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‍Despite the restrictions on gambling in Sudan, it’s not all bad news. Thanks to some innovative licensing deals and a massive player base, there are no shortage of great online casinos in Sudan. Many of these companies have taken advantage of their local license to offer gamers a wide array of casino games. Other online casinos have found workarounds to the government’s strict licensing rules. Over time, we expect more and more operators in this market will find ways around these restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious about where you play. If you do decide to give an online casino a go from inside Sudan, make sure you use a reliable payment processor that complies with European Anti-Money Laundering regulations such as Swift Code or Ingenico QuickPay. Also check the company is licensed by the local gaming authority and they’re not acting as an intermediary for an unlicensed gambling operation somewhere else in the world.

What is the Legal Situation in Sudan for Online Gambling?

Gambling is not legal in Sudan. Laws that ban online gambling are not specific to the country of Sudan, and they are also blocked in other African countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. While it’s unclear whether Sudan will lift its laws against gambling, it’s certainly possible. The government has previously indicated that it will review its policies as more people enter the digital marketplace. As such, online gambling could be blocked in the future. Another factor to consider is the situation in South Sudan, a separate country but one that shares a border with Sudan. South Sudan is experiencing an ongoing civil war that has often spilled over into Sudan. As trust between the two countries continues to diminish, it’s possible that South Sudan could block access to Sudan.

How to Play at an Online Casino from Sudan

First, you’ll want to learn if any of Sudan’s online casinos are available to you. We’ve already mentioned some of the best operators in the market, but you can also try searching for others. Make sure to use the right keywords to find results from a list of popular casino sites in Sudan. Once you’ve identified a gambling site that’s active in your country, you’ll want to check the casino’s terms and conditions to make sure they’re compliant with local laws. Many casinos have terms and conditions that are adapted from those used in countries that are not subject to licensing restrictions. Beyond that, make sure you’ve got the right payment method and security precautions in place. Many casinos offer mobile apps that are compatible with most mobile operating systems. We recommend using a mobile VPN app to guarantee your privacy while you gamble.

Why are there Restrictions on Sudanese Online Casinos?

Like many other African countries, the government of Sudan has instituted restrictions on online gambling. The government is concerned about gambling addiction in the country, and it does not want people to gamble excessively and lose money. Sudan has also blocked access to a number of other sites that the government doesn’t like. For example, Sudan has blocked access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google searches. A final factor that could explain the restrictions on gambling in Sudan is the ongoing conflict in the country. While this is a remote possibility, it’s worth noting that many other countries in the region have experienced a spike in restrictions on online gambling.

Bovada, Mr. Gamez, and Bodog Now Operate in Sudan

Bovada and Mr. Gamez are among the first offshore casinos to get a local license in Sudan. Both of these operators have been around for a long time, and they were in a position to take advantage of the new policies. There are no reports that either of these operators failed to comply with licensing rules. It’s possible that Bodog and Bovada received a waiver from the government, but that’s not clear yet. Bovada has told customers that they must comply with all local laws while Bodog has not responded to media inquiries. If you’ve signed up to any of these online casinos, it’s worth double-checking the terms and conditions to make sure they comply with local laws. Considering you may need a local address in order to receive the license and play, it’s also worth double-checking the terms and conditions to make sure that you can keep playing at the site once you have a local address.


There is much room for growth in the online gambling market in Sudan. Based on the size of the player base, the high level of interest in mobile gaming, and the potential for growth in international tourism, we believe there is a huge opportunity for both local and offshore operators. However, it will require significant capital investment to build out a strong network of accredited gaming venues. We expect there will be a significant amount of consolidation among operators who want to gain a competitive advantage by investing in this market.

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