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Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe that is often overlooked by travelers, but there are still some interesting sites to visit. One of the most popular attractions within Belarus is the online lottery. The history of this industry can be traced back to 1993 when it was legalized for private use only. Over time, the popularity of these lotteries increased and they became available for sale over-the-counter at kiosks across the country. Today, you don’t have to travel abroad to buy an online lottery ticket – just go down your nearest street!

In Belarus, there is an online lottery that has been in existence since the year 2012. According to this article from 2013, it was a big step forward for those who wanted to try their luck at winning one of these lotteries but were unable to travel out of the country and purchase tickets. Today, you can buy your Belarussian Lottery ticket no matter where you are located because they offer a wide range of payment options including credit card transactions as well as bank transfers.

There are several different types of lotteries you can participate in including Cash, Millionaire’s Club, and Dream. Each lottery has its own set of numbers that need to be matched up before winning a prize. To find out more about these lotteries or purchase tickets online, go to the official website at There is no mention on this site if there are any taxes associated with playing your ticket but it would not hurt for players to check into what they might have to pay depending on where they live when cashing their winnings.

There are several different ways that you can play the lottery. You do not have to purchase a whole ticket at once if you do not want to. If you don’t have time to sit down and buy your tickets all in one sitting, players can purchase their tickets over multiple sessions through this online platform.

Lottery results, check the latest lottery results today. Belarus’ official state lottery is now available online! Get your chance to win big with an international gambling platform you can trust. We are not only different because we offer a wide variety of international lotteries, but also due to our great customer service and support team that is always ready to help with any questions you might have about playing at Belarus lottery or on any other game offered by us.

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