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Now that the war in Iraq has come to an end and the country is set to normalize its relations with the rest of the world, one question looms large over the country – can you now play online casino games in Iraq? This is a particularly pertinent question given that several countries across Europe, Africa and Asia have banned or limited access to online gambling following international controversies sparked by online gambling. In fact, it’s not just restricted to gambling either: many countries that are otherwise friendly with their neighbors are also cracking down on other activities as well such as live streaming services like YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook. It’s clear that if you want to find a legal way to gamble in these parts, you need to look for something that plays within local laws and restrictions. Fortunately, there are still some safe spots where you can gamble legally. Before we discuss those places, however, here is everything you need to know about playing casino games in Iraq.

Is It Legal to Play Online Casino Games in Iraq?

Yes, you can now play casino games legally in Iraq. The country’s government is working on regulations that will legalize gambling. However, the law has not been passed yet, so playing online casino games in Iraq is still illegal. But the good news is that the demand for gambling is very high there and it would only be a matter of time before the regulations are passed and casinos are opened. So, you can still play casino games online in Iraq. But you should avoid visiting any illegal casinos.

Should You Play Online Casino Games in Iraq?

That’s a tricky one. One problem with online gambling in Iraq is that regulations for online casinos are not yet in place. The law does exist, but it is not enforced. That makes it very risky to play online casino games in Iraq. If you choose to play, you must be extremely careful. Be aware that the best way to gamble safely is at a licensed place in your own country. Another option is that you can use a VPN to change your computer’s location. That will make it appear to be somewhere else. This way you can gamble safely in Iraq.

Safe Places to Gamble Online

As we said, there is currently no proper online gambling law in Iraq. That means that you cannot play casino games legally anywhere in the country. To be on the safe side, you should not gamble online in Iraq. You can play poker at an offshore poker site or at a poker app. You can also play roulette at a licensed casino in your country or at a casino app.

Should You Avoid Playing Casino Games in Iraq?

Yes, it’s best to avoid playing casino games online in Iraq. It’s not safe to do so. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need a local address to open an account at any online casino. This makes it difficult for you to gamble online in Iraq. Another reason to avoid playing casino games in Iraq is that there are very high chances of getting arrested. So, you should avoid this. This is because while gaming laws are still in the process of being passed, the government is not very tolerant of people breaking the law. So, it’s best to avoid playing casino games in Iraq.

Don’t Go Near Illegal Casinos

Yes, don’t go near illegal casinos. And this is relevant even after gaming regulations are passed. You should not try to look down at from above at any illegal casinos. This will only land you in trouble with the authorities. The best thing to do if you want to gamble online in Iraq is to go for a licensed online casino. You can find plenty of them online.

Wrapping Up

As long as the law isn’t in place for online gambling in Iraq, you can safely play casino games online in the country. However, you should avoid visiting any illegal casinos and stick to a licensed casino in your country. If you want to gamble online, you can go for a regulated online casino. The safest way to gamble in Iraq is with real money gaming in a regulated online casino. Until the law passes and it’s legal to play casino games in Iraq, you should stick to traditional casinos. Unless Iraq adopts a more open approach to online gambling, you should avoid playing casino games in the country. If you really want to gamble, go for a real money game with a regulated online casino. However, keep in mind that you will only be able to do this if the law changes.

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