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According to the statistics, credit and debit cards are the most popular methods of payment for online lotteries among New Zealanders. Because of this, almost all lottery websites offer Visa, MasterCard, and other payment processors. Additionally, a wide variety of electronic wallets are available on the platforms, and some websites even accept prepaid vouchers.

Here is a list of the payment options in New Zealand!

Lottery siteAccepts Debit and Credit CardsAccepts E-walletsAccepts Prepaid VouchersTheLotter✔️✔️✔️LottoAgent✔️✔️✔️WinTrillions✔️✔️❌LotoSmile✔️✔️✔️Lotto247✔️✔️✔️PlayHugeLottos✔️✔️❌LottoGo✔️✔️❌Jackpot. com✔️✔️✔️LottoKings✔️✔️❌LottoLand✔️✔️❌

You’ve come to the right place if you want to play lottery games online in New Zealand but don’t know where to begin. You’ll receive an extensive introduction from this lotto online NZ guide.

We’ll show you how to choose the best lotto sites to play on, whether you want to play the national lottery online, take part in a few instant games at an online casino, or participate in an international lottery.

We’ll examine the various methods by which Kiwis can purchase lotto tickets online. We’ll also provide you with some advice on how to play responsibly and how to maximize your chances.

In this guide, you will find a whole range of useful information that will come in handy for your future online lotto play. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Are you looking for the best lottery websites that accept players from New Zealand? You’ve arrived at the proper location. These are the top lotteries for Kiwis, and the prizes are substantial! You can now choose one of these top casino websites, register, use the bonus offers, and begin purchasing lottery tickets.

Now is the ideal time to decide whether to try your luck at the NZ lotto website. You can register at any of the gambling websites that are suggested, review the terms and conditions, and play to win. New Zealanders can now select from our list of online lottery sites for September 2022:

  1. LeoVegas Casino – Big Selection of Online Lotteries
  2. Wildz Casino – The Best Lotto Site for NZ Players
  3. Playerz Casino – One of the Newest Lottery Sites
  4. Slotnite Casino – Games from Top Software Providers
  5. Dream Vegas Casino – Win Money in Online Lottery

Up-to-date winning numbers and rules for the New Zealand lottery. Discover all the details you require regarding lotteries in New Zealand. If you won the jackpot, check your ticket or look up previous drawings.

Winning Numbers for New Zealand

World Lotteries


Main Draw

In light of allegations that they are not doing enough to prevent minors from purchasing lottery products and despite growing global concern about responsible gaming, New Zealand officials are coming under fire.

Products for New Zealand Lotto are on display in a kiosk. The industry is likely to undergo changes as a result of the revelation that children as young as seven have purchased tickets. (Illustration: Retail Dimension

In New Zealand, lottery tickets can be purchased by children as young as seven. There are many gambling options, including Keno, Bullseye, and others. With Instant Kiwi being the lone exception, the minimum age is 18. The minimum age almost everywhere else in the world is 18. One exception is Australia, which permits 16-year-olds to purchase specific gambling products.

Around 900 Pasifika 9-year-old children’s gambling habits were the main focus of the study. It was discovered that 7% of them had at some point bought a ticket for the New Zealand Lotto drawing. Gambling before the age of 13 has been linked to an increased risk of developing a gambling problem.

Lotto Online NZ Apps

More and more people are choosing to play games and the lottery on their mobile phones in the modern era. In light of this, you’ll need to understand how to purchase lottery tickets online through a mobile website.

The lottery industry, thankfully, is right there with you and has made it very simple for you to purchase any lottery tickets you desire via your mobile device.

You can actually purchase lottery tickets in a variety of ways. To begin with, downloading the official Lotto NZ app is your best option if you want to play the New Zealand lottery while you’re on the go.

You can use this to log into your Lotto account and purchase tickets by setting up subscriptions.

Even some virtual lottery draws can be watched, and you can take your winnings. There are other apps you can use to play games on the Online Kiwi or check your tickets to see if you’ve won!

However, keep in mind that even though you can purchase a variety of different lotto subscriptions, you can only create one account on the app.

There are a few other NZ lotto apps that provide comparable features, such as the ability to quickly withdraw money and the ability to get jackpot reminders sent straight to your phone.

Some of these apps, like Lottery HUB and the New Zealand Lotto Results, provide this and more.

Even those that are based abroad and provide some of the larger global lottery options will typically have an app available. Some websites, however, might not actually have a mobile app in place.

If that is the case, there is no need to be concerned because the majority of online lotto sites will have made sure that their websites are fully optimized for mobile devices.

This means that even without an app, you can still purchase tickets online.

These sites will have a corresponding browser version so that you can log in to your account via either method and be able to buy tickets or check numbers whenever and wherever you want.

But just like choosing a regular lottery website, be sure to pick a trustworthy mobile lottery website.

You can find the best mobile lotto sites right here because our team of experts did a ton of research in this area.

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What Is the Best Online Lottery in New Zealand?

How do I pick the top New Zealand lotto websites? This is a long and intricate process. Based on a number of factors, we rank our top-rated lotto NZ online operators. The best lottery websites in New Zealand give users a fantastic gaming experience overall. They perform well on all of our criteria, as expected.

We start by checking the operators’ legitimacy. The first thing you should look at when selecting your preferred online lottery site is this, in the end. All of the lotto NZ online providers we suggest are fully legal. Players from New Zealand can play there with confidence and safety.

Millions of dollars in cash are up for grabs in each of the aforementioned games, making them all incredibly alluring. The convenience of playing their favorite NZ lotto games while on the go is preferred by many players these days, as is widely known. This is why the best lotto apps in New Zealand are available on our list of recommended online lottery sites.

