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Who wouldn’t want the free cash that casinos offer to both new and returning customers? All of these free bonuses that online casinos offer us come with a common catch: wagering requirements.

What the wagering requirements are is thoroughly examined in this article. We will also discuss how to avoid common pitfalls related to such requirements, as well as the best ways to meet bonus wagering requirements so you can withdraw your reward as cash.

You may have come across a variety of alluring online casino bonuses and read about “wagering requirements” if you’ve been searching the internet for the best casino sites to play your favorite casino games. How does it affect you as a player and what exactly is a wagering requirement? Everything you require to know about them and their function in online casino games is covered in this article.

But first, it’s crucial to understand what a wager is before moving on.

On the websites of online casinos, it is frequently noted in big neon letters that as a new player, you are qualified for a welcome casino bonus and free spins. Undoubtedly, the catalyst is what draws in new participants.

Additionally, the terms and conditions are offered because the online casino is required to be open and honest about them. It might be a good idea to read them before you start the game. Unfortunately, very few people actually do it.

Almost all casino bonuses come with unavoidable evils called wagering requirements. Most gambling websites entice players with sizable deposit bonuses and free spins, but the majority of them cannot be immediately converted to cash. Before you can make any withdrawals, your bonus or free spins winnings must be wagered a certain number of times.

The Gorilla began by noting that most casinos are coming up with inventive strategies to entice new players their way in response to the growing competition in the online casino niche.

One of these innovative strategies involves companies giving new players sizable welcome bonuses that include lots of free spins, bets, or cash bonuses. The welcome offer can take many shapes, such as:

  1. Deposit match up
  2. Free cash when you deposit and wager X amount.
  3. Or even free money – no deposit required.

The majority of the time, casinos inform players that a certain number of times must pass before withdrawals are permitted for the bonus, the bonus plus associated winnings, the bonus plus derived winnings, or the bonus plus first deposit.

The industry standard wagering requirement is a specific number multiplied by the bonus or bonus plus deposit. For example, “The bonus and related winnings must be wagered 40x before withdrawal

The wagering requirement (play through requirement) protects online businesses from going out of business. Additionally, by gamifying your experience at an online casino, wagering requirements make bonuses an exciting challenge.

Summary of Contents

  1. So, What Exactly Is the Wagering Requirements?
  2. How Wagering Requirements Work – A Real-Life Illustration
  3. Computing Wagering Requirements Mathematically
  4. Beating the Wagering RequirementsStart by Going Through Casino Bonus Terms and ConditionsChoose the Right Online CasinoChoose the Perfect GamesChoose Your Play Style
  5. Start by Going Through Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions
  6. Choose the Right Online Casino
  7. Choose the Perfect Games
  8. Choose Your Play Style
  9. Avoiding Wagering Requirement
  10. Tiered Wagering Requirements
  11. Wagering-Free Bonuses
  12. Conclusion

When playing with real money, online gambling is a lot of fun; generous bonuses help you increase your bankroll and earn lucrative rewards. The way casinos can advertise their bonuses and the kinds of terms they can offer players have recently come under increased scrutiny from gambling authorities in many jurisdictions. This makes it more difficult for casinos to advertise (occasionally) impossible bonuses.

What are Wagering Requirements?

To ensure that it stays consistently on the winning side of the equation over time, casinos impose wagering requirements on the bonuses they offer. It is also frequently referred to as having “playthrough requirements.”

These conditions make sure you must wager the bonus amount—or, in some cases, the bonus amount plus the deposit amount—or the bonus-related winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them to your personal account.

Which of the aforementioned 2 options you’ll have to use in order to meet the wagering requirements for the bonus you’re planning to use depends on the type of bonus you use. Therefore, this value is always expressed as a multiplier. 40x the bonus that was received, for instance, or 40x the bonus winnings.

The terms and conditions that control how bonuses from an online casino are used include wagering requirements, which are crucial. They ensure that the casino won’t lose money as a result of the bonuses and promotions it provides.

A player might, for instance, use a bonus of 20 free spins to accumulate wins totaling more than $500. Now picture 1,000 players each winning that much money and leaving with their winnings without wagering any of it. That kind of loss can push you in the direction of bankruptcy.

More importantly, wagering requirements help the casino to prevent any instance of fraud or bonus abuse. A player is now unable to claim a juicy bonus – say a bonus of $200 – and just walk away.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

As we already mentioned, before you can withdraw your winnings and eventually transfer them to your bank account, the wagering requirement requires you to deposit the bonus amount you received – or the winnings you earned with it – multiple times.

The Wagering Requirement for a Deposit Bonus

You typically have to wager the bonus amount a predetermined number of times if you’re using a deposit bonus, such as a welcome bonus or reload bonus. To better comprehend this idea, let’s look at a few examples.

A 100% up to $100 welcome bonus is available at XYZ Casino, with a 40x bonus amount wagering requirement. You put $100 into your brand-new casino account, and the casino matches it with another $100, giving you $200 to play with since the bonus is 100%.

You win $125 after using the bonus. The bonus amount you received must now be wagered in order to withdraw the amount you won, i.e. $40 times for a total of $100. This implies that you would need to wager a total of $4000 in order to withdraw the $125 you win. This is the padding we were referring to earlier; the casino doesn’t need to worry every time it has to make a payout of $125 because it has accrued a total of $4,0000.

