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Fumio Kishida has strengthened his position on Japanese online casinos. The nation’s prime minister has insisted that no online casino organizations will be tolerated and that these platforms will continue to be illegal. Issei Yamagishi’s inquiries were addressed by Prime Minister Kishida in his remarks.

Although online gambling is a worldwide phenomenon, different countries have different laws and rules governing casinos and sportsbooks.

Although gambling has a long history in Japan, contemporary governments have chosen to severely limit the amount of gambling and betting that Japanese citizens are allowed to engage in.

With several sizable casino resorts set to be built across the nation, this is gradually changing. How does the situation with online gambling stand though? Do we find any Japanese new online casinos among the influx of new online casinos? If so, how much freedom do Japanese players have to use these sites? Let’s look at it.

Comparing Payment Methods at Japan’s Top Online Casinos

Thankfully, the days of only being able to fund your betting accounts by bank transfer and debit card are behind us. The majority of online casinos today will provide you with a number of options for doing so, and those that cater to Japanese players are no exception.

The vast majority of casinos will also let you select from a few different eWallets, such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill, in addition to the aforementioned “big two.” Prepaid cards are also widely used, and some offshore brands even permit the use of cryptocurrencies.

Despite the fact that no casinos are physically located in Japan due to legal restrictions, many of the companies we recommend will still let you make payments in yen. Unfortunately, very few of them actually provide any payment options that are unique to Japan.

Integrated resorts (IR) are welcome in Japan, but that’s where responsibility ends. For the time being, online casinos won’t be an option.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. He continues to campaign for land-based casinos in the country, but online casinos remain out of consideration. (Image: The Japan Times)

Nagasaki and Osaka are waiting to learn whether the expectations of federal regulators are met by their IR projects. They might learn something in the coming months, but they can be sure that there won’t be much domestic competition.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made it crystal clear that online casinos are still off the table in his remarks at a Budget Committee meeting this past Wednesday. They continue to be unlawful in his eyes and in accordance with Japanese law.

Yamagishi Claimed That the Number of Online Casinos Has Been Increasing

Yamagishi, a councilman for the Constitutional Democratic Party, noted the rise in inquiries regarding online casinos during a lower house budget committee meeting on June 1.

Around 100 people were asking questions about online casinos in 2014, but by 2020, that number would have risen to 500. Additionally, Yamagishi added that there are approximately 2 million Japanese players of online casinos. An estimated 5 million people wager on horse racing online, and 1. There were 3. 17 million wagers on boat racing. 29 made a keirin bet.

In response to these allegations, Kishida stated that it is illegal to gamble if it takes place in Japan. Additionally, he said that there had been some arrests related to online casinos and that the authorities “cannot permit the growth of illegal organizations.”

When asked which organization oversees online casinos in Japan, Kishida said, “There is not just one. He said that a number of ministries and agencies are in charge of upholding the law in that area.

Japanese new online casinos – legal or not?

In Japan, online casinos are technically illegal. The laws that forbid them, though, are firmly directed at providers rather than players. In actuality, this means that even though there are no online casinos based in Japan, many foreign sites accept Japanese players. There is very little chance of prosecution for those who choose to use these offshore companies.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and casino enthusiasts can now find a wide selection of both established and brand-new online casinos in the nation that have content that has been specially selected for the Japanese market. Popular games, unique bonuses and promotions, yen transactions, and the availability of Japanese-speaking live dealers and support staff are all included in this.

How We Rank the Top Online Casinos in Japan

As mentioned in our introduction, fans of casino games in Japan have a lot of options. These are five of the most crucial criteria we considered when reducing these to 15 top options for you.

The greater the selection of games offered by a Japanese casino website, the better. We would anticipate, at the very least, the presence of some table games and hundreds of slots. However, the more variety a brand included in this, the higher we ranked it.

Of course, quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to games. Another thing we made sure to assess was this by playing a lot of games, making sure the developers were reputable, etc.

An online casino should be straightforward to use from the first time you load it up. This is as true in Japan as in any other country.

Japan is a very welcoming country for mobile devices. As a result, a casino’s mobile features are just as important as its desktop website.

Many of the companies we suggest offer stand-alone mobile apps, many of which are of very high caliber. For those who don’t, we tested their mobile website in its place and found it to be of a respectable standard.

We obviously want to be absolutely certain that both your data and money will be secure after signing up before we recommend any online gambling sites.

We do this in a few different ways, such as looking into the reputation of each brand and making sure that there are robust security precautions in place. Importantly, we also reaffirm that the company has a license from a regulatory body that will hold it to the highest standards for security and fairness, like the Malta Gaming Authority.

Online Gambling Unwelcome in Japan

In response to a question on the subject posed by Issei Yamagishi, a lawmaker for the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP), Kishida made his remarks. The party has long opposed efforts to legalize gambling in the nation and attempted to block the law that makes interracial relationships (IRs) legal in 2019 and 2020.

Yamagishi noted that there has been an increase in the number of public inquiries about online casinos, per data from Japan’s National Consumer Affairs Center. There were about 100 in 2014, and by 2020, there would be 500.

