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You have the benefit of selecting from a variety of payment methods to play on different casino sites if you’re a Canadian player at an online casino. There are numerous payment options available for any player who wants to access safe and secure online banking while playing at an online casino from their home country.

Interac is one of those remedies. You will notice that the majority, if not all, of the online casino sites you visit that cater to Canadian players accept it as a payment method. Why is Interac such a well-liked method of payment in online casinos?

Top Interac Casinos

First off, Interac is a very well-liked payment option in Canada because it was established in 1984 as a national payment network and debit card system to serve all Canadians and give them a quick, safe, and secure way to transfer money within the nation and abroad.

It cooperates.

Acxsys Corporation and Interac Association, two non-profit groups made up of credit unions, retailers, financial institutions, trust companies, payment companies, and other related banking establishments, operate it with more than 200 major Canadian banks. As a result, it has been able to reach the majority, if not all, of Canadians, giving them access and facilitating easy transactions both online and offline.

The answer is.

.provides a number of electronic transaction services that you can use for cash withdrawals, money transfers, and, well, shopping. The Interac Debit, Flash, and Cash services are available for use with point-of-sale terminals, instant payments, and ABMs. And the final two are Interac Online and Interac eTransfer, which are widely used by online casinos.

Owing to the variety of platforms they support.

These services are equally as popular across Canada as traditional payment methods due to their versatility, convenience, and safety, above all. What they do is make regular payments simple for users, especially when done online. These services enable secure, quick transactions from and to bank accounts. They are protected by robust fraud prevention systems and SSL encryptions.

Interac Cash

One component of the Interac service, Interact Cash, enables cash withdrawals from any Automated Banking Machine (ABM) that bears the Interac logo. All Interac customers who have debit cards bearing the Interac brand are eligible for the service. The procedure is very similar to taking money out using a typical debit card that your bank issues.

Insert your card, choose the account you want to withdraw from, enter your PIN, and then confirm the transaction. The operation of an ABM will be familiar to anyone who has ever used one. Additionally, this service will make it simple for you to convert your virtual money into actual money, which is a feature that not all online payment services can claim. Interac will also not charge you any fees when you withdraw money.

Interac Debit

You have the choice to make purchases using Interac Debit both offline and online. You will be given an Interac-branded debit card as part of this Interac service, which is similar to the card you get from a bank when you open an account. Any POS terminal that a retailer might have in their store accepts this card for use.

You can also use it to conduct transactions online, like funding your account at an online casino. A debit card transaction is processed in real time, so the money will leave your account instantly and arrive at its intended location in a matter of seconds. Debit cards are not the same as credit cards, which is something you should keep in mind. A debit card can only be used to spend money that is already in your balance, unlike a credit card, which enables you to borrow money to pay for the transaction.

Interac Flash

The company offers Interac Flash as evidence that it is at the forefront of the payments sector. You will then have the option to pay contactlessly at many businesses that have POS terminals. You will only need to hold your card near the terminal device to complete the transaction. Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is built into all current cards, this is accomplished. But things don’t stop there.

Modern smartphones also use the same technology, which is where Mobile Interac Flash comes in. In essence, you can save the information for your card on your smartphone and use that to make payments anywhere a card would normally be required. Naturally, your smartphone needs to have an NFC chip, and your bank needs to support Interac Flash. More than a dozen payment institutions are supported as of the time of writing, and the list is growing. Simply put, there are too many names to list here. However, the Interac website has the complete list available.

Interac e-Transfer

Another cutting-edge method of making payments online is Interac e-Transfer. With just a few clicks, you will be able to transfer money straight from your bank account using this service. Payers will find it very convenient because they won’t be prompted for any security information if they’ve already set up the service.

Simply sign into the online banking at your financial institution to access the Interac e-Transfer settings. There, you will be required to enter your email address or phone number. You will then be able to make payments with just the click of a button, and the only input needed is the payee’s phone number or email address. You can use this feature in a lot of financial institutions, and it is supported by a lot of them.

Interac Online

We’ve all needed Interact Online, an online banking feature, at some point. You’ll be able to pay online, and the money will be deducted from your bank account. While this may not seem particularly noteworthy, it should be noted that Interact Online enables you to make instant payments, in contrast to traditional bank transfers, which can take up to several days to clear. You only need to access the merchant’s payment gateway to accomplish this, which will display the Interac Online login page. Then, simply confirm the transaction by logging into Interac, choosing the account from which you want to send the money, and selecting the recipient account.

