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Summary of the Bar SymbolThe cherries and the bar symbols, which became standard for slot machines early in their history, are still widely used today. Register Now! Related Articles by Professor SlotsOther Articles by Professor Slots.

The History of Slot Machine Symbols

As is well known, technology did not advance as it has in recent years. On a virtual platform like the internet, people didn’t really amuse themselves.

Up until the day auto mechanic Fey decided to make a slot machine in order to keep his clients from getting bored. In the late 19th century, Charles August Fey invented the first slot machine, which he called the Liberty Bell, and his first game, which he called The Card Bell.

Five symbols were present on the three reels of this machine. The iconic Liberty bell was among the five symbols, which also included diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and spades.

Fey had no idea how well-liked the game would be. He made the decision to leave his position as a car mechanic and launch his own company creating slot machines as a result of the intense interest it generated. When a law in San Francisco was passed making gambling illegal and preventing slots from paying out prizes, the symbols were changed in 1909.

As a result, he changed the slot machine symbols to fruit symbols and came up with the idea to make the machine dispense chewing gum. The flavor of the gum is represented by each fruit.

Slot machine symbols evolved along with slot machines as they got better, different, and more sophisticated over time. These games are becoming more and more popular as new types of symbols, games, and winning opportunities emerge.

Types of Slot Symbols

If your goal is to learn how to play online slots, you should know that slot symbols are an integral component of each game. Each of them has a distinctive meaning and the capacity to form a lucrative combination that can bring fun and rewards, frequently including the ever-popular free spins.

These days, there are two main categories of slot symbols: standard symbols (also known as payout symbols because they only result in payouts) and special symbols (also known as bonus symbols because they result in bonus effects).

Every day, software providers debut their outstanding games, and new matching symbols are also continuously offered. Standard reel symbols, wild symbols, bonus symbols, scatter symbols, and multiplier machine symbols are the most typical types of slot symbols, though.

Wild Symbols

The player’s face always lights up when they see wild symbols. These icons can stand in for any other icons on the slot machine reel and award you with a win or bonus prize on their own. This type of slot symbol has the advantage that, aside from scatters, they can be anything and don’t have any distinctive characteristics.

A wild symbol’s primary function is to complete your winning line. Every other symbol can be used with it, and it occasionally pays well. It frequently serves the same purpose as the joker card in a deck of cards.

A wild can help you complete a line to increase your chances of winning big.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is one of those special symbols that can result in significant winnings. It frequently depicts the overall theme of the game and, when present, can initiate free spins. Scatter icons are unique from the others in two ways:

Since they are not required to appear on the pay line for you to win, they can appear anywhere on the reel and still award you the prize.

They are not interchangeable with wild symbols.

When compared to other symbols on the same game, scatters are frequently animated or depicted by a symbol that best encapsulates the slot’s theme. They also frequently have high payouts.

For instance, the pay lines in a fruit-themed slot machine are covered in fruit symbols. However, a cherry could also be the scatter symbol or the winning symbol in this case. Depending on the slot machine, you can win money or at least receive a bonus game, free spins, or other reward if a specific number of cherry symbols appear on the paylines.

Additionally, this symbol has an in-game multiplier, which means it can increase your overall winnings.

Multiplier Symbols

Another type of symbol found in slot machines, multipliers can increase the value of your winning combinations. These symbols, which range in multipliers from 2 to 1000 or more, are less frequent than the ones mentioned earlier.

Multipliers can apply if you land wild symbols, a series of consecutive winning pay lines, or by triggering a free spin round.

There are several types of multiplying symbols, such as wild multipliers, regular multipliers, progressive multipliers, bonus feature multipliers etc.

Bonus Symbols

You know that sensation you get when a bonus game starts playing? The bonus symbols are present to raise your odds of winning and heighten the suspense.

All slot machines use these symbols to give you the chance to win bonus games. To activate the bonus in some slots, these symbols must line up along the active pay line. However, occasionally it might only show up on a few reels, like the first, third, and fifth.

  1. Free spin bonus
  2. Bonus round symbol
  3. Scatter bonus
  4. Miscellaneous bonus

Standard Reel Symbols

Seven-slot symbol

The standard reel symbol is the most prevalent and traditional symbol found in all slot machines. They can be high-paying or low-paying and are created to fit the theme.