The politician added that there are about two million users of illegal online casinos in Japan. roughly 3 On keirin, a type of bicycle race that is permitted, 29 million bet. One more 5. On legitimate horse races, $6,000,000 was wagered.

The government won’t tolerate any kind of illegal gambling, the prime minister emphasized. He emphasized that local law enforcement is already focusing on online casinos in the nation. They have detained operators and will keep pressuring the black market.

Yamagishi made an attempt to disparage the government’s IR plans by casting doubt on their capacity to combat potential gambling addiction. Additionally, he cited the existence of illegal online casinos as evidence of the government’s failure to effectively regulate legalized gambling.

Both the attempts and Kishida were unsuccessful. He made the point that IRs go far beyond casinos. Additionally, they will develop into “MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) and tourism centers.” Even Las Vegas, the US’s premier casino destination, is changing its environment to cater to the same markets. Kishida pledged to use local and federal law enforcement to stifle the practice of illegal online casinos.

The Best Online Casino Games in Japan

Japanese casino players are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of games. These include a number of perennially popular old favorites as well as some lesser-known books you may not have previously tried. Let’s examine some of the top instances of each in more detail.

Online Slots for Japan Casino Players

The most played game in casinos is still the slot machine. They consequently get by far the most attention from those casinos.

You will be able to choose from at least several hundred different slots offered by a wide range of different developers at the majority of respectable casinos. This number could increase to 1,000 or more in some circumstances. These options will be extremely diverse in terms of format, theme, level of difficulty, stake size, and other factors.

Recommended Brand: Spin Samurai

Popular Online Casino Table Games in Japan

The term “table games” refers to a wide variety of games that would typically be played at a table in a traditional casino. The most well-known examples are merely blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Some brands will also include poker in this category, while others will separate it out into its own section. In either case, you’ll have a few different options here from all the best casino websites.

Recommended Brand: Lucky Niki

The Best Live Dealer Games at Japan Online Casinos

Generally speaking, a “Live Casino” section will have the same selection of games as a “Table Games” area. Even though there are some new options available, such as “game shows,” the most popular games, like blackjack and roulette, remain the same.

As the name suggests, the difference in this instance is that a live dealer manages the games rather than using a computer algorithm to determine the winners. Although there are typically a few fewer games available overall, this helps to better simulate a real-world casino.

Japan Instant Win Lottery Games

Online lotteries operate largely in the same way as their physical counterparts. You purchase a digital “ticket,” which typically contains a run of numbers. If you correctly guess a sufficient number of numbers in a draw, you are awarded a prize. Your prize increases as you hit more numbers.

There are a few significant variations, though. The fact that these are “instant win” means that you not only receive any winnings immediately but also that you receive the lottery results more quickly. With numbers chosen by a computer algorithm rather than by hand, the outcomes are also demonstrably fair.

Brand to Consider: BK8

Online Scratchcards in Japan

As with lotteries, online scratchards work mostly the same as the real-life version. You buy a digital card, then ‘scratch’ it to reveal numbers or symbols beneath. Get enough symbols, and you’ll instantly receive a prize.

Online scratch cards are simple to use and entertaining to play. The drawback is that Japanese-language casino sites still don’t offer them widely.

Brand to Consider: Mr. Play

What is the Best Online Casino in Japan?

It may still be illegal to use an online casino in Japan legally. However, this won’t actually prevent you from playing any of your favorite games, so don’t worry for a second. There are numerous outstanding international online brands that are more than happy to accept Japanese players, and the rules themselves aren’t enforced.

#1 Online Casino in Japan

FAQ’s About the Online Casino Japan Market

Online gambling is not entirely permitted in Japan, but it is not permitted either. However, there is no mention of offshore casino websites, so you are free to access and participate at the best recommendations we’ve provided above! They all follow international regulations’ laws and have excellent security measures in place.

🔞 What is the legal gambling age in Japan?

Since only a few games have been legalized, the subject of legal gambling in Japan is contentious. Fortunately, this is anticipated to change soon, giving online casinos a new lease on life. The minimum gambling age in the nation is currently set at 20.

🏆 What is the best online casino in Japan?

Each of the top Japanese online casino sites has a unique set of benefits that appeal to different players in different ways. We firmly advise our readers to investigate all of their options to determine which provider best suits their needs.

🎲 Which are the best casino online games in Japan?

The best Japanese online casino games available to Japanese players offer some fantastic winning opportunities through excellent gameplay and return-to-player rates. In addition, they are produced by top software developers in the gambling industry and accessible at the top Japanese online casino sites.

📱 Which is the best mobile online casino in Japan?

By weighing various factors, the best casino app for Japan has been determined. The ability to play while on the go is crucial, so operators frequently adapt their offerings to be compatible with remote devices. Don’t pass up our top mobile recommendation because it is widely regarded as the direction that online gambling will take.

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Wrapping up on the Best Online Casinos Japan Has To Offer

Although there are many Japanese online casinos where you can play casino games, it is our responsibility to sort out the good ones from the bad.

