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Although Japan is as modern as they come, this modernity does not really extend to the country’s gambling laws, which are still relatively strict and traditional by today’s standards.

The Penal Code of Japan prohibits the majority of gambling activities. There are some forms that are permitted, such as playing Pachinko, a slot machine and pinball hybrid that has a long enough history in Japanese culture to qualify for a legal exception. (1)

Over 12,000 “Pachinko parlors” in Japan, where pachinko is wildly popular and grossing close to $400 billion annually, Although the payouts aren’t in cash and instead involve tokens that can be exchanged for prizes, players typically sell the tokens for cash at a nearby establishment that is typically owned by the Pachinko parlor. By doing this, they avoid the law, and the authorities fully approve of the practice.

Additionally, for whatever reason, it is legal to bet on races in Japan. This includes not only horse racing but also auto racing, speedboat racing, and even bicycle racing. As long as local authorities permit it, which they do in many regions of Japan, this horse racing betting is legal.

Playing the lottery is the only other form of legalized gambling, and it’s very popular here. Aside from that, there is a significant amount of illegal gambling that occurs here, including the operation of underground casinos, much of which is controlled by the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia with over 100,000 members. (2)

Although there has been support recently for changing these laws and allowing for them, there is still some resistance to this. Nevertheless, we are getting closer to this becoming a reality, perhaps very close. There are no legal casinos or legal live poker rooms in Japan because operating one is against the law. (3)

If and when this is approved, it is anticipated that Japan will make a big deal out of it, and experts believe that this will make Japan the third-largest land-based gambling market in the world, behind Las Vegas and Macau. There has been interest from some of the biggest names in the gambling industry, which would also mean that the live poker scene in Japan would grow, though the majority of the growth is anticipated to occur in casino games besides poker.




Poker In Japan

While there is a lot of illegal gambling in Japan, very little of it involves poker playing—at least not as much as you might anticipate given the country’s size, population density, wealth, and affinity for Western culture. Poker is not one of the most popular games there.

Even so, there are a good number of private live poker games, though it is said that foreigners rather than native Japanese play there the majority of the time. You obviously need to be in the know and have connections to get access to these games because they are illegal.

So land-based poker here would probably be fairly limited at present even once it becomes legal, but there’s no doubt that this would take the games more out of the underground and serve to make them more plentiful as well as legitimate.

Although the fact that live poker games are illegal undoubtedly severely restricts the amount of live poker in Japan, online poker does not suffer from the same disadvantages as live poker does, and despite the fact that poker is still a relatively new game in Japan, there has been a recent boom in the popularity of this game there.

Compared to other nations, the Japanese have excellent communication, and with the internet and popular media come things like the appeal of online poker, including well-known mainstream sites that have started aggressively marketing to the Japanese public.

Poker In Japan Is Really Set To Grow

Naoya Kihara, a Japanese player, became the nation’s first World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner, which undoubtedly increased interest in the game. Kihara has also taken it upon himself to represent the game among his fellow Japanese, particularly by attempting to explain to people that poker isn’t just gambling but also a game of skill that elevates the gambling experience. (4)

It is true that the need for this suggests that the Japanese aren’t particularly familiar with the game, but this is changing and is likely to keep doing so as the years pass and the game’s popularity in Japan grows.

There is no doubt that the people of this nation enjoy gambling; in fact, the Japanese are avid players of the game. It is hoped that by introducing an increasing number of them to poker, a sizable online poker market will develop, and this is very likely to happen.

There is no evidence that anyone has been prosecuted for actively attempting to ban online poker or even online gambling in general in Japan. The prohibitions here are based on betting generally, or at least betting that is not specifically authorized by law; online poker and online gambling aren’t, despite the fact that the laws governing this were written all the way back in 1907! (5)

Japan is also not one of the countries that poker sites highlight as countries they don’t want to serve, and even if they do, the opposite happens, and poker sites tend to look at the Japanese market with a lot of excitement because the potential for growth here is huge, given where it is now and where it could be going.

PokerStars, in particular, is paying more and more attention to the Japanese market, hoping to recruit many more people here to try and fall in love with the game that so many players from other countries have come to enjoy. (6)

The future here therefore appears promising given the anticipated upcoming legal easing and the poker industry’s ongoing efforts to market their game in Japan. The fact that Japanese players of online poker can play whenever they want and as much as they want while we wait for this means that, in all actuality, things are already pretty great here.


(1) Games in Japan

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(3) Future of Japan’s Gambling Legislation to be Decided in April

(4) Naoya Kihara, a WSOP champion, is driving Japan’s poker boom

Japanese online gaming

PokerStars is focusing on Japan

Online casinos are very popular in Japan, especially among poker players. Poker is one of the most popular games in Japan, but Japanese players don’t have the opportunity to go to land-based casinos or poker rooms and bet real money. So when online casinos came on the scene and offered Japanese players a place where they could compete with other players for a chance to win huge jackpots, you can imagine how quickly these players jumped at the chance.

