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A slot machine by Betsoft Gaming is called Good Girl Bad Girl. Good Girl Bad Girl is not a very well-liked slot machine, based on the number of players who have searched for it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Try it out for yourself, or check out some of the most well-liked casino games.

Simply load the game and click the “Spin” button to begin playing. In our online slots guide, you can read more about slots and how they operate.

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Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Review

Caught between Heaven and Hell, which path will you choose in the Good Girl,Bad Girl slot? Our bet: straight down the middle.

To start, we should probably warn you that a strong internet connection is required to play this Betsoft mobile slot machine. i.e. standing next to your home’s WiFi box.

If your reception is anything less than perfect, the graphics and videos in this slot machine’s bonus features will cause the game to lag.

To be fair, Good Girl Bad Girl mobile slot is at its best when played on Android tablets and iPads anyway.

Choose your path wisely and stick to it

This particular mobile slot game attempts to do something that has already been done, but not quite with as much player control. And that is to give you the option of selecting the slot’s volatility.

Details can be found in the section below on bonus features, but we can tell you that playing this game straight down the middle is the best strategy.

After playing both sides (good and bad) for a while, we quickly grew bored and decided to take the middle path, which was much more unpredictable and made things much more interesting.

Additionally, you have twice as many paylines, which increases your chance of winning and pays both ways. Granted, the majority of base game wins will come from the wilds with the random multipliers.


When the click me and money wheel bonus features activate, you’ll need to decide which side of the argument you’ll be on. This is when making decisions becomes really challenging.

On the money wheel bonus, we have successfully doubled our wager on both sides and won a respectable 50 times our wager. We lean toward the bad girl because the bad girl jackpot is typically higher and this is where you can also win the progressive jackpot.

For the click-me feature, we discovered that the safer heavenly path yielded better results than the bad girl side, where we consistently hit the “collect” button too quickly.

Complicating things for nothing?

Choosing sides has the drawback that you will perpetually second-guess your decision. You’ll curse yourself for making the wrong decision if you wind up with little to nothing (which occurs frequently as you frequently hit the bonus features).

And that’s the feeling we got the most out of this Good Girl Bad Girl slot game on mobile. ‘Damn, damn, damn… wrong again!’

In addition, the only way to win the top prize of 20,000 in cash is to wager 150 in cash per spin and hit 5 consecutive wilds with a 4x multiplier. This indicates that the slot machine may be highly volatile. Provide us with the possibility of a large win without having to risk the house if you’re going to make the volatility potentially high.

Although we appreciate the fact that this BetSoft game is making an effort to give us more options, it is unfortunate that with each decision we make, we feel as though we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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Good Girl, Bad Girl slot stats

Mobile Slot released February 2014
Slot type 3D Video Slot
Software BetSoft
Jackpot amount Progressive Jackpot
Slot reels / paylines 5 Reels / 15 Paylines
House edge / RTP 2.21% / 97.79%
Slot volatility Medium
Coins range 0.02 – 1.00
Min/Max bet 0.60 / 150
Max win 20,000
Free spins Varying / No Multipliers
Bonus rounds Wild, Scatters, Free Spins, Click Me
Slot Themes Fantasy

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In-game bonus features

The “good girl blonde angel in stockings” side will give you more wins, but they will be smaller, and the paylines will pay left to right. You can play it safe by selecting this option.

Alternately, you could opt for the “leather and nose ring wearing bad girl” side, which is much riskier, pays right to left, and leaves you wondering if there are any wins to be had there. There is, but it’s not the side you should pick because playing down the middle is much more enjoyable and gives you the option to choose the volatility of the feature’s volatility.

The pitchfork and the halo both transform into wild symbols when they appear on the reels and grant you a multiplier. The multiplier for the halo ranges from 1 to 2 (mostly 2x, we are happy to report), while the multiplier for the bad girl wild ranges from 1 to 4 (mostly 2x, we are not so happy to report). You’ll rely heavily on these to provide you with respectable 3 of a kind wins so that you can at least get your bet back.


Click Me Bonus: If the halo and pitchfork symbol sit side by side, you’ll get taken to a different screen with present boxes. There are 4 rounds to click your present, hiding small, big, medium and a collect each time. Depending on which side you pick (Good Girl or Bad Girl) the boxes will be highlighted to show the ‘safe ones’, with the bad girl having an extra element of risk.

The plan is straightforward, of course: choose “safely” on the first three occasions, and then gamble wildly on the fourth in the hopes of striking a big win.

