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Gaming behemoths NetEnt present Live Automatic Roulette La Partage, a thrilling variation of roulette. This special live casino game is based on a traditional European roulette game and follows the same rules, but it differs from its rivals in that it uses an automated wheel and no dealer. Nevertheless, it is categorized as a live casino game because it is live streamed from their specialized studio.

You can enjoy a real casino experience in the comfort of your own home thanks to a realistic setup. Despite the fact that there is no dealer present, you will hear a female voice throughout the game. She will encourage you to place your bets, call the end of additional bets, and declare the winning outcome.

Live Automatic Roulette La Partage (NetEnt)

What’s Different?

Since you get to keep half of your wager if the ball lands in the zero pocket even if you didn’t place a winning wager, Live Automatic Roulette La Partage is the only variation there is. However, the user interface is excellent and makes placing bets simple.

The betting table is located below the roulette wheel, which is centered on the screen. The racetrack and the hot and cold numbers are located to the right of the wheel, respectively. Bets on the Tiers, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zero can be made by clicking the racetrack. Your betting statistics, including your bet, wins, and balance, can be found to the left of the wheel.

The five chip denominations are located on the lower part of the table, allowing high rollers to place bets ranging from $1 up to $20,000. You can place your bets by first selecting the chip you want, then selecting the spot on the table where you want to set it. While the green and yellow “Place Your Bet” message is displayed on your screen, bets may be placed.

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Click the mini lobby to the left of the betting table and you will be shown options such as the rules, paytable, history and you can even adjust the audio and video to suit you.

Due to the La Partage rule in place, Live Automatic Roulette La Partage lowers the usual house edge from 2.70% down to 1.35%.

Our Summary

For roulette players who don’t want to be distracted by the glamorous-looking dealers, Live Automatic Roulette La Partage is the best option. Without the croupier to distract you, you still have a fantastic playing experience because of the audio. This variation of roulette offers many betting options, including the “Double all Bets” feature, which is ideal for players using the Martingale roulette strategy. It also allows bets up to $2500 per spin.

Casino’s Offering This Game

Bet Victor Casino and Mr Green are two online casinos’ offering Live Automatic Roulette La Partage to its players.

Resident of the US are not permitted to play Live Automatic Roulette La Partage.

Device Compatibility

Without the need to download any software or apps, NetEnt designed Live Automatic Roulette La Partage to run on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Enjoy the thrills of this roulette game on all devices, but the desktop version will provide you with a better gaming experience because the screen is much larger and you can see the entire betting area.

Play Auto Roulette La Partage Online

Live Auto Roulette La Partage is an exciting blend of technology and tradition. On one hand, we have the automatic spinning wheel, offering a precise and error free gaming experience. And on the other, we have the La Partage rule – arguably one of the most versatile rules in live casino gaming.

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What is Auto Roulette La Partage

First off, this is an automatic roulette wheel, which means that an inventive air powering mechanism enables the game to run itself. Since there is no croupier to slow down the action, you can play in up to 80 games in a single hour.

This results in a thrilling, quick-fire game of roulette. The La Partage rule, which is the one significant USP of this Evolution live casino game, adds to its interest.

In essence, any even bet will pay out half of the original wager if it lands in the green zero pocket, creating a plethora of gambling opportunities. This is ideal for new players because it makes your safe outside bets even safer. For maximum entertainment, experienced players can adopt a more aggressive high stakes strategy.

The Auto La Partage video game is produced in one of Evolution Gaming’s luxurious studio facilities and is powered by that company. The luxurious and opulent atmosphere makes gambling enjoyable. You can chat and communicate with the live dealer as soon as you enter the room by using the chat window.

Picking your chip and putting it in your preferred betting area is how you place your bets in the game. You can also choose to re-bet and jump right into the next round of play. Simply select this option, and the same wager will be placed in the same betting area.

You can find some helpful statistics in the Auto Roulette La Partage game. These are not win-guarantees, but they can provide some betting ideas. You will be able to view the last 12 roulette results in addition to the most common bet numbers placed by players.


It is simple to understand why Auto Roulette La Partage is one of the most well-liked games at Mayfair Casino due to its fair game rules and superb user interface.

Who Should play Auto Roulette La Partage

These live roulette games are great for players of all skill levels, but they’re especially good if you’re new to live casinos or even just roulette in general. The game is also ideal if your personal schedule is quite busy; due to the automatic nature of the game, you can enjoy the thrills of a live casino every day of the week.