Find a Good Site

Finding a real money casino that accepts Japanese players is very simple. There are many legal and licensed gambling platforms to choose from, and almost all of those sites provide excellent options for poker players, as can be seen by taking a quick look through a reliable review site. Additionally, Japanese online casinos provide generous bonuses and rewards for loyalty. We advise you to look around if you’re in Japan and ready to sit down at an online poker table.

Shop Around for a Bonus

An eye-popping no deposit bonus might seem tempting, but can you use it to play poker? Each site has its own specific terms and conditions regarding how a bonus can be used. It’s no good signing up to a site with a huge bonus only to discover that you can only use said bonus on slot games. If you take the time to look at all the sites available to you, you’re sure to find a Japanese casino that offers a great bonus that can be used to play video poker or live casino poker.

Play Live Casino Poker

One of the most played online casino games worldwide is live casino poker. No other game allows players to come this close to live gameplay without ever leaving their homes. Live casino poker is the only opportunity Japanese players have to play a true game of poker against other players. Japanese online casinos provide live games from the top software developers. Modern studios are used to set up these games, and HD video is used to film and stream the action live. The dealers are courteous, knowledgable, and professionally trained. Every live table has a different betting cap, allowing players to pick one that fits their budget.

Join a Tournament

Poker tournaments can be accessed at Japanese online casinos. Due to the potentially life-changing amounts of money that can be won, poker tournaments draw sizable crowds. Participating in these tournaments is also a lot of fun because you get to play against a variety of opponents with various skill levels. If you’re a beginner, you can pick up tips from more seasoned players. Additionally, if you’re an experienced player, you can compete with other players to test your abilities.

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Marcus Harmon is a poker writer and editor-in-chief of Sunshine Poker Rooms, a poker news source. With a decade of experience in the online gaming industry, Marcus has had the good fortune to meet and, indeed, be beaten by some of the greatest players. His other passions are soccer and travel.


How to enterThe Main EventAbout the Main EventThe Main Event is only open to players who have earned rights through satellite tournaments held in the poker room or through online tournaments. Please be aware that those who pass must pay the venue entrance fee (depending on the venue) plus the drink fee (1,000). Those who have successfully completed the satellite tournament more than once may be awarded up to 20,000 add-ons (additional chips). For two passes and three passes, you can begin the tournament with +10,000 add-ons (30,000 total chips) and +20,000 add-ons (40,000 total chips). Benefits of Platinum Entry TicketsThose who have successfully completed the satellite more than four times will be given a platinum entry ticket for the side event based on the number of times (excluding the third time) they have participated in the main event. You may re-enter if you receive multiple entry tickets. The 3-cap system allows for a maximum of three re-entries. It is not possible to transfer tickets. When using an entry ticket, there is no admission charge. Participants must still pay 1,000 yen for drinks at the door despite having an entry ticket. Regarding multiple passes on Day 1After attending Day 1A in Nagoya and Day 1B in Osaka, you may take part in Day 1 of the subsequent schedule if you have unused rights. You must take part in Day 2 with the greatest number of Day 1 passing stacks if you passed Day 1 more than once. In contrast to the main event, side events (such as the GG150 Bounty) have no requirements for participation. Only the entry fee plus the beverage fee entitles you to participate. About the player’s cardTo take part in side events, you must have a PPC (Poker Players Card). When you win the satellite in each poker room, you will receive a free PPC card. Additionally, free new issues will only be given out to players who join the tournament that day. LocationTokyo locationTokyo locationTOKYO PORTCITY TAKESHIBA PORT HALLNagoya/Osaka locationTo Be DeterminedPro Player contractThe Japan Open Poker Tour offers Pro Player contracts that include overseas tournament seats to the winner players at each event. For more information on the contract, please see the introduction page for each event. Warnings

  1. Providing cash or goods to top players for any commercial tournaments purpose is not permitted by law.
  2. Please allow us to take pictures during the tournaments. Those photos will be used only for website and the further commercials. To join the event, players must sign the contract related to Portrait Rights. Player who refuses to sign the contract will not be allowed to join the event.
  3. Please register at the entry section before the event starts. All players’ personal information will be secured by the guideline of Japan Open Poker Tour Office.
  4. If the events cancel or stop by any circumstantial cause , the entry fee will not be refunded. In that case, tournament organization shall not be liable.
  5. Players can decide whether to sign the Professional Player Contract. The contract is not valid without a signature of the player or the player is under 18 years old. In addition, even if the player is over 18 years old,  according to some countries that would be still illegible.
  6. The contents of the Professional Player Contract can be changed before or after the tournaments. A guarantee against loss isn’t available when the contract has changed. Also, giving or donating their contracts to another players is not permitted by Japan Open Poker Tournament Office.
  7. Except some circumstantial cases, players shall not stop playing during the tournament events unless they have no chips left. Players who give up playing before their chips finish, may have a risk losing the chance to sign the Professional Player Contracts.
  8. During tournaments which are provided by the Professional Player Contracts of Japan Open Poker Tour, we would like to request the players to use the emoji stickers of Japan Open Poker Tour and be cooperative.
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Regarding Personal Data

Thank you for your understanding.


