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Set sail to conquer foreign countries and plunder their treasures at will as you unleash the might of one of the most fierce civilisations to have ever existed.

In the video slot game Vikings go Berzerk, created by Yggdrasil, you’ll be in charge of a Viking ship sailing toward uncharted territory. If you want to increase your chances of success, get ready for battle and learn about all the game’s bonuses before you start.

In our detailed review of the game, you can learn everything you need to know about Vikings go Berzerk and its numerous details.

Onwards to Battle

Vikings go Berzerk was made with the intention of impressing and thrilling players from the very first moment.

The reels are perched atop a replica of a Viking ship, complete with a metal dragon serving as its figurehead. The game provides players with a dynamic and realistic universe to enjoy right away, and the command buttons are situated on a wooden plank at the bottom of the reels.

Vikings go Berzerk has a strong opening that will pique your interest in learning more about its distinctive gameplay. In the section after this one, let’s examine it.

Loot and Profit

The basic commands of Vikings go Berzerk are easy to understand, and all you have to do is follow the command bar under the reels to customise your basic settings right away.

The game contains 5 reels and players have 25 fixed paylines available, where symbol combinations can award cash prizes when the condition are right. Use the arrows under the reels to pick a wager and play it on all 25 paylines at once. The central button will set the reels into motion, and all you have to do is hit it when you are ready to proceed.

Based on your current bet level and the combinations that appear on the screen, Vikings go Berzerk offers cash prizes. Therefore, placing more money on the reels increases the likelihood that you will win, so keep that in mind and press the bet maximum button whenever you feel lucky. This will enable you to bet the maximum amount on the subsequent spin and go all-in. You can set a wager and the number of spins you want the reels to make in the autospin game mode. All of these gameplay options are available to you at all times while playing the game.

Fill up the Treasure Chest

There are a number of unique reel symbols in Vikings go Berzerk’s basic paytable, which we’ll look at in more detail below. Additionally, based on a wager of one credit made during the game, we will provide some examples of potential cash payouts.

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The majority of the game’s icons are coins. Common iron, bronze, silver, or even gold can be used to make them. When identical symbols appear in a row from left to right on one of the paylines, their combinations are worth between 5 and 70 credits each time.

The final items on the basic symbol menu are the four Vikings. The top prize is 250 credits, and they all have menacing appearances. The most popular icons may be all there are, but Vikings go Berzerk has a lot more to offer.

More Bonuses Than You Can Imagine

Every time the reels spin, a unique effect might happen. For instance, the wild symbol can be used in place of any of the aforementioned icons, and the siren can grant lucky players up to 21 free spins. A random bonus is also given prior to the start of the free games, including wild reels, additional free spins, and other benefits.

One of the Vikings will begin to build up rage each time you use them in a successful combination. Seven additional free spins are given when the gauge beneath the reel is full. When the siren appears on the reels, the character goes berserk and is now able to defeat her, earning even more unexpected cash prizes.

The regular and golden treasure chests are only found on reels 4 and 5, respectively, in Vikings go Berzerk. Only one of them must be discovered in order to be given a choice of bonuses, which are made even more intriguing if a treasure chest is discovered while you are playing the free spins. Up to 10,000 extra credits, additional free spins, wild reels, and many other things are at risk here.

Channel Your Rage to Win Big

Despite the fact that Vikings go Berzerk initially appears to be a standard slot game, its numerous bonuses and unique rage mode will end up surprising even the most seasoned players.

In Vikings go Berzerk, every spin has the potential to trigger a variety of special features, so play bravely and trust your instincts. Do not let these opportunities pass you by.

Play Vikings Go Berzerk for Free in Demo Mode by Yggdrasil Gaming

Try Vikings Go Berzerk slot online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game’s review before playing for real money.

Go back in time and sail the seas with a crew of cutthroat Vikings in Vikings Go Berzerk, just keep an eye out for the seductive Sirens. This historical slot comes with great gameplay, high volatility and an RTP of 96.10%.


