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Through this service, businesses and service providers like online casinos can access users’ bank accounts. Players use their online bank accounts to make deposits to online casinos that offer Citadel as a payment option. Citadel banking differs from traditional banking in that it doesn’t call for the use of credit or debit cards.

Up to £300 on the first two deposits.

50% FS and 100% up to £500

The majority of transactions are handled by banks, who use Citadel to perform numerous functions such as depositing cash or making payments to various websites. One of the most common applications of Citadel is money transfer authorization, which handles transactions straight from the user’s bank accounts to the merchants’ bank accounts.

What is Citadel Instant Pay?

There is also a mobile app from the same business. You are able to conduct business with your bank directly and gain access to your funds. When utilizing the service at a casino, you are not required to set up a Citadel account or carry out any other non-transactional actions.

Since its inception in 2000, Citadel has developed into a widely recognized provider of payments. With more than 2000 banks currently connected, it stands out as the most active bank network of any payments provider. Through its thousands of ecommerce sites, customers can access their bank accounts at the point of sale and are linked to their bank accounts.

Simplest way to use the quick payment service is to choose a casino that accepts Citadel from the list and pay. You don’t have to register for an account or keep your wallet stocked. Simply connect your bank information and pay instantly. It’s that easy.

Safety and Security Measures

In conclusion, Citadel is only as secure as the organization you connect it to. This is because when you choose the instant payments option, the system does not store any of your financial information. Additionally, the service encrypts all communications with you to protect your sensitive information from fraud.

Multi-factor authentication questions might be requested of you so that your account ownership can be securely verified. The Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards are also strictly followed by Citadel.

National organizations accredit and oversee the best Citadel casinos. As a result, the operator’s security system encrypts transactions whenever you make deposits or withdrawals to guarantee the security of your money. These are the casinos you can rely on to protect your customers’ data from malicious individuals.

There is simply no better option than Citadel if you’re looking for a payment method that is secure and doesn’t require numerous setup steps. The service acts as a go-between for you and your bank, enabling you to complete quick transactions with little hassle.

The pros and cons of Citadel

The speed of Citadel’s Instant Payments is its main selling point. If you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to wait for your payment to be processed, the service’s goal is to deliver a quick transaction without any delays.

The app’s four-step payment process is also easy to understand for anyone who can use a computer or mobile device. Simply choose “Instant Payment by Citadel” from the drop-down menu at the merchant’s checkout, log in to your bank, and complete your payment; the service serves as a secure conduit between buyer and seller. Additionally, it suggests that you won’t be required to give the relevant vendor any personal financial information, which appeals to customers who value their privacy.

Regarding security, Citadel has a responsibility to adhere to strict safety protocols for all transactions. As part of the KYC and AML regulations, you will also be asked to provide valid identification documents to prove your identity. Since all correspondence between you and Instant Payments by Citadel is encrypted, you are always safe from fraud and data breaches.

Despite the foregoing, you should be aware of a few drawbacks to Citadel’s Instant Payments. Depending on the bank you use, the technique has a cap on initial transfers that increases exponentially with each payment you make. Although it is obvious that this is done for security reasons, some people might find it to be overly restrictive.

Similar to many other payment methods, the lack of any additional services makes it simpler. Although the service does provide the option to convert payments to the merchant’s local currency if necessary, there are no cryptocurrency or exchange options available.

How to use Instant Payments by Citadel in a casino

You must first find a casino if you want to use Citadel’s Instant Payments to deposit money into an online casino. Once you’ve done that, open an account at your preferred casino, log in, and then take the following actions:

  • Choose Instant Payments by Citadel as the payment option at the casino’s cashier.
  • To deposit a certain amount of money, go to your bank and log in.
  • Double-check and approve the payment. Your funds should appear in your casino account immediately.

Withdrawals are frequently possible as well, but they might take a few days to complete. You can do this by using the casino’s cashier once more and repeating the previous steps, but choosing withdrawal rather than deposit.

Citadel Casinos for Real Money

The top Citadel casinos of today offer their services and ensure complete security when a deposit is made. They all accept it, enabling users to freely wager and bet on gaming and betting websites without having to pay any fees. Check out the top casinos that accept Citadel, including Europa Casino, 888 Casino, Betway Casino, Club 777, Betsafe, Casino. Com, Play OJO, and more. These casinos that accept Citadel have a number of advantages that make them stand out in the gambling industry.

They all offer a wide range of gaming options, including everything from a number of slots to table games. They are all compatible with Citadel casino withdrawals, proving their dependability and security. These companies are authorized and have already proven their expertise in the industry. You can find these top-notch casinos online, along with numerous fantastic bonus offers.

