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#1 Rated Cuba Casino

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  3. Great selection of Bingo, Keno and Lotto games
  4. Many ‘Instant Win’ games including Virtual Sports and Dice

#2 Rated Cuba Casino

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Are Online Casinos Legal in Cuba?

Cubans can play at any of the casinos listed here in total safety and security. You can deposit and withdraw at each of the businesses we’ve listed among the top 10 online casinos in Cuba. Some might fall under the purview of a body like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). We never share links to any risky casinos in Cuba.

Biggest Casino Jackpots

Looking for the casino games with the biggest jackpots in Cuba? Find out which games you have the best chance of winning.

Cuba Free Chips Bonus

How would you like a Cuba free casino bonus? We have listed the best casinos for free spins, free bonuses, and free chips available for you in Cuba!

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One of the top casino and game review portal websites is Our team, which was established in 2014, is renowned for producing unbiased reviews of available online casinos for Cuban players. We are thorough in our evaluations of Cuban online casinos.

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Online casinos accepting players from Cuba

We first think of Las Vegas, Macau, and Reno when we consider the best gambling. These are the top three gambling locations on earth, with several European gambling capitals like Monaco coming in second.

But did you know that Cuba was once thought of as the Caribbean’s Las Vegas—the center of gambling? This nation experienced a gambling golden age in the 1940s and 1950s, especially in Havana, the nation’s capital. People could gamble in more than 50 smaller gambling establishments in addition to about a dozen large, opulent casinos. There were cockfighting rings, gentlemen’s clubs, and racetracks all over the place, open to both citizens and visitors.

Cuba was the nation.

. where the legalization of gambling at the time resulted in the issuance of proper casino licenses to business owners willing to invest in tourism by developing hotel resorts with casinos. As a result, Havana became a popular destination for tourists, particularly those from the US who wanted to visit far-off lands and have fun gambling.

However, when Fidel Castro…

. came to power, everything was drastically altered. Gangsters like Meyer Lansky and the American mafia were connected to the casinos in Cuba because the nation was so corrupt. They were the ones who brought the high rollers from Reno and Las Vegas, who were well-represented in the already tainted high society of the time just before the revolution. The locals were more interested in cockfighting and jai alai.


When Fulgencio Batista was overthrown in 1959 by Castro, gambling was outlawed in all its forms. The Ley 86 of 1959 put the ban into effect. This reform of the society involved the demolition of casinos along with slot machines. However, it also included fines and jail time for anyone running or organizing illegal gambling, as well as anyone who participated in it.

Even though experts say…

It has been fruitless to date to bring gambling back to Cuba. Although there were some attempts to reopen casinos in the nation in 2014, nothing has changed since the nation’s diplomatic ties with the US were restored in 2015. Although it seems like a long shot, the presence of American tourists, who are once again free to travel to the country and enjoy all of its beauties, the sunny days, exotic nights (and casinos), would greatly help the country restore its economy.


The casinos would need to be.

. be rebuilt, foreign investors would have to invest heavily in the casino industry to rebuild it, but it would still give Cuba no chance to compete globally with the major gambling centers of today, namely the ones mentioned above. Rebuilding the gambling sector locally would be very significant for the nation, given its cash-strapped populace.

Cuba Casinos Online

Cuba was a very well-liked gambling destination for a very long time. People from all over the world were drawn to the vibrant nation with its abundance of casinos. Since Fidel Castro took office and outlawed all gambling, everything has changed. Since then, not much has changed, and it’s challenging to find a Cuban online casino because it’s illegal to gamble online in Cuba. Nevertheless, some of the best online casinos for Cuban players still accept their bets despite the nation’s efforts to outlaw gambling. We are here to help you find the best place to play in the online casino Cuba for real money.

You can find a list of the top online casinos that have been thoroughly reviewed by the SlotsUp team and are completely secure to use below. Along with the top online casino in Cuba, you’ll also receive some helpful gambling-related information and a few fun, no-risk games to play before placing real money bets.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Cuba

Online Casino Sites in Cuba

Cuba is undoubtedly not the best location for gamblers as there aren’t many Cuban online casinos, and playing there isn’t entirely secure. But as we all know, playing online casino games from a Cuban casino is not insurmountable. Despite the country’s gambling ban, there are some overseas online casinos that accept bets from players from Cuba.

