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The decision to grant or revoke a specific license is made by the budgetary organization known as the Gambling Regulatory Authority, or rad pre reguláciu hazardnch hier.

Legal regulations of online casinos in Slovakia

Revocation or cancellation of an individual license.

They are blacklisting an online casino operator

Penalties prescribed by law

  1. From 200 to 1,000 euros — for failure to fulfill obligations to the regulatory body;
  2. From 700 to 5,000 euros — for an obstacle in supervision Úrad pre reguláciu hazardných hier;
  3. From 1,000 to 10,000 euros — for gambling ads that are contrary to the provisions of the Law;
  4. From 2,000 to 20,000 euros — for the regulation of gambling in violation of Law No. 30/2019 Coll. «On Gambling»;
  5. From 3,000 to 30,000 euros — for the use of the term «casino» without a license;
  6. From 5,000 to 50,000 euros — for advertising gambling, for which there is no license;
  7. From 10,000 to 100,000 euros — for failure to fulfill obligations according to § 85 para. 8 of Law No. 30/2019 Coll. «On Gambling»; from 20,000 to 250,000 euros — to provide gambling services without a license.

Responsibilities of the regulatory authority in Slovakia

The current Gambling Law’s objectives are to provide social compensation for risks associated with gambling participation and to establish conditions for the protection of public order in online games.

Government gambling in Slovakia:

  1. Ministry of Finance (central authority);
  2. Úrad pre reguláciu hazardných hier — Director General, responsible for the activities of the Office. Appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

Slovakia’s Ministry of Finance is responsible for:

  1. development of bills related to gambling;
  2. cooperation in the field of online casinos with state authorities of the EU countries, international organizations.

The responsibilities of the “rad pre reguláciu hazardnch hier” include issuing an individual license as well as the following:

  1. Monitoring compliance with the legal norms of the Law by authorized testing laboratories (they provide professional software assessment);
  2. Publication of guidelines in gambling; monitoring compliance with the provisions of the Law by operators;
  3. Management of contributions to the state budget;
  4. Imposing sanctions on violators;
  5. Maintaining the central Register of gambling operators;
  6. Administered the Register of individuals excluded from gambling (after this referred to as the Register of Excluded Persons).

Allowed online gambling in Slovakia:

  1. numerical, instant lotteries;
  2. bingo;
  3. board (roulette, card, dice);
  4. sports betting; slots.

It will have control over all online games offered by the National Lottery Company. Online game rules on websites should be available in the official language.

Registre, zoznamy a selnky contains a list of each license that has been issued for gambling in Slovakia.

Measures to protect players in Slovakia

The Law mandates that website owners give users access to their accounts and display complete information about:

  1. The prohibition against playing for persons under the age of 18;
  2. Possible risks associated with addiction; potential significant financial losses;
  3. About general bets and winnings; contacts of a specialized medical institution for the treatment of gambling addiction;
  4. Self-limiting possibilities for maximum total bets and injury.

Individuals who are prohibited from gambling include:

  1. Under the age of 18;
  2. Self-requested self-exclusion procedure;
  3. With diagnosed pathological diseases;
  4. With an injunction to participate in betting;
  5. Paying alimony to a child with a disability;
  6. Receiving a scholarship at a public or private higher education institution.

Suppliers of information about these persons in Slovakia:

  1. National Center for Health Information.
  2. Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Family.
  3. Ministry of Education, Science Research and Sports.
  4. Interested parties self-applying for self-exclusion.

The application form for disqualification from participation in an online casino (or request for exclusion from the Register) you can download from Úrad pre reguláciu hazardných hier.

Gambling in Slovakia

Slovakia has a reasonably developed gambling industry and legalized gambling. Casino gaming dates back to Slovakia’s emergence of land-based casinos in the early 1990s. In 2005, the nation passed the first version of the Gambling Act, which made it possible to tax and regulate gambling establishments. Early in 2019, Slovakia passed new gambling laws to control the online gambling sector. The new legislation was opposed by the president of Slovakia, but this opposition was overruled by the parliament.

