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Bosnia and Herzegovina’s gambling industry is quite advanced, especially when compared to many other nations in the Balkan Peninsula. The Casino Coloseum Club in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the sizable casino in Banja Luka, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, are the two major land-based casinos that are currently operating legally in the nation. More than 2500 betting shops, a poker club, two lottery operators (LutrijaBiH – Sarajevo and Glory Leisure Banja Luka – Banja Luka), and the Admiral network of gambling clubs are also widely spread throughout the nation.

Online gambling is permitted in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia. It should be noted that online gambling in the Republic of Serbia is much more dependable. Williams, a sports betting company, was granted the initial license to run the Wwin website back in 2011.

Gambling business laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The gambling industry is fully legal and governed by the law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Currently enacted gambling laws govern:

  1. Organizing gambling, their systematization and conditions;
  2. Preparation and conduct;
  3. Control over the fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the law;
  1. Lottery – Lotteries, Express Lotteries, TV Tombola, Lotto, TV Lotto, Classic Bingo, Sports Lottery, Sweepstakes, etc.
  2. Electronic – Electronic Bingo, etc.
  3. Special – casino games (Craps, baccarat, blackjack, poker, punto banco, etc.), bets, slot machines and online games.

In competitions, there are:

  1. Draws organized using telecommunication systems.
  2. Any advertising of gambling establishments is prohibited.

Gambling industry regulators in the Respublika Srpska

  1. Issuing and canceling concessions on gambling, recreational games and games with prizes;
  2. Identify and implement the spatial, technical and informational requirements required for the organization of gambling;
  3. Issuance of special markings in casinos, slot machines, clubs, bookmakers and more.
  4. Issuance of stickers for marking and registration of slot machines, game tables, terminals and entertainment machines;

Terms of obtaining a license in the gambling jurisdiction of the Republic of Serbia

Legal organizations with their corporate headquarters in the Republic are permitted to organize and manage gambling. The organization’s founders or responsible individuals should not have any criminal convictions other than traffic infractions.

  1. Fulfillment of tax and other obligations by legal entities and their owners;
  2. The volume of organized gaming games in terms of filling the tourist offer.

A legal entity must have the following minimum authorized capital in order to be granted a license:

  1. Classic raffle – at least 200,000 km;
  2. Casino Games – Minimum KM 2,000,000;
  3. Electronic toy – at least 50,000 km;
  4. Lottery bets – at least 50,000 km.
  5. Slot machines – at least 500,000 km;
  6. Online games – at least KM 1,000,000.

One-time license fee:

  1. Classic raffle – 50,000 km;
  2. Electronic games in casino games – 100 000 km;
  3. Bookmaker – 10000 km;
  4. Slot machines – 10,000 KM;
  5. Online Games – 200,000 km.

This payment must be made at the time the license is received, and the organizer won’t get it back unless they actually use the license. The Republican Gambling Directorate grants the permit at the organizer’s request. The permit is good for five years. According to the guidelines of the Law on Gambling, the organizer may choose to extend the term after it has ended for an additional five or ten years. A license renewal request must be made no later than six months before the license’s expiration date.

  1. The license must contain:
  2. The name of the company and its location;
  3. Toy types that can be offered;
  4. The date when the organizer starts delivering its services
  5. The duration of the license;
  6. Provisions on other rights and responsibilities of the organizer;

The license will be revoked if:

  1. It was issued on the basis of false information;
  2. The organizer did not start functioning during the period specified in the license;
  3. Shows false turnover;
  4. Borrows money from players;
  5. Does not support the amount of initial capital required by gambling legislation.

The director of the office also decides whether to revoke the license. The organizers need a suitable computer system with data storage for all games and connectivity to a centralized computer management system.

On lottery winnings, taxes are due. A taxpayer is anyone who gains money from gambling. If the profit is equal to or greater than 1000 km, the tax rate is 15%.

Every month, the organizer is required to submit a report detailing all income tax payments. The coordinator is required to pay the fee and deliver a report on the previous month.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has legalized online gaming.

Another authorized online site in the Republic of Serbia is PlayRos. com. This is an online poker room that also offers customers casino games and mobile poker using the Connective Games program licensed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina players have more than 189 online casino sites abroad, in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Bets are accepted on the Bosnian Convertible Mark (KM), Euro (EUR) and USD (USD).

