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Even though it is a very liberal nation, Norway has the strictest gambling laws in all of Scandinavia. The Norwegian government keeps tightening its regulations against both traditional and online gambling.

But given the ambiguity surrounding the EEA, it appears that Norway will soon begin issuing licenses to online operators to support the tighter regulation of gambling.

You can still play at the top Norwegian online casinos and even try your luck at sports betting while you wait!


Next up is the 2020 launch of the Turbonino Casino, which was founded two years prior. Since then, the platform has become extremely popular and is now accessible in many nations, including Norway. Not only does it support NOK, but it also supports the Norwegian language. The platform offers countless numbers of games from numerous developers. Both deposits and withdrawals can be made using more than 20 different methods.

It is accessible on mobile devices, and you can contact its customer support team by email or live chat. The website itself is simple to use and navigate, and if you choose to access it through a mobile device, you’ll discover that the mobile version of the platform looks exactly the same, making navigation incredibly simple.

We advise visiting the platform of Turbonino Casino and exploring all the features and facets of the website because it has a lot to offer.

Play OJO

We have PlayOJO, a relatively new platform founded in 2017, in the sixth position. Five years into the business, the casino now has more than 500 games available that were created by some of the top casino software developers. Additionally, the UK, the Canadian province of Ontario, and Malta have granted it licenses.

Online casinos in Norway

Norway has legalized online casinos since 2012, and they are a state monopoly.

Since 2012, online casinos have been legal in Norway, but they are a state-run monopoly.

KongKasino is the only licensed online casino in Norway and is run by Norsk Tipping AS, the gambling monopoly in that country. However, many Norwegian players prefer to play at foreign online casinos because they offer better bonuses and more games (although there is a monthly cap of NOK 2200, or about €200)

The Norwegian market’s online offering of Norsk Tipping will now include some online casino games, the Ministry of Culture decided in 2012. This led to the creation of KongKasino, a page on Norsk Tipping’s website rather than a separate online casino, which offers some video slots, video poker, and casino games but no online poker.

Even though KongKasino underwent a makeover in 2014 that expanded its selection of games and led to better reviews, it is still not as good as the major international platforms. To the dismay of Norwegian poker players, it still lacks online poker.

According to various studies1 , up to 10% of the population regularly plays on unlicensed gaming platforms, and this number is growing every year.

Although it is not technically illegal to use anything other than the state-owned online platforms (such as the online lottery, Norsk Bingo, and KongKasino; details can be found in the “other forms of online gambling in Norway” section near the bottom), Norwegian players who play online on foreign gambling websites are not subject to prosecution.

Debit and credit card transactions to and from unlicensed online casinos are no longer permitted by Norwegian Banks.

/Comment: However, most offshore casinos circumvent this rule by using various payment processors and offshore bank accounts, and Norwegian players can easily use their credit cards to play online, despite the payment law.3

The Payment Act’s official justification was that the government didn’t want its citizens to develop gambling addictions (comment: however, the true justification was to shield the Norwegian online gambling monopoly from competition).

However, Norwegian gamblers can easily get around these restrictions online by using so-called “digital wallets,” such as Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, or cryptocurrencies (and in most cases, they don’t even need to do that, as mentioned above, most offshore gambling websites managed to find a solution, allowing Norwegian gamblers to use credit cards while playing online).

The Payments Act did not curb the use of foreign gaming platforms, and even today Norwegians are free to gamble online and most of them (especially online poker players) do so regularly.

/Comment: Norway’s gambling monopoly is contrary to EU rules, but Norway is not a full member of the EU. However, the country is a member of the EEA – the European Economic Area. As a result, the Internet gambling monopoly is often criticized by other European countries, and privatization is a recurring, often politicized issue.

You can find a list of online casinos that welcome Norwegian players by scrolling down below.

Can visitors to Norway play online games?

Yes, both residents and visitors are free to play online.

Online casino licenses are not issued in Norway, according to the country’s licensing and regulatory body for the industry.

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Taxation of online casino sites in Norway: There is no specific tax for online casinos in Norway.

Taxation of winnings from online casinos in Norway for players:

The Taxation Act’s Sections 5 to 50(1) govern how gambling winnings are taxed.