Give one of our top-rated online gambling sites a try, and you’ll be eligible for the best casino bonuses while playing the biggest selection of mobile-friendly games.

However, if you’re still having trouble making a choice, we’d like to recommend registering with Lucky Niki. They have close to 50 virtual sports betting options, dozens of live dealer games, and hundreds of slot machines all under one roof.

Nevertheless, we kindly request that Japanese players give each of our top casino sites a fair shot. Just make sure to play responsibly, have fun, and set spending limits!

N OTICE: 18+ only. Gambling carries significant risks, so it shouldn’t be viewed as a way to ensure financial security. Use only money that you can afford to lose.

The online casinos we highlight have been rigorously examined as part of our ranking process. However, due to some restrictions, some websites might not be available in your area. To prevent any violations, always review your country’s laws and regulations regarding online gambling.

Our review offers thorough and current information on the aforementioned online casinos. However, as casinos continue to enhance their features, bonuses, and regulations, these specifics might change.

Our readers are strongly encouraged to gamble sensibly. Gamblers must exercise caution because it is a highly addictive activity. You can find helpful gambling information at BeGambleAware if you think you may be developing a gambling addiction.

The Best Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions in Japan

All Japanese gambling sites’ welcome bonuses are the largest available. There is actually very little variety in the promotions available from the brands that serve Japan. Only the amounts and T&Cs differ between them; otherwise, they are almost all of the same type.

Let’s examine the details of that offer type and the benefits you may be eligible for.

Deposit Match

On Japanese casinos, this offer type is completely omnipresent. In fact, it appears in some form on almost every brand. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since these promotions offer enormous bonuses.

They entail the casino “matching” your initial deposit, as the name implies. The match will be given as a bonus rather than cash, and the amount will typically range from 100 to 200%. Then, instead of using your regular balance, you can use this to make bets.

There is one significant negative aspect to this, though: the infamous “rollover requirement.” This implies that you have to wager through any bonus cash winnings a certain number of times. For instance, if there is a 5x rollover requirement and you win 1,000 JPY, you must wager at least 5,000 JPY before you can withdraw your winnings.

Recommended Casino: 22Bet – 100% Deposit Match, Up to 40,000 JPY

Free Spins

This is the other kind of reward you can expect from online casinos in addition to the previously mentioned bonus cash. Some companies include free spins as part of a welcome offer that also includes a deposit match, while other companies let you get free spins as part of ongoing promotions.

Once more, the name speaks for itself. These are merely tokens that you can use to play some slots without using real money. However, you should be aware that certain T&Cs may apply, with a winnings cap being the most typical.

Recommended Casino: Wazamba – 100% Match Up To 500 EUR, Plus 200 Free Spins

Comparing the Best Japanese Online Casinos

There is no Japanese online casino licensing body because there are no legally run online casinos with headquarters in Japan. Due to their lack of other options, players may become vulnerable to shady operators in this situation. Before registering with an online casino, it’s crucial to research operators to find a reputable one.

Track record and reputation should be given priority. There is already a wealth of information available for many reputable online casinos, including customer review websites, objective professional writing, reports from independent auditors, and so forth. It might be more difficult to learn about these details at new online casinos.

The licensing situation is crucial. The licensing and regulation of the casino of their choice must be verified by a reputable and well-respected gambling oversight organization, according to prospective players. Customers have a guarantee that the website is secure, the games are fair, and that players are always protected when they see a valid and current license from a reputable regulator.

Avoiding unlicensed casinos is essential because they put players at risk of rigged games, unfair terms and conditions, non-payment of bonuses or payouts, and shoddy online security. Additionally, it is a good idea to see if a website is listed on any online blacklists, as this may be a sign of poor performance.

How to Sign Up to an Online Casino in Japan

The foreign casinos that accept Japanese bettors are frequently very simple to use. With just a few of these steps, you can typically sign up and begin playing in a matter of minutes.

Choose a Reliable Online Casino Site

Pick one of our top 15 recommended online casinos at the top of this page, then open their homepage on your desktop or mobile device. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’re using Spin Samurai, but the procedure is essentially the same for all of our brands.

Create Your Betting Account

Make a Deposit

Log into your newly-created account, and hit the button reading ‘Cashier’ or ‘Deposit’, usually located in the top-right of your screen. You’ll now see a list of your available options. Pick one and enter the amount you wish to deposit, then provide the necessary details and confirm the payment.

Start Playing Your Favourite Online Casino Games

The enjoyable part is now. You can return to the home page and select from the many games that are available to you now that your account has been funded. Every game you play requires a bet, which will be deducted from your cash balance, but you’ll get your winnings right away.

Verify Your Identity

Almost all reputable Japanese online casinos require identity verification before you can make any withdrawals. Thankfully, doing so is very simple. Just take crisp pictures of a piece of photo identification, such as a passport, and a document that verifies your address, such as a utility bill. After that, send them to the customer service team via a live chat or document uploader tool and wait for your account to be verified.