These mainly include standard symbols such as fruit symbols (cherries, grapes, oranges, melons, and lemons) and the playing card symbols (Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens).

These can be combined to offer a payout based on how many times they show up in a row. You win if three or more icons appear horizontally in a row.

Symbols Vary Depending on the Slot Theme & Paytable

Slot symbols vary according to the theme of the machine and its paytable, as well as from one another in terms of special features that a modern slot machine contains.

Symbols depending on paytable

Low paying symbols are those in the slot machine that have the lowest payout due to their low value. In most cases, these are a jack, queen, or ace, or numbers like 10, 9, or 8.

High paying symbols are those that always have a connection to the slot’s theme and have exceptional value.

Special symbols are those that serve a unique function in every game.

Symbols depending on the slot theme

Symbols associated with fruits, jewels and gems, sports, animals, adventures, and other things are included in modern games with classic slot machine themes.

Fantastic slot machine themes – This theme has been used to create slots with symbols related to the ice age, the underworld, mythology, pirates, and more.

Cultural slot themes – These slot games include symbols based on real cultures and traditions. These slot themes consist of wild west slots, Egyptian slots, oriental slots, Viking slots, Irish slots, historical slots etc.

Branded slot themes: Slots games and symbols that are based on stars from television and film, among other things. Here, you can find slots for TV shows, movies, celebrities, comic books, and more.

Seasonal slot themes include Christmas, winter, romantic, etc.; the symbols in these thematic slots represent the seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of symbols varies depending on the game and how many reels there are.

What are stacked wild symbols?

Instead of occupying a single space on the reels, stacked wilds appear in groups of two or three. When it drops, it may occasionally completely cover the reel. Given that it functions essentially in the same way as expanding wilds, it is simple to identify.

What is a winning line?

The line on the reels where the winning combination appears is known as a payline, also known as a winning line, and it can be straight or zigzag.

How many bonus features can one slot game have?

Additional features that a player can activate while playing online slots are referred to as bonus features. Numerous bonus features can be found in a single slot game, some of which include free spins, mini-games, prize wheels, etc.

Investigating the history of slot machine symbols and recreational symbolism: Symbols and symbolism are present everywhere. In fact, the Universe is filled with symbolism because, according to what I believe, that is its primary language. We are surrounded by beautiful messages that have profound meaning and profound wisdom, from the symbolic meanings of animals to the symbols in alchemy.

What about symbols used for recreation? I’m referring to standard slot machine symbols. Like the symbols on the casino’s one-armed bandits, which are also referred to as slot machines. How did those slot machine icons get created? Who determined that a bell or a horseshoe was the ideal lucky charm? If you’re interested in learning more about the history and significance of classic slot symbols (like I am), continue reading.

The Meaning and History of Slot Machine Symbols

Avia’s First Introduction to Traditional Slot Symbols

One day, Beverly, a friend of mine, asked if I’d like to go to the casino with her for one of her weekly sessions. I wasn’t certain. It just didn’t seem like my scene, and I had never been to a casino. I have problems with light sensitivity, and I am unquestionably a hard-core hermit. But Bev begged me to join her, so I gave in. I visited a casino for the first and last time that day. The bright lights befuddled and overstimulated me way too much. I couldn’t handle the frantic energy. In addition, I lost money, of course.

Despite my less than stellar introduction to the world of casinos, I was fascinated by the culture. The slot symbols I noticed on all those machines were what really got my noodle all twisted up. Why are cherries? In fact, why would any fruit serve as a lucky slot machine symbol? The focus and goal of this post are found here. Despite the fact that my trip to the slots was somewhat unsuccessful, it did inspire me to learn more about the significance of classic slot symbols.

Nothing Beats Classic Slot Machine Symbols

horseshoe good luck symbol and tattoo ideas

The Horseshoe & The Bell Slot Machine Symbols

Even though the first horseshoe was created around 400 BC, it wasn’t until horse racing began in America in the middle of the 16th century that the horseshoe became regarded as a lucky symbol. Since betting on horses at racetracks has long been associated with gambling, it makes sense that the horseshoe is a popular and traditional slot symbol. Even today, seeing three of this recognizable symbol in a row at the slots is a sure sign you’ll get a good payout as well as good fortune and winnings.