How to Play Lotto in New Zealand Online

In just a few easy steps, as described below, you can learn how to play lotto NZ online.

  1. Time Needed: 00:20
  2. Tools Needed: Laptop or Mobile
  3. Software Needed: Email

Locate a Reliable Lotto NZ Website

Examine the New Zealand lottery sites that are offered before selecting a fully licensed provider. The next step is for you to register on the website.

Decide on a lottery game.

Look into the lottery games available to New Zealanders. Pick the games you want to purchase tickets for, such as Lotto 6/40, Mega Millions, and EuroJackpot.

Make your initial investment

Next, you should make a real-money deposit at your preferred New Zealander online lottery site by using one of the available deposit payment methods.

Monitor the Lottery Results

Keep an eye out for the results of the lottery draw. Jackpot winners are typically announced at the initially specified times on the lotto NZ online sites.

Online Prize Claiming

Prizes from New Zealand’s online lotteries may need to be picked up locally or transferred directly into your account.

Best online lotto sites NZ

There are no lottery taxes owed if you reside in New Zealand. Non-residents are not subject to any lottery taxes in the nation either. However, you might need to find out if winning the lottery is taxable in your home nation. Our lottery tax guide provides a summary of the various rates.

It should also be noted that popular lotteries like US Powerball frequently promote pre-taxed jackpots. If you win a big prize, be prepared for the fact that your actual winnings will be somewhat less. The good news is that with smaller sums, that’s typically not the case, so for small prizes, you get to keep the entire amount.

Lotto Rules in NZ

Everywhere you play the lottery, the rules are the same. To play legally, you must be at least the required age, and you should only use authorized retailers and websites. The laws permit New Zealand lottery players to visit websites operated by foreign lotteries and buy tickets for those lotteries.

There is also a national lottery in New Zealand. The prizes can be increased by adding a Powerball number (1/10) to the 6/40 concept. A Strike reward can also be earned by correctly predicting the first four numbers drawn.

The Best Lotto Online NZ Sites for Players in October 2022

Lotto New Zealand SiteOnline Lottery BonusAll LotteriesAll WinnersMobile LottoSite RatingSecure NZ LinkSecure NZ Link

Lotteries are among the most played games worldwide, and especially in New Zealand. Given that lottery games offer incredibly alluring, lucrative prizes and certain good times, this is not a surprise. Do you wish to participate in New Zealand’s online lottery? You can play lotto NZ online at the top sites listed in this guide.

The top online lottery NZ jackpots will be discussed and evaluated. They range from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in the US and NZ. We’ll provide you with some helpful advice on how to choose reputable lottery websites and how to purchase a lotto ticket online in New Zealand. Make sure to read the information below if you want to play lotto online in New Zealand.

Lotto FAQ

In New Zealand, is playing online Lotto legal?

Online gambling is indeed permitted in New Zealand. Additionally, a lot of online gambling sites allow New Zealanders to participate in lotto games.

What age must a player be to play online lottery in New Zealand?

If a player in New Zealand is at least 18 years old, they can play real money lotto games on websites that offer gambling.

Which lotteries can I play in New Zealand?

The widely played national lottery game is Lotto 6/40. Kiwis can also participate in the Strike game or the Powerball game for a chance at an even larger jackpot. Online Instant Win games and international lotteries are also accessible.

I want to buy lottery tickets.

These days it is easy to buy lotto tickets online. Just create and fund your account on any properly licensed lottery site and choose your numbers or buy a lucky dip ticket.

Can I play the EuroMillions from NZ?

Yes. There are online stores where you can purchase tickets for numerous global lotteries. The website serves as your proxy, secures the tickets, and distributes any winnings following the draw.

Can I get a lottery ticket?

Lotteries are a form of gambling. You can never be certain that you will succeed. Because there are only 40 numbers in the pool, Lotto 6/40 offers better odds than other National lotteries. You should, however, always play responsibly and never place bets that you cannot afford to lose.

How soon can I redeem my winning lottery ticket?

You have a year in New Zealand to claim your winning lottery ticket.

How soon will I receive payment for my winnings?

If you choose to receive your winnings through a bank transfer to your bank account, it may take up to 5 working days. It may take up to 24 hours for your winnings to arrive in an eWallet like Neteller or PayPal. Keep in mind, though, that this happens after your winnings have been authorized. The length of time depends on the lottery you played because they are all from different regions of the world and have different time restrictions and rules.

The best mobile lotto app in New Zealand is

Top Mobile Lotto App in New Zealand

  1. Offer:
  2. Available Lotteries:
  3. Syndicates:
  4. Easy Cash Outs:

Payment Options – Deposits & Withdrawals

The range of payment options is another essential element in determining players’ satisfaction. A wide range of secure deposit and withdrawal payment options are provided by all reliable lotto NZ online sites. They typically combine more established ones, like debit cards and bank transfers, with cutting-edge ones, like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Check out the list of the most used payment options at the top New Zealand-based online lottery sites.

  1. Visa Debit
  2. Mastercard
  3. Maestro
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Neteller
  6. PayPal
  7. Skrill
  8. Paysafecard
  9. Trustly
  10. AstroPay

N Z$ and US$ are the two most prevalent currencies that New Zealand players will encounter. Review the various lotto games and the currencies associated with the prizes they offer in-depth. Be cautious when selecting your preferred payment method. It ought to meet your requirements and expectations.

