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  • Type European Roulette Wheel
  • Software iSoftBet

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Roulette Silver iSoftBet Review

The numbers 1 through 36 and an additional “0” are featured in iSoftBet’s Roulette Silver, which is comparable to European Roulette. One element that distinguishes this game from others is the magnificent color scheme combined with the sharp graphics and 3D elements. You can choose between playing the Roulette Silver real money game or the demo version. Before playing with real money, it is always advisable for beginners to use the freeplay roulette option.

Predicting the winning number on the game board is the primary objective of this game, which follows the same basic rules as live online roulette games. The numbers 1 through 36 are indicated on the game board in red and black alternately, with green designating “0.” This game is better suited for beginning and intermediate players because the betting range is 0.01 to 10 credits.

What are the Rules of the Roulette Silver Game?

The fundamental guidelines of European roulette are followed in the Roulette Silver game. Both standard bets and bonus bets can be made. The greatest benefit of bonus bets is that they increase your likelihood of success.

  • The outside bets include dozen, column, red/black, odd/even, and first/second half. These bets have varying payouts with column bet offering a max payout of 2:1 and second half bets offering the lowest payout of 1:1.
  • Inside bets include straight, split, street, trio, six-line, top line and corner bets. The payouts of these bets depend on the bet and its ratio. The straight bet offers the highest payout of 35:1 with the six-line bet offering the lowest payout of 5:1.
  • Some of the group bets that you can wager include neighbours, neighbours of zero, orphans, finals, and thirds. With such bets, the highest payout you can expect is 35:1 and the lowest being 11:1

How to Play Silver Roulette Online Game?

To test the free roulette game before betting with real money, beginners can start with the free Roulette Silver. You must select your preferred coin bet and enter the amount you wish to stake before you can begin playing. You receive chips from the coin bet, which you can use to place them on the winning number. After that, press the “Spin” button and watch the result. Your winnings will be credited to your account if the ball stops on the wheel at the predicted number. In the “Group Bet” option, available to roulette players, you can place Call bets.

The game offers a wide variety of betting options which range from the straight bet with a 35:1 payout to bonus bets which have a payout of 2:1. It is, however, important to keep in mind that each bet covers a selection of various numbers and is distributed over the betting table differently.
As it is the case with European roulette variations, the best thing about playing Roulette Silver is the fact that the single ‘0’ cuts the house edge in half compared to the American version which has ‘0’ and ‘00’.

The Features and Bet Limits of Silver Roulette

The betting range of the game favors low-intermediate players, but table limits and chip values may differ depending on the online casino. Since the betting range is so small (0.10–10 credits), low rollers will find the game more appealing. This betting range and payout rates will be excellent to start off your real money betting as a beginner after trying the Roulette Silver online free version. Even better, the game has a payout percentage of 97.3%, which is comparable to payouts in traditional European roulette. You will receive a sizeable portion of your payouts with a 2.7% house edge, and the rates are quite reasonable.


The game also offers an impressive range of betting options including inside bets, outside bets, and group bets. Other remarkable features in this game include the 3D features, luxury graphics and an incredible soundtrack which will keep you entertained. This is a perfect option for beginners and intermediate players.
iSoftBet has ensured to provide an excellent roulette variant which will transform your online casino gaming experience.

Since the bet range is between 0.01 and 10 credits, this might not be the best choice if you are a high roller. On our website, you can try your luck playing the Silver Roulette demo version. Additionally, you can find suggestions for online casinos and bonuses.

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Roulette Silver (iSoftBet)

Since Roulette Silver was developed by iSoftBet, a company that specializes in creating excellent online casino games for players from all over the world, it is most likely the closest thing you will find to playing on the casino floor. As soon as you start playing, it will become clear why this game is so well-liked. Roulette Silver’s crystal clear graphics and 3D features will give your gameplay a touch of luxury.

Playing Roulette Silver in a private space will make you feel like a VIP. In this version of roulette that is played in Europe, there are numerous wagers that you can make.

Roulette Silver (iSoftBet)

Rules of play

The 3D roulette wheel features 37 distinct pockets, as you’ll see. The wheel’s top is marked with a single green zero, and pockets bearing the numbers 1 through 36 are spaced out around it in black and red. The game’s rules are straightforward, just like those of the other roulette games available; place your chips on the table, sit back, and wait for a win, which will result from the outcome of a ball spinning the wheel.

Game differences

What distinguishes Roulette Silver from other roulette games that are available, then? Well, to begin with, the design of this roulette game is incredible. The graphics are crystal clear, and the table and wheel look incredibly realistic. The betting options are stamped on top of the navy blue tablecloth. You click the 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5.00, and 10.00 chip denominations on the edge of the table to place your bets. A running panel in the upper right corner shows the wheel’s history. When you are satisfied with your bets, the ball will launch into the roulette wheel and land in a pocket. The roulette wheel is the game’s most significant component, and it is located in the top left corner. A zoomed-in image of the wheel will be displayed next to the history panel to show you the result of the game in more detail. A silver pawn on the betting table will display the winning number, and if your wager was successful, you will be credited accordingly.

