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Playing casino games online in the Philippines can be a bit of a challenge. While online gaming is technically legal, real-life gambling is still frowned upon by most locals and the government. This means you’ll have to play cautiously if you hope to avoid detection. Casino games are everywhere in the Philippines, from brick-and-mortar casinos to mobile apps. However, many gaming sites don’t use secure technology or aren’t regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). These sites are great for learning how to play casino games safely as an amateur gambler, but they might not protect player privacy or money as well as other services. This guide will help you find a reputable website that offers safe and secure casino gaming in the Philippines.

The History of Online Casino Gaming in the Philippines

Online gambling first appeared in the Philippines in the early 2000s. By then, a large and thriving online casino gambling industry had already developed in neighboring Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Online gambling was not as heavily regulated or constrained in the Philippines as it was in these other countries, but it also wasn’t legal. For this reason, many Filipinos turned to online games as a way to get around the law while still enjoying the thrill of trying their luck in the virtual world. Things changed in April 2015 when the Philippine Supreme Court ruled that online gambling was illegal. In response, PAGCOR and the Department of Justice (DoJ) began an aggressive crackdown on online gambling. PAGCOR shut down many unlicensed online casino sites, and the DoJ arrested dozens of people running unlicensed gambling sites. This crackdown resulted in the seizure of $1 billion in cash and assets. Despite this, not all online casinos in the Philippines were shut down, and some have managed to avoid detection by using sophisticated business practices.

Guide to Finding a Safe Online Casino for Playing Casino Games in the Philippines

Before you join a casino site to play casino games, make sure it’s legitimate. Your best bet is to use an online casino review site or app. This will help you to find a safe site that offers a good selection of games and reliable customer support. You’ll also want to make sure that your casino site is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR. PAGCOR licenses all Philippine casinos and issues licenses to foreign operators. You can verify this via the list of licensed sites on their website. Note that almost all of the best online casinos in the Philippines are operated by foreign companies, but you can still play at legal, licensed sites.

Bovada and Neteller

Bovada is a popular online casino that has been operating in the Philippines since 2014. It’s owned and operated by BECL/Intertops, a British company that’s been licensed to operate online casinos in the Philippines since 1999. The site is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR, and it offers a variety of games including slots, video poker, and sports betting. Bovada offers excellent customer support, and it’s one of the few Philippine-based sites that accept US-based bank transfers. You can also use a Neteller or Skrill (iDeal) account to fund your account without incurring any additional fees. Neteller is a little-known online payment method that’s been around since the mid-1990s. It’s available in virtually every country in the world, and you can use it to fund your Bovada account. You don’t need a Neteller account to fund your account with Bovada, but it’s a convenient way to transfer funds if you already have an account. Neteller deposits are free, and withdrawals can be made in more than 190 countries. Neteller is easily the best online payment method for funding online casino accounts.

Playtech and Microgaming

Playtech is one of the most popular software providers for online casinos. It’s also one of the most widely used in the Philippines. Microgaming is the largest supplier of games under the Playtech umbrella, and it’s used at almost all Playtech-branded online casinos. The two companies have been working together since 1997, and they’re widely regarded as one of the best gaming developers in the world. You can usually tell which Playtech-powered casino you’re playing at just by looking at the software provider banner on the site. Both Playtech and Microgaming offer a wide selection of casino games. You’ll find plenty of classic slots, games with bonus rounds, and a variety of table games. Some of the best Playtech-powered sites in the Philippines offer great welcome bonuses, high-quality software, and fast withdrawals. Some of the best Playtech-powered sites in the Philippines also offer a host of other useful features, like mobile apps, loyalty programs, and tournament sites.

Find a Responsible Philippine Online Casino for Safe Gaming

There are a number of great online casinos available in the Philippines, including popular foreign sites like Bovada, Mr. Lucky, and Mr. Green. However, most of these sites are operated by foreign companies and aren’t licensed or regulated by PAGCOR. This means that you run the risk of getting raided by the DoJ or PAGCOR agents if you sign up to play these sites. The best way to play safely in the Philippines is to use a local-based casino site. This will allow you to play at a regulated online casino that’s operated by a company locally registered with PAGCOR. This ensures that your money is protected. Local-based sites are also a great option for beginners. Many of these sites only accept deposits in Philippine pesos and don’t offer any way to fund your account with a foreign payment method. This means that you can’t play at these sites if you’re not based in the Philippines.

Final Words

Internet gambling is illegal in the Philippines, and real-life gambling is still heavily restricted. This means that the best way to safely play casino games online is to use a local-based site that’s operated by a licensed, regulated company. You can also use a local payment method like a prepaid card to make it even harder for the government to track your money. This guide will help you to find a safe and reputable site to play casino games in the Philippines.

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