Take yet another illustration. A casino offers a 200% up to $5,000 reload bonus with a 40x wagering requirement on both the bonus and the deposit. You put down $1,000, and the casino matches it 100% with another $1,000, giving you $2,000 in total to play with. You win $1,500 by utilizing the bonus.

The wagering requirement rule will require you to wager both the bonus and the wager amounts, i.e. $1,500, before you can withdraw it. $1,000 plus $1,000, or $2,000 over all 40 instances. Therefore, you would probably need to wager a total of $80,000 in order to withdraw the $1,500 you won.

Wagering Requirements for a Free Spins Bonus

With a $20 minimum deposit, a casino will give you a bonus of 50 free spins with a 40x wagering requirement on any winnings. If you make use of this bonus, you can win $100. You must wager this winning sum 40 times before you can withdraw it. This means that in order to cash out, you must wager a total of $4,000 ($100 X 40).

Types of Wagering Requirements

There have primarily been 2 types of wagering requirements, with a third, highly desired type recently appearing.

Modest or Regular Wagering Requirements

The standard wagering requirements that you’ll find is a modest 30x to 40x the bonus amount/bonus + deposit amount/bonus winnings. This is the wagering requirement for most deposit bonuses and free spins offers at online casinos in the industry.

In contrast to the other version of high wagering requirements, the standard wagering requirements are simple for the player to meet because the amount is still manageable.

High Wagering Requirements

Most deposit bonuses and free spins offers have modest or standard wagering requirements. No-deposit bonuses – and a few deposit bonuses too – usually come with a high wagering requirement. This bonus is usually anywhere from 50x to 99x the bonus/deposit + bonus/bonus winnings.

Players are typically advised to avoid casinos that offer bonuses with strict wagering requirements by online review portals and watchdog websites. The simple answer is that it would not be worth the trouble to spend the money necessary to justify your decision to withdraw your winnings.

Low or Zero Wagering Requirements

Since they forced them to wager money they might not have been willing to part with before withdrawing their winnings, wagering requirements have been a pain for many players over the years. Imagine having to wager $2,000 in order to cash out a $50 winnings due to the bonus’ 40x wagering requirement.

Since casinos have discovered a solution to this problem, deposit bonuses now come with minimal or no wagering requirements. When a bonus has zero wagering requirements, all you have to do to cash out winnings is use the bonus, cash out your winnings, and that’s it.

Some casinos provide bonuses with low wagering requirements, ranging from 3 to 20 times the bonus amount, bonus and deposit amount, and bonus winnings. But be cautious when there are little to no wagering requirements because even though they seem less restrictive, they still have limitations.

Every online betting bonus’s actual worth is ultimately determined by the terms and conditions attached to it. The wagering requirement, also known as the rollover, is one of the most frequent terms that bettors will come across. It is crucial for bettors to comprehend how wagering requirements operate because they have a significant impact on bonus value. The fine print is typically the only thing that distinguishes a good bonus from a bad one. Continue reading for a thorough explanation of wagering requirements, advice on how to determine the value of betting bonuses, and much more. Low Wagering Requirements for Betting Online sportsbooks and casino websites impose wagering requirements to prevent going out of business. Without a rollover requirement for betting, anyone could simply open as many accounts as they wanted, use deposit bonuses, and cash out right away to make quick money. Instead, online gambling sites give out bonuses that can’t be cashed out until the wagering requirements are met. Operators hope to deter customers who are merely looking to take advantage of free money by doing this, while attracting those who are genuinely interested in placing bets. While specifics vary from one offer to the next, wagering requirements generally refer to the number of bets that customers must make in order to clear bonuses or winnings before they can be withdrawn. A $100 bonus with a 10x rollover, for instance, means the player must wager a total of $1,000 before they can request a withdrawal. The majority of the time, deposit match bonuses, risk-free first bet offers, and other promotions that give players site credit also have wagering requirements. Players are said to have “cleared” a bonus when they satisfy the wagering requirements of an offer. Depending on the offer, clearing a bonus can mean different things. Players may occasionally be able to withdraw their bonus funds after clearing them. Others limit players’ ability to withdraw bonus winnings until they have completed the wagering rollover. Although the latter is much more typical, the former is typically the better offer. As you might have guessed, the better the offer, the lower the wagering requirement multiplier. Unfortunately, you can’t just look at the wagering requirement number because it’s not always a reliable indicator of how much you need to wager. Three Warning Signs of Low-Quality BonusesBettors can tell whether a bonus offer is good or bad by looking at three crucial factors in addition to the wagering requirement multiplier. One of the sneakiest strategies some online betting sites employ is to represent the wagering requirement as being a certain amount when it is actually double that amount. Players may believe they are receiving a 20x bonus when they are actually receiving a 40x bonus if an online sportsbook or casino advertises a bonus with a 10x wagering requirement but fails to make it clear that the rollover applies to both the bonus and deposit. In other words, the customer needs to wager twice as much as it might seem to clear the bonus at first. Think about a casino that welcomes new customers with a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 extra. A player chooses to accept the offer, deposits $500, and their account is credited with a $500 (100%) match bonus. The customer then makes a wager on their preferred slot machine worth $10,000 ($500 x 20) after looking at the terms and conditions page and seeing that the wagering requirement is 20x. The client achieves roughly even profitability, is content with having cleared the bonus, and is prepared to cash out. The only issue is that they can’t because withdrawal restrictions still apply to the bonus funds. The customer’s failure to carefully read the fine print is the problem. The wagering requirements in this case are 20 times the bonus and deposit amount, not just 20 times the bonus amount, according to the bonus terms and conditions. With a $500 initial deposit and a $500 bonus, the wagering requirement comes out to $20,000 ($1,000 x 20), which is 40 times the bonus amount. As opposed to the 20x wagering requirement the gambler believed they were receiving, the actual turnover requirement in this case is 40x, which is a less favorable offer. If the gambler had carefully read the terms and conditions, they might have been able to avoid a lot of trouble. This player has discovered they are only halfway through clearing the bonus, so they decided against cashing out and continuing. Watch out for Sub-100% Deposit Matches Although the term “deposit plus” bonus can be misleading for 100% deposit matches, it is even worse for offers with lower match rates. For new player bonuses, 100% matches are the norm; however, reload or returning player offers are typically not as good. Reload bonuses typically give a deposit increase of 10% to 50%. Consider an online casino that provides all current customers with a 25% match bonus for an additional $1,000 on their subsequent deposit as an example. Consider a player who makes a $1,000 deposit and is awarded a $250 bonus, adding a total of $1,250 to their player account. This bonus has a “reasonable” wagering requirement of 10x the sum of the deposit and bonus. Although a 25% reload bonus with a 10x rollover appears to be a great deal at first, it is not. The wagering requirement is $1,250 (deposit plus bonus) multiplied by 10 for a total rollover of $12,500, even though the bonus is only $250. That results in a 50x effective wagering requirement, which is not a good deal. Sports betting offers may experience either of the aforementioned problems, but this third red flag only applies to online casino bonuses. Online casinos frequently employ the practice of weighing their games differently in order to take bonus clearing into account. Such weightings are justified by the idea that games with better odds should contribute less to clearing a bonus than games with lower returns, such as slots. The terms and conditions for an online casino bonus might appear something like this:

  1. Slots count 100% toward the wagering requirement
  2. Roulette counts 50% toward the wagering requirement
  3. All other games (video poker, blackjack, other table games) count 10% toward the wagering requirement
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This is not an exaggeration: for high return games like blackjack, a contribution rate of just 10% is very typical. Blackjack, video poker, and even sports betting can occasionally be excluded from the wagering requirement. Imagine spending weeks playing on a website before realizing you didn’t even scratch the surface of your wagering requirements. It occurs. Divide the wagering requirement by the contribution rate to find the effect of contribution rates on a bonus play-through. The actual wagering requirement for the game you want to play will be provided by that. Take a customer who wants to clear a 20x rollover bonus by playing Jacks or Better, which only counts for 10% of the wagering requirements. A player may multiply 20 by. 1 for 200 times. To turn the bonus amount into cash that can be withdrawn, the player must play through it 200 times. The VerdictThe wagering requirement language must be carefully read because the number alone does not provide all the information. There could be a 20x wagering requirement for two offers. On one, there are no cap on game play or contribution rates. The actual wagering requirement is still 20x because it only applies to the bonus amount. Many games only contribute 10% to an alternative bonus, the deposit match is only 25%, and the wagering requirements are 20x the deposit plus bonus, for a maximum true wagering requirement of 1,000x. The differences can be quite pronounced, though they are not frequently. A little homework pays off. Other Bonus ConsiderationsBettingUSA takes into account two additional factors before recommending a deposit match offer, in addition to the wagering requirements for gambling bonuses. Time is the first. Every online betting bonus has an expiration date attached. It will simply be unreasonable for some players to wager 20 or 30 times their bonus amount within the allotted time frame. For casual players, a typical timeframe of 30 days should be more than sufficient; however, some betting sites only allow a few days. Even if the bettor partially met the wagering requirements, the bonus is forfeited if the time limit expires. If it weren’t for the second factor, wagers wouldn’t be quite so bad: wagers typically count first against your cash balance and then second against your bonus balance. Think about placing a $50 wager on a team to cover the spread if you had $500 in cash, a $500 bonus, and these other resources. If you lose that bet, your cash balance will be reduced to $450 while your bonus balance stays at $500. You will now lose $50 if you cancel your bonus or if it expires. We strongly advise players to only accept betting bonus offers they are confident they can confidently clear in time. What Makes a “Good” Wagering Requirement? Now that you know how to determine an offer’s actual wagering requirement, what exactly qualifies as a “good” deal? The answer to this question largely depends on the types of games you enjoy playing. Because the house edge is so small in games like blackjack and pass line craps, higher wagering requirements are more tolerable. On the other hand, due to the lower returns associated with slots, online slots bonuses typically have a lower wagering requirement. Calculating the bonus’s cashback rate is the first step in arriving at a favorable wagering requirement. The cashback percentage can be calculated by players using the following simple formula:Cashback% = 100 / true wagering requirementFor example, if the wagering requirement is 20x, our cashback percentage is 5%, which we arrive at by dividing 100 by 20. Next, multiply a game’s return by the cashback rate to determine its actual return. Assume a slot machine returns 94. 5% cashback, so the actual return is actually 99. It’s almost a breakeven game at that rate. For online slots, it’s not great but it’s also not awful. Online casinos operating legally in the US typically disclose game payouts. Typically, players can locate them in the information tab of any casino game. Every game with a payout percentage of 95% or higher will theoretically give players a benefit for the duration of the bonus for a 20x wagering requirement, and that’s a great deal. The player is in the lead if the return to player (RTP) plus the cashback% of a game is greater than 100%. Just keep in mind that not every game contributes in the same way. If video poker only contributes 20%, the wagering requirement is actually 100x rather than 20x, and the cashback percentage is therefore (100/100) or 1%. For some video poker paytables, that’s still a pretty good deal, but clearing the video poker bonus will be difficult. The house advantage on point spreads and totals for major sports markets is four, which is useful information. assuming -110 lines on both sides, 55%. It only falls to 2. for -105 lines, 38%. In light of the foregoing, the suggested maximum wagering limits for each type of game are listed below by BettingUSA:

  1. Slots: 20x (25x – 30x is acceptable if you’re playing the very best online casino slots or enabling Big Bet features)
  2. Roulette: 30x for single zero; don’t bother with double zero
  3. Blackjack: 100x assuming perfect or near-perfect basic strategy
  4. Other Table Games: 30x is typically safe for most games unless you’re playing side bets
  5. Video Poker: 100x for good paytables and near-perfect play
  6. Sports Betting: 20x on straights at -110, no more than 10-15x on parlays and props

Sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to find online casino and sportsbook offers and promotions that live up to those standards, but some do. Finding the Best Sports Betting BonusesDeposit matches are much less common at online sportsbooks, at least not for new players. Instead, they frequently choose offers for risk-free bets or free bets. However, since free bets at US sportsbooks are also bonuses and may have their own wagering requirements, it is crucial for sports bettors to comprehend wagering requirement language. Additionally, it is not unheard of for operators to offer multi-vertical deposit match bonuses in states where online sportsbooks and casinos are legal, allowing players to clear their bonus in either the sportsbook, casino, or a combination of both. The following are the most important pieces of guidance BettingUSA can give new players who are still a little perplexed by deposit matches and wagering requirements of online gambling bonuses:

  1. Always read the terms and conditions before claiming a deposit match bonus.
  2. Don’t just go by the wagering requirement number alone. It needs to be converted into a “true wagering requirement.”
  3. Be on the lookout for language that reads “deposit plus bonus.” This suggests the effective wagering requirement is higher, sometimes much higher, than what’s specified. Do the math.
  4. Know your contribution rate: Video poker, blackjack, and even sports might contribute less to the wagering requirement than slots. Sometimes, they may be excluded entirely.
  5. If you aren’t sure you’ll have enough time to meet a bonus’s wagering requirements, either make a smaller deposit or don’t claim the offer.
  6. Don’t ever cancel a bonus unless you’re up so much money that you don’t mind forfeiting it.
  7. Be leery of bonuses and promotions with high monetary caps, like $2,000 or more. Often these bonuses are loaded with unfavorable bonus terms and conditions.
  8. Aim for signup bonuses that allow you to play with an edge. The casino or sportsbook has the advantage nearly all the time – might as well take advantage of the few times they don’t.

Robert Dellafave is a seasoned sports bettor, a successful gambler, and a supporter of treating sports bettors fairly.

Reason for Implementing Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements for bonuses at online casinos are set for two main reasons.

Avoid Immediate Cash Outs

To prevent players from signing up solely to withdraw the welcome bonus, wagering requirements are generally used in the terms and conditions of bonuses. The bonus system would be abused, causing the gambling operator to lose an excessive amount of money.

You cannot immediately cash out a bonus because the casino or sportsbook gives itself a real chance to recover that money by requiring players to wager at least the amount of the bonus.

Attract Players Who Gamble

Bonuses are primarily used to attract new players and entice them to make purchases on gambling websites. Free money is always a great marketing tool to draw in paying customers with the potential to turn it into a small fortune. What would, however, prevent someone from using their free money at other casinos?

To prevent customers from leaving with their bonus credit as soon as they receive it, casinos set wagering requirements. Operators risk going out of business in a week if there is no wagering requirement for their bonuses.

Prevent Money Laundering

Criminals are constantly looking for ways to transform their stolen wealth into legitimate fortunes. Casinos and all of their various promotions fall under this. Even if the bonus was 100% of the deposit, illicit businesses would seize the chance to generate income from dirty money that could be taxed.

A bonus limit is another method of preventing money laundering in a casino, in addition to wagering requirements. These are always mentioned in the title of a promotion, like Stake’s 100% up to €1,000 welcome bonus. Criminals can only receive a certain amount per promotion and must wager the bonus they received from a casino.

What is a wager?

You might not be familiar with the word “wager” or wagering if you’re brand-new to the world of gambling. A wager is simply another name for a bet. This can apply to wagers made at online sportsbooks, live poker tournaments, or even casual bets made between friends. Examples include wagers made on online slots and casino table games played at an online casino. It can also be used to describe a sum of money staked over time. For instance, you might have wagered $50 altogether in your most recent live poker game.

How Wagering Requirements Work – A Real-Life Illustration

Assume you have chosen an online casino that offers a 100% first deposit match bonus up to £200, which seems to be a generous bonus. If you look closely, there is a limit here: up to £200. It could therefore be less than £200. Furthermore, this bonus is matched 1:1 with your deposit, so if you deposit £20, you will receive a £20 bonus.

In those annoying terms and conditions that are written in small fonts so that you can easily ignore them, the strict conditions are frequently spelled out. Make sure to check each one of them, the gorillas say. For illustration, the terms and conditions page will resemble the following:

  1. The welcome offer is valid for new players only.
  2. The minimum qualifying deposit is £10.
  3. You must wager the bonus and related winnings 30x before withdrawal.

