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The modern gambling scheme in Belgium has been around for almost ten years. In Belgium, there are four different kinds of physical gaming venues: casinos, gaming arcades, cafés, and betting offices. In 2016, the Belgian casino industry generated close to EUR 226 billion in revenue. The official statistics show that offline and online gambling each contributed nearly equal amounts of money, or EUR 104.33 and EUR 105.86 billion, respectively.

Laws and Authorities

The Gaming Act 1999, which has undergone two amendments, the Lotteries Act of 1851, the National Lottery Act of 2002, and a set of Royal Decrees make up Belgium’s legal framework for gambling. Before 2011, there was no regulation of online gambling. The Gaming Act was revised in May 2019 and in 2010 to adopt a licensing regime for online gambling.

The Gaming Commission, which is in charge of gambling in Belgium under the terms of the Gaming Act, was established in 1999. The Gaming Commission safeguards players while also overseeing the licenses that have been granted. The Gaming Commission created a system of extra licenses, and currently operating brick-and-mortar casinos that already have a license for brick-and-mortar gambling can apply for an extra license to offer their games online.

Localized Casinos

Casino games can only be offered in a casino. Under the Gaming Act, operating a casino requires an A-license. The Gaming Act allows nine casinos in Belgium and specifies the municipalities and cities where casinos can operate.

The minimum age is 21. The Gaming Act forbids specific individuals from entering casinos; individuals may be excluded for a variety of reasons (for example. problematic gamblers, employment status, debts, a court order, self-exclusion, and requests from family). Except for credit and debit cards, it is against the law to lend money to someone in a casino to cover a wager or a loss. ATMs are not permitted in casinos either.

Prior to the 2010 Gaming Act Amendment, there was no regulation of online gambling. Now in addition to the primary land-based license, offering online gambling requires a second online license.

The Gaming Act does not specifically define “online gambling,” but it does recognize games of chance that are “offered through an instrument of the information society,” ensuring that it will be applicable to games in the future that use cutting-edge technologies. The popularity of online gambling has grown recently.

Games that are permitted to be sold under a land-based license may also be offered online. The nine legal casinos all have additional online licenses, according to data from June 2019, but only 32 of the 180 available licenses for game arcades are currently active.

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Belgium Online Casinos & Gambling Guide for 2022

In Belgium, gambling has existed in various forms for hundreds of years, and since the early 2000s, online betting and gaming have been fully regulated.

Given that Brussels, the capital of Belgium, serves as the EU’s administrative center, you might anticipate that Belgium would set the bar for online casino laws and regulations. To give them more power over the industry, the government has however added new legislation. Casino players don’t care much about this because they have access to the best online slots, which is a source of contention for gambling operators.

Today, there is a sizable selection of online casinos in Belgium. Belgium has stricter gambling laws than the majority of EU countries, but there aren’t any state-run monopolies like in other nations.

It is possible to bet on a variety of team sports and horse racing in this sports-crazed country. But how are things for gamblers at online casinos? You can learn more about Belgium’s strategy in our in-depth guide to Belgian gambling.

Players from Belgium actually have a good selection of websites and real money deposit options to choose from when it comes to online casinos. From our list of recommended sites, choose a Belgium online casino today that offers the best slots and table games:

Best Casinos Online in Belgium – Our Top Picks for 2022

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Online Casinos With Belgium-Specific Bonuses

Players in the nation can take advantage of a wide range of bonuses and promotions at legally operating gambling sites. Online casinos in Belgium frequently provide match bonuses or no deposit bonuses as part of their welcome packages for new players. No deposit bonuses are by far the most well-liked kind because they let you sign up for a Belgium casino without having to make a deposit first.

Numerous websites also provide weekly and monthly promotions to current users, including loyalty programs and tournaments with cash prizes for slot machines. The sites listed here will provide you with very appealing bonus offers. We always like to see Belgian online casinos providing regular bonuses to their members.

Online Gambling Options in Belgium

The game selection offered by online casinos with Belgian operating licenses is comparable to that of most other regulated markets. There is a huge selection of slots, card and table games, and instant win games like scratch cards. Similar to the rest of the world, live dealer games like live poker and live roulette have seen a recent surge in popularity.