Request a Withdrawal

At most, it shouldn’t take more than a day to verify your account. You are now able to begin making withdrawals once it has been. Simply click the “Cashier” button once more, select “Withdraw,” and then select a withdrawal method to accomplish this. Enter the desired withdrawal amount, any necessary payment information, and then confirm the transaction.

The Best Casino Sites in Japan for 2022

With a large selection of games, fantastic welcome bonuses, and flawless platforms, the majority of the online casino sites we’ve listed can dazzle most players. Despite the fact that they make up a significant portion of casino offerings, those are not their only benefits. Even the top 8 online casinos in the world today try their hardest to cater to as many different player preferences as they can, which calls for a lot of resources, creativity, and thoughtful choices.

The Best Real Money Mobile Casino Apps for Japanese Players

  1. Android and iOS compatibility
  2. Sufficient game variety
  3. Safety up to industry standards
  4. Fast and reliable interface

By having in mind our criteria and the mobile-friendliness of this type of technology, we’ve included the best online casino app below:

Outstanding Mobile Experience

Up to $888 Welcome Bonus

🏆 Casino Rating 4. 50/5

Try Casumo! Top mobile casino for Japanese players offered by Casumo

The use of various screens can be used to feel the differences between gameplay on mobile and desktop. Mobile gaming makes up for the lower resolution provided by desktop devices with an equally dependable interface and a large selection of games. Additionally, playing while on the go puts players in a more private setting and can help them focus to the fullest on their gambling endeavors.

Bonuses and Promotions for Japanese Players

We’ve seen that playing at an online casino is possible on a variety of devices, but what about additional benefits? Having access to a wide variety of excellent games is undoubtedly a benefit worth mentioning, but there is one that is the cherry on top!

That would be welcome bonuses, which are a fantastic extra boost for newcomers and are typically offered as bonus matchups or free spins. We’ve listed the top online casino bonus offers in Japan below because we know how much players enjoy claiming a good casino bonus:

CasinoWelcome BonusPlaythroughValid for:Secure Link

It’s always a good idea to review the bonus terms and conditions because you’ll be able to understand what to anticipate from each offer. The wagering requirements, validity periods, and game contributions are the things in which you should be most interested.

We advise our Japanese readers to always read the full set of T&C’s at online casino sites because there may be other crucial details to pay attention to. Additionally, the bonus amount shouldn’t always be a deciding factor; occasionally, you might receive a bonus with lower value but more favorable wagering requirements.

The Best Payment Methods for Japanese Players

The top Japanese online casinos should offer a wide selection of payment options as well. Casinos employ as many payment options as they can because players are constantly looking for operators that offer their most preferred financial service as a choice.

Since we’re talking about the top online casinos in Japan, you should expect nothing less, but trusted deposit options To put things into perspective, we’ve listed some of the most popular payment methdos in the element below:

You can enjoy bitcoin casinos among this wide range of payment options, but we do have one favorite that stands out. PayPal is that. PayPal is one of the most popular Ewallets available because of its low transaction fees, excellent security features, and user-friendly interface. It is also very well-liked at the top poker sites in Japan.

Unfortunately, it is not very well-liked among the best Japanese casino sites that we have chosen, but we sincerely hope that this will soon change. Without further ado, here are some Japanese casinos where you can use PayPal to play games:

Casinos Accepting PayPal for Japanese Players:

Top 5 Online Casinos in Japan Reviewed

In the list above, you can see a very wide range of top online casinos in Japan. Below though, we’ve focused on the very best of the best, and explained what makes them just so appealing.

BK8 – Asia’s #1 Online Casino Site

The live dealer games are provided by Evolution Gaming, and the top software developers Microgaming and Pragmatic Play are also present. Fans of baccarat will especially enjoy what BK8 has to offer. The casino also features poker and lottery games.

What we enjoy:

  1. A large number of live dealer games
  2. Fast payouts
  3. Generous welcome bonus
  4. Plenty of instant win lotto games

What we miss:

1xBet – One Of The Top Online Casinos Worldwide

In recent years, 1xBet has grown to become one of the most recognizable off-shore betting brands. Although it is better known for its sportsbook, this website also has a fantastic online casino.

Even by contemporary standards, the variety of options offered here is exceptional. You can play table games, poker, gameshows, and live dealer games in addition to a large selection of slots. There are options to fit a variety of budgets, and a variety of promotions can make your money go a long way.

  1. Buy-ins to suit every budget
  2. Plenty of special offers
  3. Good reputation

22Bet – Claim One Of The Top Welcome Bonuses in Japan

Similar to 1xBet, 22Bet is a company that specializes in offering gambling services to nations like Japan that do not have domestic options. In fact, the Japanese version serves as a perfect illustration, with a localized website and JPY acceptance for payments.

You can play hundreds of different games after claiming the sizable welcome bonus at this casino, which will undoubtedly keep you entertained for a while. The table games and slots are excellent, as you would typically expect from a modern casino, but the live dealer section deserves special mention because it is so good.

