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You can enjoy playing a traditional, European version of this well-known table game by playing this version of French Roulette from Playtech. This intriguing variation of roulette should appeal to various types of players because it has a single zero and many different bet types. Find out how simple it is to start playing, whether for fun or with real money stakes.

Play Premium French Roulette at NetBet.

The Basic Rules and Bets That Are Available

As would be expected under European rules, this French variation of roulette is played on a standard European wheel with just one zero. The game is also varied by the abundance of called bets that are present on the table. The Neighbour Bets and Announce Bets tabs both offer a variety of choices.

The La Partage rule is used in this French Roulette game. This means that you lose just half of the even-money bets that you have placed if the ball lands on zero. As well as this, you will find all of the usual roulette wagers such as straight number, street bets, corner bets, and so on.

Details of Called Bets and Special Features

Although they are listed in the menu as announced bets, there are a number of called bets on this page, as was previously mentioned. When you select this wager option, a long list including wagers like orphelins a cheval, tiers du cylindre, and voisins du zero will appear.

Nothing special is offered in the way of features in this game. Although it is a typical roulette game, the variety of bets keeps it from becoming monotonous in any way. This is a wise decision to make if you enjoy playing roulette honestly and without tricks.

What Is the Gameplay Like?

It’s wonderful to play a roulette game with such effortless, fluid gameplay. Simply selecting your stake and then the wager that you want to place will get you going. As usual, you can place multiple bets simultaneously.

The smallest wager you can make is just $0.10, though some wager types have higher minimums. For instance, even money wagers begin at $1. The maximum wager is $50 for straight up wagers, but it increases to $300 for wagers at odds of evens. Directly from the roulette wheel, you can access the list of minimum and maximum bets at any time.

The sound can be adjusted, or you can choose the fast play option, in which the ball enters the final number without first spinning the wheel. Other than that, all you have to do is press the spin button when you’re ready to start playing.

Find Out About the Free Demo Game

Try out the risk-free demo version of Premium French Roulette to play for free and learn the game quickly. Test out all of the game’s features and mechanics while developing a betting plan for when you play it for real money at a Playtech casino.

Do you want to use real money to play this game?

  • Bonus $200
  • Bonus €400
  • Bonus $500

Playtech Casinos for Real-Money Play

You can find many reputable Playtech casinos that offer this Premium version of French roulette and many more of the provider’s extensive library of games along with bonuses appropriate for roulette players if you’re ready to start playing with real money after trying out the free demo version.

The RTP and Payouts Explained

97.30% is the overall RTP indicated on this page. But because the La Partage rule is used, the RTP on even money wagers is increased to 98.65%. The single zero in European roulette games increases the house edge, as you may already be aware. This is unquestionably the situation.