Sports betting is big business in Belgium, and the majority of the nation’s online casinos offer some sports betting options, if not a dedicated site. Football (soccer) has experienced a resurgence as a result of the recent success of the national team, but horse racing is still arguably the most widely bet on sport in Belgium. Almost 20 Belgian cyclists have won the Tour de France, making cycling a sport of national pride and a well-liked option for sports bettors.

Software Providers

Even though there might be fewer online casinos operating in Belgium than in many other EU countries, there are still plenty of options for playing high-caliber games.

Some of the top and, unsurprisingly, most well-known software producers offering their games to players in Belgium are:

One of the biggest, NetEnt offers an impressive live casino suite in addition to a wide variety of slots.

One of the few software providers that can compete with NetEnt in the slot game market is Microgaming, which has produced some of the most well-known slots ever.

Playtech – Playtech, best known for its Age of the Gods series of progressive slots, also provides a top-notch live dealer suite.

The undisputed leaders in live dealer games, Evolution Gaming doesn’t provide much else, but their live games are the best available.

Our team has made sure that all of the online casinos from Belgium listed here offer hundreds of games from these prestigious software developers. You’ll be spoiled for choice no matter which casino you pick from our list.

Best Deposit Methods for Belgian Gamblers

Belgian players can choose from a variety of reliable banking options at licensed online casinos. The limits on most can be high, and most have no or minimal fees. It’s not always necessary to use a credit card or bank card. Anonymous banking is frequently the preferred choice. Deposits can be made in euros at the majority of popular casino websites and gaming venues. The following is a list of typical payment methods you can use at our online casinos in Belgium:


For Belgian gamblers, secure bank transfers are crucial. An online banking processor called iDebit makes it possible to send money securely directly from your Belgian bank account. Transferring money in euros is simple and easy because it is available in a dozen European nations, including Belgium.


Paysafecard is a leading prepaid voucher scheme that works with gambling sites. When depositing at online casinos, Belgium gamblers can use a simple prepaid voucher to move funds in and out. There’s no need to use a debit or credit card, and you can pick up a Paysafecard voucher at a local outlet in Brussels or your own town.


One of the most popular electronic payment methods in Belgium is Bancontact. With Bancontact, payments are immediate and processed immediately, so you can deposit money and start enjoying your preferred casino games right away. Belgian players can choose this banking option with confidence because all online transactions are always protected by 3D-secure.

Belgium’s Gambling Laws in 2022

The Gaming Act of May 7th, 1999 currently regulates gambling in the nation. To be more strict with unlicensed operators, the law was changed in 2010. It was put into use in 2011.

The main piece of legislation stipulates that in addition to a physical, bricks-and-mortar license, an operator is required to have one in order to operate an online gambling service. This means that any operator who wants to provide online casino services to Belgians must do so from locations with a license that are located within Belgian territory.

The EU, which thought the 2010 gambling law’s new, stricter provisions violated free-trade regulations, didn’t like it. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) and the European Betting Association (EBA) both filed complaints with the European Commission in 2010.

The Belgian Gaming Commission, which maintains a consistent list of blacklisted gambling sites, oversees gambling in Belgium. If anyone is found playing at them, there will be fines. Without a license from the Gaming Commission, any online casino or remote gaming facility operating in Belgium is against the law. This contrasts with Irish online gambling, where players from that country can access both domestic and foreign operators without facing any legal repercussions.


However, as is frequently the case, Belgian online casino operators have discovered workarounds to be able to operate in the nation without having to construct their own physical casinos.

One such instance is the online casino-only operator, which was initially blacklisted. By collaborating with the land-based casino operator Casino Kuursaal Oostende in Belgium, was able to obtain a license to offer online gambling services and circumvent the ban.

The Belgian Gambling Commission is not as lax when it comes to licensing regulations as other operators, who often just ignore them. ISP providers are given access to a blacklist of businesses that only offer online casino services, and fines are levied; the largest so far has been in the neighborhood of $100,000. Even though this may seem like chump change to some online casino operators from Belgium, it should be reason enough for them to reconsider providing their services in the nation illegally.

Some businesses have made an effort to push back, like Bet at Home, a company with headquarters in Malta, which argued that blocking the operator’s domains amounted to illegal data collection. However, because the existence of the domains in Belgium was illegal to begin with, this attempt was quickly rejected.

