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The Iranian government has intensified its efforts to outlaw online gambling and betting, which have been prohibited in the nation since the 1979 revolution.

The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) now claims that it has reduced the number of online betting and gambling transactions by 60% over the past two years, despite reports that Iranians have been gambling more recently. But it’s likely that at least some of the payments have merely been routed through different channels.

The CBI claimed that since 2019, it has imposed stricter controls and checks on online payment networks. Mehran Moharramian, the bank’s deputy governor for new technologies, was quoted in local press as saying that these measures included screening and blocking payments related to gambling.

In a press briefing on September 22, he said, “Surveys suggest that gambling and betting transactions have been reduced by 60% as a result of these measures.”

Gambling has been forbidden in Iran since the revolution, but with the rise of the internet, it has become more difficult to enforce the law because it is now much easier to set up websites outside of Iran that cater to Iranian gamblers, and the people who run these websites have proven to be nimble and adaptable when it comes to taking payments from customers.

More than 8,000 point-of-sale terminals that were connected to Iran’s domestic payments network but used in neighboring nations were reportedly blocked, according to the CBI. However, it’s believed that gambling sites have switched to using transfers through Iran’s Shetab interbank network as a result of the closure of these terminals.

A further 20,000 debit cards have been disabled due to possible connections to gambling-related activity.

According to Moharramian, the central bank was considering taking additional measures, such as tightening restrictions on using debit cards to transfer money between people.


The Casino Iran welcomes you with a variety of casino games and generous welcome bonuses. It is without a doubt unlawful to engage in any form of gambling in Iran, and nobody has ever been caught doing so. It is against the norms and values of the local culture because Iran is an Islamic country with a large Muslim population. The locals in this area strictly adhere to Islamic teachings and attempt to abstain from all forms of gambling.

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However, this does not imply that Iranian Muslims abstain from gambling. Many bettors have discovered numerous ways to facilitate betting by twiddling with the country’s legal loopholes. Gamblers from all over the world find it quite simple to gamble at CasinoIran thanks to such bet makers operating their gambling business through offshore means.

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Iranian and international gamblers alike enjoy playing on CasinoIran’s highly regarded online gambling platform. Online casino Iran is the most well-known and adored online gambling site where players flock daily in large numbers to quench their thirst for gambling due to its excellent features and graphics.

All players who visit CasinoIran adore the outstanding graphics offered there. The gamblers believe they are playing inside a real land-based casino where they will have the time of their lives because these graphics are so realistic.

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Searching for an excellent casino in Iran can be a big reason of disappointment, due to the fact that there is no land based casinos in the whole country so everyone prefers gambling through the online channel.

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Other than CasinoIran, if you want to look for a CasinoIran site then simply browse on the internet and you will get abundant opportunities of making more and more money while having fun and excitement at the same time. Top online casino Iran or کازینو آنلاین sites that accept clients from Iran includes 888 casino, Casino Las Vegas, Spin Palace, Bwin Casino and Casino Cruise.

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Nearly all of these online casinos provide all of their customers with excellent free incentives, such as free betting advice and free bonus bets. The free betting advice is created by their own bet makers, and it has been observed that every time a player follows these recommendations, they end up winning some sizable sums of money.


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Persian language entertainment is provided to customers at the online casino Iran – to make it easier and more alluring for Iranian gamblers to place bets. There are no chances to find a physical casino in Iran, but you can still enjoy all the fun and entertainment through online gambling at Iranian websites.

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Utilizing online casinos in Iran presents a mild challenge. It needs access to a payment method for both deposits and withdrawals, as well as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is not blocked. The fact that you are reading this article if you are in Iran indicates that you probably have the VPN issue resolved. Another issue is that many of the most well-known international online casinos do not allow players from our nation. Still, there are a few excellent options that do. The following is a list of reputable online casinos that accept players from Iran and let them deposit and withdraw using bitcoin.

