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One of the first American companies to create casino games is Barcrest (Scientific Games), which the majority of players associate with slot machines. Barcrest also creates table games, and these are just as enjoyable as its slot machines. One of those games is Key Bet roulette, which gets its name from the fact that it offers additional betting options, one of which is aptly named “key” and offers the chance to win up to 50 times your wager.

The Key Bet roulette free play feature is supported because it’s an RNG game. In other words, you can play the Key Bet roulette demo version for free to get a feel for how it plays. Continue reading for more information on this fascinating roulette variation created by Barcrest, which is currently owned by Scientific Games, if you’d like.

Characteristics and Features

Because the rules are exactly the same, if you know how to play European roulette, you are prepared to play this game as well. There is, however, one significant distinction: there are 38 pockets on the wheel, not 37. This is due to a unique bonus bet called “key” that uses one of the pockets. Along with other bets, you can place chips for this one as well. This is merely an option and not required. But if you want to try your luck with the big wager:

  • You can place any chip you want on the key bet option on the table.
  • If the ball rests on the “key bet” pocket on the wheel, a mini-game starts.
  • In this game, you are asked to spin a wheel consisting of 12 segments. One of the segments has “pot” written on it. Others have multiplier values ​​ranging from 20x to 50x.
  • If the ball lands on one of the multiplier values, your bet is multiplied by that number. For example, if you wager 20 CAD for the key bet and the result is 50x, you win 1,000 CAD (20 x 50)
  • If the ball lands above the “pot” segment, you win 100x your bet.
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In other words, Key Bet Roulette is actually a bonus bet and multiplier payouts version of European roulette. There is no dealer because it is a RNG game. The betting range can appeal to a variety of players; the game’s bet limits are listed below.

Key Bet Roulette by Barcrest

It’s nice to change things up a bit with Keybet Roulette. One of SG Interactive’s best games, this version offers you a ton of great features, including a bonus bet to spice up your routine gameplay with something fresh and worthwhile. The gameplay is simple and engaging from the get-go, and the graphics are top notch.

Since many British players enjoy the game, it should be clear that depositing money in GBP will not be a problem. The game is very accomplished and will quickly become one of your favorite roulette games at any online casino thanks to its fantastic audio, visuals, and gameplay.

In relation to the wheel, it has a unique twist that we will explore shortly. Let’s find out more about Key Bet Roulette!

Key Bet Roulette Features

Key Bet Roulette appears to be very similar to European Roulette at first glance, but there is a twist.

  • The single zero pocket is supplemented by another yellow pocket referred to as the Key Bet position. This pocket is tied into a special bonus round that will help you access different winning conditions.
  • The overall house edge of the game isn’t that bad as well, and you will stand to benefit from an average 94.74% RTP.
  • The special feature here is the side bet which allows you to bet on a random amount that will be displayed once you put your bet on the yellow field of the table, which is allocated to this type of wager.
  • The bet itself pays a multiplier or a pot. There is no way to know how much and if the side bet will pay, but if it does, you could, in theory, win 100 times the size of your bet. However, the good news is that the minimum amount you can win will start at 20 times your bet size.

Once every wager has been locked, you can begin spinning. Remember that you cannot place a “split” bet on the table by using one chip to lock in both the yellow bet and the ones next to it. The wager in yellow stands alone. Uncertain of its operation? Try a Key Bet Roulette practice game.