By using this method, you will enjoy complete anonymity and the payee won’t have access to your personal or financial details. This is so that Interact can serve as a go-between for the two parties. Because of this, users who care about their privacy will undoubtedly find this feature to be very advantageous. Many different financial institutions offer Interac Online support. Visit the Interac Online subpage on the Interac website for a complete list of names.

How Does interact Work?

As soon as you create an account.

…with any of the more than 200 major Canadian banks, you automatically get access to the Interac network. Sounds incredible, but it’s a fact that you only need to set up a mobile or online banking account with the bank and you’ll be able to use the Interac services without prior arrangements with the bank.

The highlight is.

.considering the non-profit organizations behind it, you would need to pay such a negligible fee that would only cover the fundamental costs of the transaction in order to use the services. In fact, using the services to pay online would rarely cost you more than CA$1.50 per transaction. Because of this, Interac is frequently compared to eWallets and outperforms them in terms of fees, speed, utility, and safety. It is also thought to be even more practical for Canadian players than standard eWallets.

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Since money.

.are transferred from one bank account to another using secure channels, whether you choose mobile banking or online banking. You are notified via email or text message when the transaction reaches its destination. In fact, whenever you use it to request a deposit or withdrawal across online platforms, including online casinos, you will also receive a text message or an email with instructions. Additionally, you will get any security questions or passwords that you might need to finish the transaction.

Depositing and Withdrawing with Interac

When you start playing at Interac casinos, you’ll see that making deposits and withdrawals is fairly simple. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions that you have received via email or text message on your email address.

To put down a deposit

.you would need to locate Interac in the payment methods list, typically in the Banking or Cashier page, and click on its icon after logging into your online casino account. Following that, you would need to log into your online bank account. Ask the casino if there are any last-minute requirements or clarifications needed at this point. If not, adhere to the instructions you were sent via email or phone.

Enter the sum.

.amount of money you wish to deposit, the answer to the security question you were given, and the email address of the person who will receive the deposit, thus the online casino. Once the recipient enters the security question, the funds will be automatically and instantly transferred from your bank account to theirs. Just like that! You can immediately begin playing your preferred games of bingo, blackjack, roulette, and slots!

You probably observed.

This payment method is extremely safe because security questions and answers are involved, which is one of the reasons. The transaction will not be successful unless you have the proper security question and the recipient has the proper security answer. In order to prevent fraud, it would imply that the person sending or receiving the money is not authorized to do so.

To withdraw.

Players primarily use Interac eTransfer because it is the most practical of the three services. One benefit of using it is that, provided your bank is one of the many that Interac has partnered with, the money typically arrives right away. If not, it would take four to six days for the money to show up in your bank account. Two, because the withdrawal procedure is the same as the deposit procedure, it is very simple to use. Access your online or mobile banking account, and then simply wait for your notification. The amount of money you will receive, the sender, and possibly a link that will take you to your online bank account to complete the transaction will all be disclosed to you.

Fees and Charges

If your bank is not a participating institution, you may be charged a fee of up to CA$4.00 even though the majority of transactions with it are instant and have fees that do not exceed CA$1.50. Even so, it’s clear that this fee is still quite reasonable when compared to those associated with other payment methods. You should also be aware of the fact that Interac transactions cannot be reversed. It is impossible to cancel or reverse a transfer once it has been deposited, so be careful who you send money to and double-check that the requested transaction’s numbers and letters are written exactly.

When you use Interac Cash, CA$0.006243 will be deducted from your balance each time you try to withdraw cash from an ABM. Additionally, you might have to pay the ABM owners to use their equipment. This charge is typically $2.00 CA, but it may differ between service providers and be higher or even nonexistent.

As far as Interac Debit is concerned, for every transaction that you make using the debit card, the company will charge you CA$0.005759.

Keep in mind that the figures listed above are only the most recent ones available at the time of writing. At the start of 2018, Interac altered some of its billing structures; this may occur once more in the future. You should also be aware of any fees levied by your own banking institution. Even though Interac may not directly charge you much, your bank may have different ideas.

Advantages of Using Interac Online

There are many benefits to using Interac Online over alternative payment methods. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that Interac has a wide range of services that you can choose from. You can use a debit card, an online banking service, a direct e-Transfer, and more, depending on your needs. You won’t easily find another payment option that can match those of Interac, so it’s great to have this many options. Basically, you will be completely satisfied with any service feature you choose to use.

