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The Georgia (country) Lottery was first introduced in 1989, and since then has become a favorite among Georgians. The lottery offers over 130 different games with jackpots of up to $10 million! For those who don’t know, the Georgian lari is the official currency used in Georgia (country).

-Prizes for each game range from $15 – $200.

-Jackpot winners can choose an annuity or one-time cash payment option when they claim their prize.

-Only residents of Georgia are allowed to play these games. If you do not live there but win big money playing these lotteries please consult legal advice.

-The Georgia (country) Lottery is operated by the Georgian National Lottery Co. and in addition to the national lottery; they also operate some regional lotteries.

-There are three different channels where you can buy your ticket: online, via an automated vending machine, or with a retail agent. All players must be at least 18 years old to participate in games such as Lotto and Euromillions or play instant win games like Joker Poker 24/49 Blackjack & Keno. The minimum purchase for any game offered on their website is GEL30 which roughly equates to $15 / €12 per single ticket! This makes it one of Europe’s most lotteries proving that there is always a chance to win big in Georgia (country).

-The winner of the Euromillions jackpot received exactly €190.000.000 and chose an annuity option, receiving EUR120.000 per year for 30 years! This was one lucky guy or gal… We don’t know who it is yet but we do hope that whoever won this money didn’t spend all their lottery winnings on just one shopping spree because that’s not how you become rich overnight by spending unwisely! The only thing we can say is congratulations to them!

-Since its introduction, there have been over 20 billion lari paid out as prizes with 87% going back to the Georgian people. This is an amazing figure and proves that if you do live in Georgia (country) this really could be your ticket to financial freedom!

-The game with the highest jackpot ever won was Joker Poker 24/49 Blackjack & Keno. The lucky winner walked away with $39,000,000 / €32,500,000 when they chose their cash option prize. They must have been so happy when they discovered how much money that was… It’s crazy!

-Georgia has come a long way since its independence from Russia in 1991 which makes it one of Europe’s youngest countries where land ownership is highly valued by locals. It would make sense for these guys not only because owning property is something they prize but because it’s also a great financial investment especially in such an up-and-coming country! The only problem is the buying process can be quite complicated for foreigners.

-Georgia (country) has one of the highest literacy rates in Europe, over 98% which means that their citizens are not only aware of all these lotteries but know how to play them and win big money prizes like Jackpot winners & Euromillions. This makes Georgia (country) one of the most attractive countries to live in when there is so much fun stuff happening at every corner. When you add this fact with low prices on everything from rent – food – drinks… It doesn’t seem so bad after all does it? Let us know if you have been to Georgia (country) before and what you thought about the place!

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