The most popular slots in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy playing blackjack, Texas Hold’em, American and French roulette, as well as other varieties of poker. Slot machine demand is also very high. However, it is well known that Serbs, Bosnians, and Croats enjoy playing venerable slot machines like:

  1. Book of Ra;
  2. Lucky Lady’s Charm;

Prospects for the development of the gambling business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a thriving, legal gambling industry. The gaming industry is crucial to funding the state’s budget. additionally in bringing in more money. A sizable bookmaker, two lottery operators, and two sizable land-based casinos are all present in the nation. These institutions contribute a significant amount each year to the nation’s budget.

The only issue with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s gambling industry is its intricate political structure, which is related to the country’s division into the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. These two governments hold marginally different opinions about online gambling. As a result, there are two websites that offer legal online gambling in the Republic of Serbia. Bosnian players are consequently compelled to play on the websites of foreign operators. The government is enacting a number of reforms in the gaming sector to expand the market and produce even more revenue.

1 Mala Aleja

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Cash, Visa, and Mastercard are all accepted payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.


Visitors who are at least 18 years old are welcome in this casino.

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Casinos near the Admiral Electronic Casino Sarajevo Ilidza

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there are more than 250 betting establishments, sports betting is permitted.

“Ezugi prides itself on providing flawless products, featuring engaging live dealers, and with this new partnership its live offering will now be available to Premier Kladionica players and will include the wide and exciting selection of all-time favorite classics – such as Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Casino Hold’em – streamed live and 24/7 from Ezugi’s state of the art studios”, Ezugi stated.

” We look forward to establishing a strong and blossoming partnership that will bring new experiences and benefits to the players in the Republic of Srpska,” continued Pang Goh, Director of Business Development at Ezugi. To make sure that operators have access to the most cutting-edge tools, we are constantly upgrading our technology and live casino operations.

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Find the Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Casino Online

  1. Does the casino have a license from a trustworthy gaming authority?
  2. Is the casino available to players in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
  3. Are Bosnian players able to partake in welcome bonuses and other promotions?
  4. What security features does the site offer?
  5. What currencies are available to use?
  6. Which languages is the casino offered in?

It can be very challenging to figure out which online casinos are safe to use and are good places to play. Thankfully, the hard work has been done for you by us at GoodLuckMate. We have devoted many hours to researching numerous online casinos. We meticulously went through their selection of games, bonuses, and other items. All of our evaluations of the top online casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina are available elsewhere on the website.

Gambling Regulation – Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu

The Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu is the sector of the Bosnian Ministry of finance that regulates gambling laws in the country. These issue gambling licenses to both brick and mortar and online casinos and also regulate the taxes that are applied to gambling there.

Players will discover that the Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu in the nation regulates a number of online casinos. The government has attempted to regulate foreign casinos in Bosnia in the past, but these attempts were unsuccessful. Due to the taxes levied on Bosnian casinos, many players in the nation prefer to play at foreign ones.

The nation will issue licenses to foreign casinos that operate there. This implies that Bosnian players are probably playing at websites that are under the jurisdiction of organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority or that hold a Curacao eGaming license. This guarantees the safety of country residents who gamble online.

The Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu has granted licenses to more than 700 different betting shops since 2011, and sports betting is also very well-liked here. There are some online sportsbook options as well, but just like with casinos, players are welcome to search for international options where they are probably to pay lower taxes.

Localized Online Casinos

Numerous online casinos with a Bosnian base only cater to the Bosnian populace. Due to a variety of factors, these casinos are not very well-liked in the nation, and as a result, most citizens prefer to visit more well-liked international sites. Many of these websites permit local players to participate, but Bosnian is rarely a language that is offered on a website.

Most online casinos allow players from the country to sign up for loyalty programs and claim bonuses, but it is always a good idea to check the terms & conditions first.

Gambling with Bosnia Mark

The Bosnian Mark is the official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sadly, there aren’t many casinos that accept this money. The euro, however, is frequently available in international casinos and is arguably the second-best choice. For players based in the nation, using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is an alternative. Although there are no laws in the nation governing cryptocurrencies, doing online gambling with them is growing in popularity. Players can deposit in this way at many of the casinos that will be open here.

Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are two physical casinos in the nation, one each in Banja Luka and Sarajevo. Players at these two casinos have access to a wide variety of gaming options. Numerous lottery operators also offer bingo and lottery games, but these are not particularly well-liked in the nation.

With so many gambling options available to locals, it can be difficult to decide which online casinos to play at and which ones are secure. Checking out the GoodLuckMate list of top casinos is one way to learn more.

Since 1992, gambling has been permitted and surprisingly well regulated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least when compared to most of the other Balkan nations.

The 2019 Act on The Games of Chance1 is the primary piece of gambling legislation.

