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Thanks to Everi Games, Jackpot Inferno is heating up and becoming more exciting. The colorful icons in this distinctive video game are set against a dark background. This makes the reel stand out and have a pleasing appearance. By helping you stay focused and amused throughout the game, the background music increases the suspense.

This slot is played on 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 paylines. It features 11 symbols which include the lucky sevens (the fiery red-hot 7, 77, 777 and the golden 7), a crown, cherries, a guava, and a pink heart. Also featuring among the symbols is a wild, a bonus feature and a Jackpot Inferno symbol.

How to Play Jackpot Inferno Slot Machine Online

Set the bet per line value to the desired value to begin the game. The wheel will then spin after you click the spin button. You also have the choice to play automated rounds by pressing the auto button. A prize is given when a winning combination of 3 to 5 icons appears on the wheel. The value of the matched symbols and the multiplier determine the prize that will be given.

Sometimes the wild will work with and take the place of other symbols to create a winning combination. A player will also receive the lucrative bonuses of the free spin bonus and the progressive jackpot jump.

Value of symbols

The lucky 7s are the highest valued symbols.

  • The fiery red-hot 7 offers a player between 20x and 200X multiplier for between 3 and 5 icons on the reel.
  • The green 777 multiplies your wager at a rate of between 15X and 150X.
  • The double 77 has a maximum multiplier of 125X and minimum of 10X.
  • The Golden 7 has a multiplier of between 10X and 100X the stakes.

The icons with lower value are:

  • The crown, which comes with a multiplier of between 5X and 80X the bet
  • The heart multiplies your bet at a rate of between 5X and 60X
  • The guava awards a maximum of 50X and a minimum of 5X a bet
  • The cherry has the least value as it offers 40X for five symbols and 5X for three symbols.

Jackpot Inferno Game Bonuses

This slot’s exciting bonus features that occur frequently. It has two extra features that come with significant rewards.

Free spin bonus

A free spin bonus feature is launched when 3 to 5 bonus icons show up on the reel. The number of symbols that land on the reel determines how many free spins are awarded.

  • 3 symbols award 6 spins and a 2X multiplier for the total bet
  • 4 bonus icons award 10 spins and a 5X multiplier for the total bet
  • 5 bonus icons award 20 spins and 10X multiplier for the total bet.

To play Jackpot Inferno free spins, a player is taken to another screen where the only symbols appearing are the 7s and the wild.

Jackpot jump

This is given whenever five to ten game logo symbols appear on the reels. A corresponding progressive tier is locked-in when this occurs. The player is only given three picks out of 20 icons in order to unlock this reward. A reward of between 2 and 200 times the bet multiplier and an additional two picks may be revealed by the chosen picks. A jackpot jump is given if the inferno symbol is located. As a result, the progressive tier moves up one level. Only after all picks have been made is the locked-in progressive tier given out.


Play Jackpot Inferno Casino Slot Online

The slot machine can be played for real money or for free online. A player must sign up with an online casino that offers Jackpot Inferno in order to play for real money. Additionally, it can be discovered in physical casinos that have Jackpot Inferno slot machines.

When the maximum bet is used, the slot’s progressive jackpot will pay out a maximum of 200 times the multiplier. Therefore, playing at higher stakes is advised to increase your chances of scoring significant wins.


The book under review is rife with the desire to lavish you with rewards. Just place a wager to start the wheel spinning. Your pockets will stay lubricated thanks to the winning combinations and the bonus feature. The cherry on top will be when you win a jackpot and move closer to the gold bullion thanks to the game’s logo symbol.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Can I play the Jackpot Inferno slot online?

Yes, you can play the Jackpot Inferno slot machine online at different online casinos. In the top casinos, it can be found for free as well as for real money.

Can I hit a jackpot on the Jackpot Inferno slot machine?

Yes, it has a progressive jackpot that, if you place the maximum bet, can net you a sizeable payout of 200 times your stake.

What bonus features does the Jackpot Inferno slot offer?

Jackpot Inferno slot has a free spins bonus feature that is triggered by three to five bonus icons. The bonus awards free spins and multipliers, which elevate the winning potential. Three symbols award six bonus spins and a 2× multiplier, while four symbols result in ten free spins and a 5× multiplier for the total wager. Five bonus icons, on the other hand, will award twenty bonus spins and a 10× multiplier.

Should I play the Jackpot Inferno slot online?

Undoubtedly, it is a captivating slot machine with appealing graphics, a beneficial free spins bonus feature, and a sizable jackpot. You can enjoy all of its features while playing it online from the convenience of your home, car, or place of business.

Slot Moments: Getting into Double Digits with Jackpot Jump on Jackpot Inferno

I was discussing Jackpot Inferno with another player on the Freedom of the Seas. They claimed that it seemed impossible for them to advance very far in the progressive food chain.

The Jackpot Jump bonus in the game is activated by 5 or more Jackpot Inferno symbols, and you can win credits, additional picks, or additional Jackpot Inferno symbols. You can enter the upper tier of progressives, which actually pay off between 9 and 12 Jackpot Inferno symbols, if you can trigger more in the base game and/or pick enough more picks and Jackpot Inferno symbols.

