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Libya has finally legalized the online lottery! This is a huge milestone for the country and its citizens. For many Libyans, this was the only way to play the lottery and now they can do so legally with peace of mind! The new system will be managed by a Libyan-owned company called Libya National Lottery Company (LNLC). There are still restrictions on how much you can spend per day but there are no longer any limits on how much people can win each day or month. This is a great step for the country and we are excited to see how it works out in practice!

The first online lottery site established in Africa in 1999 comes up with an exciting way to win big!

-There are 12 million registered players in the first week of launching.

-Over 300 ways to win! The minimum guaranteed jackpot is LYD 100,000 ($70). There’s also a top prize of LYD 50 million ($35K) up for grabs every day.

We just launched an online lottery in Libya! Get your tickets now at

You can play our daily lucky draw game with only a $0.75 ticket price or you can choose one of four lotto games to play at LYD 0.50 per ticket.

-Our daily lucky draw game is a great option for people who want easy access to instant cash prizes without spending too much money! Start playing today and win big in no time!

This is your chance to experience all that Africa’s best online lottery has to offer – sign up now at! Try our new weekly lotto games: Super Six or Dream Draw, we’ve got everything covered from Monday till Sunday!

Libya’s first legal online lottery has been launched. The private company that runs the contest, Lucky Stars Company for Electronic and Interactive Games, says its product is a way to restore some of Libya’s battered self-esteem after decades of dictatorship. One winner from each round will win one million Libyan dinars ($800,000) – making it Libya’s biggest ever prize at this stage.

One lotto ticket will cost you 100 Libyan dinars (about 70 US dollars). The draw takes place weekly, with ten winners sharing an initial prize pot worth more than 40 million Libyan dinars (more than 30 thousand USD).

Libya’s First Legal Online Lottery!

A new online lottery is expected to launch in Libya, offering players the chance to win $100 million every week. The country has had an unregulated version of a national lottery since 2011 when Gaddafi was ousted from power and killed by rebels. Since then, many people have been trying their luck with illegal lotteries and even playing overseas through international websites such as Lottoland or Gibraltar-based LottoGib.

Lottery operator GTECH has partnered with Libyan Investment Authority, an investment fund set up by the country’s transitional government. The lottery will be run from Malta and is expected to launch within six months.

The new lottery offers players a choice of 11 different games for between $0.50-$15 each depending on their budget, including popular combinations such as Lucky 31, Quick Pick/Lucky 63, or special jackpots like Mega Millions’ Rolldown option that allows winners to take home all cash prizes above them in the prize tier ladder.

“We are hoping there might even be some millionaires out there!” said Melvyn Gauci-Casimiro, managing director at Gtech Lottos. “With our online platform, we can offer any game that can be played by other lotteries in the world. We are very excited about offering Libyans this opportunity.”

The lottery is expected to generate $20 million each year for local charities, including medical treatment and education. “It’s a win-win situation,” said Gauci-Casimiro.

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