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Turkey once had a gambling industry that was truly booming. It had 80 brick-and-mortar casinos, which employed more than 20,000 people and brought in more than $1 billion annually.

What started in 1990 when chance games were made legal.

Has all of a sudden become a nightmare for the industry: Already in 1996, the Government began to impose numerous restrictions across the brick-and-mortar sector, and in 1998, all casinos ceased operations as a result of the national gambling ban.

Turkey, one of the most popular travel destinations, was no longer able to provide its visitors with upscale jackpot Vegas entertainment. Additionally, Turkish citizens were compelled to travel to Northern Cyprus, which became known as the Turkish City of Lights.

This Middle Eastern nation, which has witnessed numerous epic battles throughout its long history, found itself in the middle of an unexpected turn of events: mushrooming underground casinos have taken the place of their legal counterparts in order to satisfy the needs of numerous gamblers.

The same thing took place.

To the iGaming industry. Legal online gambling platforms were outlawed in 2006, but they only served to foster the growth of illicit activities. Has the stringent policy been effective?

Well, it depends on your point of view, but one thing is crystal clear:

Turkish people continue to gamble. Instead, they simply began searching for international websites that were authorized in reputable countries like Sweden, the UK, or Malta, to name a few.

Despite the Turkish government’s ongoing efforts to block IP addresses and redirect their URLs to warning pages in order to prevent players from accessing offshore online casinos, many people are still able to play the newest video slots or the roulette wheel in one of the opulent Live casino rooms.

Online Gambling Laws in Turkey

For the sake of objectivity, it’s important to note that Turkey’s laws still permit some forms of gambling, even though none of them involve the traditional casino games. There are specifically three legal sectors:

The Ministry of Sports and the Spor Toto Association regulate sports betting, which is solely run by the state-owned IDDAA.

horse race betting regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Turkish Jockey Club

lotteries, games of chance and social games regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the National Lottery Administration ( Milli Piyango Ä°daresi )

Poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other card and dice games all fall under the Turkish Criminal code’s definition of gambling and are therefore forbidden as such. According to the Law Regarding Roulette, Pinball, and Gaming Machines, slot machines and roulette are prohibited as special types of gambling.

In accordance with the law.

The phrase “online” refers to the internet, mobile devices, interactive television, and other similar electronic platforms; as a result, the laws governing electronic communications, internet broadcasting, and the prevention of money laundering apply to the virtual world as well.

Additionally, the Turkish Criminal Code and Misdemeanors Law both provide for a variety of punishments for those who engage in gambling activities as well as a confiscation process for those who run illegal casinos.

Getting Started with Turkish Online Casino Action

In line with the above, it’s not hard to figure out that punters who live in Turkey can gamble online taking certain precautions.

In fact, they are already doing that; otherwise, how can one account for the large number of online venues that accept Turkish Lira and offer their services in Turkish?

It is crucial to stick with reliable websites that have been granted licenses by reputable authorities given this difficult environment. Avoid going to illegal locations at all costs; do not fall for shady casinos’ lure of overly alluring welcome packages.

Take your time, read the reviews below, and choose the website that best fits your needs. As was already mentioned, Turkish players have a ton of options available to them, including a variety of top-tier software providers, hundreds of slots with various themes and unique features, and countless variations of well-known table games.

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Turkish Casinos Online

You’ve found this page because you’re interested in learning where to find a reputable Turkish casino that accepts Turkish lira and is available in that country’s native tongue. Due to the numerous gambling laws in Turkey, you might believe that there are no legitimate betting websites for Turkish gamblers to play at. However, we have already compiled a list of all the top online casinos that accept Turkish into one place. We are prepared to provide you with some interesting information and helpful advice.

This article will tell you where to find Turkish-language online casinos as well as what payment methods are offered at the top Turkey-friendly gambling portal for deposits and withdrawals. We’ll also explain why multilingual customer support is crucial for online casino providers. Of course, we’ll assist you in selecting the top Turkish-language gambling site. So let’s get going!

Best Online Casino Sites in Turkish

Why Casinos With the Turkish Language Are Important?

