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With about 200 casinos nationwide, France is one of the top 10 nations with the most casinos. Online gambling is still fairly new and heavily regulated in France, though. Here are a few things you should be aware of if you want to gamble online in France because not all forms of online gambling are permitted while you are there!

Can I gamble online in France?

If you’re 18 years of age or older, you can gamble legally in France’s more than 200 land-based casinos on the majority of games like poker, slots, sports betting, and horse racing (as of 2022).

The situation with online gambling in France is completely different.

Since only 2010 has it been legal in France, where online gambling is still in its infancy. It is, however, strictly controlled. The Justice Ministry in France forbids any online casino games of chance, including spread betting and betting exchange, in an effort to prevent gambling from developing into an addiction.

What types of online gambling can you play online in France?

Only three types of online gambling are allowed, and they must be operated by companies with licenses:

  1. Online horse race betting
  2. Online sports betting
  3. Online Poker. (Although poker is a classic casino game, it’s legal to play online because it’s a skill-based game where players can change their strategy for different situations.)

The French have a long history with gambling.

  1. In the 1500s, the French were the first to add the Queen to the deck of cards.
  2. In the 17th century, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel, which later led to the introduction of the popular game of roulette.
  3. The game 21, “vingt-et-un,” may have originated in French casinos around 1700 A.D. and migrated to the United States around the 1800s.
  4. Blackjack might have originated from a French card game called “chemin de fer,” which translates to “railroad.”
  5. In 1997, the gambling age was lowered from 21 to 18.
  6. In 1988, slot machines became legal after previously being banned.

Many players in France have been left feeling frustrated because they are unable to access their online gambling and poker accounts because French law prohibits unlicensed online bookmakers and poker rooms as well as any other type of online casino game besides poker.

Additionally, players must pay taxes on their winnings from online gambling, ranging from 19% to 34%.

Some athletes have discovered ways to get around the law:

  1. Using a foreign postal address
  2. Hiding their IP address
  3. Using third parties to make deposits for them
  4. Changing their IP address- a tactic that some British vacationers and expats who want to access their UK or foreign gambling accounts while visiting France.

What happens if a player tries to bet on an unlicensed site?

One of the following things could occur if you attempt to access an unlicensed website while in France:

  1. You can’t access the site.
  2. A message may pop up stating that you can’t join this particular site.
  3. You’ll get redirected to the French equivalent, if available.
  4. You may be able to register if you use a UK address. Most UK bookies will ignore your location, although most operators take steps to identify your location once you have registered.

How can an operator verify my location?

These three details could be used by an unlicensed bookmaker to locate you after you sign up with them.

  1. Your IP address
  2. Your registered home address.
  3. The address registered on your credit card

Additionally, you’ll get an email requesting documentation of your UK residency. If you are unable to provide proof of address, some operators may suspend your account, while others might give you a grace period of up to two weeks. You’ll be questioned about your French IP address.

Is it possible to disguise your location?

By changing your IP address and using a VPN to hide your PC’s location, you can avoid the IP address check. In order to avoid disclosing information about their French bank accounts, some players have also found a way to obtain a postal address in the UK and use a variety of secure payment methods, including pre-payment options.

Despite the restrictions placed on the online gambling industry in France, it still manages to show signs of modest growth.

Best Online Casinos in France in 2022

Voi-là! You have found the best France casinos online. All forms of gambling have a long and interesting history in France, but the country has also jumped into the twenty-first century with a fantastic selection of French online casinos. Your guide through a vibrant world filled with resources, intrigue, and, of course, our top-rated online casinos for France is one of our VegasSlotsOnline experts.

France, where roulette originated, has long been home to some of the most prestigious land-based casinos in the world. Since France recently legalized online gambling, any foreign operator wishing to enter the new market must first obtain a license. The internet is unquestionably a safer and luckier place to be for modern betting, though it hasn’t always translated into exceptional choice for French gamblers.

Join a Top Online Casino in France Today

The best online casinos in Europe and the world have easy access for French citizens to all the top games and promotions. While table games that require skill, like poker and blackjack, are always popular, slot machine fans can enjoy spinning the reels with a fantastic bonus online, just like the rest of us. You won’t be prevented from having an exhilarating gaming experience by any rules or fine print. You have the luxury of choice, so select a great bonus offer and start the dice or gaming machines!