  1. Top-notch live casino section
  2. Sizable special offers
  3. Japanese language website and JPY accepted

Spin Samurai – Huge Selection of Online Slot Games

As its name implies, Spin Samurai has a strong emphasis on slots and, as an added bonus for players in the nation, has dedicated itself to a Japanese theme. There are absurdly more than 3,000 games available here, the majority of which are a wide variety of slots. However, Spin Samurai also offers a wide range of additional choices, such as daily giveaways and drops, roulette, blackjack, poker, live casino games, and more.

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You can easily see why this is our top pick when you consider the wide range of payment options, the excellent customer service, and the incredibly user-friendly interface.

  1. Massive range of slots
  2. Plenty of payment methods supported
  3. Japanese language version available

JackpotCity – Best Online Casino For Jackpot Games

Since its 1998 debut, JackpotCity has grown to become not only one of the best but also one of the most well-known international online casinos.

Here, you can place bets and payments in yen and access the website in both English and Japanese. There are many slots and table games to choose from here, provided by some of the biggest developers in the industry, in addition to the well-known “jackpot” giveaways, and you can even play bingo. The mobile apps, some of the best currently available, deserve special mention as well.

  1. Outstanding iOS and Android apps
  2. Great track record
  3. Wide range of games

LuckyNiki – Unique Japanese Theme Across The Site

Another online gambling site heavily influenced by Japanese culture is LuckyNiki. This brand has a distinctly Japanese feel, right down to the main character who is drawn in the style of an anime and the home page’s vibrant, neon-drenched design. Naturally, having a Japanese version of the website aids in this.

Beyond its aesthetics, however, this is just a fantastic online casino. It has a wide variety of slots, table games, and jackpots that are all arranged neatly, and it offers a great selection of special offers that cover the majority of these. The cherry on top is the inclusion of top-notch mobile apps that perfectly replicate the casino experience while you’re on the go.

  1. Great range of special offers
  2. Good mobile app

Each of our 15 suggested brands is worthy of your consideration. Having said that, every bettor will have different priorities. The availability of mobile apps, the largest possible selection of games, or a Japanese-language version of the main website are a few examples. See how each of our top casinos compares in these three crucial categories in the table below.

The Top Online Casino RTP Slots in Japan

As was mentioned earlier, slots continue to be the most played game in online casinos worldwide, including Japan. There are thousands of options available to you, and it can be intimidating to say the least to sort through them all.

However, looking at a game’s RTP is one quick and simple way to assess its quality. This indicates the “Return to Player” and provides you with a range of potential winnings. It’s expressed as a percentage and represents your potential winnings if you played the slot machine for a sufficient amount of time. With a 98% RTP, for instance, you ought to receive $980 if you staked $1,000 over time.

Here are 10 of the highest RTP slots available in Japanese casinos. Short reviews for the top three choices are also available below.

Ugga Bugga

This is what a classic slot machine is. It was developed by market leaders Playtech Software and released back in 2013, but it is still very popular today. In addition to being very simple to play, one of the main factors for this is the astounding 99% RTP.

Marching Legions

The slot machine Marching Legions has an ancient theme, but its fantastic 98% RTP isn’t at all dated. With a staggering 243 different ways to win, it was created by Relax Gaming and provides excellent long-term replayability.

Mr Macau

Mr. Macau, a video slot machine made by Betsoft Gaming, transports you to one of the most well-known gambling hotspots on earth. The game has five reels and 20 paylines, and it has the potential to pay out more than 4,000 times your initial wager.

What Is the Best Japanese Online Casino?

The Japanese online casinos have changed a lot in their relatively short time on the gambling market. The top gaming sites for Japanese players offer the best welcome bonuses and game selections in the business. Furthermore, some of the bonuses are paid out in Japanese Yen.

We rated the top Japan casino websites in various categories to arrange them in a thorough ranking. All you have to do is choose an interest-piqued category, then look to see who is the best operator within it. They are all authorized and governed.

You can find a website that caters to casino players just like you, no matter what your priorities are. It is entirely up to you whether you want a one-of-a-kind mobile experience or to play live blackjack at the best casino in Japan from the comfort of your home.

We have a special category for the top slots site in Japan to stay true to the most lucrative gambling game. While there are many slot games available from each of the brands featured here, we believe we have identified one that stands out in particular ways.

The same is true of our top pick for Japanese casino sites that are mobile-friendly. It has excellent cross-platform capabilities and a license for remote gaming. As a result, you could play on essentially any smart device, and the games would look fantastic.

How to Win at the Top Real Money Online Casinos in Japan

If you go about it the right way, playing at Japanese online casinos can be a lot of fun, but there’s never any assurance that you’ll come out ahead. The best steps you can take to increase your chances are listed below.

Tip 1 – Measure Your Stakes

Everybody’s casino gambling budget will be different. Make sure you decide exactly how much you’re willing to wager each day, week, or month in advance and adhere strictly to this amount, no matter what.

Tip 2 – Use Those Bonuses

All casino special offers, whether they are new player bonuses or ongoing promotions, have one thing in common: they make your cash balance last longer. To increase your long-term profits, use these whenever and wherever you can (assuming you’re getting a good deal, of course).