You might not immediately consider the fact that Interac Online enables you to complete instant transactions with a single click. This level of convenience should not be disregarded because it will enable you to start betting and play your favorite games right away. Due to the security features built into the service, the transactions will also be completed in total secrecy. Although you would need to link your personal Interac account to your online banking, the online casino will never know where the transaction originated. All payments are processed by Interac, so it will just say “Interac Payment” or something similar. This implies that your personal and financial information will be secure wherever you decide to play.

Some of the best consumer protection practices are available through Interac Online. In the unlikely event that someone is able to access your online banking profile, your money will always be secure thanks to their Zero Liability policy. The safety of users’ funds must be guaranteed by payment institutions under Canadian law, and Interac is a shining example of how a customer can be treated. Your banking institution will take steps to ensure that the full amount of your funds is returned to you if, for any reason, your Interac balance is compromised as a result of actions for which you are not to blame. This should not be interpreted as a license to act irresponsibly, as the bank will undoubtedly conduct its own investigation to ascertain the truth of the matter. As a result, you should always safeguard your PIN and frequently review your bank statements. Furthermore, make sure to notify the appropriate institution if your card is lost or stolen.

Overall, it is quick, safe, economical, and fairly simple to use. To use it, all you need is a Canadian bank account with one of the major institutions in the nation. You can send and receive money right away by logging into your mobile or online banking account.

That’s another advantage.

.that both deposits and withdrawals can be made using it. When it comes to withdrawing winnings from different online casino sites using the majority of payment methods, players run into problems, but not with Interac. One of the best withdrawal methods for Canadian players is Interac. Sure, you might have to pay a higher fee than usual and the transaction might take 4 to 6 days if your bank isn’t a participant, but you can be certain the money will be delivered safely and securely.


Disadvantages of Using Interac Online

After discussing the benefits of the service, it is only fair to let you know about some of its drawbacks. Even as good as Interac Online is, there are some drawbacks that will undoubtedly cause issues for some users. Unfortunately, no payment method is perfect. The fact that Interac Online is not the most widely used service in the online gambling industry is the first and most obvious drawback to take into account. You might have trouble locating an online casino that accepts payment through this service as a result. Even though a sizable number of gambling websites accept local payment methods, Interac is still underutilized when compared to services like Skrill or Neteller. If you are adamant about using this particular payment method, we advise you to start with the bigger casino names because they are more likely to accept Interac Online.

The inability of international players to use the service is another drawback. The fact that Interac Online is only available to those who have Canadian bank accounts does not affect Canadians, but it prevents a sizable portion of the online gambling community from taking advantage of it. This is directly related to the issue that we discussed earlier. More people would use Interac Online and more online casinos would support it if it were more widely available on a global scale. Unfortunately, as things stand, the service will continue to be offered to people who are in Canada.

Even though the service is reasonably priced, there might be some charges levied by outside parties. Since Interac Online is not their preferred method of payment, for instance, online casinos might levy a commission. However, it is generally accepted that transaction fees at online casinos range from 2.5% to 5% of the total amount. The exact amount will vary from website to website. Although this is a small sum of money for a single deposit, it could eventually add up. Because of this, we suggest that you look for an online casino that doesn’t charge you to top off your balance. It is an act of goodwill on the part of the online casino, and you might occasionally anticipate better service as a result.

One of the obvious disadvantages…

The fact that transactions with it are irreversible was just mentioned. This means that since the request cannot be canceled once it has been sent, you would need to be extremely careful when using it.

When it comes down to it, Interac Online’s drawbacks are minor in comparison to its advantages. Users of this product say that overall they had a positive experience and that any drawbacks are minor and can be overlooked.


Internet security is a subject that worries people more and more. We must be confident that when we provide personal information to a website, it won’t be accessed by unauthorized people. The safety of our personal and financial information has thus been successfully secured by a variety of security measures that have emerged in recent years. You’ll discover that Interac Online is one of the safest and most dependable services available when it comes to online banking. You won’t ever be asked for any information that is not immediately required for the purposes of your transactions, which is one of the reasons.