These bonuses are not as generous as they seem to be on the home page, as you can see from the aforementioned points. They are not a scam, despite what some people believe (just do some research beforehand).

The 30x wagering requirements is fair for punters. Some casinos push it as high as 50x.

Calculating Wagering Requirements for Casino Bonuses

Any online casino will offer you three standard bonuses. Below is a brief explanation of each bonus and how to calculate the wagering requirement amount so that you can understand the amount for each bonus.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus, which frequently offers the highest bonus of around 200%-300% of your deposit amount, is only available to new customers. The fact that this is a “one-time” offer should be noted. You won’t be eligible for the welcome bonus if your deposit is less than the minimal amount needed.

To illustrate the wagering requirement you need to clear, we will set the welcome bonus to 200% with a $50 deposit and 20x requirement. Your bonus should be $100 ($50 x 200%) after your deposit goes through. While your total bankroll may come to $150, we will only focus on the $100 credit.

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You must use your $100 credit to wager 20 times the amount of your bonus until you have won up to $2,000 in order to meet the wagering requirement. This sum essentially represents all of your winnings from online slots or casino games, with a 100% contribution. When you meet the wagering requirement, you don’t need to keep the original $100 or $2,000 in your possession. You can withdraw any remaining bonus credit balance as long as you meet the requirement.

The deposit bonus is available to both current players and those who weren’t eligible for the welcome bonus. Popular casinos frequently offer these promotions to entice returning customers to spend money on particular dates. The deposit bonuses can give you a 50% match bonus on your deposit because they happen frequently. That bonus could increase by 100% if there is a holiday or special occasion, like a casino’s anniversary.

Deposit bonuses are very similar to those you receive when you join a casino. You will only be working with a $25 bonus if you make a $50 deposit and receive a 50% bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. You only need to wager $500 total with this bonus credit.

Remember that once you’ve met the wagering requirements for the deposit bonus, you don’t need $500 or $25 to deposit your bonus credit. If you are fortunate enough to win more than $500, you may withdraw the excess since it is real money from the casino rather than casino credits.

Free Spins Bonuses

Casino promotions may instead provide free spins for particular games in place of bonus credits. These online casino bonuses are frequently used to advertise a casino platform’s game on gambling websites powered by NetEnt, such as the Starburst slot. Free spins are frequently included in welcome bonuses, giving prospective players even more incentives to register. For other days and events, they are also made available to current players.

There is a predetermined bet amount and active pay lines for each free spin you receive. You must use up all of your free spins if you want to play the game with a particular bet and coin value.

All of your winnings after using up all of your free spins are regarded as bonus credits and are subject to the casino’s wagering requirements. If the wagering requirement for an online casino is 20 times your winnings, in this case $100, you would have to wager your winnings until they total $2,000. It is significant to remember that you can use your winnings on different online slots or casino games. It goes without saying that you can try to fulfill the wagering requirement with the game where you used your bonus spins.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Each bonus and free-spin winnings have a wagering requirement, which specifies how much must be wagered with bonus funds before they can be withdrawn from the casino.

Are there bonuses that do not require a wagering requirement?

Some casinos offer bonuses with no wagering requirements, though these are uncommon. It’s important to remember that these bonuses are typically modest, like the 10 free spins Leo Vegas is offering.

Why are there games that contribute only 10% or lower to the wagering requirement?

Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are just a few examples of casino games with low house edges that typically contribute little to the wagering requirement. These games only make a small contribution because they can make it simple for players to meet their wagering requirements.

Do casinos have the same wagering requirements?

Each casino has its own rules regarding wagering requirements, including how much of your bonus must be wagered overall and how much must be wagered on their games.

Which games make it easy for players to complete their wagering requirements?

Look for games with high RTP and low to moderate variance. The chance of losing the majority of your bonus credit as you meet the wagering requirement is reduced by playing these games.

Can high variance slots allow players to complete their wagering requirements quickly?

Slot machines with high variance rates pay out better than those with medium to low variance rates, enabling you to meet your wagering requirement quickly. These games are not appropriate for reaching the necessary amount for your bonus money due to the risk involved.

The only obstacle to withdrawing free money from an online casino is the wagering requirements. Fortunately, playing slots with a high RTP and low variance will lessen the likelihood that you will lose your bonus money while meeting the wagering requirement.

The various kinds of wagering requirements

Let’s dig a little deeper by taking a closer look at some of the various bonuses you can take advantage of and any potential wagering requirements they may have.

You must wager several times your winnings in order to cash out any winnings from free spins on an online slot machine offered as part of a casino bonus. Your total winnings are multiplied to arrive at this sum. For instance, if the wagering requirement is “20 times,” you would have to wager $50 a total of $1000 before you could withdraw your winnings. It’s critical that you are aware of this rule before you begin playing in order to prevent frustration when you go to cash out any winnings from free spins.

Match bonuses

The wagering requirements around match bonuses work similarly to those for free spins. If you deposit $50, the casino will match that $50 as part of a “match bonus. ” If the wagering requirement is 20 times, you’d need to wager the matched deposit 20 times to meet the wagering requirement (so again, $1,000 in total in this example

Although some online casinos might include your initial deposit in the match bonus, players should be aware of this possibility. You would therefore need to wager a total of $100 20 times (or $2,000) in order to fulfill the wagering requirement if the casino matched your $50 deposit with another $50. It is obvious why it is so important to read the small print.