When a number of British bookmakers published a letter in the Financial Times in 2012 complaining about unfair treatment and “intimidation” due to the blacklist, it sparked a larger campaign. Ironically, this campaign lost steam as a result of’s acquisition of the above license loophole. The blacklist is still in use in Belgium as of the time of writing.

Belgian Gambling: Fines and Licences

Despite the fact that EU trade laws have eliminated barriers to cross-border trade, the Belgian government does not appear to be aware of this. A betting site or casino must have an acceptable license in Belgium, regardless of where it is physically located. Additionally, the number of licenses granted is strictly regulated.

Online licences are limited to 9 A+ casino licences, 180 B+ licences for gaming arcades, and 34 F1+ licences for wagers. Only companies which hold a “real world” A, B or F1 licence can obtain a license to offer the same services online, and the law states that there should be no disparity between services offered online or offline.

A Licenses: These permit well-known offline casinos in Belgium to provide casino games online. Casino websites are typically run in conjunction with already established businesses.

As of February 2018, the Grand Casino Brussels and Casino of Spa are two well-known casinos that hold A+ licenses. All nine owners of casino licenses have connections to well-known gambling destinations based abroad. Online casinos must actually have a physical location within the borders of Belgium.

By clearly stating that anyone “facilitating the operation” of illegal games of chance is subject to prosecution, the Gambling Act leaves little room for ambiguity. This applies to internet service providers who permit access to unlicensed websites, media companies who run advertisements for such websites, and banks who handle money transfers to unlicensed businesses.

Companies that violate this law risk fines of up to 100,000 euros. Although it’s uncommon, people who use unlicensed websites may face fines of up to 25,000 euros. Since there are so many legal options available, it is extremely difficult for Belgians to access unlicensed websites, though one might wonder why anyone would even try given the abundance of legal alternatives.

B Licenses: These specify who is permitted to operate virtual slot machines. Smaller businesses in Belgium have agreements with online casino rooms ending as well.

Bingo machines in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol must have a C Licence.

F Licences – These licenses (F1, F2, F1+) specify who is allowed to run online services for placing bets on sports and horse races. In February 2018, there were a little over 30. The majority of the bookmakers and sports organizations on this list are from Belgium. For organizing wagers, you need an F1 license, and for taking bets, you need an F2 license. Online betting is made easier with an F1+ license.

Land-based Gambling Options in Belgium

Land-based casinos are allowed under the current gambling regulations in Belgium with the necessary license. The better casinos are in Brussels and Spa, but even there you’ll mostly find slots and table games.

Slot machines: For a minimum of five hours, there is a strict limit of 15 automatic gaming terminals for each opened table. Video slot machines are exclusive to casinos. However, players can indulge in a variety of reel slots, video slots, and machines resembling the Wheel of Fortune for real money. Slot machines can also be found in specific arcades.

Table Games: The majority of Belgian casinos offer well-known and well-liked games like roulette, Sic Bo, and craps. There is European Roulette, also known as “La Roulette Anglaise” (English Roulette). The La Partage and En Prison rules of French Roulette are not present, but the game still functions like standard European roulette. French is still used to display the layouts.

The town where Casino de Spa is located is well-known for having an old spa. When you’re not relaxing in the thermal bath, the casino has poker, slots, and table games. An intriguing regional variation called Roll’Hit combines dice and roulette. The casino’s cardroom also offers daily poker tournaments and welcomes the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) for special occasions.

Popular Casinos: Grand Casino Brussels Viage

The Grand Casino is located in the heart of Brussels. The main draw in this area is the slot machines. More than 400 gaming machines, including many multi-game terminals from manufacturers like Novomatic, can be found at Grand Casino Brussels Viage.

The World Poker Tour (WPT) DeepStacks Brussels event was held in 2017 at the Grand Casino, which also has a small poker room. The buy-in for both local players and Europeans was €1,200.


Visitors must be over 21 and present a valid ID card to enter, as is the case with all brick-and-mortar and online casinos in Belgium. After the initial visit, membership in Belgian casinos is free.

Sportsbetting: Under Belgian gaming law, wagers in the “totaliser” fashion are accepted on domestic and international horse races. On markets with fixed odds, gamblers can also make bets. Only authorized betting establishments and horse race tracks accept bets.