Take a look at our expert list of the best online casinos accepting players from France:

Top Real Money Gaming Sites in France 2022

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France Online Casino Guide – Get the Best Online Experience

You can soon begin playing now that you’ve seen our list of the best online casinos in France. Check out our overview of French online gambling first, though! For personalized tips on maximizing your experience at French online casinos, keep reading.

Popular Casino Games for Online Casinos in France

Online casinos in France offer players a wider variety of games to enjoy than any traditional casino does.

Slot machines: Although relatively new to the French populace, players will find hundreds of slot machines to play at websites with license. The majority of well-known slot developers are legally allowed to operate online in France. All casinos extensions allow you to play in euros and offer both English and French.

Roulette: The term “little wheel” or “roulette” is French in origin. In the 18th century, the game was introduced to the US, where it quickly gained popularity. The majority of the reputable online casinos we recommend on this page offer European Roulette. American Roulette is also offered for real money on French gambling websites.

French Roulette: A thrilling variation of European roulette, French Roulette offers a second insurance bet. If a zero (0) appears, the “la partage” rule returns half of the player’s even-money wager. By doing so, the house advantage in French Roulette is lowered to just 1.7%.

Online poker: Prior to France’s decision to divide its market, online poker was incredibly popular. France barred foreign poker players, joining Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Online French poker players were limited to poker sites extensions. The websites are only accessible to French players. However, there were initiatives to pool players with Spain in 2018.


Live poker: Although live poker has suffered recently, there has always been poker in France. From 1908 until its closure and license revocation in 2015, the Aviation Club de France (ACF) was in operation. France has hosted live tournaments for prestigious tours like the World Poker Tour (WPT) and European Poker Tour (EPT). The Partouche Poker Tour is a well-known championship that is exclusive to the Partouche casino chain.

Over the years, France has given birth to some of the best poker players in the world. On the live circuit, millions have been won by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Antoine Saout, and Fabrice Soulier. Additionally, France boasts two or three significant online poker rooms that are well-known both domestically and abroad.

Best Deposit Methods for French Gamblers

When playing online, French players have a small but secure selection of deposit options. In general, deposits in euros (€) are accepted, and there may be minimal fees. The processing of deposits can take a few minutes to two or three days.

Money Transfer

For French players, a direct bank transfer may be a good deposit option. Use your internet banking website or app to send money directly to your player account at French online casinos.


A safe French e-wallet called HiPay is accessible in France and all of Europe. You can send money using your French bank account and there are typically no fees associated with the deposit method.


PayPal is a leading e-wallet provider that allows you to transfer cash easily online. With a single anonymous virtual wallet, French casino players can fund their gambling with multiple credit cards and bank accounts, or other e-wallets.

Gambling Laws in France

It’s amazing that the French government has outlawed some forms of gambling over the years in a nation with such a long history of gambling. France is home to some of the oldest casinos in the world, and the country’s influence on the creation of some of the most well-known games played today cannot be overstated.

The Queen was first introduced as a face card in the deck, replacing the Nobleman, in the early 1500s. The modern standard 52-card deck was first introduced in France. The roulette wheel, which paved the way for the creation of the enduring game we love, was created in the 17th century by a French mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal. Even pari-mutuel (“mutual”) betting as a concept has its roots in France, where it is thought to have been introduced for the first time around 1870.

Around the nation, there are roughly 500 casinos, racetracks for horses, and “racinos” (a combination of a racetrack and a casino). French authorities’ reluctance to fully embrace the online world may be partially explained by the size and longevity of the country’s land-based casino industry. The recent closure of some of France’s most prestigious poker rooms, however, raises concerns about the continued viability of so many actual casinos in the age of digital technology.

The French gaming industry was dominated until recently by two state-owned gambling companies. Horse racing is handled by the PMU, while lotteries and betting games are handled by the FDJ. The only significant legal changes over the previous 20 to 30 years were the lowering of the gambling age from 21 to 18 in 1987 and the legalization of land-based slot machines in 1988, which had previously been prohibited for unknown reasons.

