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The lottery is a game of chance in which players hope to win by matching numbered balls on a draw. One popular lottery game in Poland is called “Tylko do Lotto” (Only for Lottery). It has been the most viewed online lottery site since its launch in 2011. Every week, there are two draws: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The best part about this Polish lottery is that it allows you to win big!

The Polish version of the lottery is called Tylko do Lotto. The first Polish Lottery was introduced in June 1991 and since then it has been estimated that more than €11 billion have been won by players! Although Lotto Poland does not offer as many prize divisions as Euro Millions, there are still some significant cash prizes up for grabs including a Jackpot which now stands at over $235 million (once you factor in 20% tax). The odds of winning the Jackpot are around one in 14 million. In comparison, the chance of getting five numbers plus a bonus ball correct on Euro Millions is roughly one in 97 million!

Anyone can win the lottery. It doesn’t take money. What it takes is luck and a little bit of patience. The Polish National Lotto, or PZL as it’s known locally, has been around for years now so people who play there know what they’re getting into – big prizes but also losing streaks that seem like forever!

This year, the Polish Lotto had a jackpot of €25 million. One player won that prize and shared it with two other winners in October 2018. That was the last time there were any big wins for this lotto game!

The next draw is happening on Saturday, January 19th at 20:00 CET. For players who are new to Lottery Poland, you may want to check out our full guide here before playing online – see below for more details on how we recommend choosing an online lottery website.

Here are some quick facts about the Polish Lotto: – There is a jackpot every week that starts at €550,000 and increases by a minimum of €50,000 each draw. If there’s no winner in any given draw, then the prize money rolls down to increase future draws until someone wins it! A big win like this only happens once every few months though.

– We recommend using Lottery Poland for lottery games online because they offer an easy way to play on mobile devices or your computer. They also have lots of bonuses available too which you can find here. You’ll get up to £200 worth of free spins on top of your first deposit depending on how much you put into your bankroll (see details below).

– You can also play the Polish Lotto on your mobile device for free with this app.

In Poland, you can easily buy a lottery ticket from an agent or even online. In addition to that, there are numerous weekly and monthly drawings taking place every day. There is also the possibility of participating in international lotteries on which you have a chance of winning big by matching all six numbers drawn. The more tickets purchased for these draws to increase your chances as well!

You can participate in several different types of Polish lottery contests: first prize lotto games with jackpots between PLN 700 million and over three billion złotys. Second price “mini” games where you have a chance at winning up to 300 000 zlotys per drawing. Third price lotto games known as ‘kupony’ with top prizes of up to 100 000 zlotys and “półkupony” which are half price lotto tickets.

The Polish National State Lottery is the most popular type of lottery in Poland operating daily drawings since March 26, 1990, after conducting its first draw on April 22nd, 1989. You can play for free or purchase a ticket online here

Lotteries run by regional authorities also allow players from abroad to participate in their games online where you have a chance at winning anything between 500zł-50 000 PLN! These lotteries operate continuously throughout the week ending every day with an additional weekly draw.

There are few things more exciting than playing individualized number selections to win big!

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