In Belgium, there are a few racetracks. Ostend’s Hippodrome Wellington Racecourse is a waterfront track with a nearby golf course. Flat races and harness races are held there. The Casino Oostende, a neighborhood casino that holds bingo events, is connected to the racetrack. But you can also play more traditional games like European Roulette, blackjack, and Casino Stud Poker.

Poker: According to the Belgian Gaming Commission, poker is a game of chance. As a result, Belgium requires a license in order to offer Texas Hold’em or Omaha, just like online casinos. The Gaming and Betting Act of 1999 does, however, contain an exception that permits small-stakes card games to be played outside of casinos.

Small cardrooms are operated by a few casinos in Belgium, including the Grand Casino in Brussels and Casino de Spa. One of the organizations that recently held live events in Belgium was the World Poker Tour.

Belgium’s Gambling at a Glance

11.3 million people.

The legal gambling age is 21.

Land-based Casinos (Y/N): Y

Popular Games: Slots, poker, horse racing, lottery, roulette

Brief History of Gambling in Belgium

1300s – References to card games first appear in documents from the 14th century.

First Belgian lottery is established sometime in the 16th century.

The Hippodrome Wellington racetrack, named after the English Duke of Wellington, is constructed in 1883.

The Gaming Act of May 7, 1999, is passed in 1999. To provide services online, online casinos require a partnership with already-established brick-and-mortar operators. There is a licensing system in place.

The National Lottery Act, which governs the creation and administration of a new national lottery, is passed in 2002. The practice of gambling online is now authorized.

2009 – The Belgian government suggests tougher regulations to stop European online gambling sites from operating there.

2010 – The Belgian Gaming Act of January 10, 2010, amends current regulations and takes a stricter stance toward online gambling. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EBA) has expressed concerns about the free flow of services in the wake of this.

2012: A campaign to remove operators from the contentious blacklist that prohibits those who only provide online casino services without a land-based casino arm is started by the Conglemerate of British sportsbook and casino operators.

In order to effectively find a loophole that permits them to offer their online casino games in Belgium, twins with a Belgian land-based casino in 2013. The campaign to outlaw the blacklist is essentially put on hold as a result.

2017: Loot boxes in well-known video games are classified as a type of gambling by the Belgian Gambling Commission.

2019 – A new law is passed restricting player deposits to €500 per week at Belgian online casinos.

2020 – The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) publishes the Responsible Advertising Code, which is supported by the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO).

Find the Best Online Casinos in Belgium for 2022

It’s critical that Belgians have faith in the best selection of legitimate online casinos. Similar to online gambling in Germany and Sweden, Belgium’s online casino market is very regulated.

The vast majority, if not all, of the online casinos that have a license to operate in Belgium are reliable because of how the blacklist operates and the strict regulations and licensing laws. Those who are unreliable and are present illegally in the country are likely to be added to the blacklist.

Here on this page, our experts have assembled the top-rated online casinos for Belgium. Choose from our carefully curated list to take advantage of the top bonuses, games, and customer service provided by the Belgian online gambling sector.

Belgium Online Casino FAQ

In Belgium, online gambling is completely legal. As a result of the stringent licensing laws and regulations, it is actually one of the safest places to play. While the blacklist and the treatment by the Belgian Gambling Commission are not popular with online casino operators, these rules make the playing field safer. Since the passage of the 2012 Gambling Act, Belgium’s government has consistently insisted that player protection is of the utmost importance, which is undoubtedly advantageous for the nation’s players of online casinos.

Due to the lengths that must be taken in order to obtain a license to operate in the country, as was previously stated, there are not really any bad online casinos in Belgium. But some online casinos are more distinctive than others. To help you make a decision, we have looked into and chosen the top online casinos in Belgium.

For new and returning players, Belgian online casinos provide a variety of fun promotions and bonuses. A deposit match bonus and, sporadically, a no deposit bonus are offered to new players at casino websites so they can test out the platform before depositing any money.

At Belgian online casinos, there are a few well-liked ways to safely deposit and withdraw money. One of the most popular options is iDebit, which enables quick and simple euro transfers without requiring the sharing of any bank information. With a Paysafecard, you can load money onto the card and make direct payments without disclosing your bank information.

Belgium’s legal gambling age is 21. This is the minimum age to gamble in both brick and mortar and online casinos in Belgium. Although this is older than the legal gambling age in many other EU nations, Belgium has been open about wanting to impose stricter rules that they believe will protect players.