A new JOPT attendance record was set in January at the Season 21 Grand Final of the Japan Open Poker Tour (JOPT). By the time late registration closed, 1,128 players had registered, shattering the previous record of 818 entries set by the JOPT Grand Final from last season.

Tournaments part of the JOPT Grand Final’s schedule came with combined prize pools of ¥100 million ($865,200) with a cool ¥15 million ($129,700) paid out by the main event alone. Players flocked to the Takeshiba Port Hall to compete in the JOPT Grand Final not only for the substantial prize money offered but because the Main Event champion also receives a sponsorship package, opening the door to a professional poker career.

G GPoker sponsors the JOPT so many JOPT champions have used GGPoker’s connection with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) to use their sponsorship prize in WSOP events, fulfilling their poker dreams in the process. Players can qualify for JOPT events in venues across Japan or online at GGPoker.

The biggest winner this year was Masao Araki, who defeated Maaku Tanaka in a head-to-head match to win the championship, the trophy, and a sponsorship deal worth 4,500,000 ($38,950). Araki admitted in a post-tournament interview that he had only begun playing poker a month earlier, suggesting that there may have been a case of beginner’s luck in his case. Whether by chance or design, Araki will represent the tour with his sponsorship package and be able to claim the title of JOPT champion.

The series as a whole was a huge hit, so it wasn’t just the Season 21 JOPT Grand Final Main Event that attracted a huge audience. Over 6,000 players competed at the poker tables throughout the events that were planned, and some Japanese celebrities frequently visited the fields.

Yashiro Azuki and Antony Matenro, two well-known manga artists, were present. As well as backgammon expert Akiko Yazawa, who won the Las Vegas Open Championship two years in a row, YouTubers “Pyokotan” and “Usatani Paisen,” GGPoker Ambassador “Nanachara,” and others.

The following JOPT event is slated to take place from April 28 to May 5. Once more, it takes place at the Tokyo Takeshiba Port Hall, and the schedule of side events includes a number of new tournaments. These consist of a “Knockout Legends” competition and a “Colossus” that is modeled after the WSOP event of the same name.

All eyes will, of course, be on the Main Event. It has the potential to break the attendance record for the season 21 grand finale, as in addition to Day 1 taking place in Tokyo, players can attend Day 1 in both Osaka and Nagoya. The Japanese poker community is looking forward to the start of the next part of the JOPT.


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U SA players have been catered to by offshore poker rooms for well over 20 years. They fill the gap created by the US’s few regulated online poker rooms. If you’re an American who enjoys playing online poker, you’ll probably need to use sites from abroad.

  1. Best Offshore Poker Sites
  2. Reviews of the Best Offshore Poker Sites
  3. Comparing the Best Offshore Poker Sites
  4. Are Offshore Poker Sites Legal in the US?
  5. How We Choose the Best Offshore Online Poker Rooms
  6. How to Sign Up & Play at Offshore Poker Sites
  7. The Best Bonuses at Offshore Poker Sites
  8. Cash Games & Tournament Offerings
  9. Poker Variations at Offshore Poker Sites
  10. The Best Payment Methods for Offshore Poker Sites
  11. Offshore Poker Apps & Mobile Sites
  12. The Best Offshore Poker Site
  13. FAQs

Best Offshore Poker Sites

  1. BetOnline – The best offshore poker site for a variety of reasons.
  2. Everygame – Get a  match bonus on your first deposit.
  3. SportsBetting – Offers large weekly tournaments.
  4. Ignition Casino – Features the biggest offshore poker bonus.

Reviews of the Best Offshore Poker Sites

Numerous operators make up the online offshore poker market, and having so many options can make it challenging to identify the best offshore poker sites. However, you can save time by looking at our top picks below.

BetOnline Poker – The Best Offshore Poker Site Overall

In 1991, BetOnline began accepting bets on sporting events. Prior to launching its poker room in 2011, it waited 20 years. Because BetOnline is currently the top offshore online poker site, the wait was worthwhile.

The site draws solid traffic as a key component of the Chico Poker Network, and BetOnline Poker offers plenty of full cash tables and many tournaments as a result. The latter include freerolls, progressive bounties, Sunday Majors, and $1 Million Windfalls (jackpot sit and go’s).

