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There are several methods for funding online gambling accounts, each of which has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Credit cards’ speed and ease are praised by some gamers. Others favor the privacy offered by prepaid options. Due to their capacity to organize all of their Internet banking requirements and store value, even more people decide to use e-wallets.

What if, however, a single payment system offered all three of these alternatives? EntroPay is a “virtual credit card” service that enables you to deposit, withdraw, and spend money at online casinos. It gives users the flexibility of a Visa card, which can be used at millions of merchants worldwide, without requiring them to disclose their personal information every time they want to deposit money or make a purchase online.

Using This Service

You must register on the company website for an account before you can begin using EntroPay. It only takes a few minutes to complete this process, and once it is done, your account will immediately be linked to a virtual Visa. Your card will only be a virtual object; there won’t be a real, plastic card with your number.

Additionally, you won’t be able to use this product to draw money from a credit line. As with a typical e-wallet solution, you must link a funding source to your EntroPay account in order to fund it. The most common way to do this is by using a bank account or another card. Any amount of money can be loaded, and once it is there, it can be used however you please.

Finally, all you have to do is visit any online casino that accepts EntroPay or major credit cards, which includes almost every casino on the internet. Your transaction will be processed instantly after you select the appropriate deposit option in the cashier, enter your card details, and enter the desired deposit amount.

Top Casino Websites that Take EntroPay


Depending on how you look at it, EntroPay is either widely accepted or only moderately popular at online casinos. You can be sure that using your account there won’t be a problem because many websites specifically list this as a payment method. However, because this product can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, you could theoretically use your prepaid card to make purchases at almost any gaming website.

This adaptability also applies to the world of online shopping. You can typically use your card to pay at any of these websites as well since the majority of merchants accept Visa, even if they don’t specifically list the company as one of their payment options. There is a very good chance that you can use this product to pay anywhere you’ve ever used credit or debit in the past.

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EntroPay Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to using this method of deposit, just like with any other method. One of the biggest benefits is that this is a quick and flexible service that enables you to instantly fund your casino accounts, as we mentioned right at the top. Your payments are processed quickly and securely whether you fund with a credit card or directly from your bank account.

However, this approach isn’t limited to deposits. The ability to both hold and withdraw money from your EntroPay wallet is a significant benefit of using this system. It turns into a comprehensive tool for managing your money while you gamble online, enabling you to transfer funds between accounts with ease or withdraw them when you’re ready to collect your winnings.

Having said that, this approach has one significant flaw. When compared to other well-known e-wallets in the iGaming sector, EntroPay has fewer casinos that accept it. This is not to say that it is restricted because if you use this method, you can still select from a wide variety of reputable online casinos. Try Skrill or Neteller instead if you want an e-wallet that is supported by almost all gambling websites. If PayPal is accepted at casinos in your area and you’re looking for a wallet program that’s simpler to use outside of the gambling industry, you might want to take that into consideration.

How Did This Business Start?

The creators of Ixaris Systems developed this prepayment option in 2003. The goal, according to the business, was to develop an electronic payment method that anyone could use, regardless of their location or credit standing.

What Resources Support This Method?

People from almost everywhere in the world are eligible to apply for EntroPay. A person only needs to be at least 18 years old and have at least one credit or debit card of their own in order to be approved. It is important to note that certain countries, including Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Cuba, and Belarus, among others, do not allow bank transfers to or from their borders.

Are There Any Fees or Costs?

There are no monthly or yearly fees associated with using these virtual cards, and there are no additional costs associated with making payments. When you load money into your account, the only fees apply. This is typically stated as a percentage of the amount you are loading; for example, there is a 4.95% fee if you load using a credit or debit card. If you want to transfer money from EntroPay to one of your cards, there is an additional $6 fee.


Must I Pass a Credit Check?

Account approval does not involve running a credit check. The business does reserve the right to conduct an identity check to confirm users, though.

Is This Approach Secure and Safe?

You won’t have to provide online casinos or other merchants with any personal or financial information when using this method, which is one of its biggest benefits. You will be better protected from fraud and identity theft as a result. The transactions themselves are just as safe as using any other card because they are handled the same way as any other Visa purchase.

Entropay Online Casinos in 2022

Discontinued payment option Entropay was once well-liked by users of online casinos. Learn more and find Entropay alternatives.

Recommended Casinos

Select one of casinos recommended by Casino Guru. This list contains a mix of casinos recommended for various reasons, including big brands, smaller casinos with great bonuses and customer care, and other carefully selected alternatives. Better options, of course, appear first.

Recommended Casinos

Select one of casinos recommended by Casino Guru. This list contains a mix of casinos recommended for various reasons, including big brands, smaller casinos with great bonuses and customer care, and other carefully selected alternatives. Better options, of course, appear first.

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About Entropay

The advent of online shopping revolutionized the way we shop, but in the beginning, it was frequently threatened by hackers who stole cardholder information.

However, early iterations of digital wallets that served as a secure go-between between the customer and the retailer appeared in the early 2000s. One of the first was Entropay, a technique that is no longer used and is not accessible online but is still significant.

Created in 2003, it allowed users to fund their prepaid virtual payment cards from their bank accounts. They could then use these in place of their own personal bank cards at online retailers, greatly lowering the risk because they could now lose only the prepaid balance and not their entire bank balance.


Due to the project’s quick service and ability to accept up to 30 cards, it was a huge success. Entropay even collaborated with Visa, enabling customers to purchase goods at any website that accepts Visa, including Visa online casinos. Entropay only charged a small commission for each transaction, making the service affordable.

However, a catastrophe occurred in 2018. Visa declined to extend their licensing agreement in Europe, which caused Entropay cards to instantly lose their legitimacy. One of the first significant e-wallets was no longer available by July 2019, when the service was terminated.

However, Entropay’s success has left its mark on the online payment industry. Internet users still needed a trustworthy digital wallet to keep their money safe, but in the interim, many impressive alternatives had emerged.

A wallet that is particularly well-liked by online casino players is Skrill, which is known for its quick support and compatibility with a variety of websites. Another is Paysafecard, which offers a single-use card that users purchase with cash and enter a special 16-digit PIN into the website’s payment section.

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum-friendly casinos, players who want to make deposits at websites that accept virtual currency also have access to crypto wallets. Exodus and Trustwallet, for example, operate under the same tenet and are expanding their market share. EntroPay contributed to the development of many contemporary e-wallets, which are now an essential component of the online payment system.

How to find the best casinos that accept e-wallet deposits

Use this page as a resource if you’re looking for a trustworthy casino that accepts your e-wallet. The Casino Guru team rates and evaluates websites based on stringent standards for player fairness and customer service. The filters on this page will make it easier for you to find the websites that suit your needs.

To find your payment method, first remove the ‘EntroPay’ filter in the ‘Payment method’ section and tick the box of the method you want — so tick the ‘Skrill’ box for casinos accepting that, for example. You can then find the best Skrill casinos by choosing the ‘ Recommended ‘ tab to see those that our experts have scored the highest. The ‘ Newly opened ‘ tab shows you the newest casinos that accept the method, while ‘ All ‘ will take you to the complete list.

Simply repeat the steps above, selecting your preferred payment method in place of Skrill, to view a different payment option. Popular options for casino players include Paysafecard, PayPal, and EcoPayz, though your access to these services will depend on the country you’re in.