Tip 3 – Create Multiple Accounts

By opening accounts with several casinos, you can take advantage of a number of welcome offers that give you the best rewards possible. In addition, you’ll have immediate access to any new ongoing promotions and a better chance of getting access to all newly released games.

Tip 4 – Learn From the Experts

You can find a ton of information online to assist you with any of your preferred games, including poker, baccarat, blackjack, and others. Consume as much of this as you can, and before you spend any money on your gaming, learn all the fundamental tactics and crucial advice.

Tip 5 – Practice Makes Perfect

Expecting to “dominate” your online casino right away is unrealistic. Start out slowly and increase as your confidence grows. Many games have a demo mode that you can try out before placing any real-money bets. We advise you to do this.

How We Chose The Best Japanese Online Casinos

Our top online casinos offer Japanese players the largest variety of online games and sports betting options wrapped into a singular online casino site. Whether you’re looking for thousands of online slots; tens of virtual sports betting categories, or an impressive selection of table games to enjoy; you’ll find the perfect online gambling site for you here.

Discounts & Bonuses

Our top online casinos dish out a generous welcome bonus that comes with tons of free spins and an initial deposit bonus. Additionally, we gave a higher ranking to online Japanese casinos with the lowest wagering requirements.

The most secure online casinos allow customers to deposit using cryptocurrencies, pay with credit cards, and withdraw their winnings using a variety of e-wallets. We gave websites with the broadest selection of banking options and the quickest payout times a higher ranking.

Casino games shouldn’t just be available online to Japanese players. In this review, we gave emphasis to mobile casino sites because of this. Additionally, we gave higher rankings to websites that offer a mobile casino app.

Comparing the Top Online Casinos in Japan

The most common welcome bonuses offered by Japanese casinos have been discussed above. It’s time to learn more about the specific benefits that each of our 15 suggested brands can offer you. You can quickly identify the bonuses in which you’re most interested by looking at the table below, which demonstrates this.

Legal Gambling in Japan

Gambling is one of the many areas in which Japan is conservative. Even though gambling is not entirely legalized, there have been attempts to legalize casinos in the Land of the Rising Sun.

  1. Current Legal Situation
  2. Responsible Gambling in Japan
  3. History of Gambling in Japan
  4. The Most Famous Gambler in Japan

Current Legal Situation

There are a select few activities that are entirely legal to gamble in Japan. One of them is sports betting, which also includes bets on cycling, asphalt motorcycle racing, powerboat racing, and horses. The top Japanese gambling websites also allow pachinko and lotteries.

Chapter 23 of the Criminal Code is the law that forbids the majority of gambling activities. Nevertheless, the Liberal Democratic Party has worked to legalize casinos in an effort to increase tourism in Japan. In addition, participants in the nation’s legal forms of gambling must be at least 20 years old. If daily fantasy sports or Japanese sports betting are your thing, you can also look into your options.

Gambling Responsibly in Japan

We want to remind you to gamble sensibly and to get help if you feel like an addiction has taken control of you. Hotlines are available, and agents are waiting to speak with problem gamblers. Links to consulting firms are located in the footer section of every casino with a license.

Check what the options are to auto-regulate the time you spend gambling. Put a monthly cap on your spending and remember to take breaks every now and then. If you take all these precautions, you can ensure yourself a wholesome betting experience.

History of Gambling in Japan

Around the 18th century, Japan’s authorities instituted an intriguing rule that permitted small bets on games like lotteries but forbade players from placing large wagers. As a result, many games of chance were developed, including zanmai, kitsune, karuta, and many others. The pachinko game was later created during World War II and is still played today, with more than 4 million pachinko machines spread throughout Japan.

The Most Famous Japan Gambler

A businessman by the name of Akio Kashiwagi is one of the most well-known gamblers in the nation. Mr. Kashiwagi amassed enormous wealth as a successful real estate investor and gambled in some of the best casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Baccarat was one of his favorite games, but when it came to playing, we’re not talking about standard wagers. Akio Kasiwagi was a major gambler who would spend hours making bets of between $100,000 and $200,000 per hand. Unfortunately, Mr. Kashiwagi was murdered in 1992, and the crime was never fully investigated.

Gambling Addiction and Integrated Resorts Were Also Mentioned

Yamagishi questioned the prime minister about specific initiatives the Basic Plan has to deal with addiction. In response, Kishida said that since online casinos are illegal, the Basic Plan is concentrated on preventing them rather than fighting potential addiction. The Basic Plan has measures to prevent addiction from legal gambling, he added.

Finally, issues regarding integrated resorts were also brought up. According to Yamagishi, the government won’t be equipped to handle potential societal threats that IRs will bring if it can’t handle online casinos. The government will be more than prepared to regulate IRs, according to Kishida.

Bally’s is one of the businesses seeking to establish an IR in Japan. Bally’s recently disclosed that it has created a $3 plan. 9 billion resort in Fukuoka and expressed its hope that the Japanese government would take this offer under consideration and accept it. Some predictions state that the IR will increase tourism because it may draw as many as 4. 6 million people visit every year.

Two days before the deadline, Osaka and Nagasaki both submitted bids for integrated resorts back in March.