On top-notch proprietary software from Connective Games, you can enjoy all BetOnline tournaments and cash games. However, the cash game rake, at 5, is higher than the industry standard. 55% ($0. 1 for each 1 cent. 18). Additionally, we believe BetOnline could offer its poker players more promotions.

What we enjoy:

  1. Large welcome bonus
  2. Lots of different tournaments
  3. Trusted and long-running brand

What we miss:

Bovada Poker – Top Loyalty Rewards Program for Offshore Bettors

In the US, Bovada has a strange past. It was born in 2011 from the Bodog brand and operated in the US market until it sold its assets to Ignition Casino in 2016. However, this website came back and started accepting Americans once more in 2017.

It’s now one of the best poker sites for US players for multiple reasons: First off, Bovada Poker runs on the popular PWL Network alongside Ignition and has no trouble drawing in players, offering full cash games and big tournaments.

Regarding tournaments, you can play at anonymous cash game tables at Ignition, where there is a weekly $150k guaranteed event. Lowest stakes at Bovada are $0 (. 05/$0. However, if you want to see the cash game and tournament options before making a deposit, 10 may not be a low enough limit for some players.

  1. Great tournament action
  2. Large poker bonus
  1. Deposit required to view poker lobby
  2. Lowest stakes aren’t low enough

Everygame Poker – Plenty of Variety & Top Match Bonus

Everygame, which debuted as Intertops in 1996, is one of the oldest brands in the online gambling sector and provides a standard selection of variations centered around Texas hold’em and Omaha.

Poker cash stakes at Everygame start at $0. 02/$0. 04 to $10/$20. Small and medium-sized events make up its tournaments, with a $10,000 prize pool being offered in the biggest regular tournament.

Your initial deposit is matched by the Everygame Poker bonus (code 1000ITP). Beyond the welcome bonus, this online poker room doesn’t offer many promotions, but it does have a loyalty program that gives out cash rewards and points.

Every game is played on the sparsely trafficked Horizon Poker Network. Sometimes, especially outside of peak hours, the cash scene can be sparse. Additionally, keep an eye out for the 6-percent rake in ring games. 67% from $0. 02/$0. stakes of $4 to $2.

  1. Long-running and successful brand
  2. Great match bonus
  1. Highest rake on this list
  2. Not many promotions

SportsBetting. ag – Weekly Offshore Poker Tournaments

As the name suggests, SportsBetting. ag has earned its reputation for sports betting. However, the poker room at SportsBetting.ag is also a big attraction. It operates on the Chico Network with BetOnline, so it benefits from robust traffic.

SportsBetting. You can play at cash stakes starting at $0 with ag. 01/$0. 02 to $15/$30. It has a high rake in ring games (5. 55%), identical to BetOnline, a sister site. At 10% on buy-ins, the tournament rake is comparable to the industry average.

The $1 Million Windfalls (jackpot SNGs) tournament and the Sunday $150,000 guaranteed event ($109 buy-in) are notable tournaments that are offered here.

  1. Big welcome bonus
  2. Runs large tournaments on a regular basis
  3. High offshore online poker traffic
  4. Solid range of cash game stakes
  1. Limited poker promotions
  2. High cash game rake

Ignition Poker – Largest Bonus Available at Offshore Poker Sites

Ignition Casino was established in 2016 after assuming control of Bovada Poker, which had temporarily left the US market. It continued on to develop into one of the top offshore poker sites.

On the PaiWangLuo Network, Ignition can be found alongside Bovada and Bodog. PWL offers numerous full cash tables and receives more traffic from offshore players than any other US-friendly network.

Ignition ring games allow for anonymous play, shielding you from bounty hunters. To benefit, all you have to do is sit down at a secret table in the cash game lobby. Sadly, you must play for nothing. 05/$0. In Ignition ring games, 10 or higher.

Contrarily, the majority of offshore poker rooms accept $0. 01/$0. 02 money stakes Furthermore, you won’t be able to preview tables until you’ve put money down.

To end on a high note, Ignition Casino offers a great lineup of tournaments with generous payouts and weekly freerolls. The biggest tournaments offer up to $1 million in guaranteed prize pools.

  1. Huge welcome bonus
  2. Serious tournament action
  1. $.05/$.10 are lowest stakes
  2. Must deposit to check out poker lobby

Comparing the Best Offshore Poker Sites

You have already seen our list of the best offshore online poker rooms. In this section, we’ll compare these sites’ stakes, rake, live event qualifiers, and freerolls in more detail. We’ll also talk about each site’s network, which has a big impact on how much traffic there is for offshore online poker.

Are Offshore Poker Sites Legal in the US?

American online poker players don’t have access to many regulated options. That said, a common question among American gamblers is: do offshore poker sites accept US players? Many players also want to know if they can legally play at offshore online poker sites.