As long as the winnings come from Norwegian businesses, gambling winnings are not taxable. All other items, however, are taxable:

Additionally, winnings from “comparable gambling activity” from the European Economic Area (e. : state owned lottery or sports betting companies in other European countries) are also tax exempt.

Remember that winnings from commercial gambling operators within the EEA (only state-owned gambling businesses, which essentially operate as non-profits, similar to the Norwegian gambling duopoly) are not comparable gambling activities.

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Age requirement of Norway online casinos: 18+

Sources, main pieces of the online casino gambling legislation in Norway:

1Researchgate: Gambling Addiction in Norway – experiences among members of a Norwegian self-help group for problem gambling

2Norges Bank – Payment Systems Law

Betsson was ordered to cease operations in Norway by 4iGamingBusiness.

5 Lovdata. Tax Act says no.

Land-based casinos in Norway

Norwegian casinos are not permitted, with the exception of those on cruise ships. Slot machines are also prohibited, but bingo halls serve as a substitute.

The main piece of legislation on gambling in Norway is the Gambling Regime Act1 . Under this act, land-based casinos are illegal in Norway.

As a result, Norway does not have any true casinos.

Since 2007, slot halls have also been forbidden. However, there are locations that have gaming machines (so-called interactive video terminals; there are no live dealer tables, card games, electronic tables, or coin pushers; only these interactive video terminals with template-based interfaces).

Before 2007, businesses took advantage of a legal loophole and installed slot machines in a variety of locations, including grocery stores, cafeterias, and bars, which effectively served as slot halls. Slot machines were outright banned (along with video poker machines) in response to a sharp increase in gambling addiction, scandals, politicization, and media attention.

These interactive video terminals are the monopoly of the Norwegian state-owned gaming company Norsk Tipping AS.

These Multix and Belago terminals are used by Norsk Tipping to manage hundreds of venues. These are not conventional slot machines; instead, the terminals give users access to the majority of Norsk Tipping’s game selection, including video slots, lottery, sports betting, and instant games.

You need a special card to be able to play, you must be over 18 years old, and there is also a limit of 2200 NOK, which is about 200 euros per player, per month.

In addition to these locations with video terminals, the nation has more than 100 bingo halls. Additionally, each of these bingo halls has gaming machines; however, because they function as mini-casinos, they are not subject to the ban on slot machines.

With 44 locations, Bingo Norsk—which also runs bingo parlors in Finland—is likely the largest chain of bingo halls. Below is a list of every Bingo Norsk location:

List of all the Norsk Bingo halls – click to expand

Additionally, as long as the games don’t have a “professional character,” poker tournaments held in private homes are legal. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and the maximum bet per player per game is NOK 1000 (roughly € 100).

There is another exception to the casino ban in Norway, the many casinos aboard the bigger cruise ships. Practically all of the bigger Norwegian luxury cruise ships have casinos.

The top 5 of these gaming locations are listed below, along with videos of each gaming location.

Please note that they are not open to the public, only passengers over the age of 18 may enter. Cruise ship casinos are closed when the ship is in port.

Can locals visit the casinos in Norway?

The Norwegian Gambling and Foundation Authority (Iotstift) is responsible for issuing casino licenses. If you want to obtain a license for a casino on a cruise ship in the Kingdom of Norway, you must get in touch with them. There is an English version of their website.

The two state owned companies dominate the sector with special gambling licenses. It’s not possible to for private commercial companies (except cruise ship operators) to acquire gambling gambling licenses.

If all of the proceeds (after salaries, expenses, and bonuses are deducted) go to charity, organizations with a humanitarian or socially beneficial purpose can obtain a license for gambling activities (typically bingo or raffles, though bingo halls can also have gaming machines).

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Taxation of brick & mortar gambling establishments in Norway: there is no specific casino tax

Taxation of casino winnings in Norway for the players:

The Taxation Act’s Sections 5 to 50(1) regulate how gambling winnings are taxed.

As long as the gambling winnings come from Norwegian companies, casino winnings are not taxable. All other items, however, are taxable:

Age requirement of cruise ship casinos, interactive video terminals and bingo halls in Norway: 18+

Sources, main pieces of land-based casino legislation in Norway:

1Aktuellraport. no – Gaming Schemes Act

Online Norway Casino FAQs

❓ Are there casinos in Norway?