Online Casinos in Slovakia

Casino in Slovakia

Slot Halls in Slovakia

Based on the amount of deposits made, gambling interest in Slovakia has been fairly stable in recent years. In 2017, gamers in Slovakia bet about 3.5 billion euros.

There are quite a few participants in the Slovak gambling market. It is distributed among more than 110 operators of gaming businesses that provide gaming services in their specialized fields. The Slovakian gambling age is 18.

Laws and Regulators

The Gambling Act No. 30/2019 on gambling games, which entered into force on March 1, 2019, regulates gambling in Slovakia. The new legislation reflects the modern shift of players from land-based casinos, slot halls, and bookmakers to the online gambling platforms. The act established the Gambling Regulatory Authority to supervise and control land-based and online gambling activities in Slovakia (

The Gambling Regulatory Authority is a state regulatory organization that handles all aspects of gambling laws (aside from suggesting legislation). The Financial Authority, local governments, and the Ministry of Finance used to each have specific gambling-related responsibilities. Beginning on June 1, 2019, all divided responsibilities are transferred to the Gambling Regulatory Authority.

Land Based Casinos

The main licensed casino operators in Slovakia are Banco Casino (, Casinos Slovakia (, Admiral Casino (, Olympic Casino ( Casinos in Slovakia are spread throughout a number of regions (Bratislava, Košice, Piešťany, Žilina, Zvolen, Poprad, Nitra, and Trnava). Bratislava is the largest casino city in Slovakia, with several spacious casinos.

Casinos are found inside or nearby opulent hotels and resorts. Slovene casinos offer first-rate service and a welcoming environment in which to gamble. Typically, admission is free. There is no requirement for formal attire; the dress code is smart-casual. Live table games and a variety of slots are available at every casino. The maximum bet on slot machines inside of casinos is unlimited, while the maximum bet on slot machines outside of casinos is set at EUR 10. Slot machine users have the chance to win a jackpot prize game. Roulette and poker are also offered at the majority of Slovak casinos.


Online Gambling

Online gambling was prohibited in Slovakia for a long time. The Gambling Act 2005 limited ‘Internet Games’ to the state lottery. The national lottery company TIPOS had a monopoly on operating online games ( For a long time, online casino and poker activities remained the sole responsibility of the state-owned TIPOS.

The new Gambling Act in Slovakia contains extensive online gambling regulations. It also first legalized online slots and casino games, ending the monopoly on online sports betting in Slovakia. Private operators may acquire online betting and online casino licenses under the Gambling Act. Applications for online casinos began being accepted on March 1, 2019, and those for sports betting licenses began being accepted on July 1, 2019. Slovakia accepts applications for online gambling licenses from private domestic companies, EU, and EEA organizations. Only the online lottery, bingo, and raffles are under TIPOS’s sole jurisdiction.

Slovakia blacklists unauthorized gambling domains, introduces website and payment blocking to keep unlicensed online gambling operators out of the Slovak gambling market. According to the Financna sprava press release, the public blacklist of illegal gambling operators currently has 179 websites

Slovakia Casinos Online

Residents of Slovakia can play for free at an online casino and stay at home while winning a million dollar jackpot. Casino websites are becoming more and more well-liked in Slovakia. If the recent Bratislava City Council decision is carried out, Slovakian online casino platforms may even end up being the only gambling option for citizens of the nation’s capital. The last brick-and-mortar casino in Bratislava will have its license expire in 2021 and will not have it renewed.

In regards to online gambling, Slovakia has recently implemented strict rules. Therefore, to find the best online casino, Slovakia residents should consider many factors.

For instance, one should be aware that a Slovakian online casino accepts both real money and cryptocurrencies through a wide range of payment options, including e-wallets.

