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These games are sure to be popular if you like video poker and want to play other poker-related online casino games:

  1. Five Play Draw Poker
  2. Triple Play Draw Poker

Whether you prefer video poker, or you like to play poker online, you can find a great range of gambling games to play when you register at BetMGM.

If you’ve never played video poker, it might be difficult for you to comprehend. It’s also possible that you’ve been playing but have no idea what you’re doing. Fear not; we have written this guide specifically for you.

Let dive right in.

One of the most played casino games even more than 50 years after its creation is video poker. Every physical casino offers video poker, and the majority of online casinos do too. In the 1970s, the first video poker machine was created. One of the players’ favorites is still the psychical machines. It evokes memories of the past. Simple is sometimes the best option. Video poker moved online at the same time that gambling did. Today, you can play video poker online in a number of different locations.

A SSUME PARISH, Louisiana (WAFB) – During an early-morning heist of a video poker parlor in Assumption Parish, multiple robbers made off with a “significant” amount of cash, according to investigators.

According to Lonny Cavalier, a spokesman for the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office, the robbers held up the Cane Row Truck Stop & Casino at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, Sept.

In Belle Rose, close to the border with Ascension Parish, the casino can be found on Highway 70.

Cavalier did not reveal exactly how many robbers were involved in the robbery, and he did not want to say how much money was stolen.

The spokesman claimed that as part of their investigation, they looked over copious amounts of video surveillance from both inside and outside the casino. There were no reported injuries.

Pop quiz, hot shots: Spot the difference between the High Roller and a high roller.

According to its website, The High Roller, which debuted on March 31, 2014, is the biggest observation wheel in North America and is situated at The Linq.

Derek Stevens, the CEO and owner of Circa, praised Robbie for winning.

Winners across the Las Vegas Valley

Ranch Green Valley

Certainly a wealthy tree.

Another group of wins from the off-Strip casino.

Nice return on the 75-cent investment.

More Triple Double Bonus Poker fun.

Congrats to Carol and William E. on their recent wins.

Senior publisher U.

Anytime in your life, hitting a jackpot is amazing. Think about receiving a second one only six months later. Robbie Schiffbauer, a poker player, experienced exactly that after winning a $400,000 video poker jackpot at Circa Las Vegas this week.

The same person won the largest bounty in a €2,700 European Poker Tour (EPT) Mystery Bounty event in March, earning him a payment of €50,000. He also received €5,480 for finishing in 37th place in the no-limit hold’em competition as a small bonus.

Quad Aces on Video Poker Game

Las Vegas resident Schiffbauer was playing the maximum number of credits (five) on a Triple Double Bonus video poker machine that costs $100 per credit ($500 per spin). When he was dealt a hand that initially didn’t inspire much excitement in him, he had $1,810 in the machine. In order to increase his chances of connecting on the redraw, he only held the and pulled the other four cards.

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The four cards that would be revealed were extremely unlikely. He received quad-aces as well as the ideal kicker as a result. He was playing a game where a four-of-a-kind with a kicker less than a five pays much more than one with a higher kicker. He received 4,000 credits, or $400,000, which is the exact payout for a royal flush in that game (800 times the bet).

Hendon Mob reports that Schiffbauer has $341,000 in live tournament winnings. His biggest win on the table came in 2016 at the Asia Championship of Poker in Macau, China, where he placed second in a no-limit hold’em tournament for $127,109. Although he lives in Las Vegas, he travels the world playing cards. Hendon Mob records 72 cashes in total, all of which were made since 2017. And now there have been two fortunate jackpots.

The jackpot won by Schiffbauer wasn’t even close to being the largest at Circa, a casino resort in downtown Las Vegas, in September. One fortunate patron hit a $1,250,033 spin on a penny slot machine with just a $4 per spin wager last week.

How to Play

What is Video Poker?

You probably already know the answer. But for those who don’t know what video poker is, read on.

It’s one of the most popular games at online casinos. Similar to poker, it is a card game that is played online.

Gambling made its debut in casinos in the 1970s. Since then, it has continued to grow. Players love it because it is one of the few games that offer the best chances of winning. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to influence the development of the game.

As if that weren’t enough, video poker also features a low house edge. This generates revenue for the casino while giving customers a chance to win jackpots for even larger prizes.

Additionally, Rojabet allows you to play anonymously. It’s wonderful to be free of all the mental stress that comes with playing live poker. Play without the distraction of other people while relaxing on your couch.