Is gaming prohibited in Norway?

What casinos take Norwegian kroner as payment?

Is it secure to play online poker in Norway?

What is the age limit for online gaming in Norway?

❓ How do I deposit to an online casino in Norway?

Are there taxes in Norway on winnings from online casinos?

Can I use my mobile device in Norway to play at an online casino?

❓ Can I claim an online casino bonus in Norway?

What resources are there in Norway for me if I have a gambling issue?

For assistance and guidance if you are struggling with a gambling issue, contact Hjelpelinjen or dial 800 800 40. You must also self-exclude from each of your gambling accounts.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Gambling in Norway

  1. Online gambling is legal when done at national casinos. Be that as it may, there is no law preventing gambling at foreign casinos. Be sure to use VPN services and e-wallets just in case when going with foreign casinos.
  2. Some online casinos offer sports betting as well, and their odds can be quite competitive to bookmakers’. Combining sports betting and casino games is the ultimate gambling experience.
  3. Many casinos offer demo mode, a way of playing casino games for free. It is always recommended to learn how the games work first before depositing any money.
  4. Progressive slots offer huge jackpots but those are almost unreachable. Instead, regular slots can provide some nice profit over time, if lucky enough.
  5. Many casinos show RTP rates of many games at their sites. Make sure to compare them and go for casinos with the highest RTP rates.
  6. Live dealer casino games are as close as they can get to traditional casino gambling but chances of winning here can be much lower than when playing on machines.
Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
  1. 100% bonus for the first deposit
  2. Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  3. Massive selection of games (2,500+)

💳 Payment Options at Norwegian Casino Sites

Players must first deposit money in order to play casino games for real money. Both deposits and withdrawals in Norway can be made using a variety of methods, each with its own processing time and associated fees. Here are the most widely used payment options at Norwegian casino websites.

✅ Revolut – Revolut is a must-have for Norwegian casino players. After you have registered and verified your identity, the account is ready for use. Revolut is one of the e-wallets that also offer cards. This allows you to add one if you wish. They have 3 different variants to choose from, and it costs you 55 kroner to receive the card you have chosen.

Revolut is offered as a subscription. You can choose three and the best two have an annual fee of 80 kroner per month. In addition, it has many benefits, such as travel insurance. Many online casinos in Norway now offer Revolut in the casino for deposits and withdrawals, which is a great advantage.

✅ VISA – In Norway, it is clearly most common and popular to use VISA at casinos for deposits and withdrawals. There have been some problems with deposits recently, but for the most part, most online casinos still accept deposits and withdrawals with VISA. It is fast, efficient, safe and not least cheap. There are low fees and the money will be available immediately inside your gaming account. When you make a withdrawal with VISA, it will usually take 3-5 banking days before the money is in your bank account.

Bank transfers are the most common way for Norwegian players to make payments to and from online casinos. But since it is slow and clumsy, this approach is not recommended. It is still possible, but you should prepare for a few day delay. The waiting period can be cut down from several days to a few minutes if you choose to use a third-party bank transfer service like Rapid Transfer or Revolut.

✅ Rapid Transfer – With Rapid Transfer, you can make deposits via your own bank account, without having to leave the casino’s website. You do not need to create your own account or the like. You simply confirm your payment using your personal BankID. You can also use this method to transfer money to and from your Neteller or Skrill account. This is a super-fast transfer method, which is also cheap. There may be certain fees, and these depend on which account you transfer the money to.

MuchBetter is one of many e-wallets available on the market. You can access this quick and easy payment method whenever you need it by downloading it as an app to your phone. The fact that this e-wallet was created especially for casinos sets it apart from other e-wallets. It also has reasonable fees, and you can earn points that can be exchanged for pleasant rewards.

Jeton works as an e-wallet, which is very similar to ecoPayz. Depositing via Jeton is safe, efficient and fast.

