Kenneth Parks
Hello friends, my name is Kenneth Parks. I’m a professional casino player with 5+ years of experience. Won over $ 250,000.

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Kenya’s online lottery has one of the highest payouts in Africa, and is also very popular. With so many people playing it, you’re sure to win something! There are a total of six different types of games that they offer: Instant Win Games, Classic Draw Games, Lotto Plus Game, Kenolotto Games (Kenya’s version of EuroMillions), Kenonumzeti Games (Kenyan National Lottery) and Club Kenyatta.

The games are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can buy your ticket anytime you want! Not to mention that one of the benefits is that there’s no limit on how many tickets you purchase in each game, or for each draw. So if you really feel like it, go ahead and play five different Kenolotto Games with all their different numbers – what do you have to lose?

-Instant Win Games: These games are available only through the Mobile Lotttery platform. There are five different Instant Win Games, each with a different theme (i.e. Adventure, Farm Animals, Fantasy World).

-Classic Draw Games: These games are available only through the Mobile Lotttery platform. There is a total of ten different Classic Draw Games that you can play on these platforms. The six main ones include Keno (odds with this game are at least one in five), Bingo, Joker 25/36 and Raffle. Also included as part of this category are Instant Kenyans Millionaire Maker and Kenolotto Jackpot Game!

-Kenolotto Games: In these games there’s always a guaranteed jackpot! You have to choose from either five or seven numbers for each draw – if your number(s) come up during the random selection process then you win.

-Kenonumzeti Games: Same rules apply for this game as the other one, except that you have to choose from six numbers instead of five or seven. This is Kenya’s version of EuroMillions! The jackpot has been known to get up to over Ksh 500 Million (that’s half a billion shillings)! You can expect at least one winner per draw.

-Club Kenyatta Game: With Club Kenyatta every month there are two guaranteed winners who will both receive prizes worth Ksh 100,000 each. If your card number matches with any of the three cards drawn during the selection process then you could be an instant winner! There are also quarterly draws where all members stand a chance to win.

-Kenolotto Extra Games: These are additional games that Kenolotto has added recently for its players! There’s the Instant Win Lucky Dip, where you get a free ticket every day after 12pm – this is available on both desktops and mobiles. You can also play KENO EXTRA with your daily free tickets or through purchasing extra ones at an affordable cost of just five shillings per ticket (that’s about 50 US cents). The other game they offer is the two player mode, which costs ten Kenya shillings (about one dollar) each time. This gives you more chances to win big!

They say there is a big win in everyone’s future, but for this Kenyan man, it didn’t take long to come true. He won the lottery on his first try!

Kenneth Mbugua had just left work when he decided to buy some tickets online through Kenya’s Lotto game website. As luck would have it, one of those six numbers matched up with five of the winning numbers drawn that day. Mr. Mbugua ended up walking away with KES 11 million (approximately $113 000 CAD) after taxes were taken out and splitting the prize money with other winners who also had number combinations matching what was pulled at random by their system. Now you can see why many people are trying to play the online lottery in Kenya.

Thank you for your time! Have a great day!

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