  • In the case of a straight up bet, the payout is 35 to 1 when you choose the correct number.
  • Split bets are paid out at a rate of 17 to 1.
  • Street bet wins reward you with 11 to 1 payouts.
  • Corner / four bets are listed as giving you the possibility of an 8 to 1 return.
  • Line bets give you a 5 to 1 payout when you call it correctly.
  • Column and dozen bets are both given as a 2 to 1 return.
  • The usual even money bets (red/black, odd/even and so on) are set to pay you a 1 to 1 return.
Bet Type Covers Description How to Place Payout
Plein (Straight Up) 1 Number A bet on a single number being the winning number. Tap entirely in the middle of a number (including 0) on the Roulette table. 35:1
Cheval (Split Bet) 2 Numbers A bet on two numbers next to each other on the table. Tap on the line that divides the two numbers. 17:1
Transversale Pleine (Street Bet) 3 Numbers A bet on a row of three numbers (e.g. 1, 2, and 3). Tap on the bottom edge of the lowest number in a vertical row to place a Street Bet. 11:1
Carré (Corner Bet) 4 Numbers A bet covering four numbers next to each other on the table. Tap at the cross where the four numbers meet. 8:1
Transversale de Quatre (Four Bet) 4 Numbers An inside bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. Tap on the lower edge of the board, at the end of the line between 0 and the first row. 8:1
Transversale Simple (Line Bet) 6 Numbers A bet covering two Streets – six different numbers in two rows of three numbers. Tap on the lower edge of the Roulette table, at the T-section where the two Streets meet. 5:1
Colonne (Column Bet) 12 Numbers A bet covering an entire horizontal row of four numbers. Tap on one of the three unlabeled boxes next to the columns on the right side of the Roulette table. 2:1
1st 12 12 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 1 and 12. Tap on the ‘P12’ box for the first group of twelve numbers (1-12). 1:1
2nd 12 12 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 13 and 24. Tap on the ‘M12’ box for the second group of twelve numbers (13-24). 1:1
3rd 12 12 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 25 and 36. Tap on the ‘D12’ box for the third group of twelve numbers (25- 36). 1:1
Manque 1-18 (Low) 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 1 and 18. Tap on the area marked with ‘MANQUE (1-18)’ or ‘PASSE (19-36)’. 1:1
Passe 19-36 (High) 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 19 and 36. Tap on the area marked with ‘MANQUE (1-18)’ or ‘PASSE (19-36)’. 1:1
Red 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being red. Tap on the area marked with a red or black diamond. 1:1
Black 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being black. Tap on the area marked with a red or black diamond. 1:1
Even 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being even. Tap on the area marked with ‘PAIR (Even)’ or ‘IMPAIR (Odd)’ on the Roulette table. 1:1
Odd 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being odd. Tap on the area marked with ‘PAIR (Even)’ or ‘IMPAIR (Odd)’ on the Roulette table. 1:1
Neighbors 3 to 11 Numbers A bet on a number and its neighbors. There are 5 numbered NEIGHBORS buttons. Tap one of the numbered NEIGHBORS buttons to select how many additional adjacent numbers you want to bet on, then tap on the Neighbor Bets table to place a bet on that number and its neighbors. 35:1
Voisins du Zero 17 Numbers Voisins du Zero means “Neighbors of Zero”. Tap the area marked “Voisins Du Zero”. These are the numbers positioned between 22 and 25 on the wheel. Nine chips are staked: two on 0/2/3, one on 4/7, one on 12/15, one on 18/21, one on 19/22, two on 25/26/28/29 and one on 32/35. These pay as Split bets. 11:1 / 17:1 / 8:1
Jeu 0 7 Numbers Jeu 0 bets cover 7 numbers within Voisins Du Zero bets section. This is a series of numbers surrounding zero, positioned between 12 and 15 on the wheel. Tap the area marked “Jeu 0”. 4 chips are staked: one on 0/3, one on 12/15 and one on 32/35. These pay as Split bets, and one straight-up on 26. 17:1 / 35:1
Tiers 12 Numbers Tiers means one-third and is the name for the numbers that are positioned on the third of the wheel opposite 0, i.e. between 27 and 33. Tap the area marked “Tiers”. Six chips are staked: one on each of the following splits: 5/8; 10/11; 13/16; 23/24; 27/30 and 33/36. These pay as Split bets. 17:1
Orphelins 8 Numbers These numbers make up the two areas of the wheel that are not included in either Tiers or Voisins. They contain a total of eight numbers, comprising 17/34/6 and 1/20/14/31/9. Tap the area marked “Orphelins”. Five chips are staked: one straight-up on 1, which pays as a Straight bet, plus one chip on each of the splits: 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34, which all pay as Split bets. 17:1 / 35:1
Finales en Plein 3 to 4 Numbers A bet on all numbers ending in the numeral specified on the button. For example, tapping the FINALES EN PLEIN button labelled 1 will place a bet on all numbers ending in 1, with one chip per number: 1, 11, 21 and 31. There are 10 numbered FINALES EN PLEIN buttons, from 0 to 9. Tap one of the numbered FINALES EN PLEIN buttons. 35:1
Finales a Cheval 6 to 8 Numbers A bet on all numbers ending in the numeral specified on the button. For example, tapping the FINALES A CHEVAL button labelled 1/2 will place a bet on all numbers ending in 1 and 2: 1/2, 11/12, 21, 22 and 31/32.* There are 20 numbered FINALES A CHEVAL buttons with two numerals specified on each. Tap one of the numbered FINALES A CHEVAL buttons. 17:1 / 35:1


  • 9/10 – All numbers ending in 9 and the numbers 10, 20 and 30
  • 4/7 – All numbers ending in 4 and 7 (except 34)
  • 5/8 – All numbers ending in 5 and 8 (except 35)
  • 6/9 – All numbers ending in 6 and 9 (except 36)
  • 7/10 – All numbers ending in 7 and the numbers 10, 20 and 30
  • 8/11 – All numbers ending in 8 and the numbers 11, 21 and 31
  • 9/12 – All numbers ending in 9 and the numbers 12, 22 and 32

Finding a Real-Money Strategy for Premier French Roulette

The La Partage rule may tempt seasoned roulette players to make even money wagers. This is a clever way to guarantee that you receive the lowest house edge possible. Even money bets work well with many of the most well-liked progressive roulette strategies, so you should consider doing so.

What if you’re curious about the so-called bets? This is an intriguing choice that enables you to experiment with various unusual wager types. If this type of wager is new to you, read the rules carefully to ensure that you are familiar with them. The low minimum stake allows you to start out slowly if you’d like, and if you’re feeling particularly confident, you can bet pretty large amounts.