You won’t need to provide any personal information about yourself to use Interac Online; instead, you’ll just need to set up the service in your online banking’s settings, where it won’t be accessible to online casinos. Additionally, the website will not see any of your personal or banking information when you deposit money into an online casino. Instead, only the fact that the transaction was handled by Interac will be shown in the transaction details. Online casinos also have their own internal security systems in place to guard against data theft. This is typically high-end encryption technology that scrambles all data passing through the casino’s servers so that no one else can decode it except you.

Government regulation also requires the security of personal information on the Internet, and you will find that all legitimate services and websites, including online casinos, abide by these laws.

Customer Support

Users occasionally might run into issues when attempting to use a certain service. We have to rely on the customer service team in these situations to fix these problems and explain what went wrong. Interac Online places a high value on its clientele and works hard to make up for any mistakes made by customers while using the service. You can always get in touch with the highly skilled customer service team, which coordinates all user and business communications, if you need help.

You can find a very thorough form about the Interac e-Transfer feature on the “Contact Us” page of the Interac website. There, you can fill out all the necessary information about your issue and be asked for information about the transfer you wanted to send, including your Interac e-Transfer Reference Number, the nature of your issue, the transfer amount, your role in the transaction (sender or receiver), and whether you have contacted your bank before submitting the form. In order for the team to get in touch with you, you will also need to provide some information, including your name, phone number, email address, and preferred language of communication.

If that is insufficient to address your needs, you can get in touch with us in other ways. One would be to send an email with specific information about your issue to [email protected] Although the support team works diligently, you will probably receive a follow-up email within the next few hours. Normally, you can anticipate a response within 24 hours. Alternately, you can call the toll-free number that the company has provided and speak with a representative directly to discuss your problem.

Interac e Transfer Casinos

One of the most widely used payment options for players and online casinos is Interac e transfer. It is understandable that it is quick, dependable, and secure given that it was created as an inter-bank system within Canada.

Because it seamlessly connects to a Canadian bank account via the already-existing online banking facility, Interac e transfer is very popular. The Interac payment method offers the same level of safety and security as the Canadian financial institution.

Interac e transfer is unfortunately not a payment option for you if you don’t bank with a Canadian financial institution and in Canadian dollars.

However, if you are one of the many fortunate Canadians or if you bank in Canadian dollars with a Canadian bank, Interac e-Transfer is the best option.

The Interac system uses debit cards, not credit cards. This means that you should exercise caution when choosing the recipients of your financial transfers because there is little recourse available in the event that you made a mistake. Interac functions much like cash in this regard, but it is available online. That’s how simple and easy it is to use.

Recommended Interac e Transfer Casinos

Here is a table that lists all of our favorite casinos and indicates which of them accept Interac for deposits and withdrawals.

You can access a comprehensive list of Canadian interac casinos by clicking here, even though we are unable to include every operator.

How to use Interac

You can use Interac in three different ways: through e-transfer, debit, or online. All methods are successful, but Interac e transfer is more popular. Recently, Interac Debit, which stores and safeguards debit card information, was integrated with mobile devices under the Interac Flash brand. All financial institutions that accept Interac are listed below.

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Interac e transfer

To use Interac e transfer follow the below steps:

  1. Select the online casino that you would like to open an account with.
  2. Complete the online casino member details form.
  3. Once your member account has been created, select the payment method Interac e transfer and type in deposit amount.
  4. Record the Recipient, Recipient Email and Message Code.
  5. Go to your Online Banking and sign in.
  6. Create payee with Recipient, Recipient Email and Message Code.
  7. Select your bank account and type in deposit amount.
  8. Send money.
  9. You will receive a confirmation of receipt at the online casino.

Interac debit

You can instantly fund your online casino account using your Interac Debit. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Select the online casino that you would like to open an account with.
  2. Complete the online casino member details form.
  3. Once your member account has been created, select the payment method Interac Debit.
  4. Enter your Interac Debit card details.
  5. Enter your amount.
  6. Click submit.
  7. And now your ready to play!

Interac Online

To use Interac Online at an online casino you can follow the below guide:

  1. Select the online casino that you would like to open an account with.
  2. Complete the online casino member details form.
  3. Once your member account has been created, select the payment method Interac Online to top up your balance.
  4. Select the financial institution that you bank with.
  5. Go to your Online Banking and sign in.
  6. Select your bank account and amount and transfer.
  7. You will receive a confirmation of receipt at the online casino.

Using Interac Online has the following advantages:

  • Your payment is masked from the online casino. Your personal and banking information is hidden and cannot be discovered by the online casino.
  • Your payment is made immediately and doesn’t require days to clear.