  1. It’s a simple game. Playing it does not require any special skills, just like slots.
  2. A player determines what happens, unlike in games of chance. One can decide how many cards they want to save for the final hand.
  3. No reason to have a crowd around. You can play it alone.
  4. Players can look for key information and determine the casino’s house edge.

How to Play Video Poker

Unlike any other online casino game, a player needs to understand video poker in depth. You can still be a good player without understanding all the details. But it is essential to know the basics and the rules of each game.

The video poker game is quite simple. It is similar to other casino games, although it is somewhat complicated compared to slot machines.

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To maximize their winnings, a player simply places the right amount of money on the bet. and after that press the spin button. Then you are prepared to begin.

Categories of Video Poker

Video poker falls into five main categories. They consist of:

  1. Jacks or Better – This category comes with the lowest paying hand. Each game has a paytable with a royal flush, straight flush, 4 of a kind, full house, flush, straight, and other basic paytables.
  2. Wild Card Video Poker. Each game in this category has one or more cards that can replace other cards. These cards are called wilds.
  3. Pick’Em/Pick A Pair Video Poker. This game is not very popular today. There are very few places that offer it. In this game, you pick only one card in your five-card hand. It goes against the basic rules of common video poker games.
  4. Progressive Video Poker. Just like progressive slot machines, the payoff rises in progressive video poker. The more money players wager, the larger the jackpot gets until someone wins.

Now that you understand what video poker is, it should be easier to start playing. There’s still a lot to learn, but these basics will get you started.

High RTP and good payouts

Video poker and traditional slot machines share some similarities. But the best thing about video poker is that its RTP (return to player) is frequently higher. There are many different video poker variations, and each one has its own odds. But compared to most other casino games, video poker has a higher RTP, which is one of its appeals. The game is renowned for its high payouts as well. It goes without saying that using real money to gamble always provides a great thrill. How much money will you receive?

Terms in Video Poker

Video poker is referred to by a number of different terms. It would be beneficial to be familiar with them if you intend to play this game and have a chance of winning.

Payback, return, and house edge

Every casino game has a house edge and a payback or return. These terms are related and frequently combined. In developing your te apuesto betting strategy, they are essential.

The amount that is “paid back” or “returned” to the player as a winning is known as the payback or return. It represents a portion of all wagers made on a particular game.

For example, a bet may have a return of 99.54%. This means that the player gets $99 back. 54 for every $100 played in the casino on that game. A dollar player who spends $5 per hand and plays 20 hands will get that percentage back.

This concept can also be the advantage of the house

A house edge is 100%, then 99, to put it simply. 54% above. Due to its low house edge, video poker has become very popular. Okay, so not all variations of video poker have such a high house edge. Some might only be %95.


The two elements that determine a game’s characteristics are variance and volatility. They fit into the payback group.

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Your bankroll may fluctuate, but that is due to volatility or variance. Volatility is a term used to describe how much a bankroll can fluctuate. Variance is a term used in mathematics. It gives volatility a number.

Does volatility affect how a player plays video poker? Yes. A larger bankroll and higher volatility go hand in hand. You should have plenty of money to play with for the remainder of the game if you are fortunate enough to win a high-paying hand.


The most crucial information for a player is contained in a pay table for video poker. It contains all the information required to evaluate the game.

The payoff chart will help you understand the volatility of a specific video game. Many players use it to determine the right video poker strategy. Keep the payoff chart information in mind when trying to choose your best game.

Luck and strategy

One game that successfully balances luck and strategy is video poker. It has just enough chance in it to be thrilling, but you also have a chance to affect the outcome of the game by making tactical decisions. Both mental and financial challenges are possible. An interactive game that allows you to influence the outcome attracts a lot of seasoned players. Because of this, video poker is so well-liked. You have two options when playing it: you can play it as a novice and rely mostly on luck, or you can play it as an expert gambler and somewhat plan your winnings.


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Nostalgia and simplicity

Nostalgia is more popular than ever in the digital era that we currently live in. Many things from the past are currently enjoying a complete resurgence. In contrast to video poker, the popularity of traditional casino games has never really declined. They have maintained their ubiquity among gamblers everywhere. Video poker has expanded even further since it started to gain popularity online. Online, you have access to resources that are not otherwise available. Gamblers can now play whenever and wherever they want, thanks to this.

One of the great attractions of classic games, like video poker, is the simplicity of the game. Most new games are much more sophisticated and complex. Simple games will never go out of style, because if a simple game works, it has an essence that will make it timeless. Besides video poker, there are games like Tetris and Pac-Man. They will probably never go out of style.

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