Remember that the processing times for transactions vary depending on the chosen payment method. They can range from a day to a few business days. E-wallets are typically the fastest, while bank transfers are typically the slowest. The minimum deposit amounts and transaction fees for different payment methods also differ.

More Gambling in New Zealand

Lottery games are by no means the only types of online gambling that New Zealand players have access to. Some of the best online casinos in New Zealand also offer additional casino games, such as roulette, poker, slots, live casino games, and more. Some of the operators that are offered in the nation (for instance, LeoVegas and 888casino) are among the most well-known names in the world.

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Lotto winners NZ

Since the lottery is a game of pure luck, anyone can win; as long as you have a ticket, you have an equal chance of winning the jackpot.

There have been several lottery winners in New Zealand, and each of them has a unique account of how they won.

Winning the lottery has changed more than a few lives, from insomnia to splurging on a highly desired item.

But keep in mind that it’s not just about winning the jackpot. Even on the smaller wins, you can accrue sizable winnings.

Let’s not forget the communities, who gain from these lotteries even if they don’t participate. When it comes to playing NZ Lotto, this national lottery additionally supports underfunded regional initiatives and projects.

Actually, all Lotto winnings go toward this cause, which has already received support from more than 3000 different organizations.

Additionally, if you succeed, you are urged to help others.

It can be done in a variety of ways, such as by making a one-time donation to a worthy cause, supporting a student’s education, or even clearing someone else’s mortgage.

At the end of the day, more than one person can be a winner at lotto in NZ.

Shocking Revelations

As a result of the lack of an age restriction in the country, Bellinger noted that almost anyone can purchase a Lotto ticket there. She emphasized that while most people participate without any problems, it is different when children are allowed to gamble.

Andree Froude, a representative for the Problem Gambling Foundation, said: “I was absolutely astounded that a 7-year-old, or 10-year-old, could walk into a Lotto outlet and purchase a Lotto ticket.

Allowing them to purchase a ticket, in her opinion, goes too far in normalizing the behavior from an early age. Additionally, it doesn’t promote responsibility or an understanding of the gambling component of the lottery.

What is a lottery?

Throughout history, people have enjoyed playing lotteries. A situation whose outcome is determined by chance is known as a lottery. Lotteries are games that use numbers.

Players purchase tickets with a predetermined set of those numbers, typically 6 out of a pool of numbers, say, 1 to 50.

When six numbers are drawn at random from that main pool, the winning ticket is the one whose numbers match all of them.

Such lotteries have existed for centuries. Even the Great Wall of China is said to have been built with funds raised through lotteries!

Given that you can now play lotto online, getting involved is now even simpler.

The principle is still the same, whether you buy paper tickets from a store or virtual tickets online.

As you wait for the lottery draw, you choose a set of numbers. Different winning tiers may exist depending on the game.

The jackpot is typically won by matching all of the numbers on your ticket, but there are smaller rewards for matching fewer numbers.

How many numbers make a win?

In general, you must choose six numbers ranging from 1 to 40 if you want to win the lottery in New Zealand.

Depending on how many numbers you match, you can win a variety of prizes. You must match every one of the six numbers on just one line in order to win the top prize.

The amount you win decreases as you match fewer numbers, with matching just two numbers awarding the lowest prize.

However, the size of these prizes varies depending on the game, and you might have to match a larger minimum set of numbers in order to win any kind of prize.

For instance, in order to win any kind of prize in the NZ Powerball, at least 4 balls must match.

The National lottery games

In New Zealand, lottery games are very well-liked. First, there is the National Lottery, which offers three different games.

The Lotto 6/40, Powerball, and Strike games fall under this category. Historically, paper tickets were purchased from stores, but thanks to technological advancements, this is no longer the case.

So let’s examine how to purchase lotto online and its benefits.

Lotto 6/40 is played every week, and buying lotto online is very simple. Six numbers plus one bonus number are chosen at random when the lottery is drawn.

Simply create a line on your ticket with any six numbers between 1 and 40 to play. You will win the grand prize if your six numbers match the six that were chosen at random in the draw.

There are seven different prize divisions, so even if you match fewer than six numbers, you can still win. Division 7 is won with just 3 of your 6 numbers matching.

You must add an additional number between 1 and 10 to your Lotto line in order to play the Powerball. You must select your numbers for the Strike game so that they coincide with the first four Lotto 6/40 numbers drawn.

Playing Lotto 6/40 online is easy. Simply head over to the official mylotto. nz site. You will need to create an account and select your preferred payment method.

A one-stop shop for all national lottery games, the website. You can purchase tickets, participate in additional instant games, and read the most recent lottery news.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about checking your tickets because you will be informed instantly if you win.

On this website, there are three ways to play lotto online New Zealand. Using the number selector, you can choose your own numbers.

You must wager a minimum of 4 lines at a cost of NZ$2, with each line costing 70 cents. 80 altogether.

If you want to add a Powerball number then each line plus bonus ball will cost you NZ$1. Adding a Strike line will cost another NZ$1.

Purchasing a “Dip” is an even quicker and simpler way to purchase lottery tickets online. You are given a random selection of numbers in this case.

You have the option of purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket just for the Lotto 6/40. To play the Powerball as well, select a Power Dip ticket.

To play the Lotto, Powerball, and Strike games, you could also go all out and buy a Triple Dip ticket!

Popular Lotto Questions

Check out the section below if you still have any questions about playing NZ lotto online. The most frequent queries from other players are listed below. To provide you with more information about the NZ lottery online, we have provided succinct responses. As a result, you’ll proceed cautiously when playing your favorite lotto games.

⚖️ Is online lotto NZ legitimate?