For the most part of the US, offshore poker is illegal. Most states don’t have a clear position on the legality of online poker. Although there are no regulated offshore poker sites, these operators are still at ease serving the majority of states.

You have the right to use these websites almost anywhere in America as a player. Only a few states, like Washington, specifically forbid online gambling. To stay in good standing, you must file tax returns with information about your annual profits (if applicable). If you follow these instructions, you are free to play at the top poker sites for US players.

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How We Choose the Best Offshore Online Poker Rooms

When it comes to ring games and tournaments, traffic is everything. Greater guaranteed prize pools and fuller cash tables result from more players. When looking for large tournaments and a wider selection of ring games, you should go to sites with a lot of traffic.

Bonus & Promotions

You probably envision yourself mastering the game of poker and amassing a substantial fortune in the future. Of course, whenever possible, you should take advantage of bonuses and promotions. The ideal scenario is for you to receive a sizable welcome bonus and then have access to ongoing promotions.

Safety & Security

Reputable offshore poker sites run secure apps/websites that are protected by high-level encryption technology. They’re also reasonable when handling customer complaints and being fair to players.

Based on their extensive track records, it is simple to determine whether long-standing operators are trustworthy. On the other hand, new poker sites need to demonstrate a lot before they can be completely trusted.

Payment Methods

The real money online poker market in the USA offers few banking options. However, any respectable poker room will offer a variety of choices.

The majority of offshore poker rooms accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Aside from Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency-friendly poker sites also accept Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, and XRP. Beyond cryptocurrencies, other options include bank transfers, credit cards, eWallets, and prepaid cards.

Customer Support

All legitimate offshore poker rooms offer friendly, knowledgeable support. Any offshore poker room that makes it to our list of top choices must excel in this regard.

How to Sign Up & Play at Offshore Poker Sites

Offshore poker accounts are relatively simple to open. The general steps for signing up and making a deposit at poker sites are listed below.

Choose a Top Offshore Poker Site

To start off with a positive experience, we strongly advise choosing one of the top offshore poker sites. As a resource for the best of the best, you can use our list of the top 6. If you enjoy placing bets at sportsbooks, you should pick a poker room that also takes bets on sporting events.

Download the Software or App (or Visit the Mobile Site)

You can play at any offshore poker site using a desktop computer or a smartphone. You must choose your preferred platform and follow your decision. Regarding mobile poker, the majority of offshore sites demand that you access their mobile site in order to play. Typically, these operators don’t provide apps for US players.

Select the Join/Sign Up Button

You can kick off the registration process by selecting the “Join” (Sign Up) button on the homepage. Doing so will lead you to a signup form.

Visit the Banking Section and Choose a Deposit Method

You can use offshore rooms as free poker sites within the USA for as long as you’d like. Once you’re ready to make a deposit, visit the cashier. Most offshore online poker sites take credit cards and cryptocurrencies. They may even accept a wire transfer and/or prepaid card.

Enter the Proper Bonus Code (Optional)

A great way to get going at a new site is with an offshore poker bonus. So that you can be eligible for a welcome offer, you should probably enter a bonus code. Some bonuses for online poker can be worth up to $1,000 or more.

Confirm your Transaction

The last step is to confirm your deposit amount. Once you have done this, all you have to do is wait for the funds to arrive before playing for real money.

The Best Bonuses at Offshore Poker Sites

Most offshore poker sites offer a welcome bonus to new depositors. Operators put their best foot forward with welcome deals to attract fresh players. You’ll commonly find offshore poker bonuses worth up to $1,000 or more.

Of course, size isn’t the only factor to consider. Each welcome offer comes with wagering requirements that must be met before cashing out. You normally need to earn a certain number of loyalty points to unlock portions of the bonus (e. $10 apiece). Ideally, you’ll find a bonus that doesn’t require as much play to earn the money.

No Deposit Bonuses

The only other time you can win free money in online poker is through no deposit bonuses. Although they’re not very common, they do exist at offshore poker rooms. Simply sign up to be eligible for these bonuses when they become available. For instance, you might receive $10 free when you sign up for an online poker room.

Terms and conditions for a poker no deposit bonus can be particularly strict. Online casinos don’t want you to be able to easily collect free money. Even so, with the right effort, you can convert these offers into money.

Match Bonuses

Deposits are matched by match bonuses up to a certain threshold. For instance, a poker website online might match your initial deposit up to $1,000 100% of the time. You are eligible for a $200 bonus if you make a $200 deposit as part of this offer.

The most typical kind of welcome bonus is a match bonus. It might also be accessible to current players as a reload bonus. Reload match bonuses are still valuable even though they typically aren’t as impressive as welcome offers.