Revolution Towards Online Gambling in France

That is, until the popularity of online casinos finally spread to France. Despite playing a significant role in the EU, the nation has lagged behind in online gaming in recent years. You may be curious as to how the nation that popularized the 52-card deck and the roulette wheel came to the point where some online games are illegal. But a number of factors are at work, and it’s important to remember that the nation has a significant legacy of brick-and-mortar casinos to uphold.

With the 2010 revolution, French laws underwent a permanent transformation. The French Gambling Act was enacted in France after the EU applied pressure for several years. The state’s monopoly over casinos was broken by the new regulations, which also permitted online gambling. Additionally, it paved the way for the creation of ARJEL, the organization responsible for overseeing online gaming.

When operating an online casino in France, operators had to submit an application for a license. The same rules applied when opening an online poker room or a real money sportsbook. For players, this was a crucial piece of legislation because it allowed other EU gaming operators access to the French market. For licenses to offer online poker, horse racing betting, and sports betting to French players, 35 companies applied.

Unfortunately, at this point, the government decided to ban table games, slots, and casino games. Politicians in France considered them to be “too addictive,” so it seems a little contradictory that they are still permitted at brick-and-mortar casinos. However, the modification was a step in the right direction for French players, who now have much better options for poker and sports betting at websites that hold French licenses.

France now has one of the strictest online legal systems in Europe, along with Sweden and Denmark. For other emerging gambling markets, France’s legal treatment of online casinos serves as a good model.

French legislators are still under pressure from the EU to align their policies with European law.

Understanding Tax in French Gaming

This strategy’s one weakness revolves around how the French government views regulation and taxation. Due to unaffordable operating costs, 15 of the 35 original operators with newly obtained licenses have decided to cease operations in the country as a result of the high tax rate.

The Regulatory Authority for Online Games, or ARJEL, was established in response to the French Gambling Act of 2010. It grants online operators licenses and facilitates:

  1. Protect players and vulnerable gamblers
  2. Ensure the safety of games
  3. Fight illegal gambling websites
  4. Fight money laundering and corrupt sites

Any website using domain in France had to reapply for domain when ARJEL was established. Infraction sites were subject to a daily fine of €10,000.

P MU: The primary organization in France that manages horse racing wagers is Pari-mutuel Urbain (PMU). There are PMU outlets all over the country. It was the first authorized online betting company in France.

When the Gambling Act was put into effect, it had extremely high tax rates for sports betting and poker. Any poker pot is subject to an additional 2% tax rake on top of the regular rake that the poker site takes. To put that into perspective, the total rake paid by French players is 7.5% or higher as opposed to the 4% to 5% industry standard.

The Gambling Act also forbids the sharing of player pools across international borders, which only makes the situation worse. In other words, French players are not allowed to play against players from other countries or to participate in international tournaments or pots. With such a small player pool, many licensed sites have noted that it is challenging to keep games running.

The same high tax rate is also applicable to sports betting, which is subject to an 8.5% surcharge on each wager made. When you take into account the fact that you can wager in a French online casino and withdraw your winnings without paying any tax, you can see the significant impact this has on the gambler’s overall profits.

Operators of betting sites must also pay 33% corporation tax on top of these high taxes, which is why so many sites have shut down.

One of the most well-known drawbacks of gambling legislation is that customers are typically responsible for paying higher taxes. And that’s where French players are welcome at foreign online casinos, who can save the day for you, the player. By choosing an online casino with a foreign license, you can avoid unnecessary deductions from your gambling funds and take advantage of the best bonuses available while still being picky about the casino’s features. The online market is a fierce competitor for players’ business and an innovator. You can have confidence that when you gamble at one of the online casinos that the knowledgeable staff at VegasSlotsOnline recommends, you’ll never miss out on a heady dose of excitement.

And it’s a win-win situation because you’ll find a wider and more varied selection of casino experiences as French mentality shifts more toward online gambling in France.

Start Playing at the Best Online Casinos in France

Joining an online casino in France has never been simpler. There are many different online casino sites for players to choose from in France. The legal framework for online gambling in the nation has improved, but operators must still abide by strict guidelines. Because there are both licensed sites operating from France and licensed sites operating from other countries, the regulation has little impact on the options available to French gamblers. Similar online gambling options are available to Irish players in Ireland, where both domestically and internationally licensed casinos are open to them.