Online lotto NZ is legitimate, yes. The official gambling regulatory authorities in the nation have granted licenses to and strictly regulated all of the websites for the legal New Zealand lottery. Players must be at least 18 years old in order to access and play online lotto.

✔️ How to check lotto tickets online in NZ?

The process of checking whether your ticket is a winner is quite easy. All you have to do is to just log in at one of the best NZ online lottery sites and check your results. Usually, there’s a separate tab where you can enter your lotto numbers and see if you’re the next millionaire!

📱 Is there a lotto NZ app available?

The best online lotto NZ sites are completely mobile-friendly. Any Android or iOS mobile device can be used to access players’ favorite lotto games, which offer excellent quality and gameplay features. While some gaming websites can be accessed directly through your browser, others provide a specific New Zealand lotto app.

🏆 How can I play lotto online NZ games?

Numerous online lotto NZ game variations exist. They have a variety of appealing gameplay elements that are appropriate for all types of players. In terms of players’ preferences, hardly any of them differ. Overall, New Zealand lottery players favor the most well-liked and well-known online lotto games.

💲 How can I buy tickets at NZ online lottery sites?

You will also have the chance to learn more, which you can then put to use when you decide to play for real money. Additionally, if you enjoy sports and are a fan, you can look at the top sports betting websites in New Zealand. And if you prefer to take risks and are more of a daredevil, one of our featured high roller casinos in New Zealand or a few of the local daily fantasy sports sites are the places for you.

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  2. Top Live New Zealand Casinos
  3. Best Betting Sites in New Zealand
  4. Best High Roller Sites in NZ
  5. Best Roulette Sites in NZ
  6. Top Bitcoin Sites in New Zealand
  7. Best Blackjack Sites in NZ
  8. Top NZ Daily Fantasy Sites
  9. Best Slots Sites in New Zealand
  10. Top Poker Sites in New Zealand
  11. Best Gambling Sites in New Zealand
  12. Best NZ Casino Bonuses
  13. NZ Online Bingo Sites

Most Popular Lottery Jackpots in NZ

There is no denying that the lottery is favored by many players due to its straightforward rules. The large jackpots that can be won at NZ online lottery sites, however, are what matter the most to players. People love lotto and are eager to play for precisely this reason. Even better is playing lotto online because you can immediately test your luck. However, there are various types of players, which is why there are various lotto game types. Some have greater appeal than others. Here, we’ve chosen the most well-liked online lottery games in New Zealand. They have appealing gameplay elements and various jackpot draws.

Mega Millions

One of the most well-liked lotto jackpot games that many players favor is Mega Millions. Played in 44 states, it is an American lottery. On Mega Millions, a $1 jackpot was registered as the largest. 2018: 537 billion. In 2002, there was the first Mega Millions draw.


It was first established in 2004 and is a lottery in Europe. The Euro Millions minimum jackpot is €17 million. The largest jackpot ever recorded was €190 million in 2014. Every Tuesday and Friday, there are Euro Million draws.

As you might expect, the huge jackpots offered by these well-liked NZ lotto online games are a big reason why they are so popular. But aside from that, they also provide excellent winning odds, comparable to those of the top bingo sites in New Zealand. This implies that if they are lucky enough, players can still achieve respectable winnings. You are aware that in order to win the jackpot, you must correctly predict the subsequent numbers. However, if the lottery game’s odds are high, guessing even a few of the numbers can still ensure a significant payout. For this reason, it’s crucial to choose the top games at New Zealand lottery websites.

What Is the Best Online Lottery in New Zealand?

You can find both in our guide, regardless of whether you’re looking for the top New Zealand lotto app or a dependable desktop version. But how did we assess the best locations in New Zealand for million-dollar draws? To put it mildly, a thorough analysis was required, and we built it using very strict standards. One of them was safety, which we regard as essential and shouldn’t be in any way compromised.

The available draws were another consideration when making our list of the top New Zealand online lottery sites. We have made sure that nobody misses the biggest lotto action because we are aware of how much Kiwis enjoy having access to multiple jackpot opportunities!

Platform dependability played a significant role in our expert evaluation as well, allowing our readers to benefit from cutting-edge NZ lotto app technology. Keep reading to find out what additional details we’ve provided below!

Lotto’s Hands Are Tied

Regarding the lack of an age restriction, RNZ spoke with Chris Lyman, CEO of Lotto. He emphasized that it would accept a minimum age that was comparable to those in other nations. However, New Zealand law prohibits the company from making the change.

When the Instant Kiwi brand of products was established, the Gambling Act stipulated that users must be at least 18 years old. According to Lyman, everything else continues to be exempt. He emphasized that if New Zealand wants to change the age restrictions, it will need to change its gambling laws.

That might happen sooner as opposed to later. Government officials are now taking steps to address the issue, Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti told RNZ. She did not, however, specify when it would decide.

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Is Online Lottery Legal in New Zealand?

Online gambling is currently permitted in New Zealand. There are quite a few New Zealand online casino platforms that operate legally on the nation’s soil and successfully cater to players from New Zealand. One of the accepted games that citizens of the nation can play is online lotto NZ. This is significant because the nation’s many lottery enthusiasts take a keen interest in the game.

For a very long time, gambling has been widespread in New Zealand. There have been numerous gambling-related laws over the years. Certain gambling activities have historically been prohibited by restrictions, but later became legalized again by other legislative measures. All types of casino games are now legal, and players can take advantage of the best live casino NZ sites that are currently very well-liked as well as many other online casino games. Information on these games can be found in our other guides for Kiwis, such as those on the best roulette sites in NZ or the best blackjack casinos.