The attitude of the Japanese government toward casino use is unclear. It has been permissible to use a physical casino in the nation since 2018. However, using online casinos is still prohibited. As a result, it is obvious that Japan has no domestic casino brands.

In theory, you could receive a small fine if you were “caught” using a foreign casino site in Japan. In reality, the government merely doesn’t enforce this law, much like Singapore’s online casinos. Therefore, even though playing online poker in Japan technically constitutes a crime, there is almost no chance that you will be held accountable for it.

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Full Speed Ahead

Nothing seems to be stopping Japan from implementing IRs, and it appears that anti-gambling political initiatives are wasting money. Instead, experts advise concentrating efforts on making sure the sector runs securely and transparently while providing consumer protections.

Out of about half a dozen cities, only Nagasaki and Osaka were able to cross the finish line in the competition to host an IR. They are both currently awaiting word on whether the federal government will approve their suggested projects. If this is the case, one or both IRs may appear within the next five to six years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Japanese Casino Sites

It is, indeed. Japanese players are able to play well-liked online casino games and place bets on their preferred sports thanks to legal online gambling in Japan.

All of the Japanese casino websites we review have licenses and are governed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This implies that you can enjoy online gambling without worrying about running afoul of the law.

Players can legally partake in sports betting, online slots, live casino games, and other well-known games (like poker and blackjack) from the comfort of their own homes because the Japanese government is very lax when it comes to enforcing online gambling restrictions.

However, the Japanese government will require you to declare your profits as taxable income. You could get into a lot of trouble if you don’t declare your winnings from online casinos as personal income.

Please check your local laws to ensure that playing at the online casino of your choice is acceptable there.

Can I Play Live Dealer Games With Japanese Online Casinos?

Yes, you can. The best online casinos in Japan give players the opportunity to enjoy several variants of live dealer poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself playing poker and blackjack wherever you are because many of the most well-liked casino games are accessible to play on mobile devices.

Games with a live dealer bring the table to the screen. The same betting odds that you would find at any land-based casino will be presented to you, and your hand will be dealt by a real person.

Are Online Casino Games Fair?

Yes, they are. Reputable online casinos in Japan offer provably fair online slot games, table games, live dealer provisions, and sports betting odds.

Before you wager real money, you can play high-RTP (return-to-player) online slots and see what the “house edge” is for each table game.

The authorities in charge of policing physical betting establishments regularly audit our top-reviewed casino sites in Japan for fairness and volatility because they all have a valid operating license.

This implies that online slot game results are randomized in your favor. Each machine returns up to 98% of the money that players put into it in the form of winnings. Both virtual sports bets and online table games use the same algorithm.

No matter what you read about on Reddit from irate players, licensed online casinos in Japan aren’t rigged.

Can I Trust Online Casinos in Japan?

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Japanese casino websites are reliable. Every licensed Japan online casino has an unlicensed counterpart, but a few bad apples can ruin the bunch.

Before registering with any Japan online casinos, players should exercise caution and double-check their chosen site.

Because unlicensed online casinos are unregulated, they can steal your money, jeopardize your financial security, and sell your personal information to dishonest parties without being held accountable.

For your peace of mind, you should be aware that every Japanese casino on our list of the best ones is fully licensed and regulated. Like you would trust your favorite physical casino with your hard-earned money, you can put your trust in our top picks.

Will I Receive a Welcome Bonus From Japan Online Casinos?

Yes – all of our top-reviewed online casinos offer players the opportunity to redeem a generous welcome bonus.

Although welcome bonuses will vary depending on the casino site you make an account with, you can usually expect some combination of a deposit bonus, free spins, and a reload match that covers your next few deposits.

The best Japan online casinos list the lowest wagering requirements attached to the highest bonus match caps and the greatest number of free spins.

You can be sure that, whichever Japan casino you choose from this list, you’re getting the best value for your money.

How Can I Pick the Best Online Casino for My Needs?

Your online gambling preferences will determine which Japan online casino is best for you. You must ascertain in advance what you are most interested in.

Japanese players who are mostly interested in finding the best online casino games and virtual sports betting options under one roof would find Lucky Niki or Casumo to be the perfect fit for them.

However, National Casino, Spin Casino, and Jackpot City would appeal to those seeking the best deposit bonus and the greatest number of free spins.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Sites in Japan?

Check out what verification checks our top reviewers took into account while evaluating the best online casino sites in Japan.

  1. Time Needed: 00:30
  2. Tools Needed: Laptop or mobile
  3. Software Needed: Email

We look at the gaming selection offered by the in question Japanese casino sites to see if there is enough variety for players with various tastes and preferences.

Payout & RTP Audit

Regardless of the game type, we make sure that the payout percentages for each game are confirmed to be accurate and consistent with the JP casino website’s fairness level.

Audit of Bonuses and Offers

It’s crucial to provide gamblers with benefits like generous bonuses. Because of this, it is equally important to examine the promotional section as it is the other aspects.

Deposit Methods Audit

Do you see your preferred method of payment listed? Unfortunately, it isn’t. Without a thorough examination of the banking section, our investigation won’t be finished.