The list of Turkish-language casino websites is shown above. They are all necessary because thousands of Turkish-speaking gamblers who want to play online in their native tongue are accepted by each of these casinos. With more than 80 million native speakers, this language is the official one in Turkey. More than that, millions of people in other nations speak Turkish. Over 100 million people speak Turkish in the world, and some of them are actively looking for a good Turkish-language online gambling site.

Top-10 Turkish casinosMain BonusMin. DepositSlotsUP RatingOther LanguagesBettilt100% up to €5005 EUR, 5 USD85Portuguese, Spanish, TurkishVbet100% up to $2505 EUR, 5 USD80Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish1xbet€1500+150 Free Spins1 USD, 1 EUR80French, German, LatvianBetwinner300 EUR1 USD, 1 EUR80English, English, GermanPlayMillion€100 + 25 Free Spins20 EUR, 100 DKK70Portuguese, French, SerbianMegapari€1500 + 150 Free Spins1 EUR70Hungarian, Italian, LatvianSpin Palace£/$/€ 100010 EUR70Japanese, Latvian, PortugueseSlotsMagic€400 + 200 Free Spins20 EUR, 20 USD69Ukraine, Germany, NorwayBetworld100% up to €20010 EUR69Portuguese, Spanish, TurkishCasino Z$1500 + 150 Free Spins10 EUR69Ukrainian, Swedish, Turkish

You can trust that all of the Turkish lira online casinos listed on this page have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by our experts. Despite all the restrictions put in place by the Turkish government, these gambling websites allow Turkish players to engage in legal online gambling. Choose any casino from the list, then feel free to start playing your preferred casino games there.

Countries With Turkish Speaking Online Casinos

The Ottoman Empire, which used Ottoman Turkish as its official language, is where the Turkish language’s history begins. The Empire covered many contemporary nations, which led to the Turkish language becoming very well-known. Turkish is currently regarded as being both the sole official language in Turkey as well as one of the official languages in Cyprus. Turkish has replaced English as the language most commonly spoken in Northern Cyprus since Turkish Cypriots moved there. More than that, despite the fact that no nation other than Turkey recognizes the independence of these territories, Northern Cyprus residents refer to themselves as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Best Turkish CasinoBettiltHighest Casino Bonus€1500+150 Free SpinsMin Deposit for Turkish Casinos1 USD, 1 EURAlternative Language for Turkish CasinosPortuguese, Spanish, German

Turkish is now also used as the cultural or minority language in many other countries due to the size of the former Ottoman Empire. These include Russia, Makedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Greece, Moldova, Syria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Turkmenistan, and Makedonia. Turkish is also spoken by immigrant communities in a number of European nations, including Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, etc.

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Customer Support With the Turkish Language

Even though the majority of online gamblers are educated people with some level of English proficiency, catering to English-speaking clients these days is pretty limited. A gambling website should have Turkish-speaking customer service agents if it wants to rank among the top online casinos that accept Turkish players. There are many good reasons for casinos to take this action. The first is a sizable population of Turkish-speaking casino enthusiasts. They are concentrated in Turkey and many European nations, as we have already mentioned, so it is crucial that international casinos offer Turkish speakers’ services.

A better customer experience is a good reason as well because it typically promotes business expansion. Customers can avoid the language barrier and all the delays associated with it by taking advantage of the multilingual support services available. As a result, they can enjoy a better and more convenient gambling experience, and the support staff can work more quickly and effectively. By entering any message into the live chat box, you can always see if a Turkish-language online casino offers customer support in that language. Don’t be hesitant to use the multilingual support service that is offered by the majority of the Turkish casinos that our experts have chosen.

Currencies and Payment Methods Available For Turkish Players

Turkish casino players have a wide variety of payment options to choose from. In Turkey, there are actually close to 50 different payment providers in operation. Due to the high level of trust in the domestic banking system, Visa and MasterCard are the most widely used banking options among Turkish gamblers. It makes sense that there are so many online casinos that accept MasterCard in addition to Visa.

Turkish gamblers have access to a variety of electronic wallets, prepaid cards, and online banking options in addition to bank cards. For instance, due to their usability and convenience, PayPal and ecoPayz casino websites are also quite common in the area. Additionally, you can look at the Neteller casino list to find some respectable Turkish gambling establishments.