The Gambling Act of 2003 makes it clear what the current gambling laws are. The Department of Internal Affairs oversees gambling in New Zealand, and online gaming providers are permitted to offer their services so long as they are not based there.

Minimal Age to Play Online Lotto in New Zealand

If they are at least 18 years old, players in New Zealand can access the online gaming platforms and play for real money. The nation’s gambling laws explicitly mention this. The official authorities’ implied requirements are met by each and every NZ online lottery site. They check the player’s age as part of the registration process.

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Lotto Security Standards

There are numerous other lotteries that New Zealanders can play online in addition to the three NZ National Lottery games we already mentioned.

Along with multi-million dollar international games and instant win scratch-off games like those found at online casino sites or in the Instant Kiwi section of MyLotto, these include smaller, regional lotteries.

The lotteries with the highest payouts are, of course, the most alluring games.

However, a lot of these only sell tickets to players who have registered within that nation’s borders, making them geographically restricted. However, there are means by which New Zealanders can participate.

They can make use of websites like Lottoland, TheLotter, and Giantlottos. These websites give you access to some of the most lucrative international lotteries, including the EuroMillions and USA Powerball, in addition to enabling you to play lotto online New Zealand.

These websites serve as proxy sellers, which makes this work. Similar to what you would do at a casino website, New Zealand players must register and fund an account.

You can then purchase tickets for a single lottery game either individually or as a syndicate. Players have the option to bundle play, which involves purchasing multiple lotteries’ tickets at once, frequently in different countries, for even more excitement.

You will receive your winnings in the same manner as if you were to play at any casino website if you decide to participate in these international lotteries.

The winnings will be added to your lotto account once you have won. When you withdraw money from your bank account, this can then be converted to actual money.

If you decide to play at one of these lotto sites, you will have to provide accurate information and go through a thorough verification process, especially if you want to transfer your money quickly and easily.

How We Rate the Best Lottery Sites for New Zealand

We at Lottery ‘n Go have a thorough system in place for rating lotto websites. Since we have long been lottery players, we are aware of the qualities to consider when evaluating a lotto platform.

These are the factors our reviewers focus on:

  1. Safety and security – We begin by checking if the website is legit. All lotto platforms mentioned in our list have a valid license. Our experts also check if the website encrypts transactions and uses the latest security measures.
  2. Available games – New Zealand players appreciate trying games from the nearby countries, such as Australia Saturday Lotto. They also love lotteries with large jackpots like MegaMillions. We check and confirm that the lotto selection is decent on a chosen platform.
  3. Customer care – We analyze the working hours of customer support, as well as their politeness and promptness. It’s also important you can reach agents easily and by using multiple contact methods.
  4. Bonuses and deals – can you expect discounts or a loyalty program if you are a player in NZ? We check and mention all bonus details.
  5. Ticket purchase options and fees – we analyze the ticket cost, but also the types of play available. Apart from regular tickets, that could include syndicates and bundles.

How To Play Lotto In NZ Online

  1. Find a platform that suits your preferences and offers the lotto you want to play.
  2. Sign up for an account and confirm your identity if necessary.
  3. Deposit funds from the Cashier section. Most platforms offer multiple payment methods.
  4. Head to the desired lottery page on that site and pick your numbers. You can use our lotto predictor if you need suggestions.
  5. Buy as many tickets as you’d like. Finalize the purchase and wait for the draw.

Most Popular Lottery Jackpots in New Zealand

For players from New Zealand, there are numerous online lottery NZ draws available. Some of them are obviously more well-liked than others. They differ in terms of rules, rewards, jackpots, and other factors. The high winning odds are one thing that they all share. The most popular lotto games in New Zealand are listed below. Additionally, we have included some useful details about each of them.

Lotto 6/40

You must choose six numbers in the range of 1 to 40 to form a line on your Lotto 6/40 ticket. To enter the draw, you need four lines. You have the option of picking your own numbers or letting the computer choose them. Additionally, a bonus number draw increases your chances of winning.

In 2001, Powerball made its debut in New Zealand. Since then, players from the nation have grown to love the game. You should add a Powerball number between 1 and 10 to each line of your Lotto ticket if you want to be eligible to win the sizable Powerball jackpot.

Another wildly popular lottery game played all over the world is Mega Millions. 5 of the 70 white numbered balls and 1 “Gold Ball” or Megaball from a range of 1 to 25 make up the draw format. The higher the number of matched numbers you have, the bigger the prize. By matching the Megaball and all of the draw numbers, you can win the jackpot.

The jackpots from the lottery are very alluring. They develop over time, did you know that? The lottery jackpots do indeed rise each time there isn’t a grand prize winner. As a result, some of them reach such incredible sums as the $300,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot won by Lotto247.

The odds of winning the lottery are calculated by dividing the total number of lottery numbers that could be drawn by the number of winning lottery numbers. Typically, your chances of winning increase as you purchase more tickets. But be careful to play responsibly. Keep in mind that gambling ought to be enjoyable.

Choosing where to play Lotto

For New Zealand players who want to play lotto games, there are numerous websites available. Players should take care to avoid using fraudulent lotto sites, though.

Visit mylotto to play National Lottery games. Make sure the website you choose is properly licensed and employs the appropriate encryption tools, such as SSL protocols, to protect your sensitive information if you plan to play the lottery from abroad.

When deciding which lottery website to join, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Is the site licensed by a reputable governing body
  2. Does the site offer 24/7 support
  3. Are there clear terms and conditions in place
  4. Does the site offer a wide range of lotto options
  5. What are the payment methods and processing speeds available

You have the option to search for the best websites on your own, using these guidelines to guide you. Alternately, you can rely on our professional judgment when selecting a site.