/Comment: This is only true of the more developed, Serbian, catholic Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina region of the country, gambling, especially online gambling is much less regulated in the poorer, muslim, Bosniak Republika Srpska part of the country.

Because they were a part of Yugoslavia before 1992, the country’s gambling laws were in effect there.

Since the political system of the nation is not unified and there is no state-level gambling regulation, it is crucial to comprehend this division.

Even though the gambling legislation applies to both equally, the two regions are very different and both entities have different local rules, enforcement, and attitudes.

Since 2011, both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska have made online gambling legal. In order to accept players from the nation, operators need a license.

/Comment: Republika Srpska issued the first online gambling license in 2011 to a sports betting company, Williams

U PDATE: As of 2019, additional types of online gambling, including video lottery and virtual games, are also permitted3.

The list of online casinos that accept players from Bosnia and Herzegovina is provided below.

Betting on blood sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blood sports are prohibited in Bosnia and Herzegovina because they are thought to be cruel to animals. Gambling on bloodsports is also prohibited.

Can tourists play online while visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes, the country’s online gambling laws only apply to citizens and lawful permanent residents; if you are a visitor (or an illegal alien, or an expat who is not a citizen), you can play online without restriction while taking advantage of your visit.

Gambling licensing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gambling licenses are issued by The Republican Gambling Authority (Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu), a subdivision of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Srpska.

If you want to start any kind of gambling enterprise, you must get in touch with them.

There is an English version of their website.

Online gaming licences in Republika Srpska are issued for a period of 5 years.

  1. Company must have their corporate headquarters in the country
  2. Certificate of good conduct of the founders and owners
  3. Company must be solvent, and must demonstrate that they have enough capital to be financially stable for the foreseeable future (in short: you have to have a lot of money $1 millions, otherwise they won’t talk to you)
  4. All financial transactions including deposits and withdrawals must be processed via banks located in Republika Srpska

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, all gambling businesses are required to have a safety deposit at a local bank in addition to the capital mentioned above as a guarantee that all winnings, fees, and other obligations can always be paid.

The amount of the safety deposit depends on the type of gambling:

  1. Classical Tombola – at least 200,000 КМ
  2. Casino games – at least 200,000,000 КМ
  3. Electronic gambling games – at least 50,000 КМ
  4. Bookmaking – at least 500,000 КМ
  5. Slot machines – at least 500,000 КМ
  6. Online games – at least 100,000,000 КМ
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License costs (once-off):

  1. Classical Tombola – 50,000 КМ
  2. Electronic games and casino games – 100,000 КМ
  3. Bookmaking – 100,000 КМ
  4. Slot machines – 10,000 КМ
  5. Online games – 200,000 КМ

The license is good for five years.

Lottery retailer licensing is done separately by the country’s two lottery operators.

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Gambling tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gambling winnings are subject to tax in the following situations:

  1. Lottery games,
  2. Betting games,
  3. Internet games,
  4. Jackpots from electronic games,
  5. Jackpots from slot machine games,
  6. Jackpots from casinos,
  7. Prize contests in goods or services

Gambling taxes are paid on winnings from bets made by players (tax base: winnings less winning bets):

Additionally, there is a flat rate of 20% for betting and online gambling on all payments received less all winnings for the month.

In addition to regular taxes, such as the 10% corporate tax, this is charged.

For players, taxation of gambling winnings in Bosnia and Herzegovina: taxable officially, 15% tax on winnings

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You need a website in order to receive the free advertising; a social media profile is insufficient. What you need to do is as follows:

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina’s gambling laws don’t explicitly state a legal gambling age, both land-based and online casinos require players to be at least 18 years old, making that age the de facto requirement.

Fantasy sports betting, social gambling and loot boxes are not regulated.

Sources, main pieces of the Bosnia and Herzegovina gambling legislation:

1Bosnia Herzegovina – 2019 Act on The Games of Chance

2Regulatory Authority Retracts the Ban on Access to Online Betting Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OneWorldSee)

3Lexology – Bosnia Herzegovina Gambling Legislation 2019

List of online gambling sites, which accept players from Bosnia and Herzegovina

888 Casino, Poker, Bingo and Sportsbook

888 online gambling accepts UK players only (no US players), and offers bingo, casino, poker, and bookmaker games.

U K players are accepted, but players from the USA are not. The drop-down menu below contains a complete list of the nations that are prohibited. Poker, sports betting, live dealer games, bingo, and more than 1000 casino games are all accessible at one gambling destination using a single player account (though they are all played on different platforms). Here is a link to the 888 Casino review.