No deposit bonuses

The multiplier system based on the amount you receive is also used in the wagering requirements for no-deposit bonuses (where you are given money to play with but are not required to deposit any of your own money). You must wager a total of $500 to satisfy the wagering requirements before you can access any winnings if you receive a $50 no-deposit bonus and the wagering requirement is 10 times. No-deposit bonuses can be a great way to enjoy games without having to immediately hand over your own money, depending on the wagering requirements set by the casino.

Computing Wagering Requirements Mathematically

  1. Imagine you have spotted a new online casino and you want to register and enjoy its amazing casino games.
  2. Let’s also assume that the site is rewarding new members with a £60 bonus when they make their first deposit of at least £20 with a play through of 5x.

You should calculate the wagering requirements in the following manner:

Accordingly, you must wager a total of £300 before considering making a withdrawal.

Before you can get your money, you must wager a total of £400.

What do casino wagering requirements mean?

A wager is a bet placed on any casino game, including online slots, poker, bingo, and other games. When you receive a casino bonus, the funds are not given as actual cash but rather as bonus funds. Additionally, any winnings from free spins are also rewarded with bonus cash. This extra cash is frequently kept in a different wallet and is constrained by a wagering requirement.

You will be given extra bonus money to play with if you decide to use one of the many casino bonuses that are being offered. Because you cannot withdraw bonus funds, you must first satisfy the wagering requirements at the online casino and any other conditions attached to the bonus before you can withdraw cash. The quantity of times you must wager the bonus before it converts to real money and can be taken out of your account is known as a wagering requirement.

A casino may, under certain conditions, require players to wager both the bonus money and their initial deposit amount. Given that it increases the total by a sizeable amount, this has an impact without a doubt. Reading the terms and conditions is essential to determine whether you must wager the bonus alone or the deposit plus bonus.

Where to Learn About Bonus’ Wagering Requirement

Online casinos must, by law, make the wagering requirement clear next to any bonus or free spins offers. On the promotion page, they must also include a link to the offer’s complete terms and conditions.

If you cannot locate the exact wagering requirements, let’s assume the casino simply states that “wagering requirements apply”, go to the terms and conditions section of the casino.

Why do casinos have wagering requirements with their bonuses?

It’s important to read the terms and conditions (sometimes abbreviated as “T&Cs” or “Ts and Cs”) before deciding to claim a bonus. There are additional rules that might influence whether or not a player completes the wagering requirement in addition to the rules specific to the bonus.

Your bets only count after you’ve cleared your deposit

Any games you play if you receive a match bonus will use your initial deposit money as a starting point. Any bonus credit or further deposits will start to count toward the wagering requirements once this money has been used.

It’s best to confirm that this rule applies to your bonus before you start placing bets because it might not always be the case.

Certain games may not count towards wagering requirements

It’s crucial to be aware that some games might only count a portion of your wager toward the wagering requirement. It might not count toward the wagering requirement at all in some circumstances. The return to player (RTP) value of the game, a statistical calculation (represented as a percentage) that reflects how much (on average) the game pays back to players after a certain period, is typically what determines this.

For example, slot games with a low RTP may contribute the full amount that you bet towards the wagering requirement. In contrast, live table games with a high RTP may contribute much less.

Regardless of the game you choose to play, make sure the wager you want to place counts toward the wagering requirement before investing any money in it.

Your bonus is only valid for a limited time

Find out how long your bonus will be good for so you can use it before it expires. Nothing is more frustrating than missing out on a fantastic bonus because you neglected to check its expiration date. Depending on the type of bonus, some may only be active for a day while others may be active for several months.

Be careful about picking up additional bonuses

Even though a bonus might seem too good to pass up, it’s important to read the fine print before agreeing to any new or additional wagering requirements because you might unintentionally violate the casino’s rules. Generally speaking, in order to avoid any potential problems, you should always try to fulfill your current wagering requirement before accepting the next.

Some games, types of bets and strategies may be banned

Any bets or tactics that could be used to take advantage of the system, such as placing low-risk bets or winning money from low-contribution games and using it to play high-contribution games, will be defined by casinos. Additionally, you might not be able to play some games while you’re meeting the wagering requirements. Additionally, depending on the game you play, you have a betting limit, which is the most you’re permitted to bet.

Your bonus balance could be forfeited if you don’t comprehend these particular guidelines, which are fully explained in the terms and conditions. You could also give up any gains you might have made. Notably, the majority of online casinos will have additional disclaimers informing players that, even if not explicitly stated, any attempt to game the system will be in violation of the wagering requirements agreement. Your bonus and winnings could be forfeited if the casino determines that you have broken this agreement.

Find out if cashback applies to bets

Regular casino players who like to maximize their gambling deposits have probably looked into the cashback offers offered at their preferred casino site. Regular players can save money by taking advantage of cashback offers when they’re having a bad run of luck, but you’ll need to check with the casino to see if these offers apply to bets placed in order to meet wagering requirements.

Not all bonuses set wagering requirements

While it’s important to understand the regulations for bonuses that have wagering requirements, you should also be aware that some bonuses have fewer restrictions. On slots without being a part of a larger promotion, these are typically bonus features or free spins. Many casinos only require a small deposit for players to claim any winnings they may have from these bonuses. Once more, be sure to review the terms of each bonus so you can enjoy them to the fullest!

Meeting wagering requirements

You must first understand the intricacies of how they function in order to overcome your wagering requirements, and then you must learn how to play strategically.

– Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions in full before claiming a welcome bonus or any other promotional incentive. You can read all the conditions attached to the bonus offer in the fine print, including the wagering requirements and what you must do to fulfill them. You might only have a set amount of time to reclaim it, and you might be required to use a specific deposit method to do so. Every online casino is different, and each one has its own set of guidelines for meeting the requirements. Most of the time, you must first make a minimum deposit in order to qualify for the bonus.

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– Choosing Your Casino

While other casinos only have wagering requirements of less than 30X, some casinos have wagering requirements of 50X or more. Do your research and shop around because some casinos have limits on how much you can win from casino bonuses. Select a casino with fair bonus conditions and a good track record with players. It must be easy to use, properly licensed and supervised, and have convenient customer service for any questions or issues you may have with your bonus.

– Choosing Your Games

Different games offer different stake-to-requirements ratios. Choose the games that offer the highest returns for your wagering requirement money after determining which games qualify and how much of your stake they generate.

Online slots frequently count 100% of your bet toward the requirements. On the other hand, card and table games may only contribute 50% or less. You will observe that you complete your requirements more easily and quickly if you choose to play the slots.

So, What Exactly Is the Wagering Requirements?

The amount of money you must wager before you can withdraw the bonus and any associated winnings is specified by the wagering requirement, also known as the “play through” requirement.

The welcome bonus and any additional bonuses you receive will typically be deposited into your casino bonus account rather than your real money balance. The wagering requirement is then specified by the casino.

  1. For example, wagers on various games could contribute differently towards the wagering requirements.
  2. For example, slots could contribute 100%, table games 50%, and bingo and Keno 0%.

The wagering requirements for the bonus funds may have a deadline that you must meet before the bonus and any associated winnings expire.

The Gorilla advises carefully reading all of those annoying terms and conditions before registering with any online casino.

Before registering with any online casino, The Gorilla always advises his punters to read the terms and conditions in their entirety. The devil is always in the details, he claims. Study everything thoroughly.

What is a wagering requirement?

“Enjoy 100 free spins!” “$50 free no deposit bonus!” “Welcome bonus up to 300%!”

You’ve probably seen promotions like these that casinos run to entice players to sign up, whether you’re an amateur or an expert online gambler (or anyone in between). However, if you’ve ever played on a casino website, you’ll also be aware that these offers frequently come with fine print.

A wagering agreement or play-through requirement is the term for this small print. It typically specifies that the player must reach a minimum betting threshold in order to take advantage of any sign-up or promotional offers or to cash out any winnings. Although loyalty programs at online casinos have many wonderful advantages, it’s crucial to comprehend the wagering requirements before registering.

Beating the Wagering Requirements

Given the risks associated with playing online games, growing a $100 to $2,000 or $50 to $1,000 bonus may seem like a difficult task, but there is a better way to finish any online casino wagering requirement. Here are two good ideas to think about.

Check on the Games’ Contribution

It is advised to review an online casino’s terms and conditions before using your bonus on any games that have wagering requirements. You must check the game contributions to see if they have a wagering requirement. Nothing is more upsetting than realizing that a game does not count toward the wagering requirement after you have multiplied your bonus credits by ten.

You did read the last line correctly. Some games don’t count toward the wagering requirement. Provably fair games at Fortune Jack like the Orbital versions of Dice, Plinko, and Video Poker have a 0% contribution rate. The dynamic gameplay, where players can change the risk vs. reward of each game, is probably to blame for this.

Due to their low house advantage, table games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack typically contribute little to the wagering requirement. Table games contribute 5% to 15% of the total. If live dealer games are offered, they have even lower percentage contributions—between 5% and 10%.

Slot machines online typically contribute 100% of the required wagering. Checking which slots might provide little to no contribution, though, is wise. In regards to Fortune Jack, multi-spin slots are not included in the category of video slots that can contribute 100%.

Find a High to Medium RTP with Low to Medium Variance Game

While variance is a measurement of risk vs. reward, return to player (RTP) is the statistically predicted return of your wager after several spins. A $100 wager with high RTP rates of 96% to 99% results in a return of $96 to $99 after several spins. Low variance can give you a lot of wins for a small payout.

Slot machines with a low volatility rate and a high to medium RTP can help you meet the wagering requirement with little risk of losing your bonus. Don’t worry about the paltry payout. To ensure that you do not lose too much money, you want to get the ideal return on your wager.

Before hitting the slots, make sure to read the terms and conditions of a site’s online casino wagering requirement. Certain operators might set the contribution of their high RTP and low variance slots to 50% or less. If this is the case, look for slots with medium RTP rates and medium variance to minimize the risk.

Understanding Wagering Requirements For Online Casino & Sportsbook Bonuses

Avoiding Wagering Requirement

If you decline the bonus or take advantage of the offer, it will be simple for you to avoid meeting the wagering requirements. By doing this, you’ll start out playing with your own money and your wings won’t be subject to a wagering requirement.

Talking to a customer service representative and asking them to remove you from the bonus program is the simplest way to avoid receiving a welcome bonus or any other bonus.

Wagering-Free Bonuses

A casino bonus with no wagering requirements has no such requirement. The bonus money is typically not withdrawable, but winnings from bonus spins or money are added to your real cash balance. You are free to withdraw them as you please.