We looked at a few of them and compiled a list of the best online casinos in Cuba where you can play slots or any other game you like. Only trustworthy and safe online casinos that accept players from Cuba are included in the list; in addition, every casino on this page that accepts players from Cuba has a license from an international gambling authority attesting to the fairness of the games and the prompt payment of winnings. The top 10 Cuban online casinos on the SlotsUp list prioritize safety above all else. Along with fair games and prompt payouts, the top Cuban online casinos also provide the following services:

  1. The widest choice of online casino games in Cuba. It’s cool to have all the favorite games in one place so we are carefully selecting the internet casinos in Cuba with a lot of gambling games in them. In the top rated online casinos Cuba from our list, you will find all possible kinds of slots from the classic to the most sophisticated ones, several card games, scratch cards, roulettes, and so on. There are both the games made by the famous online casino games providers like IGT or Microgaming and the less popular products perfect for the experienced gamblers in search for something new.
  2. The customizable website. Now you can adjust the settings of every Cuban casino online from this page according to your own preferences. The players can choose among several interface languages (which are usually English, Spanish, German, Swedish, and some other), several currencies and several banking options so that you can make the deposits and withdraw money just the way you like. Thus, you can play the CUP online casino translated to English and deposit the money with the help of PayPal, for example. Or choose the American dollar as your depositing currency and put the money on your Cuba best online casino account with the help of your credit or debit card. Now you don’t need to adapt to the Cuba casino online as it’s the online casino in Cuba that is adapting to you.
  3. The friendly customer support. The top 10 online casinos in Cuba from the SlotsUp list are distinguished by the responsive customer support that is always ready to answer your gambling-related questions. You can ask them how to create your account in the best online casino for Cubans, what is the most convenient way to make a deposit, how to withdraw the winnings from the best paying online casino in Cuba or anything else you may have issues with.
  4. The lucrative casino bonuses. The last but not least advantage of the SlotsUp casinos list is that every best Cuban casino online from this page has several amazing offers up in the sleeve. Once you create the account and make your first deposit, you will be awarded the 100% deposit match (the welcome bonus) that you can spend to play online casino Cuba for free. Some of the new Cuba online casinos are also giving away free spins and small no-deposit bonuses to try the just-released games or the industry’s all-time favorites.

The All Slots casino, Casino Extreme, OmniSlots casino, and many others are among the online casinos accessible in Cuba. Some of them also operate their own mobile casinos in Cuba that are compatible with all models of iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can play the Cuban free slots on SlotsUp without downloading, registering, or making a deposit before playing the games for real money. To play for fun, simply click the “Play Free” button. To play for real money, click the “Play for Real Money” button, and we’ll take you to the top online casino in Cuba where you can place real bets and cash out real winnings.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Cuba

The laws governing online gambling in Cuba and the related legal issues are the focus of this section. There are many questions about online gambling in Cuba being asked on various forums, so we chose the most frequently asked ones and provided quick answers so you could learn everything about the online gambling laws in Cuba in a single minute. These are them:

Is gambling legal in Cuba?

Gambling is prohibited by very strict legal regulations in Cuba. As of right now, there are no licensed land-based casinos operating within the borders of Cuba because the nation forbids gambling of any kind.

Is online gambling allowed in Cuba?

All forms of gambling, including online gambling, are subject to Cuba’s strict online gambling laws. It is illegal to operate online casinos in Cuba, and there is no way to obtain a gambling license there. Operators of illegal online casinos in Cuba could be charged with serious crimes and sentenced to prison. However, the fact that online gambling is illegal in Cuba does not preclude the existence of secure online gambling there.

There are still some trustworthy online casinos for Cuban players outside of the country, primarily in Europe and Asia, in spite of all the bans issued by the Cuban online gambling authority. It is illegal to play at international online casinos in Cuba, but since players are rarely charged, it can be said that playing at CUP casinos is safe as long as you only do it at reputable sites outside of the country.

What is the online gambling age in Cuba?

The legal online gambling age is not specified by Cuban law because there are no licensed online casinos there. However, the minimum age to gamble at the majority of the best websites outside of Cuba is either 18 or 21, depending on the nation.

Overall, although it is illegal to play at real money online casinos in Cuba, you can still do so if you find an international casino that accepts bets from Cuban players. The best way to choose a secure online casino to play at in Cuba is to choose from the list of Cuban-friendly casinos on SlotsUp.

History of Gambling in Cuba

The gambling industry in Cuba has one of the most interesting histories in the world, having experienced everything from the heyday of the CUP casinos to the outright prohibition of all forms of gambling. However, let’s not jump ahead and quickly review each phase of Cuba’s gambling history.

The Cuban population enjoyed playing gambling games for a long time prior to the revolution. The cockfighting was the most well-liked activity, drawing thousands of spectators and participants. Cubans were betting on horse races, card games, dice, and other gambling games in addition to the cockfights. These “street” gambling activities were primarily played by the local populace and were not officially regulated.

