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The Lottery in North Macedonia is the only official lottery in this country. Launched on December 1, 2009, it has been running successfully since then. The National Lottery of North Macedonia started to operate based on an Act adopted by Parliament and with a license issued by the Ministry of Finance. It operates as a state-owned company that manages all operations related to lotteries and games of chance.

The Lottery in North Macedonia has the status of a legal entity and operates within the framework of an Act on State Gambling. It is obliged to pay royalties based on its turnover every year through which it contributes to financing state budgets and social insurance funds, as well as other purposes prescribed by law. These activities are carried out without prejudice or discrimination among citizens who play games of chance lawfully organized under this Act. The company’s specific responsibilities include:

– carrying out lotteries;

– organizing games such as daily jackpots, weekly draws (LOTO), monthly draws (BINGO), and major annual events;

– ensuring that all conditions for fair competition between organizers exist;

– promotion of lottery games through media campaigns;

– ensuring that proceeds are distributed by the law.

The Lottery of North Macedonia is the only lottery that has been operating for more than five years, and it now offers a wide range of games to suit all tastes. There are various ways to play these games: online, on mobile devices, or through traditional scratch cards available at authorized stores throughout the country. The company uses state-of-the-art technology which makes it possible for players to enjoy their favorite game anywhere they happen to be – whether they’re out shopping, waiting at an airport, or relaxing by the poolside! All this just adds up to one thing – better entertainment choices! So visit our website today and join us as we celebrate more than five years of running the best lottery in North Macedonia.

If you’re interested in an online lottery, then North Macedonia is a great place to start. This country has always been the leader of this industry and they have already won big prizes at lotteries across Europe. However, if you are looking for a local company with an established reputation, Eurolotto should be your first choice! They offer several different games including basic lotto but also other exciting options such as scratch cards or casino games. In addition to that, their website is very nice and easy to use so it’s really no wonder why people around the world love playing there! Would you like more information about our local partner? Then feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] where we will provide all the honest and reliable information you need.

We wish you good luck and hope that you’ll become a lucky winner soon!

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