MiFinity is an electronic wallet that serves as a go-between for the bank and the online casino (as well as other merchants who accept this payment method). After creating an account, all you need to do is transfer funds from your bank account to your MiFinity account. Then, use your MiFinity account as usual at online casinos; this payment option is still supported by online retailers. Although not very common among foreign casino sites, this strategy works well for domestic gambling.

ecoPayz – The vast majority of casinos in Norway accept ecoPayz, a type of e-wallet. The benefit of using this payment method is that you can complete the transaction without having to disclose sensitive information like credit card numbers. It can be found in more than 175 nations. It is simple to create an account and connect it to your bank account. You can also order a Mastercard that is connected to your ecoPayz account if you’d like. Numerous currencies are available through ecoPayz, and there aren’t many costs associated with using the account.

Neosurf – A relatively new form of payment, Neosurf has accelerated the growth of online casinos in Norway. There are many new options available now that using Paysafecard, VISA, and other e-wallets to make deposits at online casinos has become difficult. Neosurf is one of them. You can purchase this prepaid card in stores or online. You can deposit money immediately at casinos using this easy, secure, and straightforward method. When you use Neosurf at the casino, there are no extra costs or charges!

✅ Cryptocurrency – In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency, and now it has also become possible to use this as a payment method at several of the best online casinos in Norway. Bitcoin is the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency. It is not regulated by a central bank, and is a so-called digital currency. Other than Bitcoin, there are Litecoin and Ethereum as the most popular crypto options.

Although there aren’t many casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, those that do are always secure and a good place to play. Cryptocurrency provides complete anonymity, security, great speed, and no fees!

Which Method of Payment Is Best for Norwegian Players?

Nearly all of the aforementioned choices are acceptable when wagering at Norsk Tipping. However, when comparing domestic and international options, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies provide the best services. Although there aren’t many casinos (or players) who use it, cryptocurrency is generally the best. However, e-wallets are widely used and provide excellent services to Norwegian national and international casino sites.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Spins and Promotions in Norwegian Online Casino Sites

  1. Fantastic Live Casino Game Offer
  2. 1100+ slots games
Get Your 100% with up to $/£/€5,000 Welcome Bonus!
  1. Licenses From The UK and Gibraltar Gaming Commissions
  2. Over 800 Slots Games
  3. Varied Payment Methods

Online bonuses and promotions come in a variety of sizes and shapes. While returning players occasionally receive free spins or cashback specials, new players frequently receive gifts like generous welcome bonuses. Players from Norway can also register for private VIP clubs to receive additional offers and promotions. There is undoubtedly some sort of bonus waiting for you whether this is your first or a thousandth time joining a casino. Below, we’ve broken them down so that players can get an overview of the most prevalent bonuses available in 2022:

🎁 Welcome Bonus

The most common kind of casino bonus in Norway is this one, and many online casinos heavily promote it. These promotions frequently take the form of sizeable bonuses that are two or three times as much as the players’ own deposits, but they also have onerous wagering requirements. Rarely, but they can also arrive with no deposit.

🎁 No-Deposit Bonus at Norwegian Online Casinos

Simply put, this is a bonus that is given to players simply for signing up and can either take the form of free spins or a small sum of bonus money. There are limitations to any casino bonus that can be claimed without making a deposit. These no deposit bonuses serve only to entice players to register so that the casino can use their information to try to persuade them to make a deposit with other tempting promotions.

It is common to receive a bonus from a casino without making any deposit, and this is a good opportunity for players to test a casino site in Norway before depositing money to play seriously. It is worth noting that these bonuses are not as generous as other bonuses and often have a limit on what happens to winnings through the bonus.

🎁 Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is one of the most alluring bonus deals that players can receive from a casino. The first four or five deposits are frequently covered by deposit bonuses offered by many Norwegian online casinos, and these bonuses are frequently match bonuses with different wagering requirements. Online casinos frequently compete with one another over their sign-up bonuses, and players frequently choose a casino based on the quality of the first deposit bonus. This welcome offer is often what persuades a player to visit one casino over another.

These offers vary from casino to casino and can include free spins and matching bonuses. Most casinos usually offer a 100% bonus for a deposit of 1,000 kroner, which means you receive a 1,000 euro bonus on top of your deposit.