There are several explanations for why the bell is a common slot machine symbol, among them. The first slot machine is credited as the bell’s most widely accepted origin. Charles Fey is credited with creating the first slot machine, which debuted in San Francisco in 1894. Fey gave his gaming device the moniker “The Liberty Bell.”

Three spinning wheels made up this early invention, and when the bell symbols lined up, a mechanism in the slot machine would start dispensing coins to the lucky winner. In light of this, the bell is a lucky slot machine symbol that is just as popular today as it was in the past.

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good luck number meanings

The History of Fruit Symbols and Slot Machines

Big game gamblers today may find it absurd, but in the US in 1910, gambling was prohibited. Slot machines were actually so despised that governments imposed severe restrictions and fines on all forms of gambling. Never ones to be outdone (or prevented from turning a profit), cunning casino managers found a way to circumvent the laws.

Slot machine operators and gambling establishments began devising clever ways to circumvent the ban on gambling. One such effort involved giving out fruit candies or gum when a slot machine produced a winner. Although fruit-flavored candies were delicious, the truth of this ruse was that players exchanged their fruit pieces for cash with the house manager. One of the most common methods of breaking the law was this.

Despite the legal prohibitions against the use of slot machines, this sleight of hand effectively ensured the continuation of gambling. In fact, Bell-Fruit-Gum, a Chicago-based company, made a fortune in the 1910s by supplying casinos with their alluring fruity chewy treats that were dispensed in lucrative slot machines.

Fruit symbols on slot machines eventually developed from the fruit that was given out in this constrictive era from winning slot machines. That is the story behind the fruity beauties that are blinking back at you when you see cherries, lemons, or oranges on your spinning slot machine.

The Evolution and Future of Slot Machine Symbols

When slot machines became digital in the 1980s, anyone could design their own theme for a machine according to their whim. For instance, slot machine symbols can now be designed after movie franchises, rock bands, or theme parks in order to give a spinning symbol that could award someone with a significant jackpot a personality or trademark.

Nowadays, almost anything can be a spinning symbol on a slot machine. from cartoon characters, spacecraft, or characters from Greek mythology. The traditional slot machine symbols, like fruits, bells, or horseshoes, continue to be the most popular ones and are frequently included in even contemporary themes, despite the introduction of new icons, figures, or images. Players can feel a connection to the past of this type of gambling when playing on traditional slot machines.

These well-liked icons help explain why slot machines have been around for more than a century. Even though slot symbols have changed over the past century, many people continue to base their selection of their favorite online slots on the classic slot symbols.

Last Word on Slot Machine Symbols and Their Meanings

Whether you’re a gambler or a fan of the one-armed bandit machines or not, one thing is clear. Slot machines are here to stay, and they provide enjoyment for millions all over the world.

Although I’m not a fan of these money-making machines, my friend Beverly will attest that playing slots is the best thing ever! Nevertheless, studying slot symbols taught me a lot, and I hope these revelations were useful to you. Please be aware that I do not support or condone gambling in any way. I am aware that it can be enjoyable for some people, but it can also enslave others through addiction. Please get help if you have a gambling problem. Thank you for reading, as always!

The experience of playing slots at a casino is essential. The excitement, sounds, and flashing lights all point to one thing: a chance to win big. There is only one drawback: you never know what will occur next. Will the three cherries line up on those spinning reels? A lucky 7 might also be in your future. Although no one can predict with certainty how a gambling session will turn out, you can always try your luck at the best and newest online casinos in Australia.

Wild symbols, on the other hand, have occasionally been known to help players win sizable payouts. This article will examine the meaning of the symbols and how they affect your chances of winning the jackpot.

Wild Symbols in Slot Machines

These are symbols that can create winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. Even if the player is not fortunate enough to land three of the same symbol on a pay line, they still aid in achieving a win. Every time the reels are spun, these wild symbols will frequently flash, indicating that they can appear alone or in any combination with other symbols.

The wild symbol is intended to be a benefit for the player and frequently results in extremely large payouts. In some cases, the wild symbol on the machine will actually pay out more than any of the other regular symbols. Therefore, looking for this unique symbol is worthwhile if you want to maximize your payout on a given spin.

