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The lottery is rather new to South Africa, compared to other countries that have been running the draws since the 1600s. In this article, the new and existing lottery players can find a lot of important information and start playing safely.

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Development of lotteries in South Africa

According to the description, the South African lotteries are comparatively new. None of the South African lotteries have a long history. The first popular South African lotteries operated by “Score-A-Lot” were introduced in 1989 and 1991. This organization used the smart card technology. Following the numerous negotiations with the South African Department of Trade and industry, the company was closed in 2001. Likewise, the “Natal Lotto” (also known as “KNZ Lotto”) was initiated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in 1992. It worked successfully until 2000 and even raised a lot of charity.

“The National Lottery” is the lottery that is still in operation. It was launched in South Africa in 2000. When the lottery started, it was regulated by an organization “Uthingo Management” (opened in 1996). “Uthingo” wasn’t responsible for the disbursement of funds to any beneficiary organizations. The key responsibility of the company was to raise income for the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. It was a company that owned about 75% of the ownership locally. The rest was invested by the international players who provided the means and knowledge to manage the lottery system efficiently. A well-conceived marketing plan designed to reach 75% of the African people at the outset allowed the sale of a high number of tickets during the first sale of lotteries. During the first attempt, the company managed to successfully sale over 75.000 tickets and for the first month of operation, tickets worth of $1 million were sold. In 2002, the lottery operator “Uthingo” proposed to add a daily lottery to the weekly draw. This concept called “Keno” was denied by the trade and industry ministry one year later. Later, the “Lotto Plus” game was introduced that served as a supplement to the weekly lotteries available on sale. The admission fee for such purchases was R1.

In 2006, an organization called “Gidani” was transferred the responsibility of carrying out the lotteries for almost a decade. “Uthingo” lost the right to operate lotteries to “Gidani” in the tendering process. Together with their technical associate “Intralot” (A Greek company collaborating with the lottery organizations worldwide), the consortium started its work in 2007. The operation permit was transferred in 2006. This process was suspended and postponed the Pretoria High Court when an application by “Uthingo” stated that there was a failure to properly investigate the stakeholders in bidding consortia permitted for slight conflicts of interest. This problem was solved and after the last draw by the “Uthingo”, the lottery was halted in 2007. The suspension has been lifted very soon, and the regulation of the lotteries was returned to the Gidani consortium. The sale of tickets resumed a few months later, and over 150.000 lottery tickets were sold within a couple of hours. “Gidani” also started to sell the scratch cards. However, this was stopped for a few months when the license to operate lotteries was handed over to another company.

In 2015, the operation license for the lotto was handed over to a company called “ITHUBA”. A few months later, two new lotteries were launched by “Ithuba” as part of instant lotteries. Today, “Ithuba Holdings Limited” is considered the official operator of the “South African National Lottery”. The official page for the national lottery is regulated by “Ithuba”. By visiting this website, you can obtain all the information necessary to take part in different type of lotteries, frequently asked questions and information on how to start selling lotteries legally.

Everything you should know about South African lotteries

South African lotteries are regulated by the country’s lottery Act and has two major amendments that have resulted in the existing Lotteries Acts, including Lotteries Act, No, 57 (1997), Lotteries Amendment Act No. 46 (2001) and Lotteries Amendment Act, No. 32 (2013).

The first one was adopted to control and forbid lotteries and sporting totalizators and to formally establish the National Lotteries Fund. The former president of South Africa adopted the Lotteries Amendment Act No. 32 in 2013. This act is still valid.

Gambling and lotteries are controlled by the gambling and Lotteries Act of South Africa. Millions of people buy the tickets worth millions of dollars weekly. A significant part of the income made from the lotteries has been donated to charity. The National Lottery Board controlling the lottery functioning all over the country decides how to take advantage of this income and distributes money for many different causes, including philanthropic activities and conservation of the cultural heritage.

According to the Lotteries Act, there can only be one licensed operator at a certain point in time. As indicated, today this is the company “Ithuba” (which is fully governed by the Lotteries Act 1997). The net income from the lotteries are distributed taking into account the requirements of the country. To ensure the successful distribution of these revenues, the law indicate that there can only be one lottery operator in the state.

