where “proper” gambling is permitted in Austria are casinos. The opposite is also true: “Small gambling” is legal everywhere. However, not all states in the nation allow for this kind of gambling. Due to all of this, understanding Austria’s gambling laws is challenging. Foreigners are frequently perplexed by the laws, which are based on stakes, as well as by the fact that each state has its own unique set of laws.

Relevant Legislation in Austria

According to the Federal Constitutional Act of Austria, monopoles are allowed to be established in the country by the federal legislator. Such a national gaming monopoly was found in section 3 of the Glücksspielgesetz (the Austrian Gaming Act).

Currently, the nation’s gaming and gambling operations are regulated in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Austrian Gaming Act. Depending on the gaming product, the latter divides the regulatory jurisdiction between the federal state and the nine national provinces.

The legislation of the nation has established rules to make sure that no gaming operators transgress the security requirements. The nation’s gambling laws are aimed at minimizing player risk exposure as well as the possibility that gaming and gambling operations will be used for illegal activities. In order to guarantee particular cash flows generated by the industry, they also regulate taxation.

As of June 2020, there will only be one licensed operator, Casinos Austria, and the Austrian lottery market will continue to be monopolized. In contrast, there is little competition in the casino industry, where a few operators control the majority of the gambling market. However, the law allows for the possibility of granting a separate license for operating a poker lounge.

  1. Casino gamesCasino games are described as games of chance that are permitted only in casinos pursuant to section 21 of the Austrian Gaming Act. There is no full list of casino games provided by the Act, but the latter expressly states in its section 21 that when it comes to individual games of chance played within a casino, they must be exclusively pointed out in the casino’s license decree.
  2. Slot and other machine gamesThe regulation that currently governs the slot machines in Austria differs from the rest of the gambling regulation in the country. First and foremost, they may be used in the casinos that do not have an applicable limit as to stakes or winnings. Slot machines, however, are allowed to be located outside casinos if permitted by provincial legislator.
  3. Betting (except for sports betting)Currently, betting for reasons that differ from sports events is not regulated by law.
  4. Sports BettingSports betting’s regulation is divided between the federal state and the provinces. They are responsible for the legislation and enforcement when it comes to the totalisator and bookmaker wagers.
  5. Games of SkillGames of skill are currently not subjected to gaming monopoly in Austria. The games that are considered as “games of skill” are tarot, bridge, chess, as well as the game “Schnapsen”.
  6. Lottery GamesA full list of lottery games is provided in sections 6 to 12b of the Austrian Gaming Act. The games included in the list are pools, bonus games, keno, bingo, lotto, lotto with running numbers, number lotto class and number lottery, instant lotteries, electronic lotteries.

Online Gambling

The history of online gambling in this nation is lengthy. In fact, Austria is home to some of the biggest and most successful online gambling businesses in Europe. Austrian citizens have access to international gambling websites because local authorities do not obstruct access to online gambling websites from other nations.

The nation’s government grants permits to locally based businesses to run their websites, but it has enacted legislation that restricts player access to these websites to only Austrian citizens. This is regarded as evidence of the government’s efforts to control online gambling in the nation.

As part of its strategy to combat gambling addiction, the government of the nation decided a few years ago to tighten the laws governing the industry’s legalization. The Austrian government has taken steps to strictly regulate all forms of gambling, both offline and online, for precisely this reason.

The legal framework governing online gambling has a number of restrictions. The government of the nation currently grants licenses for online gambling. The players who can sign up for local websites are nevertheless limited.

Austrian citizens have the option to sign up for foreign websites and place bets on the games they offer. Despite being regarded as both complex and distinctive, Austrian law on the subject does not lessen the number of regional players. However, the laws of the nation offer the government some factors to take into account when regulating the national system.

Online Casinos Austria No Deposit Bonus

The cunning of the locals who consistently manage to get around purported online casino bans may be the most well-known aspect of the European gambling market. Foreign casino operators who operate without paying taxes end up costing the states millions of dollars in tax revenue. But in Austria, things are very different. The state adopts a much more lenient stance toward the online gambling industry as a result of which it generates sizable sums of money.

