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It should come as no surprise that software developers try to add twists and extra features to roulette, one of the most played online table games, in order to keep players interested and playing for longer.

A collection of table games by WMS/Barcrest includes Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, which was preceded by Monopoly Roulette Tycoon. The popular Monopoly board game is incorporated into both games, which are based on a European roulette wheel, increasing the number of betting options available to the player. There is a bonus game available in addition to more betting options, like the French bet “racetrack.”

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties (Barcrest)

Game info

The betting table will be the first thing you see when the game loads. There are no chips in this game because every denomination of chip is equivalent to Monopoly money. The values given are 0.01 and 0.02. 0.05, 0.20, 1.00, 5.00, 20.00, 100.00 and 500.00. The roulette wheel has 38 pockets, including a single zero, the numbers 1 through 36, and an additional space that will start the bonus game. The screen will change to display the spinning wheel to the left and the betting table to the right after you have placed your bets and pressed the spin button. Once the winning outcome has been determined by the wheel, you can choose to place another wager or come back to the table. Now, to start the bonus game, you must bet in the “HOT” section of the betting table, and the ball must then land in the “HOT” bonus section of the roulette wheel, which is the yellow pocket. Long periods of spinning may pass before you activate this feature, but it will be worthwhile when you do. Your starting bet determines how much you can win in this bonus game. You can choose five of the 18 Monopoly cards that are displayed on the screen during the bonus game. You will be given an offer for the price of your properties, which you can accept or reject. When you accept, the bonus game is over and your balance is adjusted to reflect the accepted offer. When you select “Chance,” you are gambling to win more while selecting fewer cards each round. You will be required to accept the final property offer if you proceed to the final round.

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Betting table

The betting options on the wheel are standard European bets: Straight up – 36x win; Split – 18x win; Street – 12x win; Corner – 9x win; Six line – 6x win; Dozen – 3x win; Column – 3x win; 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – 2x win; Odd or even – 2x win; Red or black – 2x win. Voisins, Tiers and Orphelis are also betting options offered in the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties game.

Monopoly RTP

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 94.7% for classic roulette and 95.47% for Hot Properties.

Easy bets

You have the same chance of hitting the bonus as you do of hitting a straight up win thanks to the 38 pockets on the wheel. The bonus may require a large number of wagers, and the player must keep the bonus in mind as they play. Where there is a financial guarantee is in the bonus game.

Mobile friendly

You can enjoy Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties on your mobile or tablet with no apps or downloads required.

US play

US players can enjoy the thrilling action of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties.

Worth the hype?

You have more betting options in Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, which increases your chances of winning. The interface and graphics are excellent, and the available options make it very simple to place bets. After the roulette wheel has spun, a status bar will appear with the previous winning numbers and betting options, including the ability to repeat, double up, or return to the betting table to adjust your bets. You must first get your ball to land in that bonus pocket in order to play the bonus game, which increases excitement and your chances of winning money.


Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties by SG Interactive

Roulette was a straightforward game with basic rules before the advent of the internet. There were three variations of the game: French roulette, another single-zero game with special call bets that grouped numbers according to their position on the wheel; European roulette, which had a single zero; and American roulette, which had double zeros. This provided the ardent gambler with more than enough dulcet pleasure and strategic options for the more intelligent ones.

These same offerings were available when the first online casinos first appeared. But as the market expanded and a boundless, global customer base was acquired, the competition grew fierce. Innovation was clearly needed. The evolution of brand-new roulette games also arrived at that time. Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties was the result of this creative flood.

How to Play Monopoly Roulette Online

This game clearly differs from classic roulette. Its incorporation of the original, sage-green Monopoly board is obvious and was created by WMS, a division of the renowned Scientific Games Corp. Same background, same font, same bills of money, same Uncle Pennybags mascot.

Roulette Monopoly is generally played in the same way as regular roulette. All of the original betting options are still available, and the layout of the wheel and table are almost identical. On the wheel and table, there is, however, one additional space.

The extra wheel space is designated “HOT” and is highlighted in gold. It replaces what the double zero (00) in American roulette would be. Theoretically, you can anticipate a 94.74% return to player (RTP) as a result. 5.26% house edge).

The fact that European roulette has a 97.3% RTP and a 2.7% house edge should be enough to halt the strategic player in their tracks. But some players might be persuaded to try it anyway—at least for fun—by the intrigue of the Hot Properties Bonus.

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties Bonus

That HOT spot on the wheel corresponds with the extra ‘Hot Properties‘ section on the Monopoly Roulette table. Placing a bet here on the off-hand chance (1 in 38, to be precise) that the ball lands in this slot is the only way to trigger the Hot Properties Bonus game.


In all actuality, this bonus resembles the game Deal or No Deal, save for the notable absence of a million-dollar prize and the use of Monopoly property cards in place of silver suitcases. To begin, there are 18 cards. A number of the cards you choose will be revealed one at a time and discarded. Then, based on the total value and quantity of unsold cards, you receive an offer. Rejecting the offer causes the property cards to shrink even further.

The process is repeated until either the player accepts an offer or there are only 2 properties left. The player now has to decide which last card to take out of play. The prize is equal to the value of the final card.

It’s an exciting bonus, and one that makes playing Monopoly Roulette online an exciting experience. However, being an advocate of higher RTPs, I would never suggest playing American roulette. Therefore, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend playing Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties for real money. Take it for a practice spin, but don’t waste your hard earned cash on this one.

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