You can find all the information you need to locate the top online casinos accepting players from Slovakia in the recommendations we have provided below.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Slovakia

Online Casino Sites in Slovakia

You won’t be dissatisfied with the variety of web platforms available if you want to play at an online casino in Slovakia. In Slovakia, players can take advantage of all conceivable games of chance, such as roulette, blackjack, and online slots, without even leaving their home or installing any additional software. Each year, the top Slovakian online casinos improve the quality of the gambling experience they provide to their customers. However, there are also Slovakian online casino platforms that players should stay away from because of poor service standards and security concerns that may cause issues for their users.

Bwin, bet-at-home, and 888 are among the top 10 Slovakian online casinos. Online gambling experts use a variety of methods, each of which has its own standards for evaluating gambling websites, to choose the best casinos in Slovakia. We’ll explain how we choose the top Slovakian online casino platforms in the sections below. You will quickly create your own checklist after reading about it to evaluate the gambling websites and identify those that best meet your needs in terms of security, bonuses, game graphics, customer service, and payment options.

Not every Slovakia-friendly online casino is risk-free to use. You should look into the jurisdiction that issued a web gambling platform’s license to determine whether it is reputable.

Nearly all of the top-rated online casinos that Slovakian gamblers can use have British, Isle of Man, or Alderney licenses. In these areas, obtaining a licensee is challenging. All Slovakian online casinos that have been granted licenses in these jurisdictions are under constant inspection by the relevant gambling authorities for security and financial stability.

When choosing to play at such online casinos in Slovakia, it is a sure sign that you will run into problems if you see that his license was issued in Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama. There is no assurance that, should a problem arise, your inquiry about how to withdraw your winnings will be answered.

Online casinos that accept players from Slovakia hold licenses from Antigua and Barbuda, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), Kahnawake, Malta, Gibraltar, and Gibraltar. Compared to those from the prior group, these online gambling platforms are not as dangerous. However, before choosing to play there, you should still consider other factors.

The caliber of the gaming software is an important factor to take into account when looking for the best online casino for Slovaks. Players can collaborate with the top gaming development companies like NetEnt, Playtech, or Microgaming at any of Slovakia’s top 10 online casinos. You can be certain that you are dealing with one of the top Slovakian online casinos if you see their brands on the website of your gambling provider.

Live casino games are available to players at many of the newest Slovakian online casinos. Due to developments in sensor technology, this option has just recently become available in the online gambling industry. Since playing with a pleasant-looking human croupier rather than with computer algorithms is more engaging, it is quickly gaining popularity.

Online casino players from Slovakia should determine whether customer service is available around-the-clock before choosing the best casino. Since a problem with money withdrawal or payment methods can occur at any time, its staff should be available right away to assist you. Today, a Slovakian casino offers online assistance in the native tongue.


Any play online casino will welcome Slovak citizens with a variety of bonuses. However, one should first review their terms of use to avoid unpleasant surprises like winning caps or time restrictions. Keep in mind that the best paying online casinos Slovakia gamblers can play at clearly define the terms of their welcome bonuses and place them in a location that is easy to find on their website.

Local players should check Slovakian free slots if they want to start out with some practical experience and discover more about the special features of web casino games. The top online casino platforms in Slovakia give players a variety of payment methods to choose from. Slovakians should carefully weigh all of the available money transfer options before choosing the one that best suits them when playing online casino games.

Prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards are a well-liked method for making deposits at websites that offer online casinos in the euro. We advise using e-wallets if you want to withdraw your winnings from Slovakia casino game websites without incident. In this nation, GoPay is a well-liked digital wallet that is very simple to use.

Additionally, there are a few payment options that are frequently used by online gamblers all over the world. Neteller and Skrill are two of the most well-known.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Slovakia

Before selecting a web gambling platform, it is worth making whether online gambling is allowed in Slovakia? It must be said that Slovakian online gambling laws do allow playing games of chance on the internet. Consequently, there are many reputable online casinos Slovakia gamblers can play in.