This article explains everything you need to know about the Austrian online gambling market, including its current state, a brief history, and a list of the top online casinos that accept players from Austria. These casinos have been reviewed and approved by our experts according to a set of criteria. This article is perfect for you to read if you want to play at only secure, reputable, and safe online casinos in Austria or learn about the top online casinos for real money gambling.

Example: Double up on your first deposit amount – deposit $100 and instantly get $100. That’s a not-too-shabby $200 + 300 Free Spins!

Numerous factors must be taken into account when looking for the best online casinos in Austria. And believe us when we say that it isn’t always that simple.

We’ve included a list of online casinos that accept players from Austria because we want you to skip the searching and get right to playing in the best Austrian online casinos. If you’re curious about our selection criteria, here is a brief explanation of the elements we take into account when choosing the online casinos for you:

The most crucial thing that a player in an online casino should be on the lookout for is a legal operating license. The player can feel secure sharing information on a website knowing that an online casino has licenses from reputable organizations that regulate the online casino market. The bottom of the online casino homepage is typically where the obtained licenses and their corresponding license numbers are listed.

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Every license number that an online casino claims to have obtained is carefully examined and verified by us. You can be sure that every online casino you choose from this list that has an AT rating is secure for this reason.

The popularity of the online casino market has, in turn, prompted a sprung of so many online casino software providers. Unfortunately, not all of them have the necessary resources to offer premium casino entertainment reminiscent of brick and mortar casinos. Our selection includes casinos that list casino games from industry leaders such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, IGT and many others.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing that you can get support right away in case you need it when using any number of online services. All of the top online casinos we list on our website provide round-the-clock customer service. LeoVegas, Betway, and Jack Pot City are just a few of the ones that have quick responses.

  1. Collection of bonuses and promotions

One of the best benefits of playing at online casinos is the availability of bonuses and promotions. They increase the amount of time you can spend playing at the casino, and some of them, like no-deposit bonuses, give you the opportunity to actually leave with free cash. If you sign up with any of the casinos on our list, get ready for a barrage of bonuses and promotions. Free spins, free spins no deposit no wager, free cash/no deposit bonus, and deposit match ups are a few of the bonus types you may encounter.

Some online casinos go above and beyond to make sure that the player can play in their language. The player will always have an advantage because of this. In an effort to cater to Austrian players, we have made an effort to choose casinos that offer casino play in a variety of languages.

The best casinos provide a variety of banking options that can be used on the website. We only include casinos on our list that give Austrian players a variety of fast withdrawal and deposit options. When looking through our list of the top Austria online casinos, you may come across some of the following payment options: major debit and credit cards, Ecopayz, Paypal, and direct bank transfer.

You can play free casino games if the aforementioned reasons are not enough to persuade you to immediately start making real money bets at one of our casinos. By playing these free games, you can hone your skills and get a feel for the casino’s features, such as how well the software works. Any online casino on our list is ready to provide you with a dose of top-notch online casino entertainment when you feel that you are finally ready to wager real money.

Online Casino Gambling Regulations in Austria

One of the few nations with a legal online gambling market is Austria. Poker, video slots, card games, lotteries, and scratch cards are just a few examples of the variety of chance and skill games that are permitted in the state and available online. As is customary, there is always a “but” when discussing online gambling.

According to the law, each casino that operates in the area must apply for a license from the authorities and set up a local operations office there. But the government won’t provide the necessary channels for carrying out this law. Additionally, it is prohibited for any EUR-based online casino to advertise its services there. Foreign casino operators are only permitted to provide gambling services to Austrian gamblers, the Austria Online Gambling Authority recently announced.

When online gambling was first made legal in Austria, Win2Day, a division of sterreichische Lotterien, was the only local operator with a valid license to offer online poker products. This didn’t do much to convince Austrian gamblers to steer clear of EUR online casinos, so the government levied a 40% tax on all revenue from online gambling that came from Austrian citizens.

The fully licensed foreign casinos in Malta rose up in opposition to these levies. However, this appeal was rejected, and the foreign casinos are still making tax payments today. The state doesn’t appear to be interested in changing its current taxation policy because of the tax advantages.