Turkish gamblers favor online casinos that accept TRY the most when it comes to currencies. They permit Turkish players to avoid currency exchange fees by making casino deposits in Turkish Lira and requesting withdrawals in Turkish Lira. However, there are also lots of Turkish online casinos that accept payments in USD and EUR.

Casinos With Turkish Language FAQ

Are there many casinos that speak Turkish? Turkish-speaking casino players can be found in abundance, so it is simple to find an online casino that speaks their language. Casino owners make a concerted effort to accommodate all players so that the Turks cannot be disregarded. On this page, you can find a list of all the reputable and honest Turkish online casinos. So feel free to choose any of the gambling sites from there and have fun! How do I find out if there is a Turkish-language online casino? Finding out whether or not is available in Turkish is not too difficult. You only need to visit the Turkish casino’s home page and look for the list of available languages. Finding it is not a problem because it is frequently identified by the flag of the nation whose language is being used on the website. Feel free to switch to the Turkish casino version if the Turkish flag is on the list. Is Turkish customer support available round-the-clock? Nearly all betting sites that accept Turkish players provide round-the-clock customer support, so you can ask for assistance whenever you need it. For your convenience, we suggest that you use live chat. What should I do if there isn’t a Turkish online casino version of my casino? You can either quit your gambling website and pick one from our list of online casinos with the Turkish language, or you can use some translation tools that will assist you in translating the web pages in real-time. Can I use different currencies to play at Turkish online casinos? Sure! Most of the online casinos on this page accept TRY as well as other currencies like EUR and USD for deposits and withdrawals. Choose the currency that is most convenient for you and use it when transacting at the casino.

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Gambling in Turkey

The casino’s doors were shut on February 12th, 1998. However, those who enjoy gambling and used to travel to places like Cyprus or Bulgaria are starting to stay in Istanbul’s upscale neighborhoods. In Turkey, gambling was initially practiced in basements but has since moved up to villas and homes. Up until 1998, casinos were present in every five-star hotel.

In Turkey, there were 79 casinos. A man by the name of Mer Lutfi TOPAL (Born in 1942-Died in 1996) owned twenty of them. He owned 6 additional casinos outside of Turkey. Because of the gambling endeavors that brought him wealth, he was known as the “casino king.”

On July 28, 1996, Topal was killed by a Kalashnikov rifle. He left a $1 billion USD legacy. Twenty-two of his businesses were left to his first wife Safiye Belli, daughter Elif Topal, and son Murat Topal. His second spouse, Birsu Hilal Altntaş, also received a few vehicles, businesses, and properties as inheritances. Mer Gultekin managed his casinos until February 1998 after his death.

Islam forbids all forms of gambling, even a small wager. Muslims who practice their religion never play the lottery. Since no one knew how much money those 79 casinos made or how much tax they owed, the primary motivation for closing them was to stop money launderers.

Although there are currently no legal casinos in Turkey, some believe that there once were and that the country lost a lot of money as a result of tourists, particularly those from Israel, who came to play at casinos. Israeli tourists used to travel to Turkey for an all-inclusive weeklong vacation before 1998, but there are no casinos in Israel.

Turkey is on track to become an EU full member. Turkey will eventually become a lull member of the EU. I’ll wager you $1,000 that casinos will reopen at that time. ?

Betting shops or a national lottery in Turkey?

There are some establishments with the signs “SPOR TOTO” or “SPOR LOTO” where Turkish citizens can place bets on football game outcomes. There are also some establishments where people can place bets on horse races, but dog races are not conducted in Turkey. The General Directorate of the National Lottery was founded in the 1930s. Tickets are sold in quarters, halves, and fulls. Each month, the 9th, 19th, and 29th numbers are drawn. If the jackpot is won on a quarter ticket, the prize is split among four winners.

Since November 1996, Turkey has had a national lottery, in which players try to match six numbers out of a possible 49. You are probably aware of your chances of winning the jackpot. It is one in every 14,000,000. Turkish people tune in to TRT-1 (Turkish Radio & Television) on Saturday nights to learn the results. Or the outcome is announced every Saturday at 11 p.m.

If there is no rollover, the typical national lottery jackpot is close to $1 million USD. On the days after New Year’s, the largest lottery is held. The largest jackpot was Us $ 20,000,000.-(30,000,000 TL) on December 31, 2009. In January 2010, four people shared it.