The progressives in the game adjust in value based on your wager, which is another aspect of the game. Consequently, they have a certain proportionality.

The discussion made me think of Diana Evoni’s good fortune with them a few years ago.

This lengthy video session includes a number of bonuses and a significant amount of live play recording, but the action really picks up toward the end. She had two pretty strong picking performances, with the second one being better than the first.


She did it again on another video a little over a year later, reaching the same level, so it wasn’t the first time either. (I won’t reveal the results in this post, but the prizes were about equal.)

As demonstrated in Diana’s videos, it’s undoubtedly challenging to join the elite group of progressives, but it’s also clearly not impossible. And many casinos still offer the game, giving players a chance to win their own significant prize.

Videos that demonstrate the true potential of a slot machine game are chosen for the Slot Moments series. Do you remember a specific time that stands out to you? If you share in the comments, it might be used in a later edition!

Jackpot Inferno Slot

Players’ heads will spin while playing Jackpot Inferno on this buzzing gaming floor. The 50-line, 5-reel Jackpot Inferno slot machine game is free to play. Awesome extra features like scatter symbols, a free spins wheel bonus, a jackpot jump feature, and a free spins bonus are included in this game. This game offers countless opportunities for enjoyment and thrills. So take part in the fun!

The software developer behind this amazing and entertaining slot machine game is called Everi. In contrast to many other manufacturers of slot machines, Everi is less well-known and less well-liked. Not because it is brand-new, but rather because it acquired two providers and co-founded Everi to replace them. Many of the slots that Everi provides in Las Vegas are made right here in the country. Players and gamblers can try out Everi’s slot machines with great safety and dependability!

The Girls Are Waiting to Warm Up

This slot machine has a vintage design. 50 paylines that span all directions, including diagonally, vertically, and horizontally, are present on Jackpot Inferno’s five reels. So there is a high likelihood of winning. A standard themed slot machine is present in the Jackpot Inferno video slot. The lucky 7s, hearts, fruits, and jackpot inferno fiery symbols are among the many colorful symbols that can be found on the reels. These vibrant symbols spin against a dark background, making them simple to recognize.

The distinctive sound effects in the game more than make up for Everi’s straightforward theme. They are audible everywhere! There is a unique ring that appears whenever you land on a bonus symbol. Even louder noises are produced by the Jackpot Inferno symbol. A school bell sound will chime when the Jackpot Jump Bonus feature activates. The awesome features of the game are enhanced by the sounds.

Some Hot Features

A 50-payout grid and 5 reels are both present in the popular penny slot Jackpot Inferno. The game’s lowest bet is 0.30 coins, and its highest bet is 3. All of the frequently occurring bonus rounds in Jackpot Inferno are what make it such a fantastic slot machine game. Both the Free Spin bonus and the Jackpot Jump Progressive bonus are available.

When three to five bonus symbols land on the reels, the free spin bonus is activated. You have a great chance of winning the large jackpot if you land 5 symbols! The game offers 12 different jackpots that can be won! You are taken to a “pick ’em” screen after spinning at least five jackpot symbols on the screen. Choose 20 spots on the board here. You might increase to a bigger jackpot prize, or you might win more picks or credits. It is called “Jackpot Jump” for this reason.


The minimum value of the game’s progressive bonuses is just a few dollars. The progressive jackpot starts at 5000 payout for a maximum bet on higher levels. Not only are the jackpot features available in the game, but they also pop up quite frequently. The likelihood of winning a progressive jackpot increases as you play more!

When compared to free spins bonuses, the Jackpot Jump jackpots can offer much higher payouts. There are twelve jackpots that are progressive. You are taken to the pick ’em screen when 5 Jackpot Inferno symbols appear on the reel. You will now choose 20 different locations on the screen. You can increase your chances of winning more coins, picks, or the jackpot here.

Infernally Great Clones

Jackpot Inferno is a straightforward classic slot machine game available today. Although it adopts a style similar to many other slots, it is distinctive in the extra features it offers. Slot machine games like Wizard of Oz, Buffalo, Thunderstruck II, White Orchid, Stinkin’ Rich, Immortal Romance, and Quick Hit can also be compared to Jackpot Inferno. The list goes on. You can play these for real money or for free, and you’ll find gameplay that is just as thrilling and exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are also a variety of themes to keep things interesting.

Jackpot Inferno in Summary

So why are you still waiting? You can try your luck on this awesome slot machine game, Jackpot Inferno, right now. You can play for free online if you want to test it out before placing a wager. Deposits are not required.

This is a fantastic suggestion for how to kill time if you’re looking for something to do. Even invite your family and friends to join in the fun! Although it is not currently possible to download this slot machine game onto an iPhone or an Android device, it might do so in the future. The slot machine is hot, and the stakes are high. Try out this game today by participating. However, if you want to play while you’re on the go, see our list of free slot machine games for iPhone or Android phones.

Jackpot Inferno Slot FAQs

If you want to play the Jackpot Inferno slot machine for free, come join us at VegasSlotsOnline. You can try out thousands of other demos from our library without ever having to pay a cent!

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A progressive jackpot bonus can be found on the Jackpot Inferno slot machine. This indicates that the total prize pool up for grabs will increase as a result of your non-winning spins and those of all the other game players.