A player may also avoid paying a fee or a low rate of commission by placing money on the table when playing at these casinos. There are no hidden fees and every purchase is entirely legal. The website has an intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to navigate and begin playing.


How to Deposit at Citadel Casinos?

One of the most affordable banking options for the gambling industry is Citadel. It stands out for its simplicity and quickness. You are able to send your deposit via electronic transfer to Citadel online casino in a secure and convenient way. Making a deposit with this method of payment is easy.

The player should select Citadel as a payment option after logging into his casino account and visiting the cashier page. Go to the bank account and confirm the transaction there to complete it.

How to Withdraw from Citadel Casinos?

Citadel withdrawal times vary by casino, but they typically last up to three days. Go to your casino account and select Citadel from the list of payment processors on the cashier page to withdraw money.

Advantages of Using Citadel as Deposit Methods

The citadel payment method has a number of advantages. Here are a few of them, shall we?

  1. Fast speed of making payments
  2. No fees
  3. High security and privacy
  4. Instant access to games
  5. No hidden charges
  6. Easy to use

Details About Deposits and Withdrawals

By now, you might be curious about how deposits and withdrawals operate at Citadel casino sites. In the next two parts of our tutorial, we’ll go into this problem in more detail. By the end, you’ll be able to send money between your player account and your bank account quickly and securely.

Moving Money to Your Casino Account

It’s very simple to add money to your casino player account using this payment method. Select Citadel instant payments first from the operator’s list of available service providers. The next step is for you to choose how much money you want to deposit into your account.

Select the account from which you want to withdraw funds after logging into your online bank. If the transaction is approved, Bob will be your uncle! Once you’ve given your approval, the money will be transferred right away into your account. As long as you adhere to the list of instructions below, you can do this at any of the top Citadel casinos on this page.

  • Log in to your selected casino.
  • Click on “deposit” and pick “Citadel” in the drop-down menu.
  • Log in to your online banking portal.
  • Select a bank account and the amount to deposit.
  • Accept the buy.

There are, of course, a ton of other quick and secure payment options available. You’ll need to find an alternative if you don’t have access to online banking. You can contrast Citadel with the list of rival providers we’ve compiled in the table below. A mobile-based system called Zimpler casinos might be a better option for you.

The deposit restrictions, which are typically modest the first few times you use the service, could be a problem when playing with high rollers at Citadel casino sites. Your bank sets the limit, and as your relationship with them becomes more trustworthy, they will increase it.

However, sending money to Citadel online casinos is a quick, secure, and safe method if you’re not trying to send thousands at once. Additionally, there are no fees associated with using the service to deposit funds. This is yet another important advantage for many people.

How to Cash Out Your Winnings

Situations in the world of online gaming are constantly changing. You should be aware that, as of the time of writing, Citadel online casinos do not permit players to withdraw using this payment option. You might be able to use it to cash out your money in the future, but for the time being, you’ll need a different strategy.

There are a few ways you can take your casino winnings out of the establishment. In just a few minutes, we’ll walk you through using two of the most widely used techniques for transferring money out of your online gambling account. Simply click the links to learn more about each strategy. You can choose between a conventional bank transfer and an eWallet like PayPal.

Citadel Casino Bonuses

These casinos offer a wide variety of bonus promotions. Depending on the provider, nation, type of casino, and other factors, they vary. Naturally, the purpose of all of these extras is to entice players and divert their focus from the game’s drawbacks so that they can experience all of its advantages.

Due to the speedy processing of transactions made with this type of banking, casinos that accept Citadel can give their customers immediate access to slots.

Another benefit is that there are no deposit fees, which is very important to players because casino deposits are frequently quite large. In general, having a variety of payment options enhances a casino’s reputation and increases its appeal to patrons from around the world.

When it comes to bonuses, casinos frequently offer free spins, which significantly increases the chance of success. The casinos that work with Citadel are typically not all that different from other casinos with a wide range of bonus deals.

The game would not be nearly as engaging and entertaining without the rewards. Their inclusion affects the volume of deposits players make. The desire to get the most out of a game frequently compels gamblers to follow precisely; this encourages them to take part in competitions frequently.

Citadel Casino Types

Different casinos accept Citadel’s payment methods. The majority of the time, these casinos are operated by young companies that are working to implement the best and safest deposit methods into their operations.

New players have a variety of options at the online casino Citadel, which has a comparatively straightforward website layout. Mobile casinos, live casinos, and new casinos are the casino types that would support this banking.

They are essentially very similar to one another. The basic concept behind how those casinos operate hasn’t changed much over the years, but you should be more aware of regional variations.

