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The slot machine Stinkin Rich was created by International Game Technology (IGT). True to its name, the game gives players some of the best opportunities to make money. The game is a great option for all types of players thanks to its graphics, ambiance music, and bonus rounds with excellent payouts. As of right now, the video slot machine is only found in brick-and-mortar casinos.

A must-try slot machine at the casino, the Stinkin Rich slot machine has 5 reels and 100 paylines. You have many chances to win on this feature-rich slot machine, which also has a sizable payout potential. The slot’s main character is a skunk that lives among tons of jewelry and money. Skunks, garlic, a rotten egg, a rabbit, cheese, and stinky shoes are among the game’s symbols. A wealthy family is also featured in the game, including an elderly rich man, an elderly rich woman wearing a fur coat, and two young, spoiled brats. The slot game’s colors are extremely vivid and shiny, keeping with the theme.

The background music and game graphics are both of a very high caliber. The user interface is simple to use, and the game play is fluid.

How to Play Free / Download & Real Money Versions

The IGT Game King Series of slot machines include the Stinkin Rich slot game. In addition to other casino destinations around the world, these machines can be found at some of the most well-known slot casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Simply choose the bet size and the number of lines you want to wager on, then press the spin button to begin playing. Players may wager up to 25 coins per line and can play the game in single or multiple denominations. The maximum line payout is 50,000 credits, and the maximum bet is 50 casino credits.

On the slot machine, which has 100 different ways to win, players can also win the top prize of 500,000 credits. The game includes free spins, stacked wilds, and scatter symbols. The highest paying symbol is the wealthy elderly woman. The top prize of 10,000 times your wager is yours if you land five of these symbols in a row.

Bonus Rounds on Stinkin Rich Slots Machine

The Stinkin Rich slot machine’s bonus features are what draw so many people to it. Players have a better chance of winning and winning more money because of these bonuses. The Trash for Cash bonus and the Keys to Riches bonus are two of Stinkin Rich’s bonus features.


When the “trash for cash” symbol appears anywhere on the third, fourth, or fifth reels, the Trash for Cash multiplier bonus is activated. The players’ choice of trash can will determine the multiplier, which ranges from 2 to 5. The numbers behind your chosen trash can are multiplied by the sum of the numbers behind all the other trash cans, which are also displayed. Your multiplier will be the last tally; as a result, the payouts will range from 6 to 40 times your bet.

When at least three “Keys to Riches” symbols appear on a bet line, the Keys to Riches free spins bonus is activated. For each line with the bonus symbol, you are initially given five free spins. During the feature, the reels spin automatically, and the first five free spins are when you can win additional free spins. A total of 325 free spins may be received at once. Your chances of winning more credits increase as your number of free spins increases.

Stinkin Rich Slots on Android / iOS / Mobile App

The slot machine game Stinkin Rich is currently available in brick and mortar casinos. The game’s online and mobile versions have not yet been made available by IGT.

Stinkin’ Rich Slot FAQs

When playing Stinkin’ Rich slots, decide how much you want to wager and how many lines you want to bet on before pressing the spin button. It’s that simple! With a 5-reel design and 100 paylines, you can bet 25 credits per line.

I GT has not yet made the Stinkin Rich slot game available on mobile devices. On, you can play it on a desktop or browse our selection of other mobile games.

You can, indeed! The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine can be found at some of the most well-known casinos worldwide and in the US. Check out our suggestions for the best gaming experience!

The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine game draws players of all types thanks to its numerous features. The user-friendly interface, excellent game graphics, and bonus rounds with high payouts are just a few examples.

Stinkin’ Rich Skunks Gone Wild: A Sequel That Doesn’t Skunk You on Pays

It comes as a bit of a surprise that IGT hasn’t used Stinkin’ Rich and its clones for more sequels given their enduring popularity over the years. However, they have created a follow-up that is worthy of the brand with Stinkin’ Rich Skunks Gone Wild without significantly changing what made the original successful.

The original game had 100 lines, and depending on the layout of the casino, you could typically choose how many lines you wanted to play. This version offers you three options: 50, 75, or 100. It also includes a Gold Bet, which costs an extra 25 credits and activates progressives and random wilds.


Even though the reel set is different between this game and its predecessor, it is still essentially a more/better bet. This is a more straightforward 55 reel set as opposed to the original’s unusual 5-5-3-5-5 reel set.

You have access to two extra features with the Gold Bet that aren’t in the base game. If all 15 of the spaces on the middle three reels are wild, you’ll receive the first prize, a progressive. (Wilds are limited to the middle three reels only.)

The progressive adjusts based on the bet; it consists of $1,000 multiplied by the line multiplier plus any additional funds that have been added to the progressive. The 1x wager would be worth $1,050, and the 5x wager would be worth $5,050 if it had been increased by $50.

The second is that it can increase the number of wilds by up to 15 through a Random Wild Feature, which is accessible in both the base game and the bonus rounds. This increases the likelihood that the middle three reels will already be completely covered in wilds. It has the ability to add wilds before or after the reels stop spinning and frequently results in some of the game’s healthiest payouts.

This is partially because the pay table is more conventional, with five of a kinds paying well and four of a kinds paying decently enough. As a result, placing wilds strategically and using the appropriate symbols on reels 1 and 5 can result in sizable payouts. Only in the event that neither of the two bonuses lands on that spin is the Random Wilds feature eligible to activate.

Similar to the original, the first game, Keys to Riches, offers a free spins bonus. But this time, they don’t need to be on a particular line to win. With three free spins awarded for each symbol that lands, you can receive anywhere from 9 to 45 free spins on each trigger or retrigger as long as one symbol appears on each of the first three reels.

The second bonus is still a picking bonus—Trash for Cash—but this time, players can choose to grow or award one of two jackpots, or even both of them. You can increase the Stinkin’ Meter, the Rich Meter, all the prizes on one or both meters, or win one or both jackpots with each pick.


The jackpot values and escalations are based on your line bet (higher line bet multipliers will also multiply those jackpots, just like the progressive).

While adding new features, this game maintains its unique qualities. The game incorporates some random wild features to take advantage of that opportunity while maintaining stronger five of a kinds to ensure some line hit potential. It’s worthwhile to give it a shot and isn’t overly volatile, which will please those looking for those opportunities.

Stinkin’ Rich Skunks Gone Wild Slot Videos

Here is a video from TheBigPayback which features all of the features:

Slotaholic played the game and noticed the appearance of the free games:

Here’s a video from VegasLowRoller on the game that had a difficult beginning but eventually turned things around:

Less Lines, More Volatility: Stinkin’ Rich by IGT

A game that historically gave you some control but is now less likely to do so is Stinkin’ Rich. Although there are 100 lines in the game, you can select how many of them you want to play in most versions.

Due to this peculiar characteristic, some players opt to play fewer lines at higher stakes, which raises the volatility relative to the same bet at 100 lines but results in much higher payouts when a good line hit is made.

If you don’t increase your bet, fewer lines will be played because the bet lowers the cost per spin. This can help slow down the amount of money spent and give you more time to wait for those better hits.

The fact that you have to line up three bonus symbols on a payline in order to activate the bonus is another amusing game feature. Three bonus symbols can result in several matching lines because there are so many lines, and five free spins are awarded for each line that matches.

Less lines bet results in fewer free spins because not all the lines are active, but regardless of the number of active lines in the base game, you get all 100 active lines in the bonus. So, with all 100 lines active, you have a better chance of winning big.

Even though there are fewer spins because there are fewer active lines, there is still an intriguing twist for players who want to swing for the fences and try to get a bonus with a lower bet.