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If you are tired from the lack of variety when it comes to roulette betting options, then you have to try one of the best online table games which Microgaming is offering. Premier Roulette is the perfect way to try your luck by making more advanced bets in the hope of the best outcome.

Players who choose to try Premier Roulette will experience a gameplay that is very authentic and similar to that which brick-and-mortar casinos provide to their patrons, complete with fantastic graphics and intriguing wagering options.

Every player can have an unforgettable gambling experience playing this variation of European roulette, which can easily help them forget about the traditional ways of trying their luck. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Premier Roulette, and you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that playing your favorite game at home is the best thing ever.

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Specific Rules and Table Limits

If you choose to play Premier Roulette, you won’t have any trouble understanding the game’s rules. You’ll notice that this version also has the standard 36 red and black numbers because it is based on European roulette. The roulette wheel also features a single green 0; as a result, players can expect a higher RTP than they would with American roulette.

You can see that the roulette table has a racetrack in addition to the conventional inside and outside bets, which allows players to place call bets like Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Voisins Du Zero. In this variation of roulette, players also have the option of betting on Red Splits and Black Splits.

The minimum wager you can place is €0.25, and the maximum wager you can place varies depending on the kind of wager you place. Remember that the table limits may vary among the various online casinos that offer the game. To play the game in the most profitable way, make sure you are aware of the wagering restrictions.

Type of Bet Bet Payout Bet Limits
Straight Up Bet 35:1 €0.25 – €125
Split Bet 17:1 €0.50 – €250
Street Bet 11:1 €0.75 – €375
Corner Bet 8:1 €1 – €500
Line Bet 5:1 €1.25 – €625
Columns Bet 2:1 €1.75 – €875
Dozens Bet 2:1 €1.75 – €875
1-18/19-36 Bet 1:1 €2 – €1000
Odd/Even Bet 1:1 €2 – €1000
Black/Red Bet 1:1 €2 – €1000

Graphics and Overall Player Experience

One of the best aspects of the game is its graphics, which can excite any player. Premier Roulette is the ideal table game for you if you want to take advantage of online betting. Developers at Microgaming are experts at giving online gamblers the best entertainment. The gameplay is simple and enjoyable thanks to the game’s user-friendly interface.

Give Premier Roulette a shot if you’re looking for a better way to try your luck and test out some fresh tactics. This roulette variant is the ideal way to win money from the comfort of your own home because it has an authentic feel and look and lots of unusual bets.

On the screen, you can see all the details you need to enjoy your online gambling experience. You can also adjust a number of features, such as the table layout, game speed, and many others, to make your experience more unique and satisfying. This variation of European roulette is ideal for both inexperienced players and more seasoned ones due to the ability to switch between Expert Mode and Regular Mode.

Special Features

Even though the Microgaming designers made sure that Premier Roulette would look as straightforward and uncluttered as possible, they did include some unusual betting options that enhance the overall excitement and allure of the game.

Gamblers who enjoy taking bigger risks and wagering more money in an effort to win big will undoubtedly find this appealing because players can switch the game’s mode to “Expert” with ease. The game will switch to an advanced mode if you press the red button in the right bottom corner of the screen. This will make the call bets available to players at Premier Roulette clear.

In addition to the more common options such as Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, Voisins Du Zero, Red Splits and Black Splits, there are also more extravagant wagers. Placing your chips in the shape of ‘007’ or a snake-like formation are also among the extraordinary bets of this game. Number Combo, Chip Bomb and Random 7 are other betting options you can choose from. As you can see the variety of exotic call bets is endless and there are plenty of opportunities you can explore before you place your money on the table.


Players have access to a variety of settings that can help them play better in addition to a wide variety of bets. You can save up to five different layouts by selecting “Edit Layout,” which can make placing bets quicker and easier. You can alter the game’s tempo as well as the color of the table layout. You can modify the gameplay to suit your preferences with the aid of all of this.

The “Statistics” button also provides you with information about previous round outcomes, your biggest wins, and other game-related stats.


Rarely can you find such a wonderful edition of European roulette online. Premier Roulette is a combination of all key points which are vital for an exciting and unique roulette experience. From the outstanding graphics to the endless list of betting options, this game can be the perfect way to win money from your living room.

While the Regular Mode is ideal for those new to online gambling, the Expert features of the game will let even the most experienced players enjoy the ultimate roulette experience, which is both difficult and fun.

With Premier Roulette’s straightforward interface, you can explore the range of options available to you and tailor your gaming experience to make it more unique and authentic. This game is evidence that online gambling has a bright future, which is beyond dispute.

Premier Roulette Review

If you enjoy playing roulette, you’ll find Premier Roulette by Microgaming to be both fun and lucrative. Microgaming made the decision to create a game that is appropriate for both casual players and high rollers because there are different types of players and some of them can afford to place riskier bets.

With its realistic spinning wheel and wide range of betting options, Premier Roulette seduces. Given that this is a spin on European roulette, the house edge will be 2.70%. Both common and sophisticated bets on roulette will be available to players. Fans of roulette can increase the fun and profitability of their gaming sessions in this way.

Premier Roulette Summary
Provider Microgaming
RTP 97.30%
Min Bet $1.00
Max Bet $2,000
Wheel Number 1
Ball Number 1
Multiplayer N/A
Jackpot N/A

Popular Bets and Payouts of Premier Roulette

Due to the fact that Premier Roulette follows the same rules as European roulette, playing is incredibly simple. Additionally, this implies that all of the standard betting options will be available to players. On any number of the wheel, they will be able to place a Straight bet, and if they do so correctly, they will receive the standard payout of 35 to 1.


You can make all usual inside and outside bets while you play Premier Roulette. You will be able to bet on columns and dozens or place your chips on even money bets like Even/Odd, Black/Red or High/Low. In addition to the typical bets, players will also be able to use a racetrack where they will find Call bets like Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins du Zero. What is more, there will also be options like Red Splits and Black Splits which allows players to bet on neighboring black or red numbers.

But it’s the Expert Mode that really distinguishes Premier Roulette as a special game. You will have the chance to place many more Call bets that cover a variety of numbers on the table layout if you are confident in your gaming abilities.

Specific Features of Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette has a great feature that allows players to switch between a Regular and Expert mode, despite having the appearance of a standard roulette game. If you choose the first option, you can place all the common inside and outside bets as well as a number of Call bets from the racetrack, which is situated next to the table grit.

However, you can switch to Expert mode to make your betting experience more exciting. This will give you access to a few other Call bets that will cover various wheel numbers.

The first five wagers on the list of expert bets are identical to those that can be placed on the racetrack, as you will see if you do so. The first special wager you can place in Expert mode is called Orphelins Plein, which covers the same numbers as Les Orphelins but places Straight wagers rather than Split ones.

The following call bet, called Zero Game, lets you wager on the single-zero socket and a few nearby numbers. The pattern known as 007 is the next one you can cover with the help of Premier Roulette’s Call bets. It enables you to cover a sizable portion of the table and, ideally, to reap rewards. Because the chips on the table grit create a snake-like pattern, the subsequent Call bet is known as the Snake. You can also place call bets on the Random 7, Finales en Plein, Number Combo, Chip Bomb, and Finales A Cheval while playing Premier Roulette.


Various online players can enjoy Premier Roulette, a wonderful variation of the casino classic. You can play Premier Roulette however you like, whether you prefer a straightforward betting structure or are willing to take on greater risk. The ability to switch between Regular and Expert mode enables you to play in a thrilling and highly rewarding casino environment that best suits your preferences.