Online Casino Games – List and Overview

In our review of online casinos, we will first examine all of the games that are offered in the Japanese market. This is a crucial element because it is one of the main traits that players look for in a gambling operator.

Each of the best online casino sites in Japan has made sure to include only top-notch gaming options because it goes without saying that diversity and high-quality gameplay need to be assured by utilizing software from leading companies. Let’s see what your options are in the Land of the Rising Sun without further ado!

  1. Slots (Best Online Casino Game for Beginners)
  2. Jackpots (Highest Paying Casino Game)
  3. Blackjack (One of the Most Preferred Table Games in Japan)
  4. Roulette (Top-Rated Casino Option for High Rollers)
  5. Poker (Excellent Game for Skillful Japanese Card Players)
  6. Baccarat (Classic Table Game with Easy Rules)
  7. Bingo (Great Alternative of Lottery in Online Casinos)
  8. Game Shows (Innovative Live Games for Japanese Players)

Live Dealers Online Casino Games

Slots are undoubtedly the most played game at online casinos, but players seek out the thrills that live dealer games offer. We can understand why; live games offer a completely different level of interaction with the casino and the dealers.

Aside from that, they can give you the impression that you’re in a top-notch casino thanks to their well-mannered dealers and opulent surroundings. Finally, live games continue to be the top option for high rollers, but fortunately for fans of lower limits, some tables also offer small-ball action. Visit the top live casino and high roller casinos in Japan if you’re interested in learning more.

Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos in Japan

As previously mentioned, it has been acceptable to gamble in Japan for a number of years. Unsurprisingly, many brands have already seized this opportunity by opening up shop in the nation.

As a result, there are only two options for playing casino games in Japan: live or online. Let’s examine a few key areas where the two contrast and compare.


This is one category which online gambling in Japan win hands-down. In fact, for most bettors it is the main reason to use digital casinos over their real-world counterparts.

It goes without saying that you must first travel to a physical casino in order to use it. Depending on where you are located, this may require considerable travel. Even if a casino is close by, it still takes time to travel there, set up, and begin playing.

With online casinos, none of this is the case. You simply unlock your phone or laptop, log onto a website, and begin playing right away. This is something you can do whenever and from anywhere.

Successful: Online casinos

Game Selection

Any respectable land-based casino will have a wide selection for you to choose from. You can choose from a wide variety of slot machines and table games at the vast majority of them.

Online casinos, however, once again excel in terms of the sheer variety within these categories. They will always offer many more slots than you would find in a physical establishment. While the same table games will still be available, playing online will typically offer a few different variations of each game. For example, rather than just playing blackjack, there may be several different blackjack variations you can choose from, each with a different theme, buy-in amount, and other factors.


This one should be a major consideration when choosing whether to gamble at real-world or online casinos. Some bettors like the feeling of a physical casino, whether for the camaraderie with other players, the interaction with the dealers, or – quite simply – the bar. Others prefer the privacy and more relaxed nature of an online casino. Your preference is completely subjective, of course, but it’s something you should think about in advance.

Games at Japanese casino sites

For Japanese players, many international casino operators have developed tailored versions of their websites. This frequently includes more versions of games that appeal to Japanese audiences in addition to the language and currency. Slot machines are incredibly common and resemble the pachinko games that everyone in Japan is familiar with.

Along with slots, East Asian favorites like dragon tiger and sic bo, as well as global favorites like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and bingo, can be played at Japanese online casinos.

How To Sign Up With Online Casinos in Japan

The idea of beginning with online casinos in Japan may seem overwhelming to someone who has never gambled online. Fortunately, the procedure is quite easy. We’ll take you step-by-step through the application process for our top choice (Lucky Niki).

Go to their website.

On Lucky Niki’s website, there is a yellow “Join Now” button in the upper-right corner. Click on it, then enter any personal data that is asked for. When finished, press “Next” to move on.

Check your email.

Finally, you’ll need to use their website to make your initial deposit. Make sure to deposit $10 or more in order to be eligible for your welcome bonus. Once your first deposit has been made successfully, you’re ready to start playing your favorite casino games!

The Best Online Casino Site for Japan

Our final judgment remains after analyzing the entire Japanese online casino market. In general, the Land of the Rising Sun has a long way to go before realizing its full potential. We do hope that the nation finds a way to effectively control responsible gambling and the issues many players are facing, and we do hope that new gambling laws will be accepted sooner rather than later.

However, Japan has big ambitions to become one of the top gambling capitals when it comes to the casino scene. Additionally, keeping in mind the characteristics of our operators, Vera and John is one of our favorite Japanese online casinos. Players can expect fantastic games and a tempting welcome bonus, so be sure to sign up whenever you can and check out the benefits you’ll be eligible for! From the top Japanese slots casinos to the top Japanese roulette casinos, we have a variety of guides for all types of players.

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  3. Daily Fantasy in Japan
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  9. Japanese Slots Casinos
  10. Online Poker Sites in Japan
  11. Sports Betting Sites in Japan

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