The maximum amount you can win from bonus wagers is typically capped by casinos to prevent them from going out of business. You might, for instance, need to wager a certain amount, deposit a certain amount, and so on.

Why do wagering requirements exist?

Sign-up incentives, “sticky bonuses,” and other promotional offers are used to draw new users to a website and reward devoted users. The best online casinos can reward players by giving them more time or credit to use on their preferred games thanks to these incentives. By giving you more opportunities to play, casino bonuses add a dynamic to the entire gaming experience. And who wouldn’t want more bonus money when playing online slots or casino table games? It’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to try out a new game without putting your bankroll at risk.

Wagering Requirements Explained

The number of times your bonuses must be wagered before you can withdraw them is known as the wagering requirement. Your bonuses are essentially credits for online casinos that can only be used on the website. You must play qualifying casino games with the online casino bonus in order to convert it to real money.

It’s crucial to remember that the sum is never less than twice or four times your bonuses. Most casinos set their requirements to be between 20 and 30 times the bonuses. If a casino promotion nets you a bonus of $200, you must wager this bonus up to $4,000 or $6,000.

How wagering requirements work?

Depending on the bonus type, it varies. You must play through a predetermined multiplier before you can withdraw any bonus funds or related earnings from a cash bonus.

Let’s say you accept a casino bonus in cash with a 30X wagering requirement. This implies that before you could withdraw your bonus money and any winnings, you would need to wager it 30 times.

You might also have to deal with circumstances if you gamble with free spins. Free spins have no monetary value, so the multiplier only affects the winnings from the free spins.

Conditions are frequently attached to free bets as well. Before receiving the bonus, the casino may require you to make a certain deposit or to only bet on games with a certain payout percentage.

Start by Going Through Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

The Gorilla cautions, “Don’t just sign up at a casino and opt-in for the bonus simply because the wagering requirement is favourable. Head over to the promotion page and go through the terms and conditions before accepting the bonus

The TCs page clearly outlines the wagering requirements and all the necessary information about the bonus:

  1. You should also check if there is a limit on the amount of winning from bonus bets or cap on the max bet.
  2. Also, check if you can forego the bonus in order to make a withdrawal.
  3. It is important to know how long it will take when you forfeit the bonus before you get your winnings.

How long is the bonus valid? What is the minimal required deposit? Are all deposit methods eligible for the promotion? Do wagers on all games add up to the required wagering amounts equally? Before opting in, carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them.

Choose the Right Online Casino

You should always choose the right casino before you make a deposit. There are some common elements of all good casinos for UK punters:

  1. They secure your personal and financial data using the latest encryption and robust internal data handling policies.
  2. They hold licenses from the UK Gambling Commission for UK punters and other relevant iGaming regulatory authorities.
  3. 24/7 customer support via phone, email, live chat, and extensive FAQ.
  4. Active presence on social media pages.
  5. A variety of baking options.
  6. Affiliation with institutions that promote response gaming such as GamCare.
  7. Audited and certified fair by external auditing firms such as TST.

The hassle and stress of trying to find the bonuses and associated terms and conditions are never present at a reputable casino.

Choose the Perfect Games

The wagering requirements for various casino games vary, as experienced players will attest; this is typically stated in the bonus terms and conditions. Slot machines frequently make more than table games.

Therefore, the Gorilla generally advises using your bonus money to play slots. Here are a few slot machines that will help you meet your wagering requirements and give you a great chance to win frequently (their RTPs are at or above 97%, which is the best).

  1. Untamed Giant Panda – With a 97.1% RTP, this slot dolls out lots of small payouts. It flaunts an interesting theme and exciting features.
  2. Beautiful Bones – The game pays out both regular jackpots and small winnings. This makes it the perfect slot for meeting your wagering requirements. It comes with a 97.6% RTP.
  1. Dr. Lovemore – This is a traditional slot with a 97.01% RTP, and lots of nice multiplier and bonus features.
  2. A Night Out – It has a 97.06% RTP and some superb gameplay features that can help punters rake in unbelievable wins.

Choose Your Play Style

  1. Low Variance Slots – They pay out regular but small wins. They have low probability of paying out huge wins.
  2. Medium Variance Slots – These games offer high and low wins at an almost equal frequency.
  3. High Variance Slots – High variance slots don’t pay-out regularly, but when they do, the wins are life-changing.

For the best chance of beating the wagering requirement, your strategy should combine high and low variance slots. In order to get some good payouts, you should typically start out with high variance slots for a few rounds. If you succeed, switch to low variance slots and finish the wagering requirement gradually.

Discover the best games to play at a casino with BetMGM

It’s wise to pick a casino that offers you a great time, like BetMGM, if it will take you some time to fulfill the requirements for a wagering requirement. The newest casino games are available at our online casino, along with live dealer games like roulette and blackjack and traditional slots like Starburst and 88 Fortunes. When you sign up with BetMGM, we have a tempting selection of online poker, blackjack, and roulette for you to try out if you prefer table games. As you browse our extensive selection of online casino games, our promotional bonuses will keep you coming back.


The Gorilla adores the newest generation of gamified casinos, which provide players with daily bonuses, free spins, VIP gifts, and promotions. He believes that such specials, particularly the welcome offer, give his customers a chance to test out the casino’s various games without having to invest a lot of their own money.

Always check the wagering requirement and the full terms and conditions of the bonus, advises the knowledgeable gorilla. Additionally, always play responsibly. As the gorilla continues its daily adventure, let’s see where it will lead us next.

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