Playthrough requirements, wagering limitations, terms and conditions and list of restricted countries

The 888 gambling websites’ standard bonus terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Welcome bonuses are only available for new players
  2. Bonuses are available in US Dollars, GBP, Euros or Canadian Dollars
  3. The minimum deposit to receive any bonus is €10
  4. The bonus + deposit needs to be wagered within 7 days from date of activation

Playthrough requirement of the welcome bonus: 30x, the deposit bonus amount must be wagered 30 times before withdrawal. Playthrough requirement of the free spins: no free spins currently, free spins expire after 14 days

C OVID-19 UPDATE: The online casino does not use the current global pandemic situation to promote itself or to entice people to use its online gambling platform. In fact, any marketing campaign that uses the novel coronavirus pandemic for promotion is not permitted to use the namesake, name, likeness, official logo, or any other depiction of the casino/company (including this blog about casino gambling).

No players are permitted at 888 Casino from:

Miami Club Digital Casino Destination

Miami Club online casino, 18+

  1. Welcome bonus, 100% up to $100 on your first 8x deposit (up to $800 total)
  2. Exclusive bonus code: MIFREE20, $20.00 free, every month, not just for new players, for returning players as well
  3. Free spins, use coupon HOTWINGS to get 150% up to $150 plus 30 spins on the Funky Chicken 5-reel, limited time only (by the time you are reading it probably expired, only valid for a few days)

USA players accepted, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, France, Australia and UK players are not accepted. You can read the review of Miami Club Casino here.

Playthrough requirements and wagering limitations

Check the gambling website for the most recent bouse promotions and playthrough requirement and wagering limitation information. The deposit bonus amount must be wagered 40x times before withdrawal, depending on the type.

  1. UPDATE 2022: The wagering of any portion of a non-deposit bonus on Roulette, Craps or Baccarat games is strictly forbidden!
  2. Bonuses cannot be combined.
  3. Miami Club casino requires that a deposit of at least $25 is made on all accounts before any cash withdrawal is processed to comply with anti money laundering laws + mandatory ID check required by law (law to fight financing of terrorism and payment processor require this as well). The deposited $25 can be withdrawn afterwards with the winnings.

Bet Online Casino, Bookmaker & Poker

Bet Online casino, poker and sportsbook

  1. Welcome bonus, $3000, 100% up to $1,000 on your first three deposits. Use the code BOLCASINO
  2. 25% – 50% sports betting reload on every qualifying bet, code: LIFEBONUS  (for the 25% bonus) and BOL1000 (for the 50% bonus)
  3. +100% welcome match bonus up to 100% on your first deposit using bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple, litecoin or DASH. No code required + 5% crypto boost afterwards on future deposits
  4. 100% poker bonus
  5. 10% weekly rebate, cashback for returning players

Here is a review of BetOnline that you can read. You can find a list of the nations they do not accept players from below and in the review. Players from North America are welcome.

Each bonus and promotion’s playthrough requirements are as follows:

  1. The deposit bonus amount must be wagered 30 times before withdrawal, usually (sports betting and poker bonuses 10x)
  2. Forfeiting the bonus will result in the bonus and any subsequent winnings associated with it to be removed from players accounts.
  3. Only one bonus can be active at a time, playthrough requirements must be met before additional promotions can be received.
  4. Players must use the related bonus code in order to receive a bonus (if it has a code, not every promotion requires one).
  5. Bonus funds will only be available on the Betsoft games, the other providers are not eligible,, unless otherwise stated.
  6. In cases where rollover or other criteria specified in the individual bonus terms and conditions are not met within 30 days, any remaining bonus funds and associated winnings will be forfeited automatically.
  7. Wagering requirements must be fulfilled before any winnings can be withdrawn.
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This only applies to casino bonuses; different wagering requirements apply to poker and sports betting bonuses (which can be found on the business’ website). Playing at BetOnline is prohibited from:

Fair Go Aussie Themed Casino

FairGo – click to check out the digital casino, latest promotions, offers, hundreds of pokies, Aussie players welcome

  1. 100% welcome bonus up to $200, on your first 5 deposits (total $500), coupon code: WELCOME
  2. 100 free spins with code: DOD-GOW (limited time only, please let me know when the code expires)
  3. 150% bonus and 50 spins on the new slot Lil Red ($20 minimum deposit requirement), coupon code: LILRED150, or on the slot Hyperwins, bonus code: GETHYPED
  4. Special Neosurf bonus, deposit using Neosurf and get a 200% welcome bonus (only once per player), promo code: 200-NEO

One bonus can only be in effect at once. The casino welcomes patrons from the United States and Canada. Players from Moldova, Israel, and the UK are not accepted at FairGo Casino. You can read the Fair Go casino review in its entirety here.