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Continue reading if you are unfamiliar with bitcoin. In this article, I go over how to play at real money online casinos using a Perfect Money and Bitcoin combination. I then provide information on Iran’s gambling laws to conclude. Although using real money online casinos is difficult and against the law, the likelihood of being caught is low if done properly. Please read this article in its entirety to fully comprehend the risks.

Iran Payment Methods

Our biggest issue is having simple access to international payment options. Even though many of the sanctions have ended or will soon end, it may take some time for foreign businesses to resume doing business with our nation. Casino players from all over the world use NETELLER, Skrill, and EntroPay, three of the most popular global e-wallets for gambling. However, we are one of the few nations they do not permit. We cannot directly use cards networked to the Shetab Banking System at online casinos because they are not widely accepted abroad. The majority of our casino’s payment options consist of a Perfect Money and Bitcoin combination.

Through the use of Perfect Money, people can send each other money without using conventional banking systems. To begin, create an online account. The idea is to make it possible for users to send money back and forth to one another. Money can be added to and removed from the Perfect Money system using exchangers. The two biggest Perfect Money exchanges in Iran are and or Google, if you’re using a VPN, are good places to look for people. Considering that anyone can falsely claim to be an exchanger, exercise caution.

Digital crypto currency known as Bitcoin runs decentralized. It is accepted everywhere and has value in relation to all fiat currencies. The technical details of this system could fill an entire book because it is so complicated. Detailed knowledge is not necessary when using it only as a payment method. You should be aware that bitcoin functions essentially as digital cash. It can be kept in a device known as a wallet. Bitcoin can be sent between users. Bitcoin can be purchased and sold in a number of ways.

The best way to play real money online casino games in Iran is with Perfect Money and Bitcoin combined. No casino websites that I am aware of accept Perfect Money direct as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. The ones listed at the top of this page all accept and pay out in bitcoin. Purchasing bitcoin with Perfect Money, which is easily accessible in Iran, is very simple. Selling bitcoin for Perfect Money is a fairly simple process once you have been paid in the digital currency. Once you’ve done that, you can either use cash in person or a Perfect Money exchanger from Iran to convert the Perfect Money paid to your local bank account into Iranian rials (IRR). So, as you can see, this is a banking solution that will work. I’ll go over how to use bitcoin after this.


Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin is comparable to a virtual currency. It is suggested for those who are new to it to create an online wallet where they can store their bitcoin and conduct transactions. For this, a number of options are available, including MyWallet by Blockchain. Many languages are supported by that wallet, but Persian is not. Try the Persian Bitcoin Forum if you need a suggestion for a Persian language resource. I must caution you to exercise extreme caution. My recommendation of Blockchain is based on the fact that it enjoys high trust among bitcoin users. You must have faith in them and their wallet’s security if you use another one. Given that bitcoin functions similarly to cash, hacking is a serious problem. One of the service providers with excellent security is MyWallet.

You are now ready to buy bitcoin once you have a wallet. There are many options available for this. Various exchanges have come and gone in Iran. If you’d like, you can browse the forum I mentioned earlier to find an exchange. Using local bitcoin in Iran is one way to make purchases with assurance. Look at the feedback ratings because anyone can join this private trader exchange. You’ll discover that many sellers who accept Perfect Money in exchange for bitcoin have hundreds of transactions with 100% positive feedback. Giving them a bitcoin address to send to during the purchase process is required; you can get it from your wallet.

Regarding buying bitcoin, there are almost always buyers at Local Bitcoin Iran who accept Iran bank transfer as payment. However, it is a problem that most people pay significantly less than what they can get from other sources. To see if Iranian Perfect Money exchangers will buy bitcoin, you should probably start there. Many people will buy. Selling to them has been very successful for me.

The way to get the most Iranian rial (IRR) for your bitcoin is by starting your own Local Bitcoin profile as a seller, even though the majority of gamblers won’t want the hassle. Initially, this is a little challenging since you won’t have any feedback ratings. However, there is a market for bitcoin in this place. You can start by being one of the few people in your city willing to accept cash or bank transfers from Iran. Additionally, you can list items for sale in Perfect Money, initially at a slightly lower price than what other sellers are offering. This may contribute to raising both your transaction volume and feedback score. You can sell bitcoin for more as those get better. By also offering to buy bitcoin in Iran, you can raise your profile and increase the value of your offer.