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

In order to form a winning combination, these symbols act as stand-ins for other symbols on the reels. Some games have the ability to launch bonus rounds and grant extra payouts. There are many advantages of online casinos that you will discover as you delve deeper into the peculiarities of gambling. The wild symbol is usually an image of a particular character from the game’s plot or some associated video. Sometimes it is simply written in a particular font or color as “wild.”

The jackpot and scatter icons are just two examples of the missing symbols that wild symbols can replace. However, because wilds do not appear on all reels and instead must be located in a specific location to be paid out, they cannot replace bonus triggers like scatters.

Types of Wilds

A symbol known as a random wild symbol is one that could, at any time, randomly appear on any of the reels. Such a wild is typically used to support the creation of more lucrative winning combinations.

Wild symbols that appear stacked on top of one another are one type of wild symbol. Thus, more lucrative combinations may be produced.

Typically between three and five spins, a sticky wild remains in place on the reels. This can increase the number of winning combinations and the amount of money you win.

A wild symbol that moves from one reel to another as the reels spin is known as a moving wild. If it assists in creating a winning combination, this could lead to some significant payouts.

If you find a slot machine with straight/ diagonal wild symbols, this symbol will substitute for all other symbols on the reel except scatters and bonus symbols.

What Are the Benefits of Wild Symbols?

Here are some of the main advantages of wild symbols:

How To Choose the Best Wild Symbols in Slot Machines?

It’s critical to comprehend the operation of wild symbols if you want to get the most out of your slot machine gaming experience. The formation of winning combinations depends on wild symbols, which also significantly increases your chance of winning. You can always have a chance to win at slots, whether you prefer to play on your desktop or choose the most recent gambling app. The following tips will help you pick the best wild symbols for slot machines:

When looking for the best wild symbols in slot machines, it’s important to consider all of these factors. By taking the time to do your research, you can increase your chances of winning big.


There is undoubtedly a slot game out there that will appeal to you, whether you prefer high stakes or low stakes, and with progressive jackpots also being offered, you never know how much money you might end up winning. It’s risk-free to give playing slots online a try because you can have a lot of fun for little to no money.

Identical symbols must appear on a payline over at least three successive reels, starting on the left (on some games, it can also happen from the right), in order to win on a slot machine, according to a random stranger. Other slots, like those that use the Megaways mechanic, don’t require specific paylines to win; instead, the same symbol must appear anywhere on succeeding reels.

All of that is true, but the really large wins on slots usually result from a bonus feature of some kind. It could be a round of bonus spins with added win multipliers or a picking game where you choose a prize at random from rewards that are hidden.

The scatter symbols, so named because they can appear anywhere on the reels and are not required to do so consecutively, usually start the bonus games.

Scatter Slot Games

It’s safe to say that the Scatter symbol mechanic is used in the majority of slot games, especially those with five reels. One of two ways will reveal this:

  1. When you launch the slot, open up the paytable and look for a Scatter symbol and the relevant instructions
  2. As you play, you will notice a random symbol appears once in a while. It might be the wild symbol, substituting for all others, but it could also be the Scatter, and soon you will learn you need at least three of them to launch something special

Scatters can function in a variety of ways. A cash prize may be awarded in some games if one or more symbols fall. Typically, three are required to start a bonus game. While the remaining reels are spinning, there are important audible and visual cues that you may be about to hit something special if you land two.

If you land the third symbol, the slot will step up the excitement levels even further before guiding you through whatever the bonus round involves.

Examples of Scatter Slots

Divine Fortune, a slot machine with an Ancient Greece theme and a standard Scatter mechanic, is one of the most played slot machines at TwinSpires Casino. The clenched fist with a lightning bolt is the Scatter symbol in the game.

The Scatter reward in Divine Fortune is a free spins bonus, but the more Scatters you land, the more spins you get:

  1. Three symbols for five free spins
  2. Four symbols for eight free spins
  3. Five symbols for 12 free spins

The second Scatter feature in Divine Fortune from NetEnt uses Gold Coins as the lucky symbol. When you hit three of these, the special jackpot feature bonus begins, dividing the screen into 15 reels and setting you up to try your luck at one of the jackpots.

Bonanza from Big Time Gaming is another of the most well-known scatter slot games. In order to spell out GOLD, you must here land four of the gold bar scatters, each with a letter. When you comply, you receive a generous number of free spins and the opportunity to win additional spins throughout the feature.