About game provider

Yggdrasil Gaming

Vikings Go Berzerk review

Theme and Storyline

In the world of Vikings Go Berzerk, longship captains and warriors covered in woad roam the North Sea, occasionally coming under attack from sirens, vampire-like mermaids with fangs. You start the main game and are sent on a quest to find gold after the opening cinematic, in which statues of Vikings appear to be engaged in a fierce naval battle with these sirens.

Vikings are a logical historical choice, much like pirates and the California gold rush. They offer a lot of opportunities for entertaining characters—your crew consists of four cartoon Vikings—who are all focused on acquiring gold.

Graphics, Sounds and Animations

The theme has been taken pretty literally by Yggdrasil Gaming. Along with your four crew members as symbols and coins in the four metals of gold, silver, iron, and copper, there are also the sirens, who only appear during free spins.

Each of these is skillfully drawn and features unique 3D animations for both their win states and separate berzerk animations (more information is below).

The music is a pleasant, vintage orchestral score that does the scene excellent justice.

Overall, it’s a real pleasure to look at, listen to, and play with the design aspect of things.


The main game is a five reel, twenty-five win line slot machine.

It is sufficient to state here that the features ensure the game doesn’t become monotonous. The majority of the features in the game are best reviewed in the Wilds and Bonuses section below. Unfortunately, they can be scarce, so the gameplay heavily depends on the design elements to keep it from becoming monotonous.

Wilds, Bonuses and Free Spins

However, these features are a lot of fun.

The Treasure Chest symbols are the most basic bonus. The player can select one of the five gifts they receive from the Treasure Chest, which are all randomly selected. Only reel 4 contains its lone appearance.

The Treasure Chest’s ramped up cousin, the Golden Treasure Chest does the same but draws from a much richer pool of randomised gifts. The gifts in the Base Game are 7-21 free spins or 50-1000 coins for the Treasure Chest. On the other hand, the Golden treasure chest offers five random gifts from 250-10,000 coins, 7-21 free spins, Ragnarok free spins, and Rage Boost.

You can win seven free spins by charging up the rage metre for a given Viking. There are four Vikings, each of which will gain rage when you win with them.

The winning Viking is in Berzerk mode during the bonus rounds, which enables them to always defeat the Siren. Every Viking in Berzerk mode turns into a fixed Wild for the remainder of the free spins after you defeat the siren.

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You will receive seven free spins for each Viking Berzerk mode if you are able to fill up your rage meter with more than one Viking at once, but they won’t all play out at once. The Ragnarok free spins are the only instance in which this rule is an exception. When all four Vikings enter the Berzerk mode simultaneously, you have the best chance of pulling off a stunning victory.

Alternatively, free spins can be won with the Free Spin symbol. Seven free spins for three symbols, fourteen for four symbols and twenty-one for five Free Spin symbols.

You also win a “Bonus” that is given to you at random while you are in free spins that you win with symbols rather than in rage mode. There are five bonus options: all the Vikings going berzerk, one random sticky wild appearing, an entire reel covered in sticky wilds, one to three additional free spins, or a combination of five treasure chests and gold treasure chests.

There is also a Wild symbol that subs in for all symbols except the Free Spin or Treasure Chest symbols.

Bet Sizes, RTP and Variance

Vikings Go Berserk is a very volatile game where the main game only occasionally and in small amounts pays out. To make money, you really need to activate one of the bonuses, ideally Free Spins with all the Vikings Berzerk.

The return on investment is very competitive at 96.10%.

Vikings Go Berzerk

The video slot Vikings go Berzerk has five reels, four rows, and twenty-five paylines that are aligned from left to right. Four Viking symbols and four Coin symbols are present in the game, and players can win if three or more of both appear consecutively on a payline.

The best elements of the first game have been combined with some crazy upgrades! Any Viking you use to win in the base game will have a higher personal rage meter. The Viking in question enters Berzerk Mode in the game’s Free Spins mode when the meter is full. In doing so, they are able to consistently thwart the siren and change into sticky wilds for the duration of the Free Spins.

You also receive a random bonus whenever you land a set of free spins called Ragnarök Free Spins, which sends all four of the Vikings into berserk mode. The fifth reel is where the Golden Treasure Chest can appear, and it offers much larger bonuses than the regular Treasure Chest!