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The Lebanese National Lottery is the only lottery in Lebanon. It was founded on September 9, 1959, by a decree issued by then-President Camille Chamoun and has been operating since May 1960.

This article will discuss how to buy tickets for the Lebanese National Lottery online.

Online lottery buying sites are not standardized or regulated, so there is no single place where you can check all of them. You need to do your research before choosing one that you feel comfortable using. Be sure they provide secure transactions and have good customer service when issues arise (such as invalid winning numbers). The more information provided about each site, such as their policies and procedures, limits of liability, etc., the better informed you’ll be in making an educated decision.

The Lebanese National Lottery is the only lottery in Lebanon and has been operating since May 1960. There are no other legitimate online lotteries available to play in Lebanon, so using an unregulated site can be risky for your money because there’s no way of knowing if you will receive a payout when you win or even whether they’ll payout at all!

Lebanon has a national lottery that is played once a week. It runs from Monday evening to Thursday night and people can buy tickets online or at any of the authorized stores/agents around Lebanon. The National Lottery in Lebanon is under strict supervision by the LBCI, which also manages its rules and regulations through an independent body called “The Lebanese Syndicate for Managing Games” (LSMG).

In December 2016, Parliament passed amendments to amend article 79a on gambling which allowed casinos to open up in Lebanon with special licenses. Article 79A specifies that each draw must have two draws per month being held on Mondays and Thursdays.

The National Lottery of Lebanon is a new and exciting way to get in on the action. Players can enjoy instant win games, draw-based lottery games such as lotto, Keno, and Scratch Cards online from home or at their local retailer for any kind of big jackpot prize imaginable!

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