How to Play Scatter Slots

When it comes to scatter slots, there is no real strategy. Once you have landed the necessary quantity of scatter symbols, the bonus feature will automatically start. However, it’s a good idea to review the paytable and game details before playing any slots so you know what scatter symbols to watch out for.

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The return to player (RTP) and volatility of scatter slot games should also be noted. These games typically have a slightly higher volatility and a lower RTP because the bonus features have the potential to produce large payouts, even jackpots. After all, if you occasionally win huge prizes, you probably don’t win very often!

Play Scatter Slots at TwinSpires Casino

You can test what you’ve learned in this article by playing one of the many entertaining slots at TwinSpires Casino, many of which use the Scatter mechanic.

First, you will need to register your account and make your first deposit. Next, make sure you opt-in for the generous welcome package, then go and explore the virtual casino floor. Good luck!

Greetings to Netherlands! Learn All About the Slot Symbols

All Sites Licensed by the UKGC

Many people have questioned why the cherry, the bar, the bell, the lucky seven, and other symbols are present in so many classic slots. We’ll take you on a historical journey to the origins of a custom that has shaped contemporary culture. We can learn a lot about how modern slot machines are played today by looking at the original designs of slot machines. We’ll also discuss the plethora of special symbols that have emerged in recent years; some of them are only found in online games, while others can also be found in physical machines.

Fruit Machine Symbols

You have most likely seen the iconic fruit machine symbols at some point in your life. Even if you’ve never played a vintage slot machine, you’ve probably seen the vibrant fruits on television, online, and even in video games. The first slot machines, however, didn’t resemble the play for fun free slots at all. Although they are ancient, fruit machines actually debuted a few decades after the first slot machines. Fans of video slots would probably be familiar with the different theme of the original slot machine symbols. When people brag about shaking hands with a one-armed bandit, this was still in the past.

The Poker Theme – What Were the Symbols of the First Slots?

Video poker games are seen as being very different from slots in the online gambling world. You might be shocked to learn that the first slot machines were actually preceded in age by poker and wheel of fortune machines. During the nineteenth century, these games were very common in American bars. It was only natural that the poker game would have a significant influence on the first slot machine prototypes that appeared in 1891. They had 5 reels that showed the faces of the cards.

The first one-armed bandits were born as a result of this. They quickly became popular in bars and spread there. They were known as “bandits” because you could declare bankruptcy using one of those, and the prominent lever was the fabled “one arm” of the bandit. Playing cards have retained their significance as slot machine symbols ever since those early days.

The Bell, the Horseshoe and the Seven – What Do They Have to Do with Poker?

One more technological advancement was required for the traditional one-armed bandits: automatic payouts. When you won on the original poker-themed machines, a person had to physically hand you your prize; back then, that person was typically the bartender. Charles Fey created the first classic slot machine in 1895 with the intention of making it completely automatic. He replaced the card symbols while doing that, and he also decreased the number of reels to 3. In actuality, he only left five symbols on the reels: the Liberty Bell, three card suits (hearts, diamonds, and spades), and a horseshoe.

The Liberty Bell became one of the iconic slot machine reel symbols and gave the first slot machine its name. Since the creator did not submit a patent application, his design was quickly imitated, and 3-reel slot games started to feature his original icons in their symbols. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment the Lucky Seven first appeared on the reels, but this number is regarded as lucky in the gambling community. It could be argued that the sevens gradually replaced the horseshoe as a lucky symbol because there are now fewer horseshoe symbols.

Why Do Slot Machines Have Fruit Symbols – The Bar Symbol and Bubblegum Jackpots

Thus, we now know what the original slot machine symbols were, and they have nothing to do with fruits! So, how did fruit symbols start to appear on slot machines? We must proceed to the 1900s, when slot machines were formally outlawed, to learn more about that. Widespread measures were taken against cash-prize machines as a result of the reputation of one-armed bandits for robbing people of all their cash.

It turned out, though, that people were reluctant to part with the excitement of the spinning reels. Because of this, many manufacturers added new fruit and bubble gum symbols to the reels. If you were able to line up three identical symbols, you would be awarded the corresponding prize, which was typically a piece of fruit-flavored gum. Even though they were referred to as “vendor machines,” those slots followed the same basic operating principles.