Online gambling is divided into two main categories under Austrian gambling laws: low-stakes betting and high-stakes betting. Despite this, we can proudly state that there are no restrictions on online gambling for Austrian citizens.

It’s also important to note that Austrian players may not be protected by Austrian law if they are subjected to unfair treatment by foreign online casinos. You, the player, are responsible for making sure that you only play in secure casinos.

Austrian Online Gambling Market FAQs

The following are responses to the most typical queries regarding the Austrian market:

  1. What is the legal gambling age in Austria?

While local Austrian gambling laws protect minors, EU law forbids minors from even entering places where gambling is offered. It should be noted that minors may not be prohibited from playing lotteries offered by monopoly lottery associations under local laws.

The legal gambling age in Austria is 18 years, except for lotteries offered by a local monopoly which is 16 years. If you have already hit 18 years old, feel free to pick any casino on our list for the best online casino entertainment.

  1. How much does the Austrian government make from taxing foreign casino operators?

From just 17 online casino operators, the majority of which hold licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Authority, the government has reportedly received more than €200 million in duties and taxes since 2011.

  1. What are the most popular gambling activities in Austria?

In Austria, as in the majority of EU member states, football betting is hugely popular. The weather is also conducive to other popular winter sports like skiing, ice hockey, and snowboarding. In addition, despite the small number of land-based casinos that offer poker, there is a large appetite for bets, with over $14 billion wagered annually. Slot machines, card games, bingo, horse racing, and scratch cards are some other common betting pursuits.

  1. What Acts regulate gambling in Austria?

The Austrian Civil Code is the most significant piece of legislation governing gambling in Austria. The Federal Gambling Act, the Unfair Competition Act, and other Acts that are pertinent to the provision of gambling and betting include the E-commerce Act.

  1. What is the maximum you can win in an Austrian casino?

The maximum stakes are limited by law to 10 euros. In turn, the maximum winnings per game are 10000 EUR.

In accordance with this, players are not permitted to play multiple casino games at once to outperform the set cap on wins per round. All machines must also be turned off after every two hours of nonstop play. But the majority of casinos ignore these limitations.

Gambling History of Austria

The Austrian gambling industry had long been unregulated despite having arguably the friendliest gambling market in the world. The government did not issue precise legislation pertaining to the industry until 2010. The Austrian Gambling Act, which went into effect on that date, regulates both online and offline gambling. The Act was merely an attempt to begin taxing the enormous amounts of money that the online gambling industry consistently generates, despite the government’s claims that it was enacting laws to stop the spread of problem gambling among its citizens.

In Austria, betting shops in bars have been common since the early 1980s and are frequently linked to gambling addiction. Even though they are still available, almost a third of them are illegal. Additionally, there are 29 larger casinos spread across 24 cities. The largest and most populated one is in Bregenz and covers more than 21,000 square feet. There are also significant land-based casinos in Baden, Linz, and Vienna.

As was already mentioned, Austria accepts all varieties of online casino gambling as long as the operators abide by all applicable tax and security regulations. Local online casino operators have already opened offices in the area, despite there not being many of them. International casino operators also anticipate that soon they will begin to receive operating licenses from the authorities.

The future of online gambling in Austria

As you can see, although Austria has some unusual and complex online gambling laws, they are not as strict as those in most other European Union countries. When it comes to options for both online and offline gambling, Austrians are spoiled for choice. Large gambling operators are free to operate in the country even though the government is still hesitant to fully license foreign online casino operators as long as they continue to pay the required taxes.

Without a doubt, the gambling sector in Austria is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Even the top players in the gambling industry have started to collaborate with Austria as a top destination for gambling events. The first online poker platform with an Austrian foundation was recently announced by the leading Austrian poker operators, Win2Day, in partnership with Playtech and other Finnish businesses.

The Austrian online gambling market will still be dominated by foreign online gambling operators. The government will face increased pressure as a result to try and rein in their regional activity. There is already a bill in motion to begin blocking the servers of unauthorized online casino operators.

We will keep updating our ranking of the top Austrian online casino sites so that locals can continue to take full advantage of the current streamlined gambling environment. Choose one of the online casinos for the time being to view the selection of casino games that are offered to Austrian gamblers.