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The Czech Lotto is a lottery game that has been played in the Czech Republic since 1986. It was originally called Kvíz, but now it is more commonly known as the Czech Lotto. The maximum jackpot for this lottery is 1 million CZK (about 33 thousand USD).

If you are interested in playing the online version of the Czech Lotto, then simply go to and select “Czech lotto”. There will be an entry form where you can choose which numbers you would like to play with. You’ll also have to fill out your contact information so they know how to reach you if any prizes are won! is one of the more reliable online lotto websites that offer a wide variety of national lotteries to choose from, including the Czech Lotto!

Czech Lotto is the most popular game in the Czech Republic. It was first introduced to citizens of this country back in 1994, but since then it has gained incredible popularity, and now people not only play it online or by phone, but also on special lottery terminals that are installed at almost every post office across the entire country. The result of all these efforts is a very high number of players – more than 100 thousand individuals place bets each week! And even though there seems to be no way one can win without luck playing just once, some lucky persons manage to do exactly that!

It is also possible to play by text messages sent to landlines registered with certain companies who run services related to Czech Lotto games, although this method does not allow players access any information about previous draws results before deciding as to whether or not to play each specific draw/game round.

The next draw in Czech Lotto is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 26th.

The lottery administrators stress that the jackpot draw is not a traditional lotto format and players should understand this before deciding to play or not.

To buy tickets for Czech Lotto online, it’s necessary to have an account with one of the companies running services related to games issued by Česká spořitelna. The minimum amount needed in a player’s account must be between 50 Kč and 5000 Kč, depending on which company he/she has chosen as being their main provider for this type of service. It’s also possible to set up automatic payments from any bank account using electronic transfers so information about payment amounts will be available immediately after purchase is made.

The minimum amount needed to play Czech Lotto and win the jackpot is 1000 Kč, while it’s 100 Kč for a regular draw ticket where players choose five numbers from among those presented as well as an additional number between 0 and 99 which represents “the lucky number”.

It should also be noted that there are several prize categories available in every specific lottery round/draw with their respective minimum payouts: first category (CZK 200 000), second category (CZK 50 000), and third category (CZK 2000). There can only be one winner per each of these three individual prizes but if two or more people manage to match all six numbers then they will share the first category prize.

The lottery administrators are Česká spořitelna, a banking company that also runs other types of games including scratch cards and sports lotteries as well as special promotional draws with prizes being given out free of charge to players who have used their services within the last three months before the date when winning information is made public.

Czech Lotto can be accessed online at where all details about specific rounds/draws will become available for registered users to view in real-time. With this system, it’s possible to play your chosen numbers right after they are generated by lottery officials which makes every draw much faster than its paper counterpart.

There are no geographical limits on playing Czech Lotto, which means that players can access the game through their mobile devices or computers from any location of their choice.

To conclude it should be said that Czech Lotto has managed to become extremely popular among players in just a few years since its launch, with thousands of people choosing this type of lottery every week due to the fast results/rounds and many prizes available for those willing to play more than once per draw.

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