With this in mind, playing at French online casinos is simple, and doing so is enjoyable. Why are you holding out? Start your new France online casinos journey right away!

French Gambling at a Glance

67 million people live there.

The legal age to gamble is 18.

Casinos on-site: Yes

Poker, horse racing, sports betting, and roulette are all common games.

Quick History of Gambling in France

One of the earliest roulette wheels is created in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal.

Pari-mutuel wagering is permitted on some horse races as of 1870.

1908 – Aviation Club de France casino opens on the Champs-Élysées.

Off-track pari-mutuel betting becomes legal in 1930. PMU is developed.

1973 – Partouche chain of casinos opens.

1987 – The legal gambling age is reduced from 21 to 18.

1988 – Slot machines are legalized in France.

1997 – PMU starts to accept bets on overseas races.

2009 – In response to pressure from the EU, the French government adopts the French Gambling Act and establishes ARJEL to manage and grant new licenses.

2010 – PMU launches online sports betting site, the first to operate under a new license in France.

France Online Casinos FAQs

Online gambling is, in fact, entirely legal in France. You are not breaking the law if you gamble at a local, regulated casino site or play at an offshore online casino. The culture of online gambling in France is generally permissive, with the exception of high domestic service taxes.

We’ve put together a list of the top French online casino sites for you, so come take a look at them. Our experts are adept and knowledgeable at figuring out what makes players tick. The casinos we recommend are secure, trustworthy, fun to explore, and totally committed to their players and services. Using this knowledge, we can cut through the noise in the market and identify the gems in the rough.

Poker and roulette are the two most widely played casino games in France. These table games are very varied and will never get old for you or the French! Slots, a relatively recent trend in the country but consistently ranking as one of the most popular gambling options, are closely followed by them.

In France, 18 years of age is the minimum age to gamble. Previously, the legal drinking age was 21, making it impossible for anyone underage to enter a casino. The legal minimum is always 18 for French online casinos and other foreign-based establishments. To prevent underage gambling, online casinos in France and elsewhere have reliable methods for confirming their users’ ages.

The French capital city currently has 8 brick-and-mortar casinos, and they are all as opulent as you might expect. In Paris, poker rooms are an elegant affair, a phenomenon reserved for affluent member groups and magnificent settings. International poker tournaments are held at the renowned Aviation Club de France, and other casinos feature all the glitz and glamour of the City of Light.

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France Casinos Online

Even though France’s government regulates online gambling, the regulations are less stringent than those of many other European nations, allowing players to partake in some casino games while some gambling activities remain illegal.

We created this page with all the information you need to find the best online casino in France and place your bets for those who want to learn more about French gambling and begin playing in a French online casino. Here you will find a list of the top online casinos accepting players from France, details on the country’s e-gambling laws, background information on French online casinos, and our most useful advice for playing profitably at any French online casino.

Best Online Casinos accepting players from France

Online Casino Sites in France

The only thing left to do is find the best EUR online casino that will be safe and up-to-date with the required set of games and services, despite the fact that some gambling games are not permitted to be played in French internet casinos. French players still have access to the majority of international gambling venues. You might need to search through dozens of Google pages looking for reviews from other players and experts in order to find the best French casino online. Fortunately, our diligent team has already conducted thorough research on all France online casinos to provide you with the full list of online casinos sorted according to your location. Here you can find the top casinos in the gambling sector, like Spin Palace and 888, as well as less well-known ones, like Paris and Unique (among many others).

We took into account a number of important factors when compiling the list of the top France online casinos to guarantee that each entry is endorsed and trustworthy. If you choose to search for an online casino in France on your own, be sure to look for the following characteristics so that you can play your games only at the best French online casinos.

Licensing details. Any reputable France online casino should have a license from a specialized agency that has verified that all the games are honest (and random when it comes to France online slots) and that the casino is secure. The licensing information is typically mentioned in a small font somewhere in the Terms and Conditions or footer of the casino’s website. Check it out before placing your bets at any French-language online casino, or just choose a site from our list of only the best French-language online casinos.

Game collection. We are looking for a selection of vibrant and entertaining casino games in the French online casinos that will satiate our desire to play blackjack online for real money or spin the slots. But look into the companies that created the games as well, in addition to the game plots and betting options. Make sure this casino is trustworthy if you see well-known brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. These developers only permit their games to be played at the top French online casinos, never risking their good name.

