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On the win lines of the Wild Play Super Bet video slot, NextGen Gaming, a business that has been around since the 1990s, can be seen sticking to its more traditional roots. The game has 40 win lines and takes on the appearance of a fruit machine. It contains symbols common to older slots, but not all of it is as retro as it might seem. It’s possible that the images’ subtle glow gives it away, but something tells us that this activity’s 3D graphics are more up to date than they are traditional.

Players who want to participate must choose between playing for real money and playing for fun; neither choice is right or wrong, but you must make your decision before playing. After all, if all you want is a demo ride through the fundamentals of this online casino slot, you don’t want to be placing bets with real money. We hope that our review will help you navigate the process and emerge from it happier and wealthier. Even though the RTP is a lovely 95.65%, that isn’t always the case.

Wild or Super Wild?

Rolling those reels a few times without giving the Super Bet bonus much thought is acceptable given how flexible slot machines can be in terms of how you play. But after some time, we believe it’s best to see what this game feature has to offer, as it might be more impressive than you realize. You see, by using the multiplier option, those wild symbols can become a little bit more unique, which will increase your payouts.

However, doing so will require players to place a second wager, which will slightly raise their maximum bet. Not that it should really matter because the top amount is only 25 credits, which is more than reasonable in the world of online gambling. Although there may be cheaper bonus offers available elsewhere, they might not be as entertaining or interesting. Once you’ve decided on the goal you want to achieve, you can watch as your wild wins turn into well-paying victories, turning you into a high roller who plays ethically.

Super Flashy Entertainment

The free Wild Play Super Bet slot isn’t a traditionalist fruit machine, so our review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the aesthetics of the pay lines. Although the symbols on the low variance pay table may appear to be from that era, they are actually much more modern.

This is evident in the imagery, where the graphics are more rounded and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, your interface is clearer and more organized, enabling better and more seamless control when players place their bets. If you want to engage in some play for real money action, you should do so in the most practical way.

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Here Comes the Summer Sun

The basic 5 lines of Merkur Gaming’s Summertime slot machine give us a new way to interact with retro-themed slots. Merkur’s software may have simpler visuals and dynamics, but the gameplay is still engaging enough for players to be happy with their winnings. This is partially because the brand offers a gamble feature, a bonus game that’s sorely lacking on the reels of Wild Play Super Bet.

Despite the occasional extra that Summertime provides, this slot is not mobile-optimized, so we cannot take it with us when we are on the go. Some players won’t think much of this, but for those who play casually, this feature—or lack thereof—will be a deal-breaker.

Take a Bite

This NextGen Gaming slot is ideal for you if you prefer simplicity with a clear sense of style. The rewards of this one-armed bandit show you what simple gameplay is capable of while transporting you back in time to older video games while keeping you firmly grounded in the present. With its low volatility and medium variance, Wild Play Super Bet is unlikely to rock your world, but players can expect a pleasurable experience that will help them unwind after a long day. We think that is more than adequate and we hope that you will agree.

Play Wild Play Superbet for Free in Demo Mode by Nextgen Gaming

Try Wild Play Superbet slot online for free in demo mode with no download or no registration required.

About game

Nextgen Gaming created the slot machine Wild Play Superbet. The amount of players looking for Wild Play Superbet suggests that it is not a very well-liked slot machine. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Try it out for yourself, or check out some of the most well-liked casino games.

Simply load the game and click the “Spin” button to begin playing. In our online slots guide, you can read more about slots and how they operate.

About game provider

Nextgen Gaming

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Wild Play Super Bet Slot Review

Regardless of the online slot provider, it’s difficult to give a classic slot design new life, but NextGen Gaming seems to have succeeded admirably with the no-download Wild Play Super Bet slot machine. What could have been a dull and uninteresting fruit machine has been transformed into a reliable source of wins.

Even though these payouts may not be as high as players would have liked, the payout percentage is sufficient to keep players coming back for more. Due to the special Super Bet feature, a dynamic way to increase your chances of high roller wins, this is probably even more true. It’s a good little extra for the pay table we’re given, but we don’t want to reveal too much too soon.

Upping the Ante

While we could go on and on about the stunning 3D graphics, neon colors, and overall aesthetics, we’d much rather talk to you about the Super Bet bonus. On the left side of the screen, you can see this game feature, which has the extra’s name glowing inside a crystal frame. There are several multipliers above the crystal in question.

For this feature to work, punters need to actually tap on the numbers shown, not the Super Bet widget itself. When you start making these changes, the max bet of those 5-reels will change accordingly; you’re essentially increasing that that deposit you made. It won’t be a huge hike in coins, but just enough to help you see in more wilds and, hopefully, more wins too.


Spinning to Glory

The game’s scatter symbol is where you can really bring this slot machine designed for mobile to life. The bonus icon on the 40 win lines of the Wild Play Super Bet video slot can appear in groups of three, and when it does, a large win of free spins is awarded. As we all know, or at least ought to know, these games are free for us to play, or on the house.

When you succeed in this side game, a message will appear over the user interface, instructing you to click anywhere to keep playing. The number of waves left will then be displayed as the players complete the prescribed rounds. The fact that the scatter symbol can only appear on specific reels results in a medium level of volatility and an RTP as low as 95.65%.

One Good Scare

Even though the aforementioned online casino game has been excellent, it’s not particularly noteworthy, which is why we want to provide you with another option to consider. Scary Fruits is a retro slot machine that combines traditional and horror elements to produce an unusual 20 pay lines. This WM software, also known as World Match, isn’t your typical slot machine, at least not from the outside.

The grid itself is fairly simple, and the reels and lines all have a well-known layout for gamblers. There are spins, but there’s also a bonus game, which is where it starts to stray from the norm in the minigames. This round involves collecting bloody eyes, which might make some players queasy. But it’s all enjoyable, perhaps even more so than the game from NextGen Gaming that we just examined because of its low variance.

Super Fun or Super Lame?

Although Wild Play Super Bet is a passable game—possibly even a good one—it starts to lose our interest when it provides nothing more substantial. The spins are adequate for a brief playthrough, but if anyone wants to game for extended periods of time, they’ll quickly run out of interesting content. Therefore, if you use your credit card to deposit, be sure that you intend to play for real money because it would be preferable to first try it out as a play-for-fun user. We wish you success in your endeavors and wish you greater financial success than we were able to achieve.