Mobile Casinos that Accept Citadel

For quick and easy online banking, mobile casinos accept payments through the Citadel mobile banking system. By using this payment method for such a gaming facility, the fastest transaction speeds are guaranteed. There are several well-known Citadel casino mobile apps available, including Slots Heaven, Yukon Gold Casino, CasinoEuro, Zodiac Casino, and Casino Classic. Citadel bank is the preferred payment method for all of these casinos.

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Live Casinos that Accept Citadel

Alternatives to the Citadel live casino are highly sought-after and well-liked online. There is a casino with live dealers. You can watch professional croupiers from a real-world casino using this service.

The players are currently watching the broadcast and placing wagers while interacting with the dealer via their device. It’s exciting and very practical., Betway Casino, Playzee Casino, Mansion Casino, BGO Casino, and others are just a few of the casinos that accept Citadel payment methods for live casino play. All of them accept e-wallets like Citadel.

New Casinos that Accept Citadel

Time to shine has come. The gambling industry hasn’t been idling. Nevertheless, it continues to expand as more gaming providers and promotions hit the market. With cutting-edge technology, contemporary live casinos like Citadel offer players a wide range of options and bonuses in addition to quick deposit and play times.

Just a few of the most well-known online casinos include Casino Friday, Wilderino, Lilibet Casino, and others. They are all state-of-the-art innovations for 2019 and 2021. The best slot selection can be found from these top providers. You can take advantage of their Citadel casino bonuses and all the benefits of these banking systems when you make a deposit at any one of them. In general, Citadel follows current trends and collaborates with the most cutting-edge casinos.

Can I use this Citadel Instant Banking at online casinos?

Yes, many of the world’s top casinos accept Citadel Instant Banking. In our list of the best 10 citadel banking websites, you’ll find several accepting Citadel Instant Bank.

Will I need to create an online account to use Citadel?

No. As long as you have an account with one of the Citadel supported banks, you are able to use Citadel Instant Banking by selecting the payment option at the cashier and finalizing the transaction with your internet online banking.

Is there any limit to the amount I can transfer with Citadel?

The only limitations are those that the casino has put in place. The majority of casinos let you deposit between £/€/$10 and £/€/$4000 in a single transaction, with monthly withdrawal limits of between £/€/$30,000 and £/€/$50,000.

Do I have to install an app to use Citadel Instant Banking?

No. Although the Citadel has an Instant Banking app, you can confirm transfers using the software from your own bank without using it in order to make transfers or online purchases.

Where can I make a payment with Citadel?

The Citadel card is widely accepted by a variety of e-commerce and online casinos.

Which online casinos accept Citadel Instant Banking?

The following are just a few of the best Citadel casinos: 888 Casino, Betway, Europa Casino,, 777, and PlayOjO.

Will I still get a bonus if I use Citadel to deposit?

Yes. While certain deposit methods, such as Skrill or Neteller, are occasionally prohibited from obtaining casino bonuses, Instant Banking transfers are welcome to any bonus or offer.

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Best Online Casinos that Accept Citadel Payments in 2022

Find the best Citadel casino for you to play at by reading our guide to online casinos that accept Instant Payments by Citadel.

Recommended Casinos

Select one of casinos recommended by Casino Guru. This list contains a mix of casinos recommended for various reasons, including big brands, smaller casinos with great bonuses and customer care, and other carefully selected alternatives. Better options, of course, appear first.

Recommended Casinos

Select one of casinos recommended by Casino Guru. This list contains a mix of casinos recommended for various reasons, including big brands, smaller casinos with great bonuses and customer care, and other carefully selected alternatives. Better options, of course, appear first.

Casino Guru

We want players to understand gambling.
  • Over 60 game providers
  • Lots of restricted countries
  • Outdated website design
  • Big casino popular in Europe
  • Over 60 game providers
  • Lots of restricted countries
  • Outdated website design
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Language options
  • English website
  • English live chat
Matches filters
Language options

The casino website has been translated into English.

Live English chat

According to this casino, live chat is available in English for at least a few hours each business day. This could be a huge help to you when resolving any issues.

  • English website
  • English live chat
Available games Show all
Payment methods (28) Show all (28)
Game providers (137)
  • Good selection of games
  • Only one free withdrawal per month
  • Sometimes long verification upon withdrawal
  • Monthly withdrawal limit depends on the country of registration
  • Good selection of games
  • Only one free withdrawal per month
  • Sometimes long verification upon withdrawal
Matches filters
Language options
  • English website
  • English live chat
Matches filters
Language options

The casino website has been translated into English.

Live English chat

According to this casino, live chat is available in English for at least a few hours each business day. This could be a huge help to you when resolving any issues.

  • English website
  • English live chat
Available games Show all
Payment methods (17) Show all (17)
Game providers (19)

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In the year 2000, Citadel Commerce UK Ltd. introduced Instant Payments by Citadel, a safe method of online payment. Its system is simple to use and doesn’t require any account setup or deposits.