In the 1920s, the nation welcomed land-based casinos and American influence. The opulent brick-and-mortar casinos, which were typically found in hotels and were unlike the more straightforward gambling activities, were only open to Americans and other foreigners due to the high minimum bets and the formal dress code. The problem is that these casinos were not formally regulated either, and the majority of them were only established as a result of the blatant corruption that existed at that time in the Cuban government. Despite not being legal, land-based casinos were still accessible to gamblers, just like the modern online casinos that accept players from Cuba.

When the Cuban revolution occurred in 1959, the situation underwent a significant change. All forms of gambling were outlawed in Cuba after Fidel Castro took power there. Since that time, it is unlawful to run a land-based or online casino, and there are no online casinos based in Cuba. Following Fidel Castro’s passing in 2016, relations between Cuba and the United States improved, increasing the likelihood that gambling will once again be legalized there. There is a chance that the top online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos will one day accept Cuban players thanks to the country’s current president, Raul Castro. As of right now, Cubans can only gamble online at the best casinos available to them outside of the island nation.

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Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Cuba

The Cuban online gambling market is currently one of the most regulated in the world. There aren’t any physical casinos in Cuba, and playing at Cuban online casino sites isn’t either. Fortunately, players can still access the top online casinos for Cuban players. Even though it’s illegal to place real money bets in the new online casinos accepting players from Cuba, gamblers are typically not prosecuted, and you won’t attract much attention if you place moderate bets and aren’t a high roller.

The most recent data indicates that Cuba still has a chance to legalize land-based and online casinos in 2017 and establish a regulated gambling market. Raul Castro can take action to promote tourism and the legalization of casinos as part of his efforts to strengthen Cuba’s ties with the United States. Gambling, both online and off, can contribute significantly to Cuba’s budget and won’t hurt, particularly at this time when the recession is in full swing.

However, such significant changes cannot occur over night, and as a result, the top 10 online casinos in Cuba are still those from other countries. It would be best to start playing at the offshore casinos on our list now rather than wasting time waiting for Cuba to legalize online gambling.

On this page, you can choose the online casino CUP from the list of SlotsUp casinos, read expert and enthusiast-written online casino reviews about Cuba, and take advantage of the top casino promotions that we regularly promote on SlotsUp. We still have you covered if you prefer mobile gambling and want to play mobile slots in Cuba. You can choose the best mobile casino in Cuba and play your preferred casino games wherever you are by opening this page on your mobile device, and we’ll show you a list of the casinos that are compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Cuba Casino FAQ

Are There Legal Online Gambling Sites in Cuba? Unfortunately, all gambling activities are subject to strict regulations in Cuba. All forms of gambling, including websites and online games of chance, are prohibited in Cuba, though there are some ways to play it safe when doing so. However, since Cuban gamblers are rarely prosecuted, you have every opportunity to enjoy your preferred casino games at reputable offshore websites that accept players from Cuba. On our website, we’ve compiled the best that the Cuban gambling market has to offer. Is Cuba a Legal Sports Betting Market? Online sports betting is not an exception to Cuba’s ban on gambling of any kind. Before Fidel Castro came into power and outlawed gambling entirely, the gambling laws weren’t strict. You can bet and gamble from Cuba, preferably using a proxy server and anonymous payment methods, as reliable foreign sports books continue to accept Cuban players. By the way, choosing a trustworthy bookmaker from our directory of elite Cuban bookmakers and casinos is a piece of cake! Is It Safe for Cuban Players to Play Online Poker? Although it is generally safe to gamble from Cuba, it is difficult to become completely impenetrable unless you change your IP address and use anonymous payment gateways, which we highly advise you to do. Security and safety in Cuba are paramount due to the country’s one of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the world. We advise choosing a trustworthy and genuinely secure Cuban casino as your first choice from the many carefully vetted options our team of experts has provided. After making your decision, access the casino using a VPN server and top off your account balance using a secure deposit gateway. Online casinos in Cuba: Do They Provide Bonuses? Even in casinos that accept bets from Cuban players, bonuses for deposits made in Cuban pesos never appear. At the same time, all players from Cuba can benefit from any of the countless bonuses offered to players from other countries, including no-deposit bonuses, free spins, match bonuses, loyalty points, high-roller bonuses, promotions for popular slots and games, referral programs, prizes for top casino players and tournament winners, cashback, etc. Be prepared to meet wagering requirements in order to access casino bonuses (unfortunately, very few bonuses are given out free of charge). What Deposit Methods Are Available to Me? You should avoid using traceable payment methods because they are unsafe while online gambling is still illegal in Cuba. An excellent option would be a cryptocurrency, a mobile payment app that hides your real phone number, or an anonymous electronic wallet. A prepaid card or voucher could also work. Never forget that when making a deposit to an online casino from Cuba, security is king.