Cash Games & Tournament Offerings

The top offshore poker rooms offer numerous full-ring games as well as sizable tournaments. In relation to the latter, full tables start at $0. 01/$0. By offshore standards, 02 to $5/$10 are excellent. Smaller operators, in contrast, typically only offer full games starting at $0. 01/$0. 02 to $0. 10/$0.

Online poker tournaments can be freezeouts, freerolls, re-buys, satellites, or knockouts. Freezeouts and re-buys with guaranteed prize pools usually constitute the biggest events.

We advise learning the distinctions between cash game and tournament strategy because switching from cash games to tourneys, and vice versa, requires a different approach.

Poker Variations at Offshore Poker Sites

The most effective online poker game to play for real money is typically Texas hold’em. The most people play this adaptation because it is so well-liked. However, many offshore operators offer additional variations in addition to hold’em.

The Best Payment Methods for Offshore Poker Sites

Playing at free poker sites for US players can be a lot of fun. But eventually, you might feel the urge to play at offshore poker rooms with real money. When doing so, you’ll have access to a variety of deposit options.

Credit cards are popular because they provide instant deposits, but some card-issuing banks sometimes reject online gambling-related transactions. Cryptocurrencies are a good workaround because they’re decentralized and don’t involve third-party banks. Other banking options available include gift cards, eWallets, and wire transfers.

Our three main deposit methods for online poker are as follows:

Offshore Poker Apps & Mobile Sites

Apps and/or mobile websites are available for all offshore poker rooms. However, the latter is much more typical in the USA. Since the US-facing Google Play or App Store does not allow for the distribution of apps, offshore operators cannot.

Some online poker sites may provide a real money poker android app on their website. But this scenario is an exception rather than commonplace. In most cases, you’ll play through an offshore poker room’s mobile site. You visit their website through an iPhone or Android to use this option.

Beyond Texas hold’em, Omaha, and the other variations discussed so far, online poker is a broad topic. Decentralized poker and house-banked video poker are also included. Here is a closer look at the various game iterations.

  1. Best poker sites – This entire page covers the offshore poker industry and top sites.
  2. Video poker – Video poker is a house-banked casino game that’s based on draw poker. Several video poker variations exist at offshore casinos.

BetOnline is our favorite offshore poker site. It has the perfect mix of heavy traffic, high-quality software, frequent tournaments, and reputability. The cash game rake is a little higher than Ignition (our #2), but it’s not enough to overshadow the good aspects.

In light of this, we strongly advise BetOnline over all other offshore poker sites. As a new player, you can register here and receive a 100% match bonus up to $1,000 (code NEWBOL).


You could consider things like flashy user interfaces and celebrity endorsements when looking for the best online poker room, but traffic should always come first.

The answer is straightforward: the more players there are in the casino, the more fish there will be at the tables. That’s good news for your bankroll, and playing is much more enjoyable when there aren’t always sharks around.

We list the top online poker rooms in the world right now in the guide below. You can always find a game at these casinos because they are extremely busy all the time. You might even be able to find a few players who are willing to throw some chips your way.

The Best Poker Sites

  1. Guaranteed tournaments each day
  2. No rakeback
  3. Hugely established site
  4. Big traffic numbers
  1. Lack of decent promotions
  2. V.I.P. program could be improved
  3. Licensing could be better

The Ignition brand has existed for a while longer, but Ignition Casino only launched in 2016. This top online poker site has grown over the past five years to become regarded as one of the biggest poker websites on the planet.

What’s inside?

Pretty much everything a real money poker fan could want.

It has one of the highest traffic volumes, so you can log in from any location in the world at any time of day to play poker online and participate in tournaments.

The site is more of a soft poker room than anything else, which means it’s ideal for recreational players although pro’s are welcome too.

Additionally, their Omaha High/Low, Omaha, and Texas Hold’em games have no rakeback.

In addition to real money poker games, Ignition accepts several different forms of payment, including Bitcoin. New poker players will receive a generous 100% welcome bonus match up to $1500.

EveryGame – Best Poker Loyalty Program

  1. Wide range of betting levels
  2. No deposit bonus
  3. Fast payouts
  4. Dedicated poker section
  1. Underwhelming welcome bonus
  2. Poor mobile client
  3. Occasional low traffic

Intertops provides a thorough, all-encompassing online casino experience. It has two distinct casino sections as well as a section solely for poker.

In our opinion, they stand out with their loyalty program where you can collect Frequent Player Points. During the week, Frequent Player Points accumulate and the players with the most points have the chance to win a share of the $4,000 prize pool.

Speaking of loyalty, once you reach level 10 there is no chance to drop back levels, and you have two months to hold onto your position for all lower levels, unlike other top poker sites online.

Intertops, on the other hand, provides a selection of betting levels for its poker games, such as 2 cent buy-ins and no limit action. Also welcomed are high rollers.