Last but not least, as I previously stated, a book could be written about the operation of bitcoin. This was only a brief overview of how to use them for transactions, and it isn’t even complete. At (English) or (Persian), you can learn a lot more about this. The same information is accessible in numerous other languages as well. To switch to a different language, use the dropdown menu at the top of the website.

Iran Gambling Laws

Article 705 of the Iranian Penal Code declares all forms of gambling to be unlawful. Being caught carries a sentence of 74 lashes or a prison term of one to six months. It either applies to one or the other for online casinos. Both punishments are imposed simultaneously for gambling in public. Additionally, the online version breaks fewer laws.

Additional gambling offenses are covered in Articles 706-711. Handling playing cards, dice, or other casino equipment is punishable by one to three months in jail or a fine of 500,000 to one million rials. Such casino tools can be produced, sold, or provided for a 3-6 month prison sentence or a Rls.1.5m to Rls.6m fine. A 6 month to 2 year prison sentence and/or a Rls. 3 million to Rls. 12 million fine are imposed for operating, owning, or working for a casino gambling establishment or inviting others to gamble. All gambling-related funds must be seized, and all equipment must be destroyed. If a member of the police or another official is aware of casino activity but does not report it or make an arrest, they could face up to 74 lashes or 3-6 months in jail, depending on whether they are already facing a more severe penalty under another law.


Without a doubt, gambling in Iran, including playing at online casinos, is illegal. However, there is a small chance of being discovered playing at an online casino. Utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a foreign nation is the first concern. You probably already have that figured out since you’re reading this page. If not, explore the internet for more information. A foreign VPN that can be purchased with bitcoin or Perfect Money is what you’ll be looking for.

Next know that it is ideal to stick to using instant play casinos that do not need to be downloaded. Online casinos offer these as well as a download version. The latter installs either an app to your mobile device, or a software program to your laptop or computer. Using those download version is a way to get caught. It leaves gambling material on your machine. So, stick to the instant play versions. At the end of each session clear your internet cache (history files, cookies, etc.). If you’re not sure how just search, or if on a VPN, Google. If using Firefox search: Clear Cache and Internet History on Firefox. If using a different web browser, replace the Firefox part of your search with the one you actually use.

Next, be aware that our authorities don’t look for use of online casinos too aggressively. They take great care to filter and block websites. There may be some questions about your use of a VPN. Even though this is a very unlikely scenario, it is still probably best to be prepared with a valid justification for using a VPN in case you are questioned. It might be a good idea to sign up for a few websites like Netflix from the USA. When asked what you’re doing, you can say that you’re watching movies online as an explanation. It might be useful to have a few user names and passwords available to show how to log in. Again, this is extremely uncommon, but if it does, you’ll probably either not be bothered again or will only be told to stop.

In terms of banking, it is very challenging to track Perfect Money and bitcoin transactions. The government doesn’t have an easy way to track where this money is going. Casual players won’t play loud enough to get anyone’s attention. If you do decide to start gambling seriously and with large sums, you might want to think of an excuse in case you are questioned, which is extremely unlikely.

One tip is to make sincere online purchases of anything you truly want, whether it be electronics, tablets, headphones, cosmetics, clothing, children’s toys, or anything else, and then save some of the packages. You can respond that you shop online if questioned. Then mention that you’ve made numerous other online purchases while casually displaying a package or two.

You can explain why you’re selling rather than buying by claiming that you do so much online shopping that you constantly keep an eye on exchanges in search of the best prices to save for later use. However, you got carried away after discovering some excellent deals on Bitcoin or Perfect Money and have now decided to sell. Although it is unlikely that you will be asked, it is still a good idea to have a cover like this prepared in advance. Unfortunately, we must lie in order to avoid being caught because of the way our casino laws are written.