Customer service. Unsure of how to make your first deposit at one of the online casinos that accept players from France? Having trouble getting your winnings out? Having trouble deciding on a payment method to use in a French online casino? When this happens, the casino’s customer support team will assist you. Any top-rated online casino in France should offer responsive customer service to assist with any problems that may arise while playing at an online casino there.

Casino offers. If you look at the top 10 France online casinos from the SlotsUp list, you will see they are all united by the set of casino bonuses aimed at attracting new customers and giving them special offers that make the gaming process more lucrative and entertaining. These can be the deposit bonus, the no-deposit bonus (it’s rather small, but still), or the free spins to try the French free slots. Always look at the bonus section in France accepted online casinos to avoid missing a chance to get some casino money or play the France casino games online for free.

Website languages and currencies. The ability to play casino games in your preferred language and currency, such as the euro, dollar, or pound, is always pleasant. All of the top 10 French online casinos as well as the newest ones offer their services in a variety of languages (including French, English, Spanish, and others) and allow currency conversions for deposits and withdrawals.

Banking. There are several ways to give money to the casino and then receive your well-deserved winnings if we’re talking about deposits and withdrawals. The best paying online casino in France will most likely offer a variety, including Skrill, PayPal, and credit cards, so you can select the one you like best. We work to include the casinos with the most diverse selection of payment methods. If you’re looking for the best online casino for French players who accept Paysafecard, Neteller, or any other payment method, simply look through the list. Most likely, you’ll discover what you’re looking for.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in France

In case you were wondering if online gambling is legal in France or not, here is a general overview of the laws governing it. The answer is that it is legal to play at an online casino in France, but there are some restrictions. The three primary gambling activities permitted by the French online gambling regulator are listed in the France Gambling Act. As follows:

  1. Online poker;
  2. Lottery;
  3. Sports betting.

Surprisingly, France’s online gambling laws forbid the widespread casino games like video slots and other games of chance because French players deem them to be much more dangerous and addictive. Therefore, you won’t find this type of game in French online casinos, and no licenses will be granted to foreign gambling establishments that offer that game.

Best France CasinoUnique CasinoHighest Casino Bonus200% with total $1000Alternative Deposit Methods for France CasinosSkrill, Visa, ZimplerMost popular Currencies for France CasinosEUR – Euro, USD – US Dollar

When it comes to the organizations that keep online gambling legal in France, there are three of them, which is more than in any other European nation. The Francaise des Jeux monitors the lotteries, the ARJEL regulates online gambling generally in France, and the Pari Mutuel Urbain oversees all sports betting operations. In order to ensure that French gamblers only play at reputable online casinos in France, the government carefully regulates online gambling in France. At the same time, French players can still access the top foreign online casinos and enjoy playing real money slots in any casino in the euro they deem trustworthy and safe. Players who play in casinos that the French gambling institutions do not have a license for are not subject to prosecution, according to the online gambling France legislation.

The legal age to gamble online in France has been lowered to 18 from 21 since 1989, and all adults can enjoy safe online gambling in France at both state-run and privately-owned reputable online casinos for French players. Although the government is not particularly lenient when it comes to awarding French online casinos with licenses, massive operators like PokerStars, PartyPoker, and other well-known online casinos for real money in France are still permitted to legally operate there.

Make sure you pick the right international online casino if you choose to play games of chance there despite France’s prohibition on online gambling because the French government only oversees those establishments that are permitted to operate there. The best course of action is to pick a secure French online casino from the list provided by SlotsUp and try your luck only at reputable, well-reviewed gambling sites.

History of Gambling in France

In addition to having a long history of gambling, France also helped develop some of the casino games that are now available in online casinos all over the world. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first roulette, and baccarat was also played for the first time in France. Sadly, both of these games are currently unavailable to play in France-based online casinos because they are considered to be extremely addictive. The Queen was first included in the card deck in France, and today we use that same 52-card deck to play a variety of card games in the EUR casinos.