On this page, you can learn how to find the best Citadel casinos, how to use the method to make deposits and withdrawals, as well as details about the Instant Payments by Citadel as a service. Many online casinos permit players to use Citadel on their website.

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Instant Payments by Citadel: a useful intermediary between merchant and bank account

Early on, Citadel Commerce recognized the potential of online payments. They introduced Instant Payments in 2000, around the time PayPal started to gain popularity in the US.

Citadel was successful because of its usability and adaptability, and over the ensuing ten years they decided to extend their service from Vancouver to other countries. They established a presence on the island of Malta in addition to making their London office their headquarters.

Currently, 14 additional countries—mostly European countries like Germany and Sweden, but also the USA and Australia—support their Instant Payments service, giving them access to a sizable consumer base.

In addition to serving individuals, Citadel also provides a simple-to-integrate solution for businesses that enables them to accept immediate online payments and has built-in FX capabilities as well as support for local languages and currencies.

Being a part of the UK Electronic Money Association, which follows stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies in every region where they provide the service, the company appears to be committed to strict security measures.

Today, Instant Payments by Citadel is known as a reliable service and is usable on a huge number of websites.

The pros and cons of Citadel

It should come as no surprise that Instant Payments by Citadel’s main selling point is that it is instant. If you’re in a rush or don’t have the patience to wait around for your payment to process, the service’s quick, hassle-free transaction is ideal for you.

With its four-step payment process, which anyone who can use a computer or mobile device will immediately understand, it is also very easy to use. All you have to do to make the payment is select the “Instant Payment by Citadel” option at the checkout, sign in to your bank from the drop-down menu, and the service will act as a secure middleman between your bank and the merchant. Additionally, it means you are free to avoid disclosing any of your financial information to the seller in question, which will appeal to users who are concerned about security.

Regarding safety, Citadel is required to adhere to stringent security protocols for all payments. You’ll need to respond to your bank’s multi-factor authentication questions in addition to the KYC and AML policies mentioned earlier to demonstrate that you are the account owner. Citadel also uses advanced anti-fraud software to prevent a breach of privacy. All communication between you and Instant Payments by Citadel is encrypted to protect you from fraud.

The service can make the claim that it is a tried-and-true payment method that is accepted by many websites and is used by some of the biggest merchants in the world.

Despite the foregoing, there are a few drawbacks to Instant Payments by Citadel that should be noted. The method imposes a limit on initial transfers, the amount of which varies depending on the bank you use and rises exponentially with each payment. From a security standpoint, this is simple to understand, but some users might find it overly constraining.

Additionally, unlike many other payment methods, this one is straightforward and doesn’t offer any extra features. Although the service does convert the payment to the merchant’s local currency if necessary, there are no cryptocurrency or exchange options available.

How to use Instant Payments by Citadel in a casino

You must first locate a suitable casino if you want to use Instant Payments by Citadel to make an online casino deposit. Once you’ve done that, create an account with the casino and log in. Then, proceed as follows:

  • Go the casino’s cashier and choose Instant Payments by Citadel as the payment option• Log in to your bank and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Log in to your bank and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Double-check and approve the payment — your funds should appear in your casino account immediately

Citadel withdrawals are typically also possible, but processing time for these requests may extend to a few days. You can accomplish this by visiting the casino’s cashier once more, following the same steps as before, but selecting the withdrawal option this time.

Finding the best Citadel casino

The main goal of this page is to help you find a secure Citadel casino where you can play. The Casino Guru team has gathered reviews and ratings that you can use, along with our filtering system, to assist you in making the best decision.

Starting with the filters, the ‘ Recommended ‘ tab is the first option at the top of the page. When this is selected, you’ll see a list of the very best Citadel casinos on our database, according to our team. These will be the most reliable sites you can play on that accept Citadel as a payment method.

The most recent Citadel-friendly websites that have been added to our database are listed under the “Newly opened” tab, while clicking “All” will display the complete list.

If you’d like to know the rigorous system that we use to review and rate the casinos, then check out our how we review online casinos article for more information.

Bonuses offered by Citadel casinos

You can also use Casino Guru to find bonuses offered by Citadel casinos , including no deposit and welcome bonuses.

Our list of casino bonuses is the place to start. There, you can get the full list of bonuses offered by Citadel casinos by choosing the ‘ Instant Payments by Citadel ‘ option in the payment method filter. Then, to find a specific bonus type, go to the ‘Bonus Type’ section and tick the relevant box — for no deposit bonuses, hit the ‘No Deposit Bonus’ box. Alternatively, you can head to our list of no deposit bonuses and choose ‘Instant Payments by Citadel’ there.

We constantly check the casino sites on our system so that you always have access to the most recent options.