It should be noted that although the casino has an “Aussie” theme, it is not an Australian online casino and the business is not based there.

  1. Only one bonus can be active at a time.
  2. Only real money players, who completed the registration are eligible for a bonus.
  3. No deposit bonuses hold a maximum cash out limit which is 5x the bonus amount unless otherwise specified.

Mr Bit Casino and Sportsbook

Bit casino and bookmaker, current bonus offers through 2022, new player bonuses, free spins, and offers for loyal customers, 18+

  1. 100% welcome bonus Up To €500 + 50 Free Spins
  2. Free spins every day for returning players
  3. 33% reload bonus for returning players

The complete review of Mr. Bit Casino is available here. Players from the US and UK are not accepted. The review and the list of prohibited nations are both below.

Conditions for bonuses generally at Mr. The websites that make up Bit:

  1. Welcome bonuses are only available for 30 days after account creation
  2. The minimum deposit to receive any bonus is €10
  3. The bonus + deposit needs to be wagered within 7 days from date of activation

Playthrough requirement for the welcome bonus is 27x; before making a withdrawal, the deposit bonus amount must be wagered 27 times. The deposit bonus amount must be wagered 30 times before being withdrawn, according to the free spins’ playthrough requirement of 30x.

  1. Minimum deposit amount: €10
  2. Maximum bonus amount: €500
  3. Wagering requirements: x27 (deposit + bonus)

In case of the free spins:

  1. Participating slots: Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx
  2. Bet per spin: €0,10
  3. Wagering requirements: x30 (bonus)
  4. Limit on withdrawing from the free spins: x10
  5. 7 days for wagering
  1. 7 days for wagering
  2. Player from certain countries are not allowed use bonuses due to regular bonus abuse, check the casino’s website for the ever changing up to date list.
  3. Please note that the free spins will appear on the account, once the 150% bonus has been wagered. Your players will get 10 free spins per day over the course of 5 days (50 free spins in total).

Mr. Bit Casino does not accept customers from:

  1. Australia
  2. Curacao
  3. Italy
  4. Latvia
  5. Malta
  6. United Kingdom and its territories
  7. United States
  8. Ukraine
  9. Cyprus
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Hungary
  1. Casino gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Bingo in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Poker in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Sports betting in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Lottery in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Bitcoin gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Casino gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Casinos are legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of 1992, but owners must have a license.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has legalized online casinos since 2011, but operators must have a license.

Casino gambling is legal in both autonomous entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has 3 land-based casinos at the moment, one in each autonomous entity: Colosseum Club Casino in Sarajevo and the Grand Casino in Banja Luka + the Lottery BiH Casino Club in Sarajevo, which is owned by the lottery company LutrijaBiH.

The standard casino games, such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and slot machines, are available at every casino.

There are also many smaller electronic casinos all throughout the country, which only have gaming machines. The Admiral Club electronic casino network is the biggest of these.

The most recent revision to the gambling law took place in 2019, and it tightened regulations, increased the amount of taxes that casinos must pay, but most importantly, it also added a tax for online gambling. Due to closures caused by the new, higher tax, there are currently only two legitimately large casinos in the nation.

Here is a comprehensive webpage listing all the casinos in Bosnia, complete with addresses, hours of operation, dress guidelines, admission costs, and videos.

At least five online casino operators have currently obtained licenses in Bosnia and Herzegovina (all of them, specifically, in Republika Srpska), with Williams* being the first.

Bosnian Herzegovinian residents are only allowed to play on licensed online gambling sites.

It’s probably only a matter of time before the government takes action against these shady gambling blogs; this has happened in numerous nations in the past.

The online casinos below accept players from Bosnia Herzegovina.

Eastern Europe’s gambling market continues to grow (gbgc)

Online casinos accepting players from Bosnia Herzegovina – click to see

Bingo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bingo halls are legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but owners must have a license.

Online bingo is permitted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but operators must be licensed.

Bingo is a legal form of gambling, though it isn’t exactly the most popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the two lotteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, LutrijaBiH, offers bingo. They provide TV Bingo, which can be played at home, and tickets can be purchased online or at physical retailers. They don’t run a bingo parlor.

There are no online Bingo sites licensed in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment. Only the online lottery platform of LutrijaBiH offers online bingo.

Online casinos that allow players from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have sections for online bingo – click to see

There are none. Please post a link to any live bingo websites that accept BA players in the comments section below if you are aware of any.

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