In accordance with the Lotteries Act, a lottery is any game that gives away prizes at random. Moreover, it gave a clear definition to the sporting totalizator- this is any system which a person competes with other players to predict the result of any series or combination of sporting activities, and a prize is given to the most accurate forecast.

In accordance with the Lotteries Act, it is a felony to carry out, participate in or obtain benefit from any contests or lottery where any prizes may be given away to the contest winners. In such competitions, the participants have to forecast a result of event. According to the law, it is also an offence to carry out, take part in or obtain any benefits from any contest that has not been approved by the Lotteries Act. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to carry out, take part in or obtain benefits from the games where the success of the participants is independent from the player’s skills. Any legal lottery or game of chance should be approve by the Lotteries Act or any other appropriate law in the state that regulates gambling and lotteries. In addition, there are explicit rules and provisions on publicizing the lotteries. It is a criminal offense to promote or propose participation to the players for any contest, game or lottery under the false pretext. This can be related to the National Lottery or a licensed sporting totalizators. Eventually, it a criminal act to try and interfere with the draw by means of compulsion, cheating and/or damaging the equipment and software.

The above-mentioned legal data was concerning the overall information that every player must know about the lottery operation in South Africa. Below, you can find the ticket specific data drawn from the South African lotteries Act – Any individual who does the following regarding any lottery or promotional contest, will face criminal function – any individual or company that 1) fakes the lottery tickets; 2) trades or spreads any fake tickets; 3) modifies any number on the lottery tickets. It is a crime to derive any financial benefit for carrying out, advertising or creating a syndicate for the purchase of a lottery ticket. What do the retailers need to know about selling the lotteries?

It is forbidden to sell a ticket at a cost higher than that indicated the ticket. It is also a crime to falsify, fake or fraudulently create the lottery tickets.

Band and rules of the South African Lotteries

There is a series of regulations in South Africa that regulates all gambling games (including GNR.414 and GNR.415 that regulate the private and public lotteries correspondingly). In addition, there are strict bans outlined in GNR.645 (2010) that regulates the application and grant to cover the National Lotteries.

Varieties of South African lotteries

Below you can find the most popular South African lotteries:

“The Lotto”. This is one of the most well-known games in South Africa. It is based on the same principles that most other lottery games. The participant randomly selects six numbers (from 1 to 49) for his/her draw. The tickets for this lottery are generally purchased from the official distributors and store owners. When buying the ticket, don’t forget to indicate your full name and contact information on the other side of the ticket and take the purchase invoice, as it is essential to obtain the prize. The draw for this lottery takes place twice a week at 21:00 on SABC.

“Lotto Plus”. This game is quite similar to the previous one. The playing techniques are the same as in “The Lotto”. The only distinction is that in “Lotto Plus”, there is one extra number to be selected and one additional jackpot. The draw is conducted twice a week on the same channel as “The Lotto”.

“Powerball Jackpot”- it is not a typical lotto game. In “Powerball Jackpot”, you need to choose five numbers (from 1 to 45) and one additional digit (from 1 to 20). This additional digit is also an extra jackpot. Therefore, the game is known as “Powerball Jackpot”. In addition, players can select several draws. The lottery takes place twice a week at 21:00.

“Sports Stake 13”- this is one of the newest games that have been created as part of the SA Lottery. This game unites live sports scores and matches with a lottery format. There are 13 pre-established match fixtures and the gamers play by foreseeing the results of these matches drawn from English, South African and other professional football games. The ticket for this lottery is quite expensive. You can find the price information on the national lottery page. Players can bet on one of the three possible results –1) winning of the home state; 2) loss of the home state; 3) outcomes of the draw.

“PICK 3”: This is a draw that takes place every day. In this game, a player chooses one of three numbers (from 0 to 9). You can between different bets, including “3 Way Mix”, “Straight”, “Front Pair”, “6 Way Mix”, “Back Pair” and “Split Pair”.