Are online casinos legal in Slovakia?

Although it is entirely legal to play casino games online, Slovakia’s legal system introduces strict regulations for those web platforms that had not obtained a license in this country when it comes to online gambling. The recent changes that we analyze below are important for Slovakian gamblers to be aware of when it comes to safe online gambling.

What are local gambling laws?

Before 2016, the 2005-adopted Gambling Act governed Slovakian online casinos. Locals were permitted to use online gambling sites, it claimed. Nevertheless, all reputable online casinos that players from Slovakia could access were required to secure government licenses.

Slovakia’s government made its initial effort to change the laws governing online gambling in 2011. It was intended to implement blocklists for foreign EUR casino platforms and to restrict access to some of the top gambling websites Slovakian gamblers could use. However, the European Commission has rejected these changes to the Slovakian online gambling market.

A new online gambling law was adopted in Slovakia in 2016. Blacklists were successfully implemented this time, and in 2017 the local government began to identify unlicensed operators. The legal framework in Slovakia provides for a €500,000 fine for an unlicensed online casino. Due to this, Slovakia’s online gambling industry began to lose foreign operators.

Slovakian law even requires local IT service providers to block illegal websites within ten days of their discovery when it comes to online gambling. Another disappointing development is that local banks in Slovakia have the power to prevent players from Slovakia from transacting money online.

What is the gambling age in Slovakia?

Slovakian gamblers are permitted to begin playing at the legal age of 18, which is 18.

What is a local policy in regards to poker, betting, horse racing, and lottery?

Although it is legal for Slovakians to play poker, there are currently no licensed online or offline venues where they can do so. There are numerous legally recognized sports betting businesses in this nation, such as Niké, Fortuna SK, and TIPOS, which accept wagers on horse racing among other things. Slovakia only has state-run lotteries.

Are there gambling monopolies in Slovakia?

Although any private company can formally register to operate casinos in this nation, the only one to date to hold a license for online gambling is the Slovakia lottery operator, known as Tipos.

As you can see, it’s getting harder to locate a secure online casino where Slovakian gamblers feel comfortable playing. Residents of Slovakia should strictly abide by professional advice if they want to play at an online casino for real money.

History of Gambling in Slovakia

In Slovakia’s communist era, there were no casinos. The 1990s saw the beginning of the development of the Slovakian gambling market as we know it today. Some of those businesses—like Casinos Slovakia and Olympic Casino Slovakia—are now among the most well-known operators of casinos.

The first Slovakia-friendly online casinos opened their doors in the 2000s. However, local government started to fight local offline casinos and online EUR casinos run by foreign operators in 2016. The stringent regulations Slovakia has imposed on foreign casino platforms were already mentioned in the previous section.

The local internet service providers are not happy with the new anti-gambling measures because no compensation for additional work on website blocking is anticipated in Slovakia, even though all unlicensed casino operators should be blocked and fined.

A special focus was also placed on problem gambling, which will soon be outlawed in Slovakia for low-income families receiving government assistance and students qualified for social scholarships.

New regulations were also put in place for small brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, which were expanding across the nation in addition to online casino platforms. As a result, Slovakia outlawed gambling machines in all bars.

The City Council of Bratislava launched a major assault on gambling in this nation in April 2017. It was decided to enact a complete ban on casino games in the nation’s capital’s metropolitan area. Local casinos are attempting to challenge this ruling in court. The strict policy of the local government should not, however, deter Bratislava’s citizens. They still have access to some of the best online casinos accepting players from Slovakia.


As we’ve already mentioned, the only online casino currently operating in Slovakia that has Slovakian government approval is the local lottery operator. However, due to its significantly smaller selection of games and bonuses compared to the best online casinos for Slovaks, the local lottery operator is unable to compete with international operators.

In order to give locals more options when it comes to online gambling, we also hope that the number and caliber of online casinos based in Slovakia will grow in the future.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Slovakia

According to many of the Slovakia online casino reviews, the gambling sector in this country is bound to develop despite restrictions that have been adopted recently.