The casino welcome bonus is rather meager. But Intertops has a lot to offer even if all you want to do is play poker. Additionally, the website has been around since 1996, making it one of the most reliable casinos online.

BetOnline – Best Poker Site for Specialty Games

  1. Excellent variety of poker tournaments
  2. Great selection of specialty games
  3. Horse racing available
  1. 6% fee on some deposit options
  2. Some withdrawals can be slow
  3. High minimum payouts for some methods

In fact, you can play and enjoy quite a few specialty game titles in this casino that are rarely offered in other websites.

In contrast, BetOnline provides a variety of thrilling poker tournaments, such as the yearly Championship Online Poker Series, as well as open tournaments where anyone can participate and potentially win big. Every player is encouraged to recommend the tournaments they’d like to see more of.

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Americas Cardroom – Best Poker Room on Mobile

  1. American-themed poker site
  2. Millions up for grabs each week
  3. Excellent mobile app
  4. Globally established
  1. Unclear licensing provisions
  2. Dated software

America’s CardRoom claims to be the largest poker site around. It’s a bold assertion, and while it’s a US-themed poker site that’s one of the best poker sites for US players, it’s actually available in lots of countries outside the USA, too.

We believe its mobile app—which you don’t even have to download—is where it truly shines. Thanks to cutting-edge online poker software, you can play internet poker with the app whenever you want and from anywhere. The experience is just as good as it is on a desktop.

Speaking of playing whenever you want, Americas CardRoom offers well-attended tournaments with reasonable buy-ins and – as the site itself claims – there are $3,800,000 guaranteed to be won every week.

Who would like the 10% deposit fee that is added to credit card deposits? There is no question that America’s CardRoom deserves its reputation as one of the best online poker sites in the world if you’re playing with e-wallets or cryptocurrency, though.

Black Chip Poker – Best Online Poker Website for Tournaments

  1. Loads of daily tournaments
  2. High rollers welcome
  3. Dedicated mobile poker app
  4. Accepts crypto
  1. Allows HUDs
  2. Not casual friendly
  3. Design is a little tacky

It’s difficult to contest Black Chip Poker’s claim that it hosts the “biggest poker tournaments anywhere online” given the weekly schedule, which is so packed that tournaments begin practically every 30 minutes.

Black Chip Poker helpfully labels which tournaments are for high rollers only, and buy-ins vary, but both recreational players and high rollers are catered for.

Additionally, it is clear from the name of the casino site—Black Chip Poker—that poker is its main focus. For other casino games, there is a separate section, though.

Black Chip is ultimately a poker site, and all new users are promised a very sizable welcome bonus.

Juicy Stakes – Best Real Money Poker Site Rakeback

  1. 450+ games
  2. Reasonable buy-ins
  3. Market leading rakeback deal
  1. Low traffic
  2. Slow withdrawal times
  3. No phone support

You can switch back and forth between the online casino and the poker room at Juicy Stakes. The fact that it keeps its poker games apart from the rest of its table games, which number over 350, and makes switching between them very simple (plus, your accounts are linked), is something we like.

We also adored their industry-leading rakeback deal, which returns 36% of your weekly rake to your account.

However, because there is little activity for the higher-stake games, high rollers would be best served by going somewhere else. However, this is one of the best online poker rooms to do it if you’re a recreational player trying to increase your bankroll.

MBit Casino – Best Bitcoin Poker Site

  1. Progressive poker available
  2. 2000+ casino games
  3. Live dealer games
  4. Sleek design
  1. No fiat currencies
  2. No dedicated mobile app

A “crypto casino” is one that only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment methods, which is what mBit Casino is. These include Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

The payouts are quick, the withdrawal times are unbeatable, and there are no transaction fees, just like the majority of bitcoin casinos.

This is obviously more than just a cryptocurrency casino. Progressive poker games are available on mBit’s video poker platform, making them perfect for jackpot enthusiasts (you can also find a ton of jackpot online slots here).

On the other hand, no fiat money is accepted by mBit. However, if you only play poker online and only use cryptocurrency, you should definitely check out this poker room.

Red Dog Casino – Best Online Poker Site for Bonuses

  1. Generous welcome bonus
  2. Video poker available
  3. 225% welcome offer
  4. Crypto exclusive bonuses
  1. Relatively new
  2. Limited payment methods
  3. Lack of promotional variety

Red Dog Casino is still a fairly new online casino that was established in 2020. But don’t let this put you off – it’s fully licensed, safe and secure, and it offers a wealth of casino games and an excellent UX.

Additionally, it provides a variety of thrilling video poker variations, such as Aces & Eights, Loose Deuces, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Tri Card Poker, and All American Poker.

If you don’t mind giving a new casino site a whirl, there’s a generous 225% welcome offer waiting to be snapped up – and they’ll even give you an extra 20% if you deposit with crypto.