“Eaziwin”. This is an e-game. Playing this lottery, you can win instantly. Due to the progressive and well-governed technology, this game substituted the scratch cards. Many people like this game since they don’t have to wait for a draw. They can find out at once whether (and how much) they have won or lost. “Eaziwin” is built around a combination of locally developed lottery games in southern Africa and nationally recognized lottery games. Today, these games take place every day, which enhanced the odds of winning for the most active players.

How to monitor the lottery results?

The lottery results in South Africa can be tracked from different places (for example, on TV/official sites or in the newspapers). In our opinion, the best option to track the lottery results is the national lottery website. After opening an account on this site, you will be one of the first to get the results of the draw. Moreover, here you can find the timetable of all draws you’re interested in.

Age restrictions and requirements for buying the lottery tickets

Only people over the age of 18 have the right to buy the tickets. If you comply with this requirement, you can buy the lottery ticket from any of the authorized sellers and banks. You should know that it is forbidden to buy a lottery ticket for an underage person. Otherwise, such ticket will be nullified. Other persons who have no right to buy and play the lotteries are 1) the mangers of “Ithuba”; 2) the members of the NLC. Otherwise, these tickets will also be considered null and void. If a person who falls under any of the above-mentioned categories manages to buy and win any of the lotteries, they won’t have the right to claim the prize. Moreover, you should know that “Ithuba”, or any the company’s approved retailers can refuse to sell the tickets to the player if they think that his/her playing manner is unacceptable. Eventually, we should note that all players must register an account on one of the South African Lottery sites. Only the citizens of South Africa who have a valid ID have the right to buy the lottery tickets, since the cash prize can be sent only to the South African bank account.

How to buy the lottery tickets?

You can purchase the lottery tickets both online and offline from an official distributor in South Africa. When buying the tickets offline, the players can pay cash. The price of the lotto tickets varies from $1 to $70. If you make a purchase online, you can also pay with your credit card (given that you have a bank account in one of the South African banks and a valid account on the national lottery website). However, we should warn you that using your credit card for the purchase isn’t completely safe.

How to cancel the lottery tickets?

It is possible to cancel a lottery ticket that has been purchased if there’s been an mistake during the purchase process or if the ticket or bill is unreadable, incomplete or includes several quick pick lines, each of which contains the same six digits. In any of the above-mentioned cases, the purchase can be canceled within 120 minutes from the moment of the purchase. As soon as you have canceled the lottery ticket, you will get a refund. After that, the official distributor will return the invalid ticket to “Ithuba”. If the seller fails to return this ticket to the lottery organization, he/she will have to pay a fine. The players are responsible for claiming their cash prize before the expiration of their lotto tickets. We should note that it is forbidden to cancel the lottery ticket simply because you don’t like the quick pick selections. The lottery tickets can be canceled only if they comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

Important information for the winners

You should know that each lotto ticket has an expiry date, which you can find on the reverse side of the lottery ticket. If you don’t see it, you need to enter the official webpage for the South African National Lottery. Players who choose “Lotto” or “Powerball” have one year from the date of the draw to receive their prize. If the winner failed to claim his/her prize within this period, 50% of the cash prize will be donated to charity.

How to claim your cash prize?

Any winner can claim his/her prize anonymously. The lottery company “Ithuba” never shares any of the winner’s personal information. Therefore, you can claim your prize anonymously if you want to. However, if the winner gives the organization his/her consent, “Ithuba” may use his/her name and photo in any of its public reports regarding the jackpot win.

Persons who win more than $700 in the lottery must submit a completed prize claim form that should be authorized by the NLC. Cash prizes lower than $1 can be obtained from the official distributor. The prizes below $30 will be paid in cash. Cash prize that vary between $30 and $700 can be claimed at the official prize payment centers (you can find their locations on the official website of the respective lottery). Higher amount will be paid by cheque directly to the winner or his/her representative at the National Lottery Office. In this case, the winner must provide a valid ID and a completed claim form. Filling out the claim form, the winner must indicate his/her full name and attach a valid ticket. “Ithuba” is entitled to reject processing any payment if the corresponding prize claim form is incomplete or void. In the event that the winner can’t complete the prize claim form for any reasons, his/her legal representative will be entitled to complete the prize claim form in his/her name. In such case, the prize claim form must contain the name of the individual who is claiming on behalf of the winner, indicate the status of the signer, and explain why the winner can’t claim the prize personally. Ithuba is entitled to solicit the proof of the capacity of the individual claiming the cash prize on behalf of the winner. As soon as the cash prize has been transferred to the claiming authority, the lottery organization won’t be able to help the winners in the event of any possible disputes. According to it, the individual with all the accurate information in the prize claim is considered a winner or his/her representative and entitled to get the prize.