Why you should use Interac

  • Easy and Simple to use – The process of transferring monies is attached to your online banking process. So you don’t need to create a new online account or new passwords. Just use your normal online bank account and follow the normal online bank transfer process. It’s as easy and simple as that.
  • Security and Privacy – you have confidence, because the process is using your pre-existing bank’s security and privacy framework. This framework is part of the Canadian banking system and is one of the best inter banking networks in the world. Knowing this, you can play with confidence.
  • Tracking – because you are using funds direct from your bank account you can keep track easily of the funds going in and out. Simply check your online bank account transactions and balances and you can easily see how well you are playing.
  • Fees – Interac fees are minimal. Only $0.50 for a transaction under $100 or $1.00 for each transaction that is over $100. With a 1% or less transaction fee for $100 and above, Interac fees are extremely competitive. PLUS often these fees will be absorbed by the online casino.
  • Widely available – Many online casinos accept Interac as a payment method. So rest assured, your favorite online casino will be able to accommodate using Interac. Interac is growing in popularity, and to meet this demand, any reputable online casino will be offering Interac as a payment method.

Interac e Transfer Popularity

Year after year, Interac’s popularity continues to rise. The statistics for 2018 are listed below. An already developed service in the Canadian banking system has experienced remarkable growth.

Interac e Transfer Statistics

  • 371 million transactions in 2018
  • $132 billion CAD in 2018
  • 54% increase in transactions year on year
  • 45% increase in value year on year
  • Used over 1 million times per day
  • Used over 35 million times per month
  • Average user uses interac e transfer three time per month.
  • A transaction average value is $357CAD
  • November 2018 was the busiest month.
  • 76% of users use a mobile device to transact.
  • 80% of online banking users are registered to use interaction e transfer

Complaints and Disputes

Contact the online casino in the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute. Contact your financial institution if the issue is still unresolved; they will assist you by using their complaints and dispute procedure. The complaint and dispute resolution process is part of Canada’s financial institution framework. As a result of the strict regulatory controls and policies in place, I highly suggest using Interaction e Transfer.

History of Interac e Transfer

The Interac Corporation offers a number of digital transfer options, including Interac e Transfer. In 1984, five of the largest Canadian banking organizations—RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, and Desjardins—supported a non-profit organization that developed Interac services. The non-profit organization eventually expanded to have up to 80 members.

As Interac expanded, the original five contributing members founded Acxsys, a for-profit company that competed with Interac. The two organizations finally merged on February 1 of 2018 as Interac Corporation after several failed attempts.

Interac services are the most widely used by Canadians around the world.


If you are a Canadian, Interac e Transfer should be your preferred method of payment. The most widely used payment method for Canadian bank accounts at online casinos is Interac e Transfer. It provides unmatched dependability, privacy protection, and security. Additionally, it fits in perfectly with Canadians’ regular daily activities that include using online banking. Using Interac e Transfer, you can play with assurance.

Other Great Interac Payment Methods for Online Casinos

Unfortunately not. Interac can only be used in Canada leveraging off the pre existing Canadian banking system.

Interac is straightforward and simple to use, accessible via mobile device, and most importantly, everybody uses it. It is the most dependable and trustworthy form of payment in Canada.

Yes, you can. Not many people are aware, but Canadian online casinos accept Interact as a payment option! Canadians can now deposit and play with such ease thanks to this.

There are way too many online casinos that accept Interac. At Gambledex, we are confident that almost every well-known Canadian online casino will accept Interac as a form of payment.

An Interac e transfer is the most used method of the Interac family. It can sometimes be confused with Interac Online and Interac Debit, but essentially more online Canadian casinos will accept Interac e transfers, than Interac Online or Interac Debit.

Interac e transfers to the incorrect recipient have occasionally been made due to mistakes. The following steps should be followed if you want to change the intended recipients of the deposit:

1. First check that the funds have not left your bank account.
2. If they haven’t then quickly log into your online bank account or via your app and correct the email address or mobile number.
3. If you want to retract the deposit completely, you can cancel the payment.

Yes, Interac e transfers are accepted by Canadian online bingo and casino sites.

Banks and other financial institutions that are not a part of the Canadian banking system cannot be paid for using Interac. You must have a bank account with a Canadian bank in order to use Interac.

Yes, it can be. As long as the bank account that you are using is part of the Canadian banking system.