More from Playtech

Playtech’s impressive selection of games has helped them establish a strong reputation in the online casino industry. Other roulette games they have include Mini Roulette, Roulette Pro, and Multiplayer Roulette. Use our comparison tool for roulette games to see all of their features in greater detail and learn how they differ from Premium French Roulette.

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Premium French Roulette Review – All About the Playtech Game

The pinnacle of the roulette experience is the Premium French Roulette game. Being the best of Playtech’s premium series, it takes pride in providing a variety of betting options, as well as customizable settings, with a very straightforward and user-friendly layout. Rarely will you find a game with all the available bets that doesn’t also have a racetrack to divert your attention. You can find out about the best Premium French Roulette casino in this article.

Full T&Cs apply. New customers only. Min deposit £20 max bonus amount £500. First deposit: 100% up to £200. Second deposit: 50% up to £300. Wagering 40x for each bonus. Game weighting applies. Cashback: 5% cashback on first and all other deposits during week 1, 10% cashback on all additional deposits taking place in week 2 only. Bonus betting limits: slots – $/£/€5 all other games – 10% of bonus amount.

Before we go any further, we’d like to remind you that French Roulette offers the best player conditions, including the highest RTP, making it the best option if you want to play for fun as well as potentially win real money. This particular variation has gorgeous graphics and Playtech’s renowned top-notch software, making it very aesthetically pleasing.

Premium French Roulette Review Summary

Playtech’s Premium French Roulette is an online RNG game. With betting limits between £1 and £1000, it has a 98.65% RTP rate. The game can be played for real money at our featured online casinos and is renowned for its stunning graphics, incredibly high RTP, and appealing design.

The Best Premium French Roulette Online Casinos for July 2022

  • Mansion (Best Real Money Premium French Roulette Casino in the UK)
  • William Hill (Best Premium French Roulette Mobile Casino App)
  • Paddy Power (Safe British Gambling Site with Premium French Roulette)
  • (Top Premium French Roulette Casino with Great Interface)
  • Betfair Casino (Top Betting Site to Play Premium French Roulette Online)

Play Premium French Roulette for Free

It is always advised to give any online game a free try before risking your hard-earned money on it. We have included a demo version of the French Roulette game in this review to make things simpler for our readers. So go ahead and master this wonderful Playtech creation:

We believe you now have a good understanding of this amazing game and are prepared to visit the top Premium French Roulette casino online and begin playing for real money. As you can see, the game has a twist and a more upscale feel while still adhering to the basic rules of french roulette. It is undoubtedly one of our favorites, and we think you will enjoy playing it a lot.

Rules & Layout

Given its name, the Premium French Roulette game has a French-style layout. The best player conditions and RTP are ensured by a single zero and the French rules. Theoretically, in this situation, the RTP is 98.65%. The lack of unnecessary items in the game window makes placing a wager simple, and all additional options are neatly arranged and easily accessible with a single button click. You only need to click the coin to select it and then click the area you want to bet on.

The table limits for the premium roulette series games are the same as for the other games: £0.20 to £400. Not the best option for the best high roller roulette sites, but a good compromise for the average player. You can also alter the view, the table’s color, and the wheel’s direction, just like in the other variations in this Playtech series.

The history panel to the right displays your current bet’s percentage coverage of the wheel along with the results of the previous eight spins. Click on the stats button in the lower right corner of the game window for more statistics, such as the history of the spins over a longer time period and hot numbers.

Premium French Roulette Payouts

Comparing Premium French Roulette to the Playtech casinos we recommend, the range of wagers available seems fairly standard. The odds at which you are paid are fair, which is the most important factor. As a result, the house edge is minimized. Let’s look at your choices and the odds that the house offers for each wager. Most importantly, the Single Number. Again, standard for roulette, it pays 35:1. In Split Number, the odds of making the right prediction are 17:1.

You might want to place a wager on three numbers to increase your chances of winning. Quarter pays $8/1, Dozen/Column $2/1, and Outside Bets $1/1 for Three Numbers. Remember that Mansion Casino, our favorite Playtech casino, is offering you a sweet welcome bonus of £600 when you’re finally ready to play the game in real money mode.

Special Features & Settings

This top Playtech game variation provides unmatched betting options. By selecting the corresponding button in the bottom right corner of the game screen, you can benefit from the neighbour bets and call bets. That’s a great idea because you can both use the special bets this way and your layout won’t be cluttered with too many numbers, shapes, and colors.

You can place multiple bets at once in both the Announce Bets panel and the Neighbour Bets panel. Let me reassure you that the Announce Bets panel would be useful for you if you are a racetrack enthusiast. In fact, the panel is an improvement. On the left is a layout model, and on the right are all the call bets, which you can mix and match however you like.