Although there have been many disputes regarding the exact name of the company, it is widely accepted that one of the major manufacturers utilizing this loophole to market its goods was the Bell-Fruit Gum Company. The company’s logo, which at first glance resembled a bar of gum but gradually transformed into the BAR symbol that many slot machines still use today, was an obvious addition to the fruit symbols found on slot machines.

How Many Symbols Are There in a Slot Machine – Classic Slot Reel Composition

The precise number of symbols on a slot machine reel is a frequently asked question. Because it was relatively simple to disassemble one of Fay’s early fruit machines, you should keep in mind that this question is much easier to answer for classic slot machines than for the contemporary variations. Typically, 3-reel slots had 60 symbols total, or about 20 symbols per reel. If you’re good at math, you may have already calculated that this equates to more than 8,000 combinations, one of which is typically the jackpot.

In fact, the size of the jackpot that slots could offer was for the longest time significantly constrained by the number of symbols. After all, if jackpots were paid out more quickly than wagers were placed, the slots would cease to exist. The initial slot machines offered payouts of up to 50 cents, which was actually thought of as a good hit at the time.

Modern electronic games, however, are very different, and the likelihood of winning is unaffected by the number of symbols in the slots. Fans of casino slot machines are frequently quite surprised to learn that, in modern times, complex RNG modules buried deep within the mechanism determine your exact odds of winning rather than the reel composition.

Types of Online Slot Symbols

Online casinos today provide you with countless opportunities to play your favorite games without having to plan a trip to the closest casino resort. There are more slot machine games available online than you could play in a lifetime. In fact, sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. When there are no actual reels in a slot machine, discussing the symbols on the reels can be difficult.

But in many ways, this has actually benefited the genre. With the help of contemporary visual design technology, software designers can go wild and astound us with stunning graphics and captivating effects. There are still traditional slot machine symbols, but they are being challenged by vivid characters that provide an unprecedented range of genres and designs.

Even if we wanted to ruin your fun, we can’t possibly cover every possible slot machine symbol. But if you’re serious about playing slots online, you should educate yourself on the various kinds of symbols you might see. The majority of the new online casino slot symbols have special effects in addition to their visual effects; some of these effects can also be seen in physical slot machines, while others are only available on desktop and mobile.

  1. Standard Symbols
  2. Wild Symbols
  3. Scatter Symbols
  4. Bonus Symbols
  5. Multiplier Symbols
  6. Stacked Symbols
  7. Sticky Symbols

Standard Symbols

These are your slot machine’s primary symbols. The traditional fruit machine symbols that have evolved into a crucial component of the traditional 3-reel slot design were already mentioned, but the majority of online slots make use of card-based symbols. They are, in this way, returning to the origins of the game, which developed from the earliest poker machines.

The slot machine symbols you will see most frequently on the online reels are the Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. However, the higher-paying symbols in video slots frequently feature some creative design. Those typically embody the game’s theme and have striking visual effects. The standard symbols of a slot game can include a variety of 3D effects and even animations.

Experienced online slot players quickly pick up on the various game design philosophies of industry titans like Netent, Microgaming, and Playtech. Although they shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether you play a slot machine or not, the graphics are still significant because our main objective is to have fun while we play responsibly, so we should choose games that visually appeal to us.

The vast majority of casino players prefer wild symbols, a unique category of bonus. Such a symbol is now present in the majority of 5-reel online slots; the paytable for your game should list it. Any other character can take the place of a wild symbol when the game looks for a winning combination.

They therefore qualify as a joker. Most of the time, they are unable to replace the unique slot machine symbols that start a bonus round or jackpot. Wilds significantly increase your chances of winning, but you should make sure they can appear on all reels or just a few of them.

Since online slots evolve constantly, there are now many types of wild symbols too. Expanding wilds, for instance, change their size when you land them on the reels. They replace the symbols they cover and have a bigger chance of becoming a part of a payline.

After being landed for the first time, walking wilds remain on the reels for several additional spins. Up until they leave the game’s screen from the left or right, they typically move from reel to reel. Similar in nature, sticky wilds increase your chances of a string of wins by remaining in place on the reels after you land them for several spins.

Multiplier wilds, on the other hand, have the added benefit of raising the amount of your prize; regrettably, you won’t find many of these. They are only found in a small number of games, and even those have extremely low odds of hitting one.