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House edge and limits

The minimum and maximum bets are just 0.10 and 10 respectively, which is quite low when compared to other tables that have a maximum bet of 75,000. It has a 2.70% house edge.

Strategy required?

Due to the low maximum wager of only $10.00, Roulette Silver is a game that is better suited to casual players. Players are allowed to try and win as many prizes as they can with this maximum of ten dollars. It would be better to try and place as many straight up bets as you can in order to get the maximum payout available, as the straight up bet offers a return of 35:1.

Devices to play on

Roulette Silver can only be played on via a desktop.

US players allowed

Roulette Silver is not available to US citizens to play.

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The excellent graphics and atmosphere that Roulette Silver offers are unmatched by any other roulette game we’ve played, but there is a drawback to this version of the game: the betting limits. High rollers are less suited to this game than novice players, but straight up bets still have the potential to win big money.

Play Roulette Silver Online – Try Out Group Bets!

Roulette Silver is an online version of the traditional European roulette game that is provided to you by renowned game developers iSoftBet. This game is fantastic for both experienced players and beginners due to the variety of betting options offered.

Full T&Cs apply. *New players, £10+ deposit, no e-wallets/prepaid cards,50x wagering on Vegas Free Spins, 40x wagering on Casino Free Spins.

You can learn how to play Roulette Silver online, about its special features, and about where to play for real money in our review. In order to let you test out Roulette Silver before playing for real money, we’ve even found a free demo for you.

Play Roulette Silver for Free

When playing a brand-new version of a game, even the most skilled roulette players can make mistakes. Because of this, it’s always advisable to try something out without risking any real money. You can play the Roulette Silver demo version of the game for free by clicking the link below.

To familiarize yourself with the controls, try making some bets. Find your favorites by experimenting with various bet types and chip sizes. To assist you in making a choice, the paytable lists the value of each wager. To create the ideal playing conditions, you can even change the volume levels of all the different sound effects.

Due to its traditional and straightforward layout, the majority of players will find the online version of Roulette Silver to be easy to understand. Although the gameplay is simple, there are many different ways to play this game. You can experiment with different tactics and improve your playing technique while using the free demo.


If you want to move quickly, use the “Turbo Play” feature; otherwise, take your time and experiment with a few of the group bets that are offered. The next section will explain where and how to play Roulette Silver online.

Roulette Silver Review: Rules and Special Features

With its consistently spinning wheel and simple layout, Roulette Silver has a classic feel and is both simple to look at and simple to play. With a 97.30% RTP, the player has a good chance of outperforming the house.

The chip denominations are 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, and 10. Players are only permitted to wager a certain amount per spin. A minimum of 0.10 and a maximum of 10 chips are allowed. Players have a variety of options for group bets or can stick with straightforward layout bets. It couldn’t be simpler to play roulette: just click and spin!

This game is very customizable thanks to a variety of helpful settings. The ‘Turbo Play’ option, which quickens gameplay, as well as the ambient background sounds of the casino, can both be altered.

A helpful paytable that lists the payouts for each type of wager is also available. Another quick method to determine how much a wager will pay is to hover your cursor over numbers on the layout.

Blackjack Silver

RTP 97.30%
House Advantage 2.70%
Roulette Type European
Special Feature Group Bets
Bet Limits £0.10 – £10
Racetracks No
Called Bets Yes
Fast Play Yes
Auto Play No
Best Roulette Silver Casino NetBet

While some players might have anticipated a racetrack next to the layout, it is still simple to place bets. Click “GROUP BET” in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can then select from wagers like “Neighbors of Zero,” “Orphans,” and “Finals” on the tab that appears.

These bet types, also referred to as French bets, are a popular choice that are occasionally unavailable online. They have appealing payouts and are determined by the placement of the numbers on the wheel rather than the layout. Although some players might prefer the classic appearance of a racetrack, Roulette Silver’s approach is just as successful.

Play Roulette Silver for Real Money

If you want to play a traditional online version of European roulette, try playing Roulette Silver. Smooth gameplay is made possible by effective features, a well-designed layout, and a good combination of both. Its most notable quality is unquestionably the availability of group bets.

The maximum table bet of just 10 chips may be too little for high rollers to wager with. There are many other roulette games that can be played online that provide more high stakes roulette.

We love the ‘Turbo Play’ option which, when combined with the ‘Rebet & Spin’ button, makes gameplay incredibly quick. If we we’re going to be picky, an autoplay feature wouldn’t go amiss to save on having to manually spin the wheel each time.

You have read our review of Roulette Silver and used the demo. You can now start playing Roulette Silver for real money. Will you start slowly and choose a red/black wager for safety, or can you win big with a group bet? Explore your financial limits while playing the thrilling game of Roulette Silver online.

Full T&Cs apply. *New players, £10+ deposit, no e-wallets/prepaid cards,50x wagering on Vegas Free Spins, 40x wagering on Casino Free Spins.