Our team of lotto experts has thoroughly examined all of the top lotto websites available. You don’t have to do the work because we already did it! The complete list of the best lotto websites in New Zealand can be found right here.

Online Lotto Sites for Kiwis

  1. What is the best online lottery site for NZ players?LeoVegas Casino and Wildz Casino are two of the greatest Internet lottery sites for gamblers from New Zealand. If you’re feeling like today is the day you might win a jackpot, don’t wait any further! Sign up, buy a lottery ticket or a few, and test your luck!
  2. Are online lottery sites legal in New Zealand?Absolutely! In fact, not only are Internet lotto websites legal in NZ, there is even a National Lottery that offers three different games. Nevertheless, to be able to join any of the two lottery games, you must be of legal age.
  3. Can I win the lottery at an online gambling site?The lottery is a game of chance. So, the lottery is winnable – yes. Whether you are the one who wins – it is up to you and your luck! Increase your chances by using different game tactics. Moreover, play only on legit sites, like from our list, for a safe experience!
  4. Can I bet on lottery sites from mobile devices?Yes. Most of the good lotto web pages are mobile optimized. This means that you can simply pick up your mobile or tablet device, open your browser and head to the online casino. Some gambling operators even offer mobile applications, so you can download them if that is your preferred method of gaming.
  5. Where can I find a list of top lotto sites available for Kiwis? is the website where you can easily find a list of top casinos with lottery games for Kiwis. Additionally, we provide our readers with an exclusive chance to grab unique bonus promotions at the best NZ gambling sites!

Best New Zealand Online Lottery Sites for 2022

We will concentrate on one of players’ most beloved games—the lottery—in this in-depth review. We’ll let you know if it’s legal to play at New Zealand online lottery sites and provide you with some crucial information regarding the New Zealand online lottery. This will assist you in gathering the necessary information in advance so that you can later fully enjoy your experience playing NZ lotto online at our top-recommended sites for NZ lotto online. The safety features are one of the most crucial criteria on which our research is based, along with other key factors.

Top tips for online Lotto

Online lotto gaming is thrilling and provides the opportunity to win huge jackpots. Even though playing the lottery is a game of chance, there are some things to keep in mind that could make your chances of winning higher. Here are a few of the most important advices:

  1. Always play responsibly
  2. Set a budget for buying lottery tickets and stick to it
  3. Choose games that have a better chance of winning – look for the probability of a win and the win ratios given on any game
  4. Remember, you’re more likely to match 3 numbers for a small prize than 6 for the top jackpot
  5. Relax and have fun when playing

You’ll have fun if you keep in mind these suggestions. Additionally, you won’t go over budget, which could later cause problems for you.

You’ll be able to play for longer periods of time and even take pleasure in those small wins as they occur if you play responsibly.

Guide to Playing the Lottery Online

One of the most crucial factors when playing lotto online is safety. Online platforms now take strict precautions to safeguard their users and give them a variety of self-exclusion tools if they are at risk of developing a gambling problem. Players must be confident they can gamble safely when using a particular gaming platform. The majority of contemporary lotto websites offer top-notch security features. This is the case with our list of the best websites for New Zealand online lotto. They have undergone thorough testing to ensure that they satisfy all of our requirements. You can find a list of all the key factors we considered below when choosing the top website for New Zealand online lotteries.

  1. Stable gaming platform
  2. Mobile compatibility
  3. Safet and security features
  4. Number of lotto games on offer
  5. Promotional campaigns

Mobile Lottery Apps

One of the most crucial considerations for online lottery sites is the ability to play while on the go. Modern mobile technologies are being used by an increasing number of people, who are eager to gamble on their smartphones and tablets. Lottery websites are fiercely competing to provide the best mobile compatibility, allowing players to play their preferred lotto games wherever they are. Lottery websites in New Zealand can be accessed on the go and are also mobile-friendly. Check out our top pick for a lotto app in New Zealand to get the full lotto experience wherever you go. In New Zealand, the top mobile lotto website is:

Top New Zealand Mobile Lotto App

€340. 7 Million Powerball Jackpot

You can gain a lot of benefits from playing on a mobile device. No matter where you are, you will have no trouble getting to your preferred lotto games. The games are also of the same high quality as those on your desktop. This is because those games are powered by top-notch lotto NZ app software.

The article on lotto NZ online has come to an end. The best lotto NZ online sites and games for players in 2022 have been covered in as much detail as we could. Take a look at our helpful FAQ section below if you still have any questions at all.

1️⃣ What are the best online lottery sites in New Zealand?

Numerous online lotto NZ operators are available. TheLotter, Multilotto, Lottoland, and Lotto247 are some of the top online lotteries in New Zealand. All of the recommended operators have undergone a thorough review by our team. They offer their players a top-notch gambling experience.

2️⃣ Can I play New Zealand lotto on mobile?

Lottery players in New Zealand are very popular. There are many options available, including some of the most well-liked lotto online games in the entire world. The Euro Jackpot, Mega Millions, and Powerball lottery games are some of the most well-liked ones in New Zealand. They all offer enormous, alluring jackpots and lots of entertainment.

4️⃣ Can I buy lotto online tickets from New Zealand?

You can buy lottery tickets online from New Zealand, yes. If you’re wondering how to buy a lottery ticket online, we suggest first looking up how to play the New Zealand lottery online. We don’t anticipate you having any problems because this is a fairly straightforward process.