Another frequent bonus feature found in most video slots are scatter symbols. Scatters are frequently among the more uncommon and difficult-to-hit symbols on the reels. They do have the benefit of not needing to be a part of a payline in order to have an impact, though. From slot machine to slot machine, the effect typically varies.

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To activate one of the game’s bonus features, you typically need a number of scatter symbols (typically 3 or more) anywhere on the reels. Scatters typically lead to additional free spin rounds. Due to the popularity of this feature among online gamblers, scatter slots are in high demand.

You might find the bonus spin rounds to be very profitable. The basic bonus just gives you a certain number of free rounds, typically between 5 and 15, where the prizes are determined by the size of the last active bet that activated the feature. Additionally, the free spin rounds occasionally include extra bonuses like multipliers, which can increase your winnings even more. Payouts can also be obtained solely from scatter symbols.

The paytable for the slot machine will show you whether to anticipate winning money. The payout for the scatter symbol is typically less than the payout for a full payline with some of the more valuable standard symbols. However, they usually just need to be present anywhere on the reels to award it; they don’t typically need to land on a payline.

Although the bonus symbols set off a unique bonus game, they are very similar to scatter symbols. The two types of symbols frequently switch roles; for instance, the scatters may occasionally initiate the bonus round while the special free spin symbols initiate the free spin rounds. The bonus symbols are typically closely related to the overall theme of the slot machine, though.

It would be a good idea to check the paytable beforehand so that you can be prepared because their gameplay mechanics vary greatly from game to game. The most cutting-edge elements of a slot machine are typically its bonus games. They can have more ambitious visual effects and gameplay that deviates significantly from traditional slot gameplay, along with the biggest payouts of course.

You should be prepared for some screen interactions in bonus games because they might involve some decision-making. Naturally, since slot machines are renowned for their simplicity, it is extremely uncommon to find gameplay elements that would be challenging for you. Like any other casino game, bonus rounds are always based on luck; however, you may have more opportunities to “make your luck.”

Only at specific times in the game does a different kind of bonus symbol show up on the reels. For instance, you might have unique bonus multipliers added or other new symbols with higher payouts during the free spins. Overall, things vary significantly from game to game, but the best online slots tie everything together in a cohesive theme that connects your wins to the overall objective of the game.

One of the more uncommon bonus features you might get are multiplier symbols. They actually multiply your wins, as it states on the label. Similar to other symbols, multiplier symbols can appear on the reels; however, when they do, the payouts from winning lines are multiplied by 2, 3, 4, or even 6 times.

Standard symbols can serve as multipliers; typically, these symbols have an additional icon to denote the multiplier bonus. The better multipliers, however, also act as wilds. This entails that any winning combinations they combine with can have their prize multiplied. Such symbols aren’t found in many slots, and the number of them on the reels is typically on the low side to account for their high cash payouts.

Stacked Symbols

Another relatively recent innovation that has proven to be popular with players is stacked symbols. On the reels, stacked symbols occupy more room. This raises the possibility of them joining a payline. Standard symbols can be stacked; in fact, some slot bonus rounds substitute stacked symbols for certain types of standard symbols. The stacked symbols with the highest payouts, though, have an extra benefit. Specially popular are stacked wilds. They significantly raise the chances of finding a winning combination.

Sticky Symbols

Another relatively recent bonus feature is sticky symbols. They remain fixed in position for several spins once you manage to land them on the reels. If the sticky symbol has any bonus attributes, the player will benefit from this bonus the most. Sticky Wilds and Sticky Scatters, for example, give you a few extra spins to get the other required spins. However, because sticky symbols are such a huge advantage for the player, clever designers frequently position them at the very end of the reels, which makes it more challenging to connect them to a payline that pays out.

Have You Mastered Online Slots? Remember to Stay Safe!

Modern video slots have some very alluring features, and the gameplay is very simple. Even if you are completely at ease with the various symbols, you shouldn’t immediately begin spinning the reels. Even though online casinos are now fairly heavily regulated, online scams are still a threat.

If you want to make a real-money wager and pull the lever, you should take the time to confirm that the casino has the required licenses. You can probably guess from the name of our website that our reviewers have already conducted a number of checks, so you can always consult our helpful guides of the top casino sites.