Soon, many of the top online casinos for players from Slovakia will roll out virtual reality games. With the introduction of the brick-and-mortar environment to your online gambling experience, this technology is said to usher in a new era in the iGaming industry.

Even now, a few of the top 10 online casinos in Slovakia are working hard to develop live dealer games. This trend will continue because many online gamblers prefer to play against attractive human dealers rather than mindless computer algorithms.

Numerous online casinos in Slovakia focused their attention on the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies in 2017. Today, online gamblers from all over the world, including Slovakia, are increasingly using Bitcoin and other digital coins.

There are a number of causes for this tendency. In many ways, cryptocurrencies are anonymous; they can be instantly transferred; and there is no additional cost in this situation. So, if the underlying technologies for this cutting-edge payment method develop to the point where they can overcome all potential challenges, we will see how many new online casinos for Slovakian players begin to accept cryptos in the future.

E-wallets, a new type of payment method, are also becoming more popular these days. Digital payment methods are the best money transfer option for web gambling platforms in Slovakia because they can be used to transfer EUR in any online casino without the need for any unnecessary registration processes.

The number of Slovakian online gambling sites offering mobile slots and other portable gaming options will undoubtedly rise. It has never been so simple to play while on the go, and this trend will only grow. Despite the fact that some Slovakian online casinos are leaving the market due to recently enacted restrictions, as we have already mentioned, there will undoubtedly be more new web gambling operators in the future whose casino offers will be difficult for gamblers from this nation to resist.

Slovakia Casino FAQ

Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in Slovakia?

Slovakia has legalized online gambling, but there are a few important considerations that should be made. The only business with a legitimate Slovakian license is Tipos, despite the fact that private operators are welcome to operate online casinos in Slovakia. Second, the legal system in Slovakia is constantly being tightened in an effort to drive illegal operators off the market. As a result, domestic Internet service providers are compelled to block illegal websites as soon as they are discovered. Any casino that lacks a license, however, faces a fine of EUR 500 000.

However, there are many trustworthy online casinos where you can play without risk. To find the top casino that suits your tastes, look through our top list.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Slovakia?

The Gambling Act, which was passed by the Slovakian government in 2005 and has since undergone several revisions, regulates sports betting. These revisions primarily tightened the law’s restrictions on foreign operators.

Even so, there are numerous licensed operators who accept wagers on horse racing and other sports, such as Fortuna SK, Tipos, and Nike. Tipos has a monopoly over lotteries, a state-based industry.

Is It Safe for Players from Slovakia to Gamble Online?

Playing casino games at reputable online casinos is completely safe. The Slovakian government began disclosing unlicensed businesses in 2017 with the intention of closing them down and fining them an intolerable EUR 500 000. Only those illegal venues that had managed to adapt to the pressure remained after a large number of them left the market.

You can take precautions to reduce risks when playing in unlicensed casinos by using anonymous deposit methods, sticking to reputable casinos, and using a trustworthy VPN to change your location, among other measures.

Do Slovakian Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Like any international casino, Slovakian venues offer lots of bonuses to locals and foreigners. There are about a dozen of treats that you can take advantage of, including but not limited to welcome (no-deposit) bonuses, extra credits awarded for depositing real money, loyalty rewards, referral accruals, promotion of hot/featured/new games, tournaments, rankings, etc.

Read the casino’s bonus policy carefully because most of them come with wagering requirements that you must meet in order to withdraw the accrued bonus.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

Credit and debit cards (MasterCard and Visa), prepaid cards, e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, GoPay), and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ethereum, dogecoin, etc.) are the most widely used methods of deposit. The latter is preferred by gamers who want to keep their identities hidden.

To select the best deposit method, make sure to weigh all pros and cons: transaction swiftness, privacy, fees, and bonuses that may or may not be provided by the casino for using the particular deposit gateway.