5️⃣ How do I find a good New Zealander lotto site?

We have put together a thorough guide on how to find a reliable and good NZ lotto website. You must first confirm that the operator is legitimate and secure. The next step is to determine whether the lottery game selection fits your gaming preferences. Players should check out the payment options, the existence of a lotto NZ app, etc.

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6️⃣ Is online lottery legal in New Zealand?

Online lotteries are, in fact, entirely legal in New Zealand. In 1933, New Zealand’s first national lottery was established. The New Zealand Lotteries Commission, which has been in operation since 1987 and is governed by the Gambling Act 2003, regulates lottery games in the nation.

7️⃣ What is the best lotto app in New Zealand?

The top lotto NZ websites provide a top-notch mobile gaming experience. Multilotto is the best operator for mobile lotto play in New Zealand. It offers users an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to search through the games available and find what you’re looking for.

8️⃣ What are the most popular NZ online lottery games and draws?

The three New Zealand online lotteries stand out. These are Lotto 6/40, Mega Millions, and Powerball, according to our analysis. One of the most played local lotteries in New Zealand is Lotto 6/40. International lotto games include Powerball and Mega Millions.

9️⃣ What is the minimum age requirement to play lotto NZ online?

The legal age limit to play online lotto in New Zealand, as in many other nations, is 18. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to participate in this type of gambling. Check the corresponding age requirements before playing any online lotto games because they occasionally change.

🔟 Are the online lotto sites in New Zealand secure?

The most stringent security requirements in the sector should be adhered to by the legitimate lottery sites accepting players from New Zealand. Our suggested online lottery sites use the most up-to-date security measures and are SSL-encrypted to protect their users.

How to Pick & Play at Trusted Lottery Online Sites in New Zealand

We will now provide you with some particularly helpful advice on how to choose reputable and lawful online resources in New Zealand. Safety always comes first when using real money deposits for gaming. This needs to be your top priority. Only licensed and recognized websites are allowed to offer Lotto NZ online.

Make sure to search for dependable, high-quality platforms that provide a variety of online lottery NZ games. Mobile-friendly design is essential for New Zealand’s top online lottery sites. Look over the standards we listed in the table below. Each of the lotto NZ online sites we suggest has passed rigorous evaluations based on them.

Criteria Behind the Best Lotto Online NZ Sites

  1. The best lotto NZ online sites meet all lotto security standards in NZ.
  2. They offer excellent lotto NZ apps with a variety of popular lottery games.
  3. Our recommended lotto NZ sites offer a range of safe deposit and withdrawal payment methods.
  4. The best lottery sites NZ provide the most popular lottery draws both locally and internationally.
  5. They are fully licensed and credible for New Zealand players.

The top New Zealand online lottery sites provide access to the most well-liked draws for local players. Lotto 6/40, Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and EuroJackpots are a few of them. You have the opportunity to win substantial jackpots and prizes from all of them.

A variety of secure payment options ought to be available for you to use when making deposits and buying online lottery NZ tickets. These typically mix more conventional methods, like bank transfers and debit cards, with more cutting-edge ones, like e-wallets. Deposit and withdrawal procedures on the lotto NZ websites are also 100 percent secure.

Is Online Lottery Illegal in NZ?

The short answer is that the lottery is entirely legal in New Zealand. This includes using the official website to play the national lottery as well as going to foreign lottery websites that provide international games. The Gambling Act of 2003 formally recognizes this, and there is even a recognized lotto provider in New Zealand.

The official ban on gambling in New Zealand has caused some players to be confused. Given that these games are entirely legal, it appears that this nation does not view lotto gambling.

New Zealand’s strict regulation of gambling is a great thing because it ensures that players are playing in a secure environment. The laws governing gambling in New Zealand permit lotteries. In 1933, the nation’s first lottery was established. The New Zealand Lotteries Commission, which was founded in 1987 and operates under the Gambling Act 2003, manages the country’s lottery.

Minimum Age to Play Online Lotto in New Zealand

You should confirm that you are of legal age before playing at any of the online NZ lotto sites. The legal age to play online lotto in New Zealand is 18, as it is in many other nations. Online lottery tickets can only be bought by players who are at least that age.

Lotto Security Standards for New Zealand

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission is the organization that grants lottery websites their official licenses. All websites that accept players from the nation must adhere to strict security standards. Only play at SSL-encrypted websites. Your data and payment information will be handled and stored securely thanks to them. Additionally, the online lotto NZ sites we suggest collaborate with NGOs that fight gambling addiction.

Which Lotto Has the Best Odds in NZ?

Lotto NZ, a domestic game, offers a jackpot winning prize of 1:3,838,380. By adding a Powerball number, you can increase the grand prize, but your odds will drop to 1:38,383,800.

Here are some additional games that have excellent odds for New Zealand players:

  1. Australia Powerball Lotto:- The overall winning odds are 1:64, while the chances to win the grand reward are 1:134,490,400.
  2. Australia Monday and Wednesday Lotto:-  This single-drum lotto puts the chances of winning the main prize to 1:8,145,060.
  3. Australia OZ Lotto:-  It’s another interesting single-drum lottery with two bonus balls. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:45,379,620.

Payments and Withdrawals

You must be able to select from a solid selection of payment options in order to play lotto online in New Zealand. They ought to be equipped with the necessary security measures so that you can deposit money quickly and safely. You’ll be able to focus on your favorite game without having to worry about your safety thanks to this. While some players favor using credit and debit cards, others depend on practical e-wallets. You can find a list of the most well-liked and safe payment options used by most online lotto New Zealand websites below. In case you want to spend and earn more of the priceless cryptocurrency, there are also some intriguing Bitcoin casino sites in New Zealand.