When you mouse over an advertised wager, for example Voisins, it is much simpler for you to follow the numbers you are betting on because they are beautifully highlighted on the layout model, especially if you are using multiple call bets. Overall, despite the fact that I adore all of Playtech’s premium roulettes, I would always pick this one.


Premium French Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

The Premium French Roulette Playtech edition has some advantages and disadvantages, just like any other online casino game. Of course, these qualities vary from player to player, and what some may view as an advantage may be seen by others as a disadvantage. To be as objective as we could be in our assessments, we present to you the positives and negatives of Premium French Roulette:

  • La Partage Rule
  • European Wheel
  • Premium Graphics
  • High RTP
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Called Bets Feature
  • Not Ideal for High Rollers
  • Different Table Layout

As you can see from the table we’ve included, there are far more benefits in this particular situation than there are drawbacks. Due to the intriguing variation on the standard roulette game, Premium French Roulette is a favorite among many UK gamblers. It’s fascinating. It is a joy to play and has excellent graphics.

Conclusion: Why Play Premium French Roulette?

In conclusion, it is a lot of fun to play the Premium French Roulette game. This variant of roulette has the highest return on investment because it has a few extra rules, like La Partage and En Prison, and a small house advantage. Additionally, this particular game offers players a wide range of betting options and a beautifully designed user interface, delighting the eye of every gambler. You can also try these other well-liked roulette variations:

Full T&Cs apply. New customers only. Min deposit £20 max bonus amount £500. First deposit: 100% up to £200. Second deposit: 50% up to £300. Wagering 40x for each bonus. Game weighting applies. Cashback: 5% cashback on first and all other deposits during week 1, 10% cashback on all additional deposits taking place in week 2 only. Bonus betting limits: slots – $/£/€5 all other games – 10% of bonus amount.

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New Casino players only. Deposit required. Bet £10+ on qualifying games. 40x wager reqs (bonus only) on selected games. Accept Bonus within 14 days. Bonus valid for 30 days. Certain deposit types excluded. Player restrictions apply.

Full T&Cs apply. New reg only. Claim 10 free spins x10p each on Book of Dead (no deposit needed) within 3 days. Opt in & deposit £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager cash stakes 35x to unlock reward (£50 on 2 deposits). 3 day exp. Wagering/game contributions vary. 10 wager-free spins x10p to added to Book of Dead with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. 18+

Once you’ve selected your preferred Premium French Roulette, as we’ve demonstrated, you can try out some other illustrious roulette variations. You will undoubtedly have a luxurious and unforgettable roulette experience with any of them. Therefore, always make sure to gamble responsibly whether you select the Premium French Roulette Playtech variant or any other suggested game.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Premium French Roulette

You need to spend hours playing Premium French Roulette or, at the very least, looking up information online if you want to learn the intricacies of the game. If you lack the time or the patience to do any of the aforementioned, continue reading. In a two minute read, you can find all the information you need to start playing Premium French Roulette here.

1️⃣ How to play Premium French Roulette?

The rules and layout adhere to the fundamentals of roulette in general, as was mentioned in our review of Premium French Roulette. You must first choose your chip size, then the type of wager you want to place, and finally, you must spin the wheel to confirm your bet. If your prediction comes true, the wager will be settled in accordance with the game’s payout schedule.

2️⃣ What is the Premium French Roulette RTP?

One of the unique aspects of Premium French Roulette is its high return to player rate of 98.65%. Even for roulette, this is particularly high, which theoretically indicates that you have a good chance of winning your wager.

3️⃣ What are the best Premium French Roulette online casinos?

Mansion Casino, William Hill, Paddy Power,, Betfair, and other sites are among the best Premium French Roulette gambling establishments. They are all accredited and safe for use in the UK. They are all excellent options for RNG roulette, though some offer higher bonuses and a wider variety of games.

4️⃣ What’s the difference between Premium French Roulette and European roulette?

Despite having the same setup and wheel as European Roulette, Premium French Roulette has a few minor differences in its features and rules. The distinction is between the La Partage and En Prison rules. In the event that you lose an outside bet to the zero pocket, La Partage acts as insurance.

5️⃣ Where to play Premium French Roulette for real money?

Many reputable online casinos have the Premium French Roulette game available in their game selections. Mansion Casino, Betfair, William Hill, and others are a few of them. All of the unique rules and gameplay mechanics will be helpful when playing this game for real money.

6️⃣ What is the best bet in Premium French Roulette?

We’ve come to the conclusion that the payouts in Premium French Roulette are very similar to those in European roulette. Single Number, also known as Straight Up, is the single most profitable wager. You’ll be paid 35 times your wager if you correctly predict the exact number the ball will land on.