This gambling site also runs perfectly whether you’re on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. That said, one slight negative is that there is a smaller offering of payment methods compared to sites of similar stature.

Las Atlantis – Best Video Poker Site

  1. Huge first deposit match bonus
  2. Great slots bonuses
  3. Fully adaptive site
  4. Beautiful design
  1. Low max cash out
  2. High minimum payouts
  3. Could benefit from more bonuses

There aren’t many better than this sleek, user-friendly, and vibrant nautical-style casino when it comes to brand-new online casino sites, and it’s a pleasure to scroll through.

Naturally, site feel is meaningless without substance, and Las Atlantis rewards are available right away in the form of a 280% welcome package that can earn you up to $15,000 over several tiers.

With 35x wagering requirements and such a high bonus ceiling, we haven’t come across many websites with offers that are actually cashable with a little luck and persistence.

There are 17 different video poker variations available here, which is more than most top casinos. The 7 card stud version with bonus round trigger was our favorite.

Their fully optimized website functions flawlessly on desktop, mobile, and tablets, which is another plus.

However, the $150 minimum payout for some traditional deposit methods, like credit cards, and the $2500 maximum cash out, may deter some high rollers.

Cafe Casino – Best for Table Games

  1. Great selection of video poker games
  2. All-round online casino
  3. Progressive slots
  4. Excellent customer support options
  1. Geo-restrictive
  2. Not poker focused
  3. Poor design

Because it functions as a general online casino, Cafe Casino isn’t really recognized as a poker site. It’s on the list because of the different types of video poker it offers.

Here, you can play more than 250 games, including progressive slots, different blackjack games, and 8 different types of video poker, including Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, and Jacks or Better.

Along with numerous payment options, Cafe Casino also frequently offers bonuses and promotions.

If there is a disadvantage, it is that not as many countries have access to it as we would like (possibly this will change in the future). However, players can anticipate a top-notch online casino experience wherever it is offered.

Why We Chose Each Poker Site

Reputation – You can decide whether you can trust a casino with your money and personal information by looking at its reputation before you sign up. We made sure to look into each site’s legal status, customer reviews, traffic, and popularity.

Variety – Since everyone has a different favorite poker game, we only included poker sites that provide a wide selection of poker games.

Rake – We added the poker sites that perform well in this area because we are aware that rake is crucial if you want to make any money playing poker online.

Players and Traffic – Poker sites with a lot of traffic are more fun because there is more competition and a higher likelihood of winning big. Additionally, we looked for the top online poker rooms that let you play against players from other nations.

Bonuses – As a final step, we trimmed down our list to reflect the online poker rooms with the best VIP programs and regular poker bonuses and promotions.

Is Online Poker Legal?

Online poker is perfectly legal in some countries. Not all countries have yet legalized it, which is why it’s really important that you find out whether or not it’s legal in your country before you sign up to poker websites.

Additionally, the legality of online poker varies between states in some jurisdictions (this is particularly true in the USA, where some states have outlawed even the top online poker sites, like Utah).

Are Poker Websites Safe?

There are legitimate poker sites and shady poker sites, which is the issue. Consequently, some online poker sites are secure while others aren’t.

The good news is that there are many ways to tell reputable poker sites apart from shady ones. You can read reviews left by previous clients and look up the poker site’s license and date of establishment.

You can also find out who creates the games and what online poker software is used.

Are There Mobile Poker Apps?

There sure are. These days, many of the best poker rooms let you play real money poker on your mobile device. But while some have an actual app (such as America’s CardRoom) others let you access the site on your mobile browser.

Can I Use a Poker Bonus?

You can absolutely use a poker bonus as long as the particular poker site does (and all of the top ones do). Just make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions (and particularly the wagering requirements) before claiming any bonuses.

What Is Free Poker?

Free poker, which should not be confused with demo poker, allows you to play the game without risking any real money.

Finding poker sites that provide no deposit welcome bonuses or freeroll tournaments (often with small pool guarantees like $100) is the best way to play for real money for free.

You can then begin to increase your bankroll while attempting to play for as long as possible without spending any money.

How Do I Choose a Poker Website?

You can use a variety of factors to determine which poker website is best for you, starting with whether the casino site caters more to high rollers or recreational players. Then, consider the site’s tournaments, buy-ins, rake, and variety of poker games to see if it offers what you’re looking for.

Depending on your needs, you should also look into a site’s license, payment options, and other games (table games, live dealer games, etc.) besides poker.

Online poker is one of the best games you can play for real money, but it’s crucial that you join a site that works for you in order to maximize your enjoyment and effectively increase your bankroll.

There are many choices available, so joining more than one might be a good idea.

No matter which website you choose to register with, always gamble sensibly, stick to your spending plan, and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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