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Skrill
  4. Neteller
  5. EcoPayz
  6. paysafecard

You need to take into account a few crucial factors when deciding on the best payment method. First, choose the payment processors with the highest deposit and withdrawal limits based on the type of player you are. Different payment systems provide withdrawal processes at varying speeds. Using e-wallets typically makes things go more quickly. Additionally, they are extremely convenient and have excellent security features, especially for those who want to play online. Due to this, our top recommended payment options for the online lottery NZ are Skrill and PayPal.

Instant win Lottery games

Players in NZ can also participate in a number of instant lotto games for a quick thrill.

With these, the games are short-lived and you can find out right away whether you won or lost. The rules of instant lotto games are very similar to those of virtual and live lotto.

To play, you must locate a website that offers these games online and register.

Next, select a payment method, add money to your player account, pick a game, and begin playing.

In the Instant Kiwi Instant Lotto game, for example, you can select your own numbers from 1-40 or hit the auto pick button.

A lottery draw animation appears after you’ve finished making your choice.

Hitting Draw selects 6 numbers and a bonus number. Matching 3 wins you your stake back while matching 6 wins the NZ$20,000 jackpot.

The top prize in instant lotto games is fixed and significantly less than the potential jackpots in weekly live lotteries.

Last but not least, a lot of online casinos provide scratchcard games, some of which resemble lottery games.

You must scratch a card to reveal the winning numbers on it, then scratch another card to reveal the numbers you are currently playing to see if they match.

Pros and cons

How to Buy Lotto Tickets Online – Pros

  1. Complete security of your tickets
  2. You can play anytime, anywhere
  3. You will be notified if you win
  4. Other Lottery games Kiwis can play

How to Buy Lotto Tickets Online – Cons

  1. Whichever lotto game you play, the odds are usually against you.
  2. You could spend more than you can afford

However, there are means by which New Zealanders can participate. They can make use of websites like Lottoland, TheLotter, and Giantlottos.

Players can choose to bundle play, which involves purchasing tickets for multiple lotteries, frequently in different countries, in one bundle, for even greater levels of excitement.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Lottery Site?

Our experts concentrated on the essential attributes that New Zealand players might find critical on a lotto website. But in the end, you must select a platform that matches your preferences. You can make wise decisions by using these guidelines!

Do You Prefer Classic Lotto Sites or Lottery Betting?

When playing the lottery online, New Zealanders have two options available to them. While other platforms provide a lotto betting concept, some will purchase tickets on your behalf. From the viewpoint of the player, the experience is comparable. Only the availability of your preferred provider in New Zealand needs to be confirmed.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

The good news is that New Zealand accepts a wide range of foreign payment methods. Credit cards and e-wallets like PayPal are frequently available on online lotto sites. You are responsible for locating a platform that accepts your preferred payment options. By doing this, you can start playing and making deposits without any problems.

What Are the Working Hours of the Customer Service?

The time zone that New Zealand is in is GMT+13. Consequently, if it is 1 PM here, 7 PM in the USA, and 1 AM in Europe. Some lottery websites offer customer service but only during certain hours. Therefore, if the lotto platform is based in Europe and you need to contact an agent during NZ business hours, you might not be able to. Because of this, you should confirm that the customer service hours are convenient for you.

Where to find lotto results

Where to find the winning numbers is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when playing lotto NZ.

You must be aware of this in order to redeem any prizes you might win if you participate in any of the official New Zealand lotteries.

The main lottery draw is always live-streamed in New Zealand, on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays around 8 p.m. 20pm.

TheLotter100% cashback on Powerball45+ gamesWorld’s biggest lotteryOfficial lottery tickets100% cashback on Powerball

Simply tune in to watch it; however, if you’re busy, an on-demand replay is available.

Since the results are also available on the My Lotto website, you might not even have access to a TV. These outcomes typically appear at around nine. On the days that the lottery is drawn, 15 p.m.

The winning numbers will probably be emailed to you if you purchase a ticket through this website or any of the other major NZ websites, making the process even simpler.

If you have the winning numbers, this is even more likely because the website will just email you to let you know.

If you’ve bought a ticket in a store or via the Lotto App, you can check in the store or via the App too.

Live lotto NZ draws

You can find live lotto on a few of the online lotto sites that are accessible.

This online lottery has live dealers who are leaving right now while you play. Of course, you can see your results right away here.

Here is more information on websites that offer live lotto.

Enjoy Diverse Lotto Sites in New Zealand

As a conclusion, we could say that online lotto NZ is a very popular and well-liked game among players in the nation. Online gambling is legal for New Zealanders to participate in and has been around for a while. The best online lottery NZ platform is listed below, and it can provide you with everything you require.

Online lotteries are entirely legal in New Zealand. Players from the nation have access to numerous top-notch online lotto sites. TheLotter, Lottoland, Multilotto, and Lotto247 are some of the top lotto websites in New Zealand. Here are some additional details regarding the online NZ lotto provider we highly recommend.

All of the websites mentioned in our article are entirely reliable. They provide some of the most well-liked online lotteries in New Zealand, including Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroJackpots. Some of the best lotto NJ apps allow you to access your favorite draws at any time and from any location, so you can also enjoy playing there.


You can also try LottoAgent if you enjoy deals and promotions. You’ll be impressed by the streamlined procedure and simplicity of buying tickets online. This also holds true for the lottery selection, which features contests from various continents. Give the online lottery a shot right now if you’re a lottery fan!

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