Slot SiteSign Up OfferAll SlotsMobileJackpotRatingTrusted LinkTerms:

Slot game fans have recently had a ton of options thanks to online casinos’ widespread availability of a wide variety of slots. Although the operators above offer some of the most well-balanced selections, you can always refer to our complete index of the best slot sites. Don’t forget to read some reviews as well. It’s crucial to stay up to date with current events, trends, and the features of newly released slots.

The Mechanics of Online Slot Reels – What Is the Number of Symbols?

Online gamblers frequently believe that online games follow the same rules as traditional slot machines. Even land-based slots no longer fall under their purview. Your chances of landing a winning combination are no longer impacted by the quantity of symbols on the reels. A Random Number Generator, or RNG, now decides the outcome of a slot spin.

This sophisticated program constantly generates numbers that correspond to the positions of the reels. The outcome of your spin is decided by random numbers as soon as you click “Play.” This indicates that there are no fixed reels in online slots. Nowadays, land-based slots generally work on the same premise. The RNG resembles a tiny computer that is concealed somewhere deep inside the machine.

It is entirely possible that lower-paying symbols will have more corresponding numbers than higher-paying ones; this is what makes it possible to offer larger jackpots and wins overall. This means that the question of how many combinations there are on a slot machine is the one you should be asking yourself more. Typically, the response would be a puzzling number.

You should ignore the slot machine’s total number of symbols and pay attention to the RTP percentage in order to track the true odds of winning. Return to Player (RTP), also known as payout percentage, is the percentage of total bets that are returned to players as winnings. A higher percentage indicates that there will probably be more wins on the machine.

Of course, whether the games are fair is a constant worry with slots, whether they are played online or offline. Today’s online casinos are thankfully heavily regulated, but it would still be wise to keep track of the reputable casinos where slot enthusiasts frequent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slot Machine Symbols

Every time symbolism enters the picture, the topic expands into a broad one. That is why we tried to summarize the important events that relate to slot machine symbols in the Q&A section that follows our overview. If you want to improve your knowledge of the subject, we advise you to read it.

🤔 What do slot machine symbols mean?

If we are referring to the playing card symbols, they are ranked in the same order as in poker. Typically, three of a kind are required to activate a win line. A sufficient number of scatter symbols results in the initiation of free spins, and wild symbols can replace any other symbol.

🎰 How many symbols on a slot machine?

The original slot machine only had five symbols. Today’s slot machines come in a variety of complexity and symbol counts. We’d say that a total of 10 is, roughly, the number preferred by manufacturers, taking into account all money symbols and those symbols that activate special features.

🍋 Why do slot machines have fruit symbols?

Early in the 20th century, when there were legal restrictions on gambling, the first slot machines were invented. Manufacturers began converting their slot machines into gum vending machines. Fruit symbols eventually took the place of card symbols as a result.

⏲️ What’s the oldest slot machine symbol?

Horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a bell were among the symbols on the earliest slot machine. These could all be regarded as the oldest. In any case, they are all traditional symbols from slot machines. Charles Fey created the device in question, which contains those symbols, in 1895.

📜 What kind of types of slots symbols exist?

Money symbols and special feature symbols are common in slot machines. The card values 10, J, Q, K, and A are practically a requirement today. Most of the time, a few “picture symbols” unique to the slot’s theme would also be present. The wild and scatter symbols are the very last but not least.

Find Out More About Slots!

Online casinos have advantages and disadvantages, but one of the biggest benefits they offer to gamblers around the world is the significant increase in popularity of slot games. We are receiving concepts that are incredibly diverse and original in both quantity and quality, and the best part is that there will be more to come!

The gaming industry is highly competitive, and game developers strive to create titles that casino enthusiasts will enjoy. Many recent innovations, including stacked symbols and sticky wilds, were the result of this. Hopefully, we’ll start to move toward even more innovative ideas that will completely transform how people play slots. Naturally, this means that slots are becoming more and more complex; in fact, we’ve already covered some complex subjects in this article.

Feel free to browse the rest of our slot database if you want to learn more about these games. The best online casinos are also listed on our page about the UK’s top slot sites. In search of the ideal promotion to claim? Please review our complete list of slot machine bonuses. Last but not least, check out the best real money slots that you might like.

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