Since slot machines were legalized in land-based casinos in 1988, which resulted in significant tax revenue for the French government, the gambling market in France has historically been quite welcoming to both players and casino operators. When the France Gambling Act was approved in 2010, the online gambling industry became regulated. Due to the state’s monopoly on casino games, it has outlawed some forms of gambling and allowed for the establishment of foreign online casinos that accept French players. By levying extremely high taxes on the best online casinos for French players, the nation is still attempting to keep the majority of the online gambling market in its control. This caused a large number of France-approved online casinos to exit the market. Online gambling is quite common in France, with horse racing and betting on the Tour de France being the two most popular markets. Online poker is also quite popular, and all of these games can be played at the top online casinos for French players. However, since licensed online casinos only allow you to play poker games with French players, the majority of gamblers prefer international online casinos that are not licensed by the French government because they have a larger player base and a wider selection of games.

Perspectives of Online Gambling in France

France is much more hospitable to foreign casino operators than many other European nations, which results in higher profits and an increase in the number of players participating in online gambling activities. The best online casinos for French players offer a wide variety of poker games and sports betting activities that are becoming more and more popular every day, even though you won’t find slots and roulette in the France online casino sites. According to the most recent data from, poker turnover is up by 3% (which is quite a rare occurrence given that the French poker market has not been in great shape recently), while sports betting turnover increased by 23% when compared to 2016.

The best casino offers for the newest online casinos are being introduced to the French market by France players. In contrast, French gamblers who want to play card games or mobile slots that are restricted in France can still access foreign online casinos. If you belong to this group of gamblers, check out our list of the top 10 French online casinos, which has been hand-picked by an expert team to satisfy every player’s needs and wants. You can read reviews of France-based online casinos and check out their rankings for 2021 and 2022 right here.

There is a chance that the French government will legalize all forms of fun in the near future due to the high demand for online casino games and the growing gambling revenue, allowing French players to play their preferred slots in a licensed online casino EUR and making the entire gambling process safer.

France Casino FAQ

Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in France?

Legality in France depends on the game you want to play. Despite the fact that online gambling websites are typically permitted, only online poker, lotteries, and sports betting are permitted forms of gambling; online slot machines and other forms of online entertainment are strictly prohibited.

France has three authorities framing local gambling: the ARJEL, which is responsible for general provision for online gambling; the Francaise des Jeux, which regulates lotteries; the Pari-Mutuel Urbain, which oversees sports betting.

Is Sports Betting Legal in France?

The Pari-Mutuel Urbain oversees and legalizes sports wagering in the city. Furthermore, you are not restricted to betting on local websites, which, incidentally, are falling behind their international rivals, as French law implies no penalties for players who gamble at foreign online venues.

However, selecting a trustworthy sports betting website can be difficult for novice gamblers, which is why we have put together a list of the most reliable sites that allow French players. Use it to choose the fantasy betting site.

Is It Safe for Players from France to Gamble Online?

From the legal perspective, online gambling in France is framed by 1) the ARJEL (general provisions); 2) the Francaise des Jeux (lotteries); 3) the Pari Mutuel Urbain (sports betting activities). These three bodies, along with the France Gambling Act, establish three legal types of gambling: online poker, lottery, and sports betting, as well as define the permissible age for gambling to be 18.

Illegal gambling appears to be relatively safe from this perspective because France is not known for taking harsh action against violators. On the other hand, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, especially since there are many reputable and legal international casino operators that provide services to French players.

Do French Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Regarding bonuses, online casinos in France are similar to those in other countries. All casinos advertise themselves by offering enticing bonuses and deals. The standard line of benefits offered by almost all hubs includes no-deposit bonuses, additional credits for making real money deposits, loyalty rewards, referral accruals, daily/weekly/monthly rankings, and tournaments with valuable prizes.

It’s important to note that, in most cases, you must satisfy wagering requirements before you can withdraw bonuses. For instance, if the $200 bonus has a 10x wagering requirement, you can withdraw the bonus after spending up to $2000 on casino slots or card games.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

There are plenty of ways to deposit money to a French online casino. Still, it all comes to meeting your requirements to privacy, safety, transaction quickness, fees, and bonuses, which, by the way, may double, triple, or even quadruple the initial amount of your deposit. The most preferred depositing gateways in France are credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa), electronic banking systems and wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), prepaid cards (Paysafecard), and crypto (bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin, etc.).