🎁 Free Spins at Norwegian Gambling Sites

Another great casino bonus is the free spins stack, which promotes one or more slot machines. The free spins bonus gives the player a certain number of free spins that they can use on specific slots. Winnings from free spins often have their own wagering requirements that you must meet before the money is yours.

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On these free spins, some Norwegian casinos will impose wagering requirements, while others will let you keep your winnings as actual cash. The free spins you receive when you deposit will also be subject to restrictions, typically with a cap on the amount of money you can win from them, such as 1,000 kroner.

🎁 Regular Promotions at Online Casinos in Norway

These are not just for new members; they are intended for regular players as well. Promotions are meant to keep players satisfied and encourage them to play more. Of course, receiving free cash to gamble with is always a positive aspect that everyone should look for.

🎁 VIP Points

You can frequently take advantage of wonderful benefits, like cash bonuses, vacations, and tickets to various events, if you accrue bonus points through VIP schemes or loyalty programs. Joining a VIP program has some obvious advantages, especially if you play frequently or are a high roller. While some VIP programs are open to anyone, others require an invitation. Regardless of how you join, the casino frequently has a VIP Account Manager who takes care of all the VIPs.

Benefits of VIP status vary from casino to casino and can include:

  1. Cashback on bets
  2. Holiday trips
  3. Tickets for sporting events
  4. Bigger bonuses
  5. Faster withdrawal times
  6. Birthday gifts
  7. Reduced turnover requirements

The most typical format for a loyalty program is a points system, where you earn points for playing and can then trade those points for money. Since many of these systems are leveled, the advantages increase as you progress through the levels. The more a player plays, the more benefits and points they receive. Therefore, if you are a consistent player, it is worthwhile to enroll in a loyalty program and benefit from all of the VIP perks.

🎁 Find Bonuses for Individual Casino Games at Norwegian Casinos

In Norway, casinos frequently design bonuses around specific games in an effort to promote them or because those games have low variance and thus don’t cost the casino much to offer one. You can find a complete list of the games they are promoting by visiting the casino’s website or promotions section.

Slot bonuses are frequently connected to a specific slot machine, so keep an eye out for recently released or eagerly anticipated slots. Although it is challenging to find bonuses for games like live casino, blackjack, and roulette because of the lower house edge, there are numerous other casino bonuses that can be used on other casino games.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Casino Site in Norway

In order to choose one, it can be a lengthy process to assess and contrast thousands of casino websites in Norway. But if one wants to gamble online and take advantage of all the benefits and features that come with it, this might be necessary. Simply look for the key characteristics listed below to find the best casino site in Norway:

✅ Bonuses and Promotions at Norwegian Casino Sites

Due to the fierce competition present in today’s gaming market, it is essential that Norwegian casino sites be able to compete with other casino sites right away. In order to do this, they must provide alluring bonus offers. Some casino websites only concentrate on luring new customers to their platform with attractive welcome bonuses, while others concentrate on their current clientele. In actuality, the best casino sites will prioritize both new and returning patrons, which entails providing enticing casino bonuses in addition to a variety of ongoing promotions and a lucrative VIP program.

Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, which means that you should never have trouble finding a great selection of bonuses at online casino sites in Norway. Free spins, casino bonuses, no deposit casino bonuses, bonuses for specific games, free bonuses and deposit bonuses are just a few examples of bonuses that you can find in the selection of the best casino sites in Norway.

✅ Game Variation at Online Casinos in Norway

It should be a minimum requirement for the best casino sites to offer a wide selection of games because the primary reason Norwegian players register on casino sites is to play alluring and exciting games. Among the casino games you can expect to find are slot machines, progressive jackpots, instant wins, table games, scratch cards, and jackpot games.

✅ Game Quality

It’s one thing to offer your customers a wide range of games, but it’s even more important to ensure that those games are of high quality. The best casino sites offer games that use state-of-the-art software that meets the highest standards. Cooperation with reputable game providers is a common feature of the best casino sites in Norway.

✅ Payment Methods at Norwegian Casino Sites

When it comes to making deposits or withdrawals, not everyone uses the same payment method, so what players really want is a wide variety of payment options. Since there are so many options for payment these days, you should look for casino sites that provide a selection of them. Debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Paysafe, and e-wallets are just a few of the methods you can anticipate being able to use at a Norwegian online casino.