Three of these scatters anywhere on the reels will activate the Scatter Money Wheel Bonus, which spins a money wheel. You can win instant cash prizes, the progressive jackpot, and free spins (we’ve seen wins of up to 20; the lowest is 10). There are a few big fat “zeros” on the reel if you choose the bad girl mode, but the instant payout is higher.

Our results with both have been positive, though we tended to lean more towards the negative side. We discovered that our biggest wins actually came from the free spins rather than the instant cash.

Progressive Jackpot: There are two progressive jackpots that can only be won during the money wheel bonus, one that is small and tops out in the thousands (good girl), and one that is large and tops out in the hundreds of thousands (bad girl). It does hit quite frequently, but because the seeded amount is only in the hundreds, the amount in it can vary greatly unless many players are participating.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Review Conclusion

To fully appreciate all the intricacies of the Good Girl, Bad Girl mobile slot game, we suspect we may need more than a few hours of gameplay.

More options aren’t always better, and this portable slot machine makes you feel more annoyed than satisfied. Nevertheless, we’ve had a few respectable wins that have us considering trying again, and the graphics are especially well done. even if it does take some time to load.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Machine

Even by the standards of contemporary slot software releases, this slot has some unusual complexities, so it took me a little while to “tune in.” With 3D rendering and 2 “hostesses” floating on either side of the reels, it looks incredible. This game offers two different game modes. You’ll consistently receive small wins if you decide to play as the “Good Girl.” You will get fewer wins, but they will be larger (higher variance play) if you pick the “Bad Girl” instead. You could also just double your lines and perform both sides simultaneously! The amazing double after win game is worth playing just to watch the animations. There is also a break out “Money Wheel” bonus game, a pick-em game for each side, and other games.

The symbols are a mix of positive and negative clichés; the full moon and a halo appear on the reels alongside a fluffy kitten and a pitchfork. One of the symbols will pop out and become animated when there is a win; once again, these effects are far superior to what the majority of slot machine developers can produce. Both the evil girl’s demonic laugh and the good girl’s “yesss” are audible. For added bad effect, there are thunder and screams (along with harps for good measure).

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Despite the themed graphics, the bonuses are identical on both sides. One of these is a wheel that can award free spins, and another involves picking boxes and making risky or safe decisions.

Choose Your Own Setup

For this game, you can choose between playing 15 or 30 win lines. The good side consists of 15 lines that, as is customary, run from left to right. It takes a little getting used to, but the 15 lines on the negative side are written from right to left. These have a toggle, so if you want, you can alternate between them with each spin. You can play all 30 lines simultaneously for both sides by setting this toggle to the middle. Since you can start spinning at 1c per line, playing both doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use the auto-play feature to test your setup before deciding how many spins you’ll take.

In this game, the biggest single prize is awarded by wild symbols. These come with multipliers of up to 4x and appear after you land a halo (good side) or pitchfork (bad side). You can earn 1000 coins for 5 red wilds and 150 for 4. 500 coins are awarded for 5 blue wilds, and 150 coins are awarded for 4.

The girls are the first to receive regular payouts, with the same prizes of 360 for 5, 90 for 4, and 20 for 3. Then, the good and bad cats each receive 180 for 5, and the smaller wins are represented by the similarly themed playing card symbols.

Additionally, money wheel symbols can be found on lines 1, 3, and 5, and when all three appear, you’ll be taken to the money wheel bonus game.

Good Girl Bad Girl Bonus Games

You can enjoy three bonus games. When playing the money wheel game, you are taken from the reels to either a smoldering pit or a verdant garden. The concept is the same even though the graphics (and your hostess) are different. A wheel that you spin will stop and give you cash or a number of extra spins.

You will receive the pick-em bonus if you land both the halo and pitchfork simultaneously. Although this game has both good and bad variations, it is essentially the same game. Four boxes are available to you; two of them have a glow (or flame) and are “safe,” meaning a smaller win and a guarantee of moving on to the next level. Two are risky because they typically have larger wins, but some of them will also end the game with a “Collect” sign.

The gamble following a win is the last step (the word “gamble” is located just to the right of the word “spin”). The girls then spin a coin with good and bad on either side, which transports you to a cloud. As long as you’re willing to accept the increased volatility, their reactions to winning and losing make the risk worthwhile.

Is this a Good or Bad Slot?

This slot machine is both very playable and visually appealing. The game is very entertaining because of the twin hostesses and their opposing good and evil personalities. The Money Wheel game stands out among the two bonus games’ excellent production values. Since there are only 30 lines total, I prefer to play both sides simultaneously.

This game’s ability to let you customize your volatility is one of my favorites. If you want to test it out, visit Casino in the US or Guts Casino for players outside of the US.