The winning ticket/bill is the only tool that can serve as an evidence of participation in the lotteries. “Ithuba” has established a verification process, authorized by the NLC. The lottery bills will have to undergo this verification process before approving and transferring payment. The decision of the lottery organization as to whether a winning ticket/bill is valid will not be subject to appeal. The organization will not approve the prize transfer to the winners in the following instances:

  1. the lottery ticket is fake;
  2. the control number of the winning bill can’t be found on the organization’s official list of control numbers of the winning lottery tickets;
  3. the control number indicated during claim is a winning number from one of the former draws.
  4. the lottery ticket has been somehow deformed or modified;
  5. the lottery ticket can’t be read;
  6. the winning ticket has not been released by an official distributor or purchased from the official site.

Tax consequences

The lotteries are non-taxable within South Africa. Winners will receive their cash prize in full. However, there are certain exemptions, so we recommend the players to check the information at the official website of the respective lottery. You should know that the jackpots won in such lotteries as “South African Powerball”, “South African Lotto” and “South African lottery” will not be taxed. The same is true for non-monetary prizes (such as luxury cars).

Influence of lotteries

According to the report issued in 2003, about 30% of the lottery players in South Africa were jobless and among them, almost 1/2 of the players made less than $150 per month. Even though this was a problem that demanded attention, legalization of gambling also had created over 50.000 job opportunities in 2000. The report indicated that an average resident of South Africa spent $6 per month on lottery tickets. Under the supervision of the existing operator, “Ithuba”, about 1/3 of the income from the lotteries is donated to charity, while approximately 50% of the income is paid off as cash prizes for the lottery winners.

Although it is a comparatively new lottery system, the South African lottery system has been successful and produced lots of happy millionaires. The lotteries held before the beginning of the official national lottery never took place in South Africa. However, after the start of the National lotteries, the lotteries in South Africa became extremely popular and successful. This was a result of a careful marketing plan of the three organizations that eventually started to regulate the lotteries in South Africa.

How to purchase a lottery ticket online?

Buying a lottery ticket online in South Africa is very easy and convenient – all you need is a device with an Internet access. Online lottery can be you chance to win a life-changing jackpot.

1) Register an account

To buy your first ticket online, you need a valid account with a lottery agent. We recommend you to take a look at our list of the best lottery brands in South Africa. We also suggest that you read several feedbacks to choose the most suitable agent. You’re entitled to open several accounts with different agents, but to achieve success, you should choose the most popular brands. To register an account with the selected brand, open the top list table and press the button in the row of the brand. After that, you will be redirected to the main page where you can finish the registration process. You’ll have to provide your personal data (it is obligatory as there are mandatory age restrictions for complying with the rules).

2) Choose the most suitable lottery

As indicated, the major attraction in purchasing lotteries online is a wide diversity of lotteries available on sale. Most persons choose the lotteries with the largest jackpots, such as “Euro Millions” and “Powerball”.

3) Finish the purchase process and get ready to win!

As soon as you have finished the registration of your account and chosen the most favorite lottery, you can proceed to the purchase process. Take a look at the top list table or read a few feedbacks where we discuss the exclusive deals from the most popular agents. They accept different methods of payment, including wire transfer, credit card and digital wallets, which is a big plus.

Well, if you’ve lasted this long, you’ve probably became a lucky owner of a ticket giving you the opportunity to fight for a life-changing jackpot.

If you’ve decided to buy a lottery ticket, we recommend you to start with “Lotto Agent”.

We invite you to take a look at my list of the best lottery websites especially for South Africa players.

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