✅ Security & Support

It is a standard practice for casino websites to provide their customers with the most basic support possible should they require it, so it is a simple task for us to evaluate the effectiveness of the support options provided by particular online casinos. In order to guarantee that customers have a positive experience on the relevant casino website, methods like live chat, help rooms, FAQ pages, and phone numbers should all be readily available.

✅ Unique Features at Online Casinos in Norway

This is a very efficient way to bore their customers because many casino sites owned and operated by the same company frequently offer remarkably similar games, designs, and features. We want to see casino sites that provide distinctive features that set them apart from the competition, and we know you do too.

✅ Mobile Friendliness

It is crucial that online casinos provide a platform that functions well on mobile devices because nearly 80% of Norwegian casino players now play on their mobile phones. Customers ought to be able to anticipate and have the same experience as they would have with a computer. Customers can play games and experience excitement while on the go with the help of mobile games. On a few mobile phones, the top online casinos in Norway provide mobile applications that can be downloaded for free.

✅ Legislation and License or Norwegian Casino Sites

Customer safety is one of our top priorities, and it ought to be the top priority for Norwegian online casino sites as well. Search for a casino website that is authorized by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gaming Commission), Curacao, etc.

You can trust the casino sites we recommend for the reasons we’ve listed above, and you can use these same considerations to make your own choice.

Ahti Games

Last but not least, we have Ahti Games Casino, a casino that opened in 2018. Four licenses are currently held by this platform, one of which was given by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Similar to the others, it supports the Norwegian language and lets you deposit and use Norwegian kroner without first having to exchange them for dollars or euros.

The platform offers email and live chat support, has dozens and dozens of software providers offering over 1,200 games, as well as over 20 deposit methods, including bitcoin. Once your money arrives, you can access hundreds of slots, live games, table games and more, knowing that your data and funds are protected by strong encryption. You can even access it via mobile devices, which is perfect for people who are always on the go.

You should definitely check out Ahti Games; if you’re interested, you can access its website here.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about Norwegian online casinos

In Norway, brick-and-mortar casinos are forbidden. Casinos on cruise ships are authorized, though.

Are online casinos legal in Norway?

Yes, the majority of the larger cruise ships have casinos. The majority of these ships are owned by NCL and Cunard. However, conventional casinos are forbidden.

Can I play in an online casino from Norway?

Yes, Norwegian players are free to play in online casinos.

Are bitcoin casinos legal in Norway?

In Norway, cryptocurrency gambling is not yet governed.

Are there online casinos, which accept players from Norway?

Yes, the online casinos listed on this page welcome players from Norway.

Can tourists play in the casinos of Norway?

You can play in the casinos on Norwegian cruise ships whether you’re a tourist or a local. Although they are strictly 18+, these casinos are closed while the ships are in port.

Can tourists place bets in online casinos from Norway?

Yes, the casino gambling laws and regulations mentioned on this page only apply to locals, tourists visiting Norway can play freely online.

What is the age requirement of Norway online casinos?

The legal drinking age is 18 or older in both physical and online casinos.

Do casinos in Norway have dress codes?

No, cruise ship casinos generally accept casual clothing, but beachwear is generally not permitted.

How much tax do I have to pay in Norway on my gambling winnings from an online casino?

If your gambling winnings exceed NOK 10,000 (roughly € 1000, total) from non-Norwegian sources, you must pay 28% tax on them. Your winnings are not taxable if they come from Norwegian sources.

Are there any digital casinos licensed in Norway?

Yes, the only licensed Norwegian online casino is Norsk Tipping’s KongKasino.

How many casinos are there in Norway?

The majority of larger, luxurious cruise ships have casinos. More than 20 of them are present.

This article serves as a supplement to the general overview of gambling law in Norway.

A section of Simon’s Online Casino Guide is devoted to land-based and online casinos in Norway.

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Simon’s Guide to Online Casinos in Norway

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🏈 The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Norway

  1. Slot machines – many different themes and high payout rates,
  2. Jackpots – the winnings from jackpot games are almost as high as the lottery winnings!
  3. Table games – many different games. Some of them are not as well known as roulette and blackjack.
  4. Live casino games – mostly table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.
  5. Other games – everything that does not fit in the other categories. Here you will find Video Poker, Bingo, Keno, and much more.
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All of these popular games you find at online casino sites in Norway are mostly provided by the big names in the iGaming industry. The leading names in the market are NetEntertainment (usually abbreviated to NetEnt), Playtech, and Microgaming. These game developers have many years of experience in developing entertaining games for online casinos, and each has several hundred games to its name. Experienced players probably already know these names, and beginners will soon get to know them as well. In addition to the three companies mentioned above, players will also encounter names such as Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, Play’nGO, Quickspin, and many more.

Game developers often have their own style that you will start to recognize the more you play, and it is not uncommon to find favorites among the developers and be sure that they get what they want and expect from other games from the same developer. Some developers also have game series they build on, such as Yggdrasil’s popular Vikings game series. There are an almost endless amount of games out there, and thus there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

✅ Slot Machines in Norway

Slot machines are by far the most played game type at Norwegian online casinos. There are hundreds of options available at each casino, and all of the operators are featured prominently on the front page. There is a lot of variety among the various slot machines, and you can play everything from straightforward three-reel machines to 3D and video slots. These slot machines are designed with a lot of care, so the graphics and sounds are frequently of the highest caliber.

The slot machines feature a wide variety of themes, including sports, fantasy, the wild west, adventure, and well-known films and musicians with accompanying musical samples. There will be something for everyone to enjoy! Due to their popularity, slot machines frequently come with a set number of free spins as a welcome bonus. This allows you to experiment and identify your favorite games.

In trustworthy Norwegian online casinos, the RTP is typically greater than 95%. This is high value when compared to the RTP on slot machines found in physical casinos. Additionally, all slots at respectable online casinos will undergo regular testing and verification by impartial players.

✅ Jackpots

The so-called jackpot slot machines are one of the most well-liked categories. The popularity is due to the possibility of winning progressive jackpots, which increase in size with each round in which all players participate. This keeps happening until someone strikes it rich. It won’t take you long to find games with millions-dollar jackpots.

Names like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, and Hall of Gods are among the most well-known jackpot slot machines. In addition to these, there are several different jackpot game categories.

✅ Table Games at Norwegian Casinos

Players who prefer the more authentic, upscale casino atmosphere we like to associate with land casinos continue to enjoy playing traditional table games like roulette and blackjack. Due to the high demand, no online casino would be complete without online versions of these games.

In addition to the traditional versions, there are many other different variations of these games that you can immerse yourself in. Of course, there are other table games that are popular as well, such as good old Texas Hold’em poker, and baccarat. The latter is experiencing ever-increasing popularity in Norway in recent times.

✅ Live casino games

Norwegian players adore being able to play table games online with actual live dealers on the other end of the line. From the comfort of your couch at home, it’s as close as you can get to the experience of sitting at a table in a genuine land-based casino.

While playing table games like blackjack and roulette, you can watch and interact with a real dealer by streaming in high definition from studios. Both tight men and elegant women can be found here, smiling as they distribute cards and place chips.

Live Casino is only increasing in popularity worldwide, and you will recognize names like Immersive Roulette, Blackjack Party, and Wheel of Fortune at the various online casinos. The leading game developer for live casino games is Evolution Gaming.

✅ Other games

In order to meet demand, there are a number of other games available that are beginning to gain more popularity at Norwegian online casinos. While video poker has long enjoyed consistent player popularity, it has recently seen growth in comparison to previous hits like bingo and keno.

These games frequently have a more social feel to them because they typically have various rooms that players can enter and communicate with each other in real time via live chat while the game is being played. Whether or not we should believe the trend, female players in particular find this aspect of the game to be appealing. In addition to bingo and keno, there are a variety of other unusual games available, including digital scratch cards.

⚖️ Norwegian Gambling Laws & Regulations

In Norway, gambling is essentially permitted but subject to some restrictions. Gambling for real money is permitted as long as it promotes humanitarian and socially beneficial goals. Over 80% of the population in Norway is thought to gamble. Play at least once a week or more often. Additionally, only authorized gambling from Norsk Tipping is applicable. On the other hand, playing online is not explicitly prohibited by law. Casino players in Norway can thus engage in online gambling to the fullest extent.

In Norway, there are no land-based casinos and they are not permitted. Due to these gambling restrictions, Norwegians are huge fans of online gambling. Therefore, it is not surprising that online casinos like Casino Maria have a large Norwegian player base.

Estimating winnings is a concern for many Norwegian online gamblers. Unfortunately, taxes must be paid on profits. This is true for winnings over NOK 10,000. Only foreign gambling is covered by this. So that any winnings from Norsk Tipping are tax-free. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. The only exception is if the gambling game is comparable to or identical to a gambling game offered by Norsk Tipping, in which case the winnings are tax-free. The money game must also originate from an EEA or EU nation.

Many people consider it to be hypocritical and assert that Norsk Tipping is merely attempting to gain control of gambling in Norway. Many winners of significant sums at online casinos vehemently contest the idea that taxes should be applied to their winnings. Most people make an arduous effort to avoid paying taxes on their well-earned gains.

By offering more casino games and progressive jackpots, Norsk Tipping hopes to attract more casino players. But generally speaking, foreign online casinos have a much wider selection of games. These casinos cater specifically to Norwegian gamblers and even have traditional Norwegian slots available. Thus, Norsk Tipping will continue to operate in the background compared to foreign online casinos.

Is Online Casino Legal in Norway?

Gambling is legal in Norway, but there are no laws prohibiting online gambling. Although the law is ambiguous, players are free to join foreign casino sites and gamble as they please.

The absence of land-based casinos in Norway is due to the country’s strict prohibition on gambling. Up until a few years ago, Norway had even outlawed gambling in its own homes; in addition, all bars in the nation were forbidden from having slot machines.

In Norway, there is no physical gambling hall, so residents must travel abroad to enjoy the casino experience. This means that many residents choose to play at a Norwegian online casino to enjoy slots, table games and card games. Gambling in Norway remains very popular among the population, despite the strict laws in place.

Masked Singer Games

Moving on, we have Masked Singer Games Casino, a well-liked casino that was influenced by the UK television program Masked Singer. The platform first appeared in 2020, and since then, it has developed into a huge success. More than 90 of the more than 2750 casino games available today are live dealer games.

Is Gambling Legal in Norway?

Since gambling is prohibited in Norway, locals are unable to visit any of the nation’s physical casinos. As a result, a lot of Norwegians choose to play popular slot machines and table games online instead.

Given this, it should be noted that Scandinavia is renowned for creating some of the best online slots in the iGaming sector. Sweden, Norway’s neighbor, is home to some of the most well-known game developers; in fact, Norway is home to many of the best Scandinavian online casinos.

Online Casinos in Norway Legal Landscape

Norway has one of the highest gambling rates in Europe at 80%, despite the prohibitions.

Gambling is a state-controlled industry in Norway. There are just two gambling companies in Norway: NorskRikstoto and Norsk Tipping. Worldwide, horse racing has been bet on for centuries, but NorskRikstoto is only available in Norway.

Norwegians can wager on various sports and play the lottery, keno, and other games at Norsk Tipping. Although these two gambling organizations do draw Norwegian players’ attention, they are not regarded as being as alluring as foreign online gambling sites.

In Norway, there are no definite laws prohibiting websites that offer gambling. As a result, residents can still play video slots at online casinos accepting players from Norway. Although the nation does not grant licenses to foreign gaming companies, this does not preclude its citizens from using these websites to gamble.

Despite the fact that online gambling is prohibited in Norway, residents are still permitted to play there as long as the casino has a license from a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

However, the Norwegian government is constantly cracking down on those international gambling sites.

History of Gambling in Norway

Scandinavia is renowned for its liberal nations, but Norway has long had a strict stance on gambling. The Norwegian government continues to impose additional restrictions in addition to banning land-based businesses and slot machines.

Since the Totalisator Act of 1927, the country has had a state-run monopoly on gambling, with the exception of NorskRikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

However, many of these casinos permit Norwegian citizens to register and play because there are no laws prohibiting online gambling in Norway if the operator is licensed in the EEA. Just like